Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Cause Autism, David Kirby and J B Handley

JB Handley and David Kirby have discovered the perfect way to keep causing autism while helping the Pharmaceutical industry appear blameless. It was pretty simple.

All they had to do was write a book that made it look like they were championing the cause of a lot of parents who had learned the truth and convince these parents to act like a bunch of sissies and let them do all the talking.

The parents complied and they all became politically correct, never daring to think for themselves. They allowed Kirby to tell the world that none of them knew what they were talking about when he kept saying that mercury hadn't been proven to cause autism. Handley helped con these parents by continually whining about having some stupid study done to compare rates of autism between vaccinated and unvaccinated kids.

The parents, who enjoyed being led like sheep to slaughter, all jumped on the bandwagon and began clamoring to each other that this study was a big fucking deal and that it was a good idea to waste all of their energy moaning and groaning to each other about the government agencies who would agree to do this dumb study.

Meanwhile, some of these parents were lucky enough to cure their children by removing the mercury from their brains that caused the autism. Of course, none of these parents were smart enough to see that they had their own study all done and that it proved beyond any doubt that mercury in vaccines was the cause. All they had to do was put the data together from everyone who had cured their kids and that would be all the proof they would ever need.

The parents were also stupid enough to hire lawyers who sold them out at the Autism Omnibus trial when it never dawned on the scumbag lawyers to put any cured children on the witness stand. I guess Handley and Kirby forgot to mention this to the stupid parents who follow them so none of the stupid parents thought it was OK for them to open their mouths and say something. The scumbag lawyers made tons of money for putting on a sham defense of their position so they are not the least bit bothered that their clients lost. After all, being a lawyer is all about having the biggest house, fanciest car and best beach house, not about doing the right thing for children with mangled brains.

Handley and Kirby keep telling the parents to whine about the vac. vs. unvac. study instead of filing legal malpractice suits against the lawyers so that's what the stupid parents do. When these parents could be out taking positive action to warn others about the mercury in the imminent flu shots, they waste their time bashing Paul Offit and moaning about some corrupt committee in Washington D.C.. Since Handley and Kirby won't suggest that parents should take positive actions to affect public opinion, none of them have the nerve to oppose these two cocksuckers so thousands more babies will be poisoned into autism and murdered by SIDS in a very short time. And, Kirby has written another book that the stupid parents will all run out and buy to make him wealthier while more parents join their ranks with autistic kids who will probably be sucked into giving even more money to Kirby.

Oh yeah, almost forgot Jenny McCarthy. Jenny will also have to thank these parents for not thinking for themselves and providing more victims who will pay great sums of money for an autographed book that tells them the wrong kinds of food cause autism, not mercury. Jenny will be happy about this so the stupid parents who follow her will also be happy that Jenny is smiling. They will think they did good deeds for their leaders.

The kids who die and become autistic will not reproduce and that will put smiles on the faces of the Illuminati who want to reduce the population. Many of the other autistic kids will be sent to asylums where they will be killed and that will also serve the goal of population reduction well.

The stupid parents will keep fighting for the vac. vs. unvac. study and they will obey Kirby's rule of playing nice with the government. After some more time goes by, these parents who once knew the truth before Kirby and Handley conned them into believing something else will die and then Pharma and the Illuminati will be very happy and they will all live happily ever after.

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