Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NH Governor Signs Queer Marriage Bill

Gov Lynch made it legal for queers to marry each other, something he had vowed he wouldn't do during his campaign. With that, Lynch spit in the face of every decent person in the state who does not condone sexual perversion in public.

Here's some of the "brilliant" logic behind this decision from one mentally incompetent representative: "If you have no choice as to your sex, male or female; if you have no choice as to your color; if you have no choice as to your sexual orientation; then you have to be protected and given the same opportunity for life, liberty and happiness," Rep. Anthony DiFruscia, R-Windham, said during the hourlong debate.

Using Rep DiFruscia's logic, we can see that he's of the mindset that will have him protecting the rights of perverts who want to have sex with animals, their own children or doorknobs. If some deranged pervert throws one into DiFruscia's kid, all the pervert need show in his defense is DiFruscia's words. Just state that your sexual orientation is children and that would seem to be OK with this idiotic rep.

How about necrophiliacs, Rep DiFruscia? Is it OK with you if perverts start sneaking into funeral parlors and violating the bodies? We have to look out for necrophiliacs' happiness too, right? And if some nutjob decides to start masturbating while he's teaching a grammar school class, that will be fine too I'm sure.

Yup, DiFruscia, keep looking out for the rights of the perverts while ignoring the sane people. You have now opened the door for every wacked out beyond belief mental case to engage in absolutely any perversion they feel like, no matter how bizarre and we're just supposed to stand by and accept it. Fucking politicians!

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