Monday, October 19, 2009

Age of Autism Liars Censor Lenny Schafer

Below is copied from the EOHarm group that Lenny Schafer threw me out of. I suspect that Lenny was pushed into throwing me out by some of the same liars associated with Age of Autism. Isn't it odd that Lenny Schafer says almost the exact same thing I've been saying for a long time about Age of Autism? And, AoA uses the same stategy to deal with the honest statements from Lenny that they don't want anyone to know. They delete the truth so they can con decent parents into losing the battle.

Re: Olmsted on Autism: Why Insel Must Go -- Now!

I agree with Dan that the IACC is a "sham". However, I don't see how switching
one public health bureaucrat with another will make any difference. IACC never
has, and never will do the research really needed. Autism advocates need to stop
prostrating themselves to these inherently hostile government agencies
. Instead,
we should be passing laws and filing lawsuits. I tried to post this on the Age
of Autism blog and it was censored out, btw.
AofA need to get their political
focus tuned up. The IACC is not news. - Lenny (Schafer)

Don't let this bother you, Lenny. Kim Stagliano censors me for telling the truth about Neurodiversity. This is just further proof that AoA and Pharma are on the same side.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trifecta of Evil, Age of Autism, Autism Speaks and ASAN

Here we have three groups of liars who all support each other to the detriment of autistic children. They all use similar tactics involving brainwashing, peer pressure, bandwagon and playing on the stupidity of the masses.

Age of Autism sucked in the sane parents who want to cure autistic kids and conned them into supporting deceptive public figures who present only part of the truth. While David Kirby continues to find incredible stories about how autism is caused to cover up the truth, these stupid parents just don't have the brains to see what Kirby is doing. They blindly support this psychological warfare expert because they aren't smart enough to think this through for themselves.

I've tried to question some of them in private to help them see the truth about Kirby, Handley and some other sadists but they are too brainwashed to see me as anything but a traitor. That's how it goes with cults. People of average intelligence can be easily led when they are made to feel good about being part of a peer group and conned into believing that they are joining forces to fight evil.

As I was a part of this group until a couple of years ago, I freely joined in the valid opposition to the Pharmaceutical industry, until it started to go very far astray. Now, these parents support the use of thimerosal in vaccines and they aren't even bright enough to see how they have been conned into doing that.

These people have been led by Kirby, Handley and Jenny McCarthy to blame all sorts of red herrings for causing autism instead of sticking to opposing the one thing that has been proven as the cause, thimerosal. They have even been sheepish enough to use the same obtuse language that Kirby uses by talking about "genetic predispositions" and "environmental influences" when they should be using the words "APO-E4" and "mercury". APO-E4 is the "genetic trigger" as these imbeciles like to phrase it and mercury is the "environmental influence". Stupid, cult following parents just don't see how using these terms takes the focus off the real problem. Kirby knows how this works because he trained all of them to use these moronic terms. To fit in with the group, the brainwashed parents complied and began writing rhetoric against their own children.

Katie Wright joined the crew from her perch at Autism Speaks and conned these parents into believing that she had broke from the mold of her own organization and was now going to help lead these fools to the promised land. Where does she lead them? She leads them to places like the IACC (Inter Agency Autism Coordinating Committee) where she wastes their time and energy "doing battle" with the evil government. You can't fight the government because they always win when they make the rules. Any nitwit knows this but not the brainwashed parents who follow the lead from Age of Autism and Kirby. You have to give orders to the government to beat them, not screw around with them by following their rules. I've said this a million times but the uneducated parents who follow these liars just aren't smart enough to learn this. The result is that we have a lot of stupid parents making a lot of noise about the wrong thing and influencing public opinion in a bad way.

Bob Wright pretends that he has no control over Autism Speaks and can't tell them what to do. Katie Wright joins in this misdirection. It's her organization and she could do whatever she wanted. She can shut it down if she wants and start again with all of the liars gone if she really wanted to do the right thing with all of the money she steals from the public. If this bitch really gave a damn about any autistic kid besides her own, she could call press conferences and detail the sham the is going on at Autism Speaks that sees every dime they take in wasted and no child cured. Anyone who believes that Katie Wright is looking out for the interest of any autistic kid besides hers should have their head examined. I can only imagine what I would do if I started something like Autism Speaks and watched what it had turned into. Paying a slug like Geraldine Dawson $600+K to go and lie to Congress would not be my idea of doing good with that money for autistic kids.

While Ari Ne'eman and his brainwashed psychopaths are out protesting Autism Speaks for the wrong reasons, Katie Wright and Age of Autism remain silent. This can only mean that they support Ne'eman and his band of criminals. If Katie didn't support Ne'eman, she could probably rile up the stupid parents who follow her to protest Autism Speaks for the right reason. Katie Wright could lead these dopes to insist that NYU put their billboards back up that spelled out the truth about how horrid autism is and she could also rally them to protest Autism Speaks latest video for the right reason, that they again denied that a cure exists for autism.

When Katie Wright, Kirby and Age of Autism ignore all of this treachery without ever mentioning it, it is tacit approval of the deception. They can't be so blind that the only enemy of autistic children they can see is Paul Offit. While they moan and groan about Offit and other overt criminals, they abet the covert criminals who affect public opinion and prevent all of our kids from receiving the best medical care that they should have.

If you're one of the parents who has been conned by these bastards, maybe it's time to wake up and learn how to fight to win instead of following these assholes who are leading you to fight to lose.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Dr" Andrew Moulden and Other Scumbags

People keep questioning the fact that McMaster U told me "Dr" Moulden did not earn a degree. They've seen the degree on his Facebook site so they believe him. Well, now I have my MD degree to show everyone below. Imagine, if I knew how to use a computer and make it look good, I could make them believe I was a doctor too.

I just checked Moulden's brainguard site and found a whole new site full of brand new bullshit. It's more commercial than it used to be with all sorts of quackery for sale now.

There's one page that sells DVD's where you can buy a DVD that tells you about vaccine exemptions for a mere $45. Of course, you can go here and find out all you need to know about exemptions for free. But, some simpletons probably think it's a good idea to give a lawyer, Alan Phillips, $45 for the same information.

It seems that Moulden now works with Bright Steps Forward to cure autism by having kids where a special jacket. Wearing the jacket must do something magical to make the speech therapy they use work better. As if speech therapy ever made a brain damaged non-verbal child able to speak. This is a little different than the cure he had figured out of using special herbs but never described in his book that was partially written on his old brainguard site. He had a chapter listed there for "cure" but must have been too busy to write it.

He charges $15 to $20 for his travelling lecture show now instead of the old rate of $5. I think he has added the mother and daughter Tocco team to the playbill. These two dingbats give out ordinary information that is already well known, and freely available, and Mary made it easy to donate money to her, just click. Parents newly stuck with autism might be happy to give them some money to watch them speak. You won't learn anything that you can't find for free all over the internet though.

Moulden still makes the ridiculous claim that he can't practice medicine due to his conscience or something but he should be able to become a DAN doctor with no trouble at all. That is, if he actually had an MD degree. One would think he could sell his magical cure for autism by associating with DAN. He could even learn from Kurt Woeller how to treat patients online without bothering to see any of them instead of traipsing around the country giving lectures for $15 and helping Bright Steps Forward sell magic jackets.

Does anyone believe this guy?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Alzheimer's, and Age of Autism's Dishonesty

Here is a link to an NIH page that discusses Alzheimer's and the role of the APO-E4 protein. The useful information here is this:

Although a specific gene has not been identified as the cause of late-onset AD, one predisposing genetic risk factor does appear to increase a person’s risk of developing the disease. This increased risk is related to the apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene found on chromosome 19. APOE contains the instructions needed to make a protein that helps carry cholesterol in the bloodstream. APOE comes in several different forms, or alleles. Three forms—APOE ε2, APOE ε3, and APOE ε4—occur most frequently.

•APOE ε2 is relatively rare and may provide some protection against the disease. If AD does occur in a person with this allele, it develops later in life than it would in someone with the APOE ε4 gene.
•APOE ε3 is the most common allele. Researchers think it plays a neutral role in AD—neither decreasing nor increasing risk.
APOE ε4 occurs in about 40 percent of all people who develop late-onset AD and is present in about 25 to 30 percent of the population. People with AD are more likely to have an APOE ε4 allele than people who do not develop AD. However, many people with AD do not have an APOE ε4 allele.

We see that the NIH will not tell the truth about the APO proteins and that they know how the APO's determine how much toxic metal a person can excrete. The article above is from 2004, while David Kirby was probably writing his book. One would think that Kirby, JB Handley and the lying scoundrels at Age of Autism would be aware of this information and would see that if 25 to 30 percent of the population can not excrete any mercury or aluminum, that it is a key factor in autism. Yet, these liars refuse to mention it.

Dishonest scientists who do Alzheimer's research abet the NIH by not admitting what is known about the function of the APO proteins. Age of Autism, Kirby and Handley also abet this twisting of important information by ignoring it.

Will this help any parents wake up to the fact that Age of Autism, Kirby and Handley are leading them astray? I can only hope.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Age of Autism Asks Obama to Keep Causing Autism

Age of Autism is asking for Obama to poison babies with the mercury containing flu shot via their inane assertion that old HepB shots that used to have mercury caused autism. These liars at Age of Autism have ignored the fact that the flu shot has replaced the HepB shot as the best way to shoot mercury into babies to cause autism. They have dredged up studies that were done with old data when the HepB shot still had the full dose of mercury and did cause autism all by itself.

Now, the flu shot to pregnant women is the most effective way to poison a fetus into autism but Age of Autism won't share this common knowledge information. Instead, they keep promoting nonsense by asking Obama to ban the wrong vaccine. In the meantime, all of those pregnant women who will be lining up for flu shots this week will have good odds of having an autistic baby, thanks to Age of Autism helping the CDC to lie to them.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

JB Handley & David Kirby, Liars

I stuck the music from "The Sting" here because it may help to listen to it while I explain how JB Handley and David Kirby took control of a bunch of parents of autistic children who needed some leadership. It was a masterful plan of psychological warfare.

Handley showed up in 2005 and started Generation Rescue. Before he started that, he had done a TV interview where he said that all autism was caused by mercury and that chelation would cure it in a year or two.

Handley chose to promote Rashid Buttar's advice which included injecting urine into people. This was the first indication that Handley was going to try to make us all look like idiots. He could have used Andy Cutler's protocol like everyone else who was curing their kids but he went and dug up this misfit who was shooting urine into people, bizarre.

How could anyone argue with what Handley was doing though when he was throwing his own money around (supposedly), paying for ads in USA today to promote Generation Rescue. All of the people Handley had swindled to join him were just happy to be helping other parents. How could any of us suspect that he was going to sell us out?

Let's look at what Handley did with his idiotic study in 2006. I have no idea how he collected this data with phone calls but the result was utter bullshit. The results showed that 1 out of 50 boys who had never been vaccinated were autistic. It also showed that boys who were fully vaccinated were autistic at a rate of 1 out of 33, a number far below anything that had been found by anyone else. The really screwball result though, was that boys who were only partially vaccinated were autistic at a rate of 1 out of 14, a number so ridiculous that nobody could take this study seriously.

Now, if you want to look at it, it's still on the GR website but, it's in a pdf and it's posted on there sideways. So, if you want to compare the numbers for yourself, you have to enlarge it 200X and turn your head sideways while scrolling back and forth as you try to remember what you're trying to compare. This is a great way to discourage people from actually bothering to read it so that those who trust JB Handley will just take his word for it that the study shows something useful. It's pure bullshit.

In the meantime, after making us look like fools with this dumb study, JB has been howling about having the government do a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study. All this will accomplish is to waste our time and effort when we could be out doing something useful instead that might force the government to admit the truth. Granted, Stanford ain't much of a school when you compare it to schools around Boston and other east coast cities but it's right at the top of the second tier universities that you find in California. It's hard to believe that anyone who went to Stanford could be this stupid to actually trust the government who had already poisoned his son with mercury when he should have been taught somewhere along the line how great injustices like this could be solved. I'll bet that Handley heard of Martin Luther King at some point in his life. I'll also bet that he heard about Viet Nam. Maybe Stanford even taught him how public opinion resolved these two issues.

Is it possible for anyone as stupid as Handley seems to be to become a multi-millionaire who can throw his money around to seemingly do so much good for kids with autism? Do peole who are this ignorant about how government works have the brains to become that wealthy? One would think that a wealthy guy like this would appreciate that wasting time arguing with the government isn't going to do us any good. Hasn't he learned anything by watching Pharma bribe almost every Congressman to realize that the only way to beat the government is to either bribe them yourself or SWAY PUBLIC OPINION? So, why does he keep encouraging people to waste time playing games with the government instead of breaking their balls? Makes no sense to me.

Handley did sway public opinion when he gave Generation Rescue to Jenny McCarthy. In the eyes of the public, he let an ex playboy bunny take the reins so that the public would perceive her as they perceive all playboy bunnies...a dumb broad with nice tits...someone whose opinion versus a bunch of doctors is instantly disregarded by a vast majority of the public who we need to understand the issue so they will also become enraged at the fact that children are still being poisoned intentionally with mercury in vaccines.

Along with making a dumb broad with nice tits our spokeswoman, Handley helped everyone start speaking against their own best interests by loudly denying the fact that mercury had caused the autism. That's what people were saying to the general public when they jumped on the stupidity bandwagon and began shouting "too many, too soon" without mentioning mercury.

I hope all of the honest parents who were led astray by Handley and David Kirby, whose subterfuge I spelled out in some videos that you can see if you scroll down a little, will let themselves see how these two psychological warfare experts wasted some years of our time and get back on track.

I hope people won't waste any more time by seeking revenge on these bastards and instead, join me in putting up signs in your yards and on your cars warning the public that the flu shots they are trying to shove down our throats will cause autism, Alzheimer's and Gulf War Syndrome. Everyone who knows that mercury caused autism has to help the general public see the truth so more kids won't be poisoned. Let Kirby and Handley waste their time with the government if they want. Stop wasting yours, please.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wendy Fournier Helps to Murder 11 Year Old Boy, National Autism Association

I have donated money to the National Autism Association. I always thought they had their heads and hearts in the right place. That's why I chose to ask for their assistance when I needed the help of a non-profit agency to initiate a plan to provide housing and treatment for autistic children who were too difficult for their parents to handle. Wendy Fournier refused to even answer my request for her help.

If Wendy had answered me and I had achieved a fast start to the program I was trying to develop, this murdered child and his father might still be alive today. But, Wendy is one of those "warrior moms" who is just too self-important to listen to anyone who knows how to solve the whole problem of autism. Wendy Fournier and all of the other idiotic mothers who follow David Kirby and JB Handley just keep allowing themselves to be led by these dishonest bastards while autistic children continue to die.

These dumb broads have not developed any programs that can help parents in similar situations. They are quite adept at moaning about this sort of thing on Yahoo groups but just don't have the brains to take any positive actions to solve the problem. These mentally inept broads are also good at burying their heads in the sand so that they don't see any criticism of their moronic "advocacy".

I'd like to challenge NAA to come up with a better idea than the one I presented to them about housing and treating autistic children so that they might regain normal function of their brains and be able to live a decent life. Obviously, NAA doesn't give a fuck about taking positive action to place children where they might achieve this before their parents crack under the stress and kill them. I guess Kirby and Handley didn't tell them to enable their brains to think forwardly about such things.

The National Autism Association must be aware that this has happened many times now. Are there any husbands of these stupid women who can convince them that they should start listening to straight men instead of queers to solve problems involving children. Queers don't have any experience with children so their opinions should generally be dismissed. Perhaps men who cure autism also have more on the ball than queers who advise people to wait for studies to tell them what to do while the kids wind up dead in the meantime.

Sorry, I almost forgot to thank Lenny Schafer for throwing me out of the EOHarm group so I couldn't help to educate these dumb broads. Since the wise old Mr Schafer didn't want me to take on that task, perhaps he will teach these women some common sense himself. I can only hope. The next kid who winds up murdered by a parent hopes so too, Lenny.