Sunday, December 25, 2016

Autism Parents, Dumbest Fucks Ever

Only rank imbeciles would help Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield abet the CDC so they can cause more autism.  That's what all of the jackass parents who support these liars are doing.

I think these parents are mostly just extra stupid and do not do this with malicious intent.  However, those who lead the victims are not that dumb.

Autism is caused by mercury.  It is not caused by the MMR shot.  Wakefeield, Bigtree and Dr Thompson know this.  That's why the lying cocksuckers hardly ever mention thimerosal while they fail to warn pregnant women of the extreme hazard of flu shots with the full dose of mercury in them.

Every time these assholes speak, they are thus lying by omission.  Anyone who talks about autism without mentioning mercury is lying.  Can any of the idiot parents of autistic kids learn this simple fact?  I doubt it.


Amy said...

Quite a few years ago I used to read your blog. At the time I think my son was around ... 6. He was diagnosed when he was two . At the time I was in the " try everything zone ". Anyhow , he's almost 17 now and I have been reflecting back on the things we did that I can say for sure helped him. Chelation was something I had never heard of but you wrote about it and your son and so I did my own research and found a great doctor here in Colorado that was willing to help. And it did. It was one of many things we did that were positive . But lately I have been feeling like I need to go back .. and acknowledge and thank the people ( teachers , doctors , therapists , bloggers ) who had a hand in getting him to the point he is now. It was long and tiring . He used to not speak and have terrible behaviors . But today he is in 11th grade at a public highschool with minimal support , doesn't ever stop talking and is looking forward to figuring out his path in life.

So thank you . You were part of what led to his growth .


John Best said...

I'm glad you had success. Congratulations!

I stopped writing this blog in 2010 when Obama removed it from the search engines and stuck a warning label on it to discourage people from reading it.

I always wrote anti-propaganda and not a whole lot about autism. Now, it seems everyone affected by autism only believes the propaganda. Most parents of autistic kids block me on Facebook for telling them the truth. So, I give my attention to the banksters and lawyers who started the autism epidemic.

My son is now 20, still can't speak but is doing well, infinitely better than the horror that we all went through when he was young.