Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don't Screw Around With Autism, Get Rid of the Mercury

There is an outrageous bunch of crap regarding autism that is still being fed to parents of autistic children. Doctors still tell parents that there is no known cause or cure for autism. This is the most blatant lie I've ever heard and the Medical profession is well aware that they are lying. For one thing, they have known about Fragile X Syndrome and Rett's Syndrome for a long time.

Doctors also know that the CDC advises them that one microgram of mercury is safe. In the 1990's, doctors may not have been aware how much mercury they were shooting into babies. Nobody figured out that mercury was the cause of the autism epidemic until 1999. That's when doctors began to learn that they had injected babies with nearly 200 times as much mercury as was known to be safe. The drug companies even began reducing the amount of mercury in the vaccines when they learned that lots of people had figured out that they had been negligent and poisoned a few generations of babies. Yet, doctors still insist that mercury can not cause autism.

Doctors advise pregnant women not to eat too much fish when they are pregnant because of the mercury. Then, they go and advise these same women to have a flu shot containing 25 micrograms of mercury. They are well aware that this mercury can damage the brain of the fetus but they inject pregnant women with it anyhow. Does this make any sense? Why do doctors do this? You won't get a straight answer out of any doctors if you ask them aside from a stoic admonition to take your flu shot and maybe a statement saying that the Institute of Medicine heard the evidence and decided that mercury in vaccines did not cause autism. The doctor will never explain why the CDC considers one microgram of mercury to be safe while they shoot 25 micrograms into a pregnant woman. Of course, they can't explain this.

I believe the reason that the flu shot is pushed on pregnant women is because they need to cause more autism. Causing more autism when everyone is being told that the mercury is out of the vaccines is a great way to make the uninformed public agree that mercury could not have caused the epidemic. They have to cause more autism because, if autism suddenly disappears, it will help prove the case and the vaccine manufacturers stand to lose over a trillion dollars. The manufacturers don't have a trillion dollars which is why they have paid politicians to change the laws to prevent most parents of autistic children from filing lawsuits.

Vaccine manufacturers learned that they had caused this epidemic over seven years ago. Yet, they continue to sell vaccines with the full dose of mercury all over Africa and Asia and other places that don't have all the facts. They can probably buy politicians in those places much cheaper than the ones they have to buy here. And, without freedom of speech, it will be much more difficult for the general public in those countries to ever learn the truth. So, the poisoning of children into autism goes merrily along because the drug companies earn a little more profit by using multi-dose vials of vaccines laced with mercury than they would if they had to sell single dose vials. They don't care that the cost of one autistic child is estimated at about $3 million because the taxpayers get stuck with that. Our politicians don't care about that cost to the taxpayers because they have been paid handsomely by the drug companies to protect them from lawsuits. And, in the overall scheme of things, autism creates lots of jobs which also helps make the politicians look good. It doesn't bother the politicians if taxes have to be raised. They can always blame it on the war or whatever else is convenient.

The major problem with all of these lies is that parents are not learning that they can cure autism. Their sources of information when they get the initial diagnosis usually consists of a pediatrician, some psychologists, therapists and teachers. The parents all learn about the Autism Society of America and hear that we need better awareness from these jerks while they ask for donations. These professional money raisers don't know what they are doing and are not looking out for the best interests of the children they claim to represent. Politicians care about their bribes (campaign contributions) and money raisers care about raising money, nothing else.

The autism organizations who know how to help the kids can't get on TV because the networks are controlled by drug company advertisements. Even the head of one of the networks, with an autistic grandchild, who is aware that biomedical intervention cures autism will not broadcast that information on his network. He can't because he'd be cutting his own throat. If he really cared about autistic kids, he'd shut his mouth entirely and stop spreading only part of the truth. Part of the truth won't help kids whose parents need to learn all of the truth.

Scientists who have helped to discover the truth about autism and mercury have been interviewed for TV programs but those interviews, mysteriously never get aired. Once in a while, an article appears in a local newspaper that discusses mercury, and chelation to cure the autism. When this happens, volunteers from Generation Rescue usually field a few more inquiries from parents wanting to learn more about chelation, methyl B-12, etc.. A few people wind up helping their kids. But, there are over 100,000 kids whose parents have not learned this information.

So, what becomes of these 100,000 who remain in the dark? They rely on what they are told by the therapists and teachers. The teachers firmly believe they can help. Most are dedicated to their jobs and do their best to help the kids learn. Unfortunately, kids with mercury stuck in their brains can not learn. Teachers can't do a damn thing about it no matter how dedicated they are. Parents trust the information they hear that everyone is doing everything possible to help their kids but that many are simply beyond all help. Years are completely wasted in school when the children could have been cured if only their parents had been told the truth about mercury. This is what happened to my son because he was born before all of this information was learned. It is still happening and that is a crime.

If anyone is reading this who knows someone whose child has not tried biomedical intervention, please ask them to read this. And, tell them to get in touch with Generation Rescue to learn how to save their child. There are lots of parents who want to get this information to the parents of every autistic child but the media is blacking it out. Our politicians and our doctors are involved in this horrible crime and parents have to stop it now.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Curing Autism

Total improvements from chelation for Sam's autism are immense. This spans a two and a half year period and I think it's important to look at the total picture as gains have been slow. It's easy for parents to get frustrated and give up. The only chance our children have is for parents to keep going to beat this son of a bitch named autism.

Sam's autism was as bad as it gets. This child was totally unreachable. He never responded to his name, never slept, didn't eat, smeared feces, ate anything he could get his hands on, tried to drink water out of the gutter, bashed his head into walls, bit himself, climbed out of windows, ran into traffic, battled constipation for years, screamed ALL DAY LONG. In short, he was a completely inconsolable wreck. He was in constant motion and would destroy anything he could get his hands on. At school, teachers allowed him to sit in the middle of the floor by himself because they could not do anything with him. He paid zero attention to anything and was content to spin himself in circles all day or lie on the floor playing with anything that would spin.

Sam had always walked with a limp, dragging one leg behind the other. I think that was the first improvement that came about from chelation. He used to take stairs two feet to every step and, at age 8, finally began to walk up stairs normally. He had battled constipation for years, screaming in pain while trying to expel baseball sized masses that were hard as a rock. This was the next thing to go away. His bowels have been mostly normal since a couple of months into chelation. Prevailing wisdom claims that the gut must be healed before starting chelation but, in Sam's case, I'm certain the chelation healed his gut. He was almost 8 when we started and I had wasted two years that I couldn't put everything into place I needed to begin chelation. I wasn't going to waste another minute once it became possible to start ridding him of the mercury.

The first improvement in mental symptoms came when Sam began making eye contact. It was fleeting at first but slowly increased until he first responded to his name by looking into my eyes. That was a beautiful moment. He had not looked into my eyes since he was less than a year old. Then came some communication, not speech but leading us by the hand to show us what he wanted. He'd drag us to the food cabinets and if we grabbed the wrong item, he'd shove us back until we found the right one that he wanted. Then he began moving our arms until they were in position to pick out a certain item. Now, he's tall enough to reach most things for himself. This was a child who never could let it be known that he was hungry. He only ate when we decided it was time for him to eat. I'm sure that added to his frustration and probably caused some of the meltdowns. Of course, once an autistic meltdown has begun, it can take an hour or so to stop, at least in Sam's case. He still has meltdowns but they are much easier to stop now. Sometimes, he fakes a meltdown now for attention and laughs at us when we go to stop it.

Laughter is a nice indicator that Sam is getting better. He had laughed as a baby but seemed to lose that skill for a long time, except when being tickled. He wasn't amused by much of anything. Now, he laughs appropriately all the time. Part of that is from paying attention and part is from being able to understand what is said to him.

Sam now follows commands which is something that was just a waste of breath before chelation. I can tell him to go hit a golf ball now and he'll look around for a golf club, find one, and go hit the ball. I had tried to swing the club for him thousands of times without Sam ever doing anything but dropping the club or trying to eat it. Now, he'll grip it properly and hit the ball. He still shows no interest in hitting it a long ways like his younger siblings but it's progress. He also plays catch now where, before, if you threw Sam a ball, he'd ignore it completely and it would just bounce off him. He even puts his seatbelt on in the car now and leaves it on instead of taking it off and climbing all over the car although I still don't trust him in the back seat of my car that doesn't have the childproof door locks.

Sam has learned to dress himself, eat with utensils instead of his fingers, color, write (a little), exchange pictures with PECS, use a touch screen computer, ride a bike and open his Christmas presents instead of eating the wrapping paper and ignoring the presents. These are things I never expected he would do before chelation. He was just like a brain dead child who could walk and scream. Now, he's learning, showing us that he does, indeed have a brain that can work, and works a little better with every little bit of mercury that comes out.

I've followed Andy Cutler's protocol using oral DMSA and oral Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA). I've always stopped a round any time I missed a dose. This has slowed down the improvement because I missed lots of doses by not being able to wake myself up at 4:00AM after staying up until midnight. But, I've completed 35 or 40 good rounds. I wasn't taking any chances that I'd hurt Sam by ignoring Dr Cutler's advice. Some people have done over 100 rounds in the same timeframe. Sam would probably be better off if I had done that many. I shudder to think what he would be like now if I had not chelated him at all.

School and many therapists never did anything to improve Sam's life until after chelation. Lots of uneducated people insist that teachers make the difference with kids with autism. These are the same people who continue to spout the nonsense that there is no known cause or cure for autism. These alleged professionals are an absolute disgrace to their profession. They have all heard of chelation by now yet they continue to tell unsuspecting parents that their child's best chance is through educators while they deny the fact that mercury caused this epidemic.

Some children with autism realize improvement in their symptoms with ABA. This is great if it helps the kid. However, this therapy is only a temporaruy fix. I now have the same results with chelation that ABA purports to provide but Sam's improvement is permanent and I didn't have to torture him with that intensive therapy to help him improve. There is money to be made by those who provide ABA. The behaviorists involved in autism seem to want to ignore the fact, however, that biomedical intervention is gaining better results than the behavioral therapy. One would think that, if they had the best interests of the children in mind, they would accept this new knowledge that has been gained about chelation and get on board with it as part of a multi disciplined approach to helping these kids. For the most part, the behaviorists don't do this. They still, in their ignorance, want to parrot the preachings of the Medical professionals who aver that autism is not caused by mercury. That makes the behaviorists part of the problem rather than part of the solution. The object of any professional who works with autism should be to get rid of the autism. Settling for some half-assed improvement is far from professional in my book. Teachers need to learn that they can do their jobs a lot more effectively if the children they are teaching are receiving the medical treatment they need to remove the poison that caused the autism.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Improvement from Chelation for Sam

Thanks to chelation, Sam has now learned to use expression in his face. The blank face and lifeless eyes that we were so used to are gone. Sam is slowly joining the human race by participating in this facial interaction.

The only expression Sam ever showed clearly was anger and pain. Sometimes his lower lip would stick out when he was in some sort of agony and I'd have to restrain myself from going to visit his pediatrician with a bat. This helpless child was hurting very badly and the man who poisoned him would do nothing to help. All he would do was lie about the effects of mercury. These were the times I'm glad I'm an older parent. If I had had to watch my son endure this while I was in my twenties, I'd have gone after the doctor with the bat a long time ago.

Sam's facial expresion is curious. It's like a two year old learning this on a ten year old face and the expressions are exagerated, you can't help but laugh.

We are also done with sippy cups. Sam would routinely unscrew the top of the cup and dump his drink on the floor when he had had enough. Now, he has learned to dump what he doesn't want in the sink. He also unscrews the cap from soda bottles, takes a swig and puts the cap back on instead of dumping the rest of the bottle on the floor. Progress, I'll worry about proper manners with this later.

One other area of improvement lately, Sam can now throw a pretty good punch and he's wrestling better. He tackled a 300 pound bus monitor, knocked him on the floor. Sam is only about 110 pounds. This behavior will, of course, have to be modified but it's good to see that Sam will fight for himself instead of crying about tolerance and respect like some other autistic people who don't want to be cured. Learning to fight is much better than learning to cry.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Michelle Dawson, Please Seek Help

Michelle Dawson is off on another perseverative rant complaining that autistics are not being allowed to speak in Canadian Senate hearings. I just want to take a moment to explain this for Michelle's benefit since she deletes all comments I make on her blog.
The Senate has done the right thing by not allowing Michelle to speak on anyone's behalf but her own. They recognize that Michelle is crazy as a bedbug with her deranged notion that no autistic child should be able to receive treatment that improves their condition. The Senate wishes to help autistic children, not prevent them from enriching their lives with things like speech. Michelle seems to think that giving a child the ability to talk somehow harms them. All sane people recognize this opinion as insane, Michelle dear. The Senate has allowed you to speak to shut you up. The fact that you are not allowed to speak for anyone else should tell you that they have a good reason for this. Everyone who has to endure your ranting knows that you are insane. It is easier for them to let you rant and rave for a short time to demonstrate this to the general public than to argue with you.
Congratulations, Michelle. I'm sure your performance convinced every person who heard you that you are, indeed, crazy as a bedbug. If it ever dawns on you that I am correct in my assessment of you, you can reach me through Generation Rescue where I'll be happy to help you recover from being poisoned.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A-CHAMP Letter to Rep Joe Barton, Please Write

It seems to me that Rep Joe Barton has been appointed as the "fall guy" on the CAA bill. Republicans made themselves look good in attempts at re-election by passing this bill in the Senate 100 to 0. Now, Barton has blocked it and, while reconsidering it, has stripped out a lousy $45 million for research into vaccine ingredients.
Does anyone in their right mind think Sen Bill Frist would have let this bill pass the Senate if he hadn't pre-planned for Barton to take the rap for stopping it?
Please read what A-CHAMP has to say about this below and let Barton know that public opinion is against poisoning babies by sending him a letter.

38 Organizations Nationwide Send Letter to CongressDemanding Funding for Environmental& Vaccine Research - Read Letter Here
Send Your Letter Asking For Funding of Environmental Researchin the Combating Autism Act
Stop Congress from Stripping out Key Environmental Research Provisions Send a Message to Congress Demanding Honest Research and Designated Funding for Research of Environmental Factors and the Vaccine/Autism Link
Our sources in Congress tell us that meaningful provisions for funding environmental research have been stripped out of the Combating Autism Act by Energy and Commerce Chair Joe Barton, the Texas Congressman who chairs the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee.

Following the Senate's refusal last summer to include provisions for the role of vaccines in autism in the bill, we now face the prospect that the two most pressing research issues involving the cause of autism – first thimerosal and vaccines, and now designated funding of research into environmental factors – will be excluded from this legislation. We need you to speak out to stop the Combating Autism Act from being "watered down" even more than it was in the Senate.

The Senate voted 100-0 in favor of a version of the bill that included the very same designation for research funding for environmental factors that Chairman Barton now wants to abandon. The Senate version authorized $45 million designated for special centers that would focus on environmenal research – this critical provision will be removed from the House version of the bill. We have no doubt that the House would easily approve a bill that includes the $45 million designation for funding of environmental research, if a bill including such a provision were allowed to go to the floor for an open and honest vote.

Some of our fellow parents who well understand the importance of research into environmental triggers in autism have tried their best to persuade Chairman Barton to include these key provisions for environmental research in the bill, but other forces appear to be at work against such measures, resulting in the removal of any funding of environmental research that has any teeth.
If enacted, the CAA will set the agenda for autism research for the next five years, yet Chairman Barton has only a few short weeks remaining as Chair of the Energy & Commerce Committee.
Now is the time to tell Chairman Barton, that removal of provisions for designated funding of environmental research from the Combating Autism Act is not acceptable.
Now is the time to tell your representative that they should speak for all their constituents who are affected by autism. Tell your representatives that they should not permit environmental research funding provisions to be stripped from the bill in negotiations between private parties and a lame duck committee chair. If Chairman Barton won't support the research necessary to fully explore the causes of autism perhaps his successor will. At this point, unless the bill provides for environmental research, we believe that it is worth waiting for the new Congressional leadership in 2007 to craft a better bill.We want fair negotiations that will produce a bill providing for complete, honest and funded research.
Tell Congress that all parents have a voice and that all children deserve their rightful place at the negotiating table. Send a message supporting real funding of environmental research in autism.
The message contained in this Alert is supported by NoMercury; Moms Against Mercury; Foundation for Mercury-Injured Children. Fair Autism Media, Generation Rescue, BEAT IOWA, CoMeD, Developmental Delay Resources, HEAL and many other organizations – click the link to our letter to see the entire list – Please contact A-CHAMP if your organization would like to support this message.
For some excellent commentary written by parents providing background and insight into how we got here, go toWade Rankin’s blog Injecting Sense, "What's In The Horse, or Politics As Usual" at : Phillips’s piece, "The Fish Stinks From the Head Down" at: listen to audio of Imus's commentary on the Combating Autism Act Click HEREor here:

Message Brought To You By A-CHAMP
Advocates for Children's Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Letter to Simpsonwood Attendees

An Open Letter To All Attendees of "The Scientific Review of VaccineSafety Datalink Information" meeting, June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center:My name is Russel Vincent Mancino. I live in a small town in NewJersey. I have a nine year old son, Russel John Mancino. My sons middle name is taken from his maternal grandfather. The reason I did this is because my father in law could always be counted on to do what was "right" and to look out for others from a purely selfless sense of moral conviction, despite the hardship that came when he took on the role of a caretaker. He is not a physician or scientist, but the way he cared for his family and friends always reminded me of how a doctor would treat his patients. I always wanted to be a doctor but I was afraid of making life and death decisions. I chose instead to pursue a career in law. Ironically I am a trial attorney and I defend doctors and other health care professionals when they are sued for malpractice. I always held physicians in high regard and I wanted to stand with them if they were ever sued. I felt it was my duty because of all the good they do that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. I wanted my son to have traits of myself and his grandfather. It's funny how much thought goes into naming a child. Especially when you learn that there are so many other decisions you make atthe time of birth can be so profound and have a life long effect onyour child. Like the decision to allow a vaccine to be injected into your child, under the false assumption that the safety of that vaccine has been demonstrated. By now you are wondering who I am and why I am writing to you about my son. My hope is that you are curious and will read on to find out why you are one of many receiving this letter. My son was diagnosed as suffering from autism at age five. I know you are intimately familiar with this autism from my research which began immediately after the neurologist who made the "diagnosis" uttered that heart breaking and life changing word, which she explained was causing his unusual behavior. She made equally clear that this condition that has no cure, gave me the grim prognosis as well as a glimpse of what the rest of his life, as well as mine, would be like. With a word, the hopes and dreams I had for my son were shattered. Everything I worked so hard for to make his life happy, to help make it a little easier than mine was suddenly of no consequence. You may not know that feeling but I know of many fathers who know it all to well. It is emotionally devastating and physically sickening. Not a day has gone by since his diagnosis that I haven't asked how and why. Not a day has gone by that I have not found myself dry heaving from the fear and frustration that I feel every waking minute of each day of what the future holds for my son. My frustration is that it is now clear that I may have been able to prevent this from happening to him. If only I had done a little investigating or asked a few questions, rather than blindly following the recommendations of you and the other so called experts on vaccine safety, he could have been spared from this condition about which so little is known despite the improbable number of children who have been similarly diagnosed.I understand that you were present for and participated in a meeting which included health care providers, members of various government health agencies including the CDC, NIH, IOM and FDA, drug company representatives and others who are also charged with protecting the health of the citizens of this country. I include drug company representatives as being responsible for this charge. Not only because they were invited to attend the meeting but becauseI believe anyone who had knowledge of this horrific, life threatening information available at this meeting were equally obligated to share that information with the public as the doctors and scientists who attended this meeting despite the inherent conflict of interest that existed between those making health policy decisions for the people of this country and those who stand to profit from those policy decisions. Everyone and anyone who participated in this meeting is culpable and responsible for the consequences that have resulted.In case you have again failed to make the causal connection, or continue to deny the truth, I am referring to "THE SCIENTIFIC REVIEW OF VACCINCE SAFETY DATALINK INFORMATION" conference which took placeon June 7-8, 2000 at the Simpsonwood Retreat in Norcross, Georgia. From what I have learned this was a gathering of doctors and scientists convened to study the data collected and review reports pertaining to that data, whose main author has been identified as Dr. Thomas Verstraeten. The general purpose of the meeting was to address the correlation between heavy metal exposure from childhood vaccinations and neurodevelopmental injuries in children. More particularly, the issue was whether the staggering increase in childhood neurodevelopmental delays and disorders in this country was the result of the use of known neurotoxins as preservatives in vaccines, purposefully injected directly into the bloodstream of newborn babies, a practice mandated by the United State government vaccine and immunization schedule. As you are probably aware there is an increasing number of doctors, scientists, government officials and above all else parents, who through tireless research in the hope of helping their children, who believe that there was a cover up by all of the attendees of the Simpsonwood meeting about the known risk of injecting newborn babies with neurotoxins that were used by drug companies as preservatives to increase the shelf life, reduce contamination and cut the cost of making vaccines without the preservatives. This as you knew then and we know now could have been done for a fraction of the cost of what it will take to pay for the lifelong care of these children. Instead a portion (1 in 166) of an entire generation of children were sacrificed in order to cover up a deliberate decision to not hold the drug companies responsible for the products they put on the markets and to avoid the embarrassment of the CDC, NIH, IMO and every other alphabet agency of the federal government that isresponsible for safeguarding the public. In a word your conduct and the conduct of everyone else charged with protecting our kids was despicable. How you can live with yourselves is beyond comprehension. How you can continue to deny the facts, frustrating the efforts to get the funding needed to help these kids, is criminal.I have a request on my son's behalf. What's done is done. But it'snot over. I would respectfully request that you come out in public, acknowledge the truth and join the fight to eliminate neurotoxins from ever being used in another vaccine again. Any notes you have from the meeting would be of help in our fight for a cure or to just help with developing that is safe and may help restore what has be taken from these kids. Alternatively please provide the rest of us who were not invited to Simpsonwood with the specific data and information upon which you relied to allow the continued use of neurotoxins in vaccines tha twere still on the market at the time of the meeting in June, 2000.Vaccines which continued to be given to newborns whose immune systems could not handle the toxic load. Newborns who have succumbed to the devastating effects of having toxic metals into their blood compromising the developing brain, a fact that all of you were aware of yet chose to ignore and cover up even until today. I would love to see the vaccination records of the children and grandchildren of the "Simpsonwood Conspirators" who poisoned a nation. I hope your children and grandchildren are fine. I would not wish what my son, my family and every other family who has a child with mercury induced neurotoxicity has gone through (and will continue to go through) on anyone. Not even on the people who had the power to stop it and failed.If you should have any questions you can e-mail me. If you want my address for service of process I'll give you that. If you want to help send any information you have from the meeting at Simpsonwoodthat might help us treat our children and give them a chance at life. As men and women of science who took the Hippocratic oath("First do no harm") I feel you owe it to us. Send any information you have to the American Autism Association, a group that lost a pioneer and a deeply committed man who spent most of his life tryingto help those inflicted with this terrible syndrome, Dr. BernardRimland. You can also send it to Dr. Sid Baker, Dr. Andy Wakefield,Dr. Jim Neubrander, Dr. Stephanie Cave or Congressman Weldon. These are names you are probably familiar with because these men and women have been on the front line fighting the battle for our kids. A battle necessitated by your inaction, neglect, recklessness and failure to live up to your commitment to help rather than hurt. My goal was to e-mail everyone at the conference. However, it is taking too long to track down all the addresses and I want to get this out today as time is essential.Respectfully, Russel V. MancinoProud father of Russel John Mancino, who only wants to be likethe "other kids".I'm would appreciate it if anyone and everyone who is copied on this e-mail can send it to a friend or two and to your representatives inthe House and Senate and anyone that you know of who may have been at Simpsonwood for this meeting. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

George Bush, Eli Lilly, et al. Murder Another Autistic Child

A 12 year old boy was killed by his father in the Bronx yesterday. The father admits to the crime but he is also a victim.

Ulysses Stable was killed by the greedy profiteers who invented thimerosal and the corrupt politicians who are helping them to cover up their crime of negligence. George Bush has steadfastly refused, for years, to meet with Congressman Dan Burton to hold a White House conference on autism. George Bush knows the truth about autism but he will not admit it.

Eli Lilly caused the autism epidemic with its' preservative, thimerosal, that is used in childhood vaccines. They won't admit the truth either because it would cost them well over a trillion dollars if they did. They don't care if parents of autistic children reach their breaking points and kill their children. That won't affect their profits.

Sen Bill Frist has been well paid by the pharmaceutical industry to introduce legislation that lets them off the hook for poisoning babies. This despicable abuse of power also makes him look good to his colleagues in the Medical profession who stand to see their lofty reputations go down the toilet if it becomes common knowledge that their ignorance helped to cause the autism epidemic.
Doctors never bothered to check when more vaccines were added to the schedule or they would have known that they were injecting infants with about 200 times as much mercury as they know is safe.

Some other politician, I don't know who, added words into the Combatting Autism Act that could make the practice of chelation illegal. Chelation is the only proven method that can cure autism. That is how sick our government is. They would rather take money from the pharmaceutical industry to help them win lawsuits than to help children escape from the nightmare that is autism.

Autism is not the simple lack of communication and nerdy behavior that we hear about in the media. Autism is a 24 hour a day nightmare. These children have constant violent meltdowns, scream uncontrollably for hours, bash their heads through walls, bite themselves, bite others, tear out chunks of hair, smear feces all over the house and make any semblance of a normal life absolutely impossible. Parents can bring these inconsolable kids who are obviously in some pain to an Emergency Ward and be thrown out by doctors who simply say they won't treat autism. If they treated it and cured it, it would expose their malpractice.

One report I read claimed that a social worker was in touch with the father here frequently. I'll bet heavily that the social worker was not advising this father how to cure his son. Nobody knows that there is a cure for autism because the drug company ads that control the media prevent the public from learning about it.

The White House knows all about chelation and that it can cure autism. One might think our President would share this information with parents of suffering children. Naive people might even think that our President would want to do something to help these kids who suffer horribly every day of their lives. Those same naive people might also believe something that comes out of a politicians mouth while he's running for office. Students of politics know otherwise. Bush is not our President. Our President is whatever corporation contributed the most to his campaign. Unfortunately for autistic children, the companies who poisoned the kids have more money than their parents to buy a President.

If George Bush would have listened to Dan Burton some years ago and done something to help autistic children, Ulysses Stable might have been cured by now. His long suffering father would not have snapped and killed his son. If Eli Lilly had tested thimerosal for safety, Ulysses Stable probably would not have been autistic.

If Jose Stable is charged in this crime, Bush, Frist and the CEO of Eli Lilly should be charged as accessories. This death could have been avoided if our government was not open to the highest bidder.

Yesterday, another autistic child drowned. Five year old Daryl Gosein would probably still be alive and not autistic if George Bush and the CDC had banned thimerosal when it became public knowledge that they knew it had caused this epidemic. Instead, our President decided to murder this boy so his friends in the pharmaceutical industry could keep profits soaring. George Bush, baby killer.

I wonder if Bush will send Julie Gerberding to the funeral with a flag to say:"On behalf of a grateful nation, we salute you for sacrificing your son for profit."?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Neurodiversity's Mascot

I think I made an error in just comparing this monkey to one Neurodiverse simpleton. He is really symbolic of the entire cult of simpletons. I think they should adopt him as their mascot.

The complaint of one of the cult's most obnoxious members is that Canada is excluding autistics from some hearings. Michelle Dawson, as usual, is bitching that she is not being allowed the opportunity to make an utter ass out of herself.

Dawson insists on speaking for autistics rather than allowing parents of autistics to speak for their kids. She is one of those autistics who CAN talk. Her goal in life is to prevent parents from gaining the help they need so the children they represent CAN talk.

This too incapacitated to work postal worker who thinks she's a researcher doesn't understand that there is a gigantic difference between her and non-verbal children who can't do a damn thing for themselves. As such, she just has to intervene on behalf of all autistics to make it known that they don't want anything that might cure them. She doesn't understand that no cured child has asked to be shot up with more mercury so they can go back to being a non-verbal vegetable. She doesn't accept the pleas of parents that their children need help.

In short, Dawson is the best argument I've heard so far to round up all of these anti-cure alleged autistics and force them to endure any available treatment that might give them a little common sense. Sticking one's nose in where one does not belong to prevent children who can't function from gaining the help they need is insane.

Michelle Dawson is insane. Anyone reading this should visit her blog and tell her so. Shut the hell up, Michelle.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pending Psychologist

A psychology student from Kotka, Finland ponders the question of whether thimerosal caused the autism epidemic.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Michelle Dawson, The Missing Link?

I pointed out the flaw in one of Michelle's posts and this was the most intelligent answer she could come up with.
Michelle Dawson said...
Sorry Joseph, I'm deleting all of Mr Best's posts without trace, so there's no need to respond to him.
8:45 AM

Is this how research assistants deal with criticism of their work? This would make Michelle the "See No Evil" monkey, hereafter referred to as "The Monkey".

The Monkey was trying to compare parents whose kids had a fatal congenitive condition with parents of autistic kids. She tried to contrast the calm of the former set of parents versus the "hysteria" of autism parents. I simply pointed out to the Monkey that parents of terminal children could allow them to enjoy their short lives while parents of severely autistic children needed to take steps to avoid sending their kids to custodial care where their quality of life would be negligible.

Joseph commented that he thought I was saying that it's better to be dead than autistic. That was not my point but, at least he showed some evidence of brain activity by questioning my statements. The Monkey simply deleted my statements because it obviously did not have the intelligence to defend its' position.

One Neurodiverse sympathizer once told me that the Monkey was their leader. That says a lot about Neurodiversity. Here we have this animal who was too incapacitated to make it as a postal worker leading disabled people to harm themselves by not learning the true nature of their affliction. Using its' logic, we conclude that parents of autistic children should enjoy their lives and their differences without helping the children. We are led to this flawed conclusion because some children with fatal congenitive conditions who can not be helped have parents who have accepted the inevitable fate of their children.

It is easy to see how an uneducated Monkey can reach this conclusion. Animals are not capable of logical thinking that must be based on an assessment of all the facts. The Monkey has decided that it, itself is beyond help and must live with a damaged brain without any chance that any intervention can ameliorate its' condition. It has also leaped to the inappropriate conclusion that because it can function somewhat in this world, all autistic people can function. Those of us who have severely autistic children know that this is not true. Those of us who have been in institutions know that some autistic people will never function at all and that they need help. We also know that this is a horrible existence.

The Monkey has decided that parents who address these facts are hysterical. It thinks it holds a lofty position as a research assistant and can look down on parents who disagree with its' flawed logic. It has not figured out that the assistance it is providing to the researcher is that of a subject. The research that is presented by said researcher is clear evidence to sane and intelligent parents that going through life with brain damage is not a good idea.

Parents who want to help their children may appear hysterical to the Monkey. They would find it much easier to be calm if their children's fate was a foregone, albeit very sad conclusion. Decent parents will do anything at all to help their children avoid a horrible life after they are dead. We are all fighting the clock to help our kids avoid that fate. Monkeys should keep their mouths shut until they gain intelligence comparable to humans so they can defend those inane positions for which their only solution is to delete comments.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Autism Hub's Abuse of an Autistic Woman

These are the words of Amanda Baggs:

"This is my response to the Autism Speaks articles of understanding with
GRASP, the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership.I am a non-speaking
autistic woman. While I do not agree with functioning labels, I have been
labeled low-functioning in the not-too-distant past and am onsidered severely
disabled. People who look at me without seeing me type often think that there is
nobody inside me. I have many of the difficulties described in Alison Tepper
Singer's article about her daughter, and more that she did not describe.It is
wrong to say that your own child has no skills. It is wrong to go on a national
video and say you have considered killing your autistic child. My parents faced
worse hardships with less privilege and never once thought of killing me. It is
wrong to condescendingly assume that autistic self-advocates have never heard of
those of us labeled low-functioning, and that somehow the so-called
low-functioning among us have no skills and need a cure, and that all you needed
to do was say we exist and then everyone would understand what you want to do to

That word "LABELED" is the key here to show how Neurodiversity and the Autism Hub abuse autistic adults and all autistic people by making society think that autism is not that bad. While Amanda Baggs can type to communicate, this is not the case for the majority of autistic children who may look very similar to Amanda with her rocking and finger movements. She has the ability to pay attention long enough to learn the skill of typing, along with the alphabet and reading and writing. Severely autistic children can not acquire these skills.

Amanda is being used by the leaders of Neurodiversity to support their insidious propaganda by which they claim that autistic people should not be cured. Amanda is their poster girl as she is a seemingly, severely autistic person who states that she does not want to be cured. She doesn't even want to acquire the ability to speak so she can communicate without the keyboard. She also admits that she is not fully toilet trained and does not want to ameliorate that condition either.
Amanda is certainly within her rights to have this opinion. Neurodiversity using this opinion to tout their agenda of not curing any autistic children is despicable. My son can not communicate. I should say could not communicate since he has acquired some communication skills since chelation started. He is a much happier child now that he can tell us some of his needs.
Here are the words of a parent from the EOHarm list talking about trying to help a son: "My son had joint pain for his entire life until 6 months into chelating. He typed out, "My joints don't throb any more." That was his normal. Even though he had been typing things out for us since he was ten, he never mentioned his joints hurting. Not until the pain went away and he discovered that life didn't have to be this way did he tell us.

He thanks us over and over for chelating him because he is in so much less PAIN."
I don't care what Amanda Baggs tells us now under the influence of Neurodiversity. Her opinion means nothing as it it the words of someone who has never known what it is like to enjoy life without autism. The fact that she can communicate via typing is all well and good but, stopping her development there is an impediment to her right to achieve her potential. Neurodiversity will not use sane measures to point out to Amanda that she may benefit by treating her condition. Instead, they let her wallow in her disability and use her words to harm as many autistic children as possible by advising parents not to help their kids.
Supporting Amanda Baggs and her position about not curing autism is no different than supporting a college student on LSD who thinks he can fly by encouraging him to jump off a roof. Neurodiversity has encouraged Amanda to suffer with her disability while throwing her image all over the internet in a deranged attempt to convince sane parents to neglect their children by accepting brain damage.
As we see in the above example from a sane and caring parent, no cured autistic person asks to revert to having autism. Amanda Baggs would not want to revert either if she was cured.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mercury Caused the Autism Epidemic, Please Pass It On

This is a copy of an Email I received today. Please forward it to anyone who may not know the facts.

There is great poltical activity ongoing. It is a crusade to educate the elite of this country and newspapers and editorial staffs one step at a time. But you won't see it. You may hear it. You may hear of it. It is like the footsteps you hear, like the pawprints you see. But it is invisible like the termites that gnaw at your foundation, unknown to all until it is too late. It is like Sakajewia passing through the forest. But the packages left for all to see present a devastating picture of the truth.

The enclosed information in this e-mail is presented as a public service to your organization and to the millions and millions of children you reach each year. Please review. It may help you understand some of these issues in this ongoing battle of autism, autoimmune diseases, immune dysregulation and related health problems of our children. A review of the articles will result in a self-evidence understanding of this issue in all of its complexity. This e-mail represents the closest version of the truth you will find. Please savor it. Please pass it along.

The following articles and research show the present status of this huge raging issue of autism and childhood autoimmune disease which is epidemic in our children.

The following information is provided to shed light on this issue. Note that the issue is discussed from both a conservative and liberal ideological position, depending on the article. This is information uncovered during research to help a number of autistic children who were damaged by the government's mandatory vaccine policy and the toxic (for them ) levels of mercury in those vaccines which the parents were forced to give to them. There are millions of kids affected by this issue.

From a website we viewed we became aware of your possible interest in autism and programs for autistic children and thought that a series of articles on autism and related special education issues might be particularly relevant to your group. So here is the research.

You may wish to share the research with others in your organization, with school districts which are suffering under the financial burdens of special education budgets or with parents who have had difficulty dealing with some of these issues. Please feel free to share this research with your colleagues.

But first, please review the following post from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and consider the following.

Virtually every thimerosal containing vaccine which was administered during the 1990's (a large number of the total mandatory vaccine protocol) contained levels of mercury which were hundreds of times more toxic than hazardous waste according to the EPA's own website.

This is a federal law that applies to all states"If mercury levels in a waste exceed the Toxicity Characteristic Leach Test (TCLP) level of 0.2 mg/L for mercury, then the waste is identified as a hazardous waste based on the toxicity characteristic". Note that most vaccines administered during the 1990's to infants (all children younger than two were subject to the mandatory vaccine schedule) contained levels of thimerosal consistent with those solutions being hundreds of times more toxic than hazardous waste according to the above set-forth EPA website.

Presently, most flu vaccine contains 50 mg/l of mercury from the thimerosal preservative. The concentration of mercury in the flu vaccine (containing thimerosal) presently being recommended to babies and pregnant women is 250 Times more toxic than the above level the EPA considers to be hazardous waste.

The biohazards of thimerosal are presented here:

Against the above backdrop, please consider the following articles:

The first is an article by United Press International entitled "A Big Secret".This article, which can be accessed from the url below (please copy and paste into webbrowser if the website won't open upon double clicking), points to the fact that of a rather large population of children (somewhere north of 35,000-probably greatly in excess of 100,000) all of whom were unvaccinated-

Not a single child was autistic, had asthma or diabetes!!!!

This was absolutely astounding, given that each of these conditions is an epidemic in our nation's children.In any event, further research into this issue eventually turned up information about the government's mandatory vaccine program, which all children must abide by in order to attend school. As we began to understand the possible damage to our nation's children which was apparently done by the mandatory vaccine policy, we were quite disturbed. Numerous parents contend that the mandated program forced them to damage their children. The following websites are a small portion of the articles we reviewed. They provide a current understanding of autism/autoimmune disease, which is epidemic in our children and the history and related issues of this apparent tremendous self-induced tragedy.

Yet the mainstream media and traditional medical institutions will not deal with this issue forthrightly. They appear to be covering up this historical scandal. Perhaps you will see why below.

Please review all of the articles listed below. In doing so, you may need to copy and paste the url's into the webbrowser. If they don't open upon clicking with your mouse, copy and paste the website address (url) into your webbrowser. You may find this information compelling.

Please review all articles. They will give you a fine historical understanding of this issue and how it has been handled since close to the autism epidemic inception. But there is a crisis of autoimmune diseases in our children and this should also be ackowledged.
After you go through the first article by UPI, review the other pieces, many of which you may already by aware. They place the autism/ADD/asthma/allergies/learning disabilities debate in historical context. They may also provide you with information about why many of your kids appear out of control, unruly and just plain difficult to deal with.

Note that these articles are not anti-vaccine and should be construed as such. Vaccine technology, when used appropriately, is life-saving technology. When abused by bureaucrats- well, you see the results. This information is an attempt to get the mandatory vaccine program, related agencies and our government officials to be more transparent about what they force on our citizens- and allow informed choice by parents. We must fix the vaccine program immediately.
We think this information is crucial. Please review it all. Thanks.

Remember- you may need to copy and paste url into webbrowser to view article. No autism, asthma or diabetes in unvaccinated! You may want to read this summary first!
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr weighs in on this crucial issue age&obj_id=4573&type_id=13&cat_id=84&sub_id=0
Scientific Evidence- papers (use internet explorer for this site) Note explosive increase autism since 1992
use internet explorer for this site Much more than just autism!!!!
effects on our future!!!!! Allergies as well &sid=1 some flu shots 250 times more toxic than hazardous waste!!!!!

Why would the government target to cut out an infinitesimal part ($50 million) of a $2.6 trillion budget- to study autoimmunity/disease in children? tragicallly, the mainstream media doesn't deal with this issue forthrightly- Why? Parents being sent into bankruptcy by their having to treat their children after mandatory vaccinations

Shows declining neurological developmental impairment with elimination of thimerosal containing vaccines!!!!!! g+mercury+with+autism&event=org_news_print_list_item

Thimerosal causes dentritic damage Shows how pediatricians can bully patients

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hallelujah!!! More Progress!!!

As we start chelation round #52, my year has just been made. Sam rode his bike down the driveway by himself and used the brakes to stop himself before he got to the street. He also said "Hello" and "Bye" this week appropriately, several times.
Not bad for a boy diagnosed as a vegetable, huh? Pretty good for a kid who would never be able to learn anything and should have been stuck in an institution by now. I saw the athleticism in my son when he was very young. For a long time, I thought he had no hope of realizing his potential. What a scumbag I would be if I had not spent every waking moment trying to learn how to give him back what mercury had taken from him.
Am I obsessed? Am I perseverating as my friends from Neurodiversity would say? You bet your life I am. I'm not going to let the Medical Profession's malpractice throw my son on the trash heap of humanity. It has cost a lot to get this far, not in terms of money but in many other ways that I won't go into. Today, it proved to all be worth it.
A severely autistic ten year old taught himself to ride a bike. Nobody helped him, we just watched, and guided him safely for awhile when he asked for our help. No pushing, no ABA, just a very athletic child starting to achieve what nature intended for him with the help of freeing his brain from the torturous destruction by mercury.
All of you psychopathic idiots who rant against curing autism can go straight to Hell. If you wish to rethink your idiotic, child abusing philosophy, call me. I'll be happy to help you help your children (603)434-3928.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Neurodiversity Cult, Autistic Abuse

Unlike most cults, there are no religious overtones or charismatic leaders to snooker the innocent lambs. The victims of Neurodiversity are not asked to give up their belongings and they aren't living in any group compounds. These victims have sacrificed something much more valuable; they have donated their minds for the purpose of serving this master with propaganda.
No sane person thinks it is a good idea to abandon children who are severely incapacitated by refusing to give them medical treatment when they are poisoned. When a parent learns that their child has been poisoned, the proper response is to contact a doctor and remove said poison. I never dreamed that I would have to make that statement. I must have been somewhat naive to believe that every parent would have at least that much intelligence. I guess I was giving some of my fellow parents too much credit.
The leaders of Neurodiversity have targeted the feeble-minded. What they have done is truly criminal. They have convinced people who have had their brains damaged by mercury that they should band together as a group of disabled citizens to tell the world through their blogs that they do not want their brain damage repaired. They have also taken this a step further to try to con society into believing that it is wrong to cure any person whose brain has been poisoned into autism. The leaders have said that curing autism is akin to killing the autistic person. Some autistic people who have the ability to type have fallen for this absurd notion and now have been brainwashed into believing it themselves.
Autistics became brain damaged due mostly to mercury in vaccines. The cult followers claim they can think for themselves. Some of them can't talk, aren't fully toilet trained and are unemployable. They have never experienced what normalcy is yet they proclaim they do not want to be cured. Their mental capacity is so limited that they can't understand the fallacy in their thinking yet, there they are blogging away to spread the deranged message of Neurodiversity. Our government needs to step in and put a stop to this abuse of disabled people.
One must ask who could possibly gain something by this abuse. These people have no assets to steal. It certainly doesn't appear that anyone could get rich by brainwashing autistics into telling the world that they want to remain brain damaged.
There are several possible beneficiaries to this lunacy. Our government, who should be protecting these disabled people could benefit if these victims could convince sane parents not to cure their autistic children. If nobody wanted to cure autism, the CDC could continue to poison babies all over the world with thimerosal and protect the integrity of the vaccine program. Then they wouldn't look like a bunch of negligent simpletons for causing the autism epidemic by never testing thimerosal for safety. The drug industry would be the most obvious beneficiary of this lunacy since, if everyone thought autism was genetic and the Neurodiversity Cult convinced the world to celebrate having autism, nobody would want to sue them for trillions of dollars for putting poison into babies and causing autism. Pediatricians, who injected the vaccines and now routinely lie to parents by telling them that mercury does not cause autism would be off the hook for their blunder.
Unfortunately for all of the above, the majority of parents on this earth have not lost their marbles and joined this ridiculous cult. Any parents reading this whose kids have signed on with Neurodiversity should seriously consider hiring deprogrammers to rescue the children. Autism is a nightmare and no person should go through life with it when cures are available.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Significant Misrepresentations from Kathleen Seidel

Once again, Neurodiversity's Kathleen Seidel has demonstrated her complete devotion to harming autistic children. She pointed out in her latest deranged attack on the Geier's that they have applied for a patent to treat children who have been poisoned by mercury. Seidel finds fault with this patent because the Geier's and a drug company will profit from it.
Seidel neglects to point out that the patent application does not mention treating children for precocious puberty. This had been her main complaint, insinuating that the Geier's were illegally diagnosing children to hoodwink insurance companies into paying for the procedure. Here, it seems that the Geier's are applying for a patent that will allow them to treat mercury poisoning for what it is so that affected children should be able to have the treatment paid for by insurance without any game playing about the diagnosis.
The Geier's have done what is best to help suffering children. The patent should assure that other doctors who administer this treatment will do so correctly and will not harm children by guessing about the procedure. Evidence presented by the Geier's suggests that the use of Lupron does indeed speed up chelation. As a parent who has struggled through two years of chelation therapy for my son, I can testify that the gains are very slow to arrive. Nevertheless, as I pointed out in my previous post about my sons steps to recovery, the gains do materialize.
It is interesting that the Geier's relate almost immediate improvement with gastrointestinal problems in one of their patients following the use of Lupron. My son suffered with severe and painful constipation for 4 or 5 years before chelation resolved that issue. Constipation was the first physical symptom that accompanied his autism to be resolved with the administration of chelation. To resolve this in a matter of hours versus months is what I consider great progress. It does not make sense for any parent of an autistic child to oppose this advancement in treating this debilitating condition.
As a parent of a severely autistic boy, my concern is for my son's return to the health and mental capacity with which he was born. I, and many other parents, can testify that our normal children were transformed into shells of themselves. Dr Mark Geier proved that the reason for this transformation was the injection of too much mercury via vaccines. I, and many other parents, are offering further proof of that discovery by watching our children return to normalcy by removing that mercury by chelation.
Seidel should have kept her mouth shut this time. The information she has provided offer proof that Dr Geier is doing another wonderful service for autistic children by patenting his discovery and giving parents an option that might bring their children back from the abyss of autism sooner while having this treatment properly recognized so that insurance companies will be forced to pay for it.
This patent may come back to slap the drug company by virtue of the fact that the insurance companies who will have to pay the bill may be able to turn around and sue the drug companies for their negligence in creating the autism epidemic. If insurance has to pay the bill, they should certainly be entitled to sue for all the malpractice that has been committed since Verstraeten informed us that mercury had caused the epidemic in 1999. The fact that Pharma ignored this information and negligently continued to cause autism and related disorders should make them liable for the cost of reversing the damage they knowingly caused. Perhaps Mr Frist has already taken this into account and protected Pharma from this lawsuit in waiting. If not, I'm sure he will.
Thanks for the information, Kathleen. Maybe next time, you can learn how to interpret it correctly. By the way, have you found any 76 year old autistics yet?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Autistic Boy Makes Breakthrough With Chelation

My son, Sam, began riding a bicycle Friday night. For most kids, this is no big deal. For Sam, it is something I never expected to see.Sam never rode a tricycle, would never even sit on one. I was shocked, happily so, when I went to check on why he was being so quiet and saw him peddling the bike with training wheels around the cellar. I just watched for a few minutes as he rode around in circles with a big smile on his face. Then he started letting out some loud happy shrieks when he spotted me standing there. It was the same type of noise and smile he used to make as an infant when my wife or I would go into his room to take him out of his crib in the morning. The eye contact was also the same as I remembered it. That part of him that had been lost for so long had finally returned.Sam has/had severe autism. He's one of those kids who has to be watched every minute of the day. None of the doctors he has seen gave him any chance of learning anything. He never did learn anything until we started chelation. He didn't make eye contact from the time he was a baby until he was 8 years old. The eye contact had been fleeting for awhile at age 8 and slowly improved. Now it is approaching normal.A month or so ago, Sam was playing catch with his sister. This was a spontaneous thing and it was a joy to see. He never had played with his sister at all. I'm not sure he had ever even looked at her. She's half his size and scared of him so she doesn't go near him much. I had provoked him many times to lure him into playing catch with stuffed animals but I could never teach him to catch and throw a ball. This was incredible progress to see a child making athletic moves to catch a ball out of the air instead of letting it bounce of his chest as though he never saw it. I was told by one doctor that Sam was a vegetable and the only thing I could do for him was to find him a good institution. He told me there was no hope. Thanks to Andy Cutler and his advice on chelation, Sam now has plenty of hope. He's doing normal things and smiling a lot. He even says a few words now. Vegetables don't ride bikes.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Neurodiversity's Estee Klar, Writer, Curator, Scumbag

I read Estee Klar's blog yesterday and decided to post a couple of comments to educate this ditz on the subject of autism. After I posted a reply to some anonymous knucklehead there which included a description of my son's problem with self-biting, Klar decided to simply delete my comment.
Klar evidently runs some sort of school and earns her living by keeping children from escaping the abyss of autism. If we cured her students, she'd probably be out panhandling to make her mortgage payment. This is one of the wackos who didn't make my roster. I'll be sure to include her on next year's team.
Estee came up with some project which she called TAAP, the same acronym Ray Gallup has been using for years for his Autism Autoimmunity Project. I think Estee's TAAP must stand for The Arrogant Anti-cure Platoon or some such similar tripe. I can only guess at MS Klar's motivation since she's obviously another dumb neurodiverse broad who deletes comments that she can't answer.
Perhaps the image of a child biting himself until he draws blood is too much for Klar to handle. She may find herself thinking that such behavior really should be cured, if at all possible. But, admitting that, and maybe even addressing it with some sort of answer might drive away some of her students and cost her some money. Reminds me of the three monkeys, See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. Will deleting comments that demand an intelligent answer make that evil go away, MS Klar? It might disappear from her blog in Neurodiversityland but the problem is still out there Estee. Does anyone think Estee will answer here?
I'm betting I'll never hear from her since she already proved she can't defend her deranged position by trying to hide behind the delete keylike other well known neurodiverse bloggers.
Above is the link for MS Estee. The joy of autism, what crap. There is no joy in autism unless one is making a killing on tuitions. Is this person supposed to be some sort of expert on autism who deletes posts that demonstrate the suffering autistic children endure every damn day? What a God damn fraud!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Is Neurodiversity Simply Propaganda?

If I were Eli Lilly or the CDC, I'd consider Neurodiversity as a wonderful propaganda tool to help sway public opinion. Invent a bunch of alleged autistics who claim they don't want to be cured. Have them post from all over the Globe and have them present themselves as a unified force with things like the Autism Hub.
Note that it isn't Asperger's Hub or Neurodiverse Hub which would make more sense since most of the alleged autistics claim to celebrate having Asperger's, not Autism. By comingling a slew of blogs under the heading of Autism, the deranged notions presented on these blogs appear to the casual observer to be the voices of the autism community.
In reality, the Autism Hub is as far from the sentiments of families afflicted with autism as you can get. No parent wants their child to have autism. No parent intentionally injects poison into their babies. Yet, here we have all these neurodiverse blogs trying to pawn themselves off as representative of those whose lives have been destroyed by the nightmare called autism.
The Autism Society of America recently backed down on their support of an important provision in the proposed Combatting Autism Act. They claim to represent the interests of evryone on the spectrum. There are neurodiverse types associated with ASA who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about thimerosal from being learned.
This has become a problem since the neurodiverse have managed to keep themselves included as part of the autism community. They are here to disrupt. They don't need anyone's approval to let their kids rot in the abyss of autism without trying to cure them. Why is it not in everyone's best interests to have research done to prove the fact that mercury caused the epidemic? ASA should recognize how important this is. Could neurodiverse propaganda have helped sway their decision to renege on their agreement?
Can anyone give me a good explanation why autism should not be cured? Neurodiversity claims it would be killing the autistic person to cure them. I claim it would be killing the drug companies if we could cure all of our kids. We just saw how difficult it is in court to get the truth out about thimerosal. I don't think the drug companies will have any defense if thousands of cured children start walking into courtrooms to testify about how they were cured. Is this the true reason neurodiversity is so adamantly opposed to curing autism? Is the concept of celebrating neurodiversity just a shoddy stab at propaganda that some unwitting parents might give creedence to?
The idea that we need to include all people with autism and be considerate of differing opinions goes out the window when these neurodiverse propagandists are directing their concerted efforts towards making negligent criminals look innocent. Sane and decent parents do not try to prevent other parents from helping their children overcome debilitating conditions such as autism. Sane and decent parents do not latch onto the accidental deaths of children from doctors errors during chelation to use as a condemnation of all well practiced chelation that helps children.
Every autism organization needs to purge itself of these neurodiverse types. They are nothing but a cancer with the sole intention of disrupting decent people from helping children. May they all rot in hell.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Neurodiversity Versus Sanity (Again)

Once again, the Wicked Witch of Neurodiversity has attacked the Geiers. The Geiers are the guys who proved that mercury caused the autism epidemic. The Geiers discovered a treatment for mercury poisoning that helps children rid themselves of mercury faster and with fewer side effects. The Geiers are helping autistic children.
Witch Seidel has made it her personal crusade to find fault with every action taken by the Geiers. The Wicked Witch does not want to see any children cured of the nightmare that is autism. She thinks kids should celebrate this horrible existence.
My son can't talk, read or write at almost 10 years old and Kathleen Seidel is out to crucify scientists who want to help him. In her latest bit of yellow journalism, the Witch is insinuating that the Geiers are committing insurance fraud. Any decent parent would ask why the hell insurance won't pay for treatments that help children escape the abyss of autism in the first place.
Can anyone tell me why this despicable witch wants to see children suffer with autism? How can any parent be so damn sadistic?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Neurodiversity Versus Northeastern

I have to thank Kathleen Seidel for showing us the alleged exchange between herself and Dr Deth. I say "alleged" because I never know what to believe from this group of anonymous child abusers.
I can just picture Dr Deth laughing at Kathleen using anonymous blogs as references to support her deranged opinions about the science involved with the autism-mercury debate. Maybe I'll start a blog where I say I'm a surgeon so it looks like I'm some sort of expert to counter the opinions of people who think it's a good idea to keep poisoning children with mercury. If any of these bloggers she uses as expert references were really scientists who had some expertise to share, one would think they would use their names to give credibility to their sites.
I especially like her using Prometheus as a reference. This guy went to the trouble of training his "Yes Men" in reasoning and argument so they could deflect opposing views for him by allegedly using logic. When one confronts Prometheus, they are immediately descended upon by a pack of howling "philosophers" decrying any slip in precise argument technique. They have to use this method since all their arguments are invalid by being devoid of the element of truth.
It amazes me that anyone with an autistic child would turn down an offer to have an expert researcher come to her house to explain the science involved. This woman must really hate her child to ignore this information that might set her kid free of autism. It seems that, rather than being concerned with helping her child, Seidel is more concerned with trying any last gasp measure to discredit the scientists who do want to help our poisoned kids. That must be why she gets bogged down in discussing the lawsuits. Whether Dr Deth testifies or not is irrelevant to the scientific information he gives us that helps us learn how to cure autism. But, character assassination is one of those things you learn how to excel at when you enroll in Neurodiverse Writing 101.
Kathleen must agree with Senator Judd Gregg from our state who repeatedly informs me that we have to protect our drug companies from going out of business. He says the same thing in every reply he sends me when I ask him to address the problem of autism. Maybe Kathleen is heavily invested in the drug market. She can't have any concern for what autism is doing to our property taxes here. They just keep going up to pay for the increased special education budget in the schools. One would think a property owner here would like to see the people who caused that problem pay for it instead of sticking the taxpayers with it. We are well aware that Judd Gregg doesn't give a damn how high property taxes go as long as he takes care of his pals in Pharma. Kathleen must subscribe to the same philosophy.
The most amusing part of her little exchange with Dr Deth is the fact that she won't accept his proposed wager. Kathleen must expect that she will be proven wrong beyond all doubt very soon.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Train Wrecks of Neurodiversity

It is interesting that any organization would bother responding to the crazed rantings of neurodiverse wackos who try to harm autistic children. In the age of the internet where any wacko with a computer can publish lunacy, I suppose the wackos are more difficult to ignore than they were in the past when no decent newspaper would publish their drivel. What would have happened before the internet if some nut like Seidel had written to the MIND institute to complain about something they said? The answer is nothing. They would have had no need to respond to this sadist. They could just throw her letter in the trash and put her name on a list of undesirables with the security guards in case she tried to bother them in person.
Now we have the nut proudly displaying her letter from the supposedly offensive person and other nuts telling her what a good job she has done of being a pain in the ass. This nut thinks it is demeaning to autistic people to refer to them as train wrecks. So, she bothers people about the language and someone decides that the politically correct response should be a retraction and an apology for using an allegedly unkind description of autism. If I were running the organization, I may have done the same thing. I'd suggest sending a nice letter to shut the dumb broad up. Then, I'd keep using whatever term I felt like using.
Autism is a nightmare for everyone involved with it. It turns your whole life upside down. It is gut wrenching to think of your normal child trapped in the endless abyss that is autism. Wackos like Seidel think it is something to be celebrated. This wack job has a kid on the autistic spectrum and she advocates celebrating the news. I think she should be locked up for abusing her kid by not trying to help her. I can imagine what I would have thought of my parents if I broke my leg and they told me I should celebrate my differences rather than fixing the fracture. These nut job parents are going to get some horrible treatment from their kids when they get sent to the old folks home. It won't be long before everyone knows the truth about thimerosal and the AMA will have no choice but to help cure the damage they caused. Social Services will force wackos like Seidel to help her kid then. What will these kids think of their parents who took sides with the negligent criminals who poisoned them after they are cured? Will the kids forgive their parents stupidity or will they let them rot in the worst old folks home they can find?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Knuckleheads of Neurodiversity Attack the Geiers

Since the Geier's gave us more proof that mercury is the cause of the autism epidemic, Neurodiverse knuckleheads have written a bunch of cockamamie junk trying to refute their findings. The curious thread running through all of their nonsense is that they attack the publication. They attack facts irrelevant to the paper, including the fact that the Geier's have acted as expert witnesses. I suppose these lunatics think that some wack job like Autism Diva would be a more appropriate expert witness. She could show up the Geiers easily with her alien abduction theory.
Neurodiversity could also throw Prometheus up as an expert. This guy thinks he is a master of statistical analysis yet, when pressed to prove it, balks at the relatively simple task of analyzing a horse race. Anyone who is a true statistical wizard should be able to figure out the small bit of data in the Daily Racing Form as opposed to working with thousands of pieces of evidence contained in VAERS. This alleged expert scientist spends most of his blogging time trying to refute the connection of mercury to autism and claims he only does this to prevent children from being harmed by "quack" treatments. At the same time he is "protecting" children, he advocates shooting more mercury into them. That's some scientist. Support shooting up babies with known poisons and then rant and rave against those who try to remove that poison. Of course, to try to cover his fallacious arguments, Prometheus recently took a refresher course in reasoning and argument so he could write about it and help some less practiced lunatics hone their debating skills. Now, when one decides to question his idiocy of denying the mercury connection, one must put up with freshman style argument refutation which employs citing every known argument fallacy while evading the relevant questions. Prometheus and his lunatic followers can seem semi-intelligent while he can control comments on his blog but I don't think he'd fare very well when forced to answer questions directly by a competent lawyer.
Neurodiversity also has some surgeon who calls himself ORAC as an ally. This guy admits that chelation is the proper treatment for mercury poisoning yet rants and raves that chelation won't cure autism. He persists in this idiotic rant in spite of mounting evidence that children are, in fact, being cured of autism with chelation. We hear further moronic assertions that it is invalid to ascribe success to chelation alone since autistic kids improve over time. We are repeatedly reminded by him and his associates that improvement from chelation is not proof of mercury poisoning. The problem with this simplistic answer is that he doesn't tell us why the kids improve with chelation. Some of his wackier associates tell us it is a placebo effect. Perhaps ORAC thinks the kids are improving with chelation because their parents are praying at the same time and God intervened. It boggles the mind how an MD can see kids improve with a medically sanctioned treatment and then claim the improvement was not the result of that treatment. Some guys will say anything to protect their negligent associates who injected too much mercury into infants and now want to cover up their error. That's why ORAC also jumps to denigrate the publication that let us see the truth about mercury in print. He praises the statisticians who knock the Geiers but don't have the smarts to figure out a simple horse race. It's always a good ploy by doctors to knock lawyers. To claim that the VAERS data is suspect because some of the reports were made by lawyers works well when all the idiots who read your junk will agree with this stupid argument. However, when one questions the fact that most people never heard of VAERS and the numbers should be much greater back in the 1990's which would show more of a reduction in autism since the removal of thimerosal from some vaccines, the idiots don't have a response. They just maintain that lawyers have contaminated the data. They don't concern themselves with the statute of limitations and the fact that that statute voids claims by most of the injured children. I guess they figure if they ignore that objection that it will go away.
Then we have Kathleen Siedel, the raving maniac of Neurodiversity who has something to say about everything that proves the mercury connection. Her most recent spin against the Geiers claims it is the political far right and their values versus the low brow musings of the far left. How political leanings have anything to do with the science involved is beyond me but that is the gist of her latest deranged rant. Sure, knock the publication's politics when you can't refute what they say. This is how Kathleen helps autistic children. She rants against science that will help them.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Neurodiverse Distortions of VAERS

Some people with an axe to grind seem to enjoy cluttering up the internet with utter nonsense about autism. I can only guess what motivates this obfuscation of the truth. I read one instance of such nonsense today that made me laugh. This writer claimed that a known quack had filed a report with VAERS claiming that a vaccine had turned him into the Incredible Hulk. The quack allowed VAERS to remove the report after they asked his permission. This was supposed to show how inept VAERS was.
It's interesting that this same writer had no qualms about Verstraeten's use of VAERS to keep rewriting a report that showed an association between mercury and autism until his bosses were satisfied that he made the study look favorably upon those vaccine manufacturers who poison babies with mercury.
This same writer claims that the VAERS database is extremely unreliable. How come that wouldn't nullify Verstraeten's most recent hogwash? This guy uses it to wave away the Geier's findings but neglects to mention Verstraeten. He also neglects to mention that the CDC hid the data the Geier's wanted to see by storing it with a private company to keep them from publicizing the truth that the vaccine manufacturers don't want known. It would be counter to his interests to mention the millions in Campaign contributions to those politicians who appoint the head of the CDC and could fire her quickly if she acted in the best interests of babies rather than drug company profits.
There is also the mention of privacy issues as a below the belt jab at the Geier's. There is no privacy issue involved. That's just another low blow by someone who won't admit the truth that his colleagues made a huge mistake by poisoning babies into autism. I seriously doubt the Geiers had a nefarious intention. They were simply trying to find the facts and no privacy was going to be jeopardized by whatever they found. I didn't see any mention in this blatant attempt to deceive the reader of the blockades put up by the CDC to prevent the Geier's from enhancing their proof that thimerosal causes autism.
Then there was the laughable reference to litigation. We are supposed to believe that that falsely makes the numbers for autism look larger. The true fact is that they don't look large enough. Since our paid for politicians have prevented most of the thimerosal injured children from filing under NVICP thanks to the 3 year statute of limitations, the majority of these children poisoned into autism are out of luck. The Geier's didn't give us the proof that mercury causes autism until 2003. Most parents didn't have this information in time to file under NVICP because they were already beyond the statute. Even though some of us knew that mercury caused autism before that thanks to the scientists at Simpsonwood, we were still beyond statute and the drug companies thusly escaped having to pay for their crimes of negligence.
The friends of Neurodiversity just never give up trying to hide the truth about thimerosal. Their shameful arguments of half-truths may fool unsuspecting readers but they can't fool all of the people. The real shame is that the doctors who helped cause the autism epidemic refuse to help the kids they poisoned.