Friday, November 27, 2009

Parents of Autistic Kids are Absolute Morons

I've been writing about how JB Handley, David Kirby, Kim Stagliano and Wendy Fournier have been lying to parents of autistic children for awhile now. Some people call me names. Others are stupid enough to argue with me but always run away and hide when I shut them up. They always end the discussion by hurling some insult at me. Evidently, they just don't want to believe that an asshole like JB Handley is really playing a con game on all of them.

It's quite clear that JB Handley and his big mouth has no guts at all when it comes to answering my criticism of him. Nope, Handley is too much of sissy to face down anything I've said about him. I suppose he thinks that if he just ignores it, I'll go away. The same applies to other liars like Kirby, Stagliano and Fournier.

Handley is good at criticizing his co-conspirators like David Gorski, Paul Offit and other obvious scumbags. Those of us with triple digit IQ's aren't fooled by this nonsense though. Handley fooled all of us for awhile while he said the right things. I suppose he gained enough trust and respect from us that he thought he could fool all of us when he decided to change his agenda and sell us out.

Only a moron would enlist the services of Jenny McCarthy to speak on our behalf. For all of the publicity that she garnered, all it did for us was to make us look like wackos having a Playboy bunny as our spokesperson. This could not have escaped Handley. He had to know that David Gorski would write all sorts of garbage showing McCarthy's soft porn videos and that a bunch of other bloggers would deride her all over the internet. I especially liked one video of her where she was giving a blow job to some guy in a squirrel costume. That really makes us look good in the eyes of the public.

Handley pulled the same thing that Frank Klein pulled the way Frank slithered away quietly after he set the propaganda machine of Neurodiversity in progress. Klein showed up and taught all of the apparent mental cases from Neurodiversity what words to use to disrupt people from stopping the autism epidemic and curing the victims. Handley used a more sinister tactic to disrupt us and prevent us from ending the epidemic.

Handley published his bogus phone survey and then started veering away from the truth about how mercury had caused all of the autism. He now leads the deception by going on TV and ranting about too many vaccines being the cause while he conveniently omits mentioning mercury. He puts a pretty good sneer on his face too while he does this to make people think he's truly angry about it. Stupid parents who can't see through this ruse believe him. The same parents who knew beyond the slightest doubt that mercury had harmed their children now support this bastard who says that mercury did not cause the problem. He says mercury did not cause the autism every time he blames "too many vaccines" without mentioning mercury. Even parents who cured their kids by removing the mercury still support this lying bastard while he sells out all of us on national TV. Parents who cured their kids with chelation know that vaccines without mercury did not hurt their kids one little bit.

Parents who now read the reports of women miscarrying right after they receive flu shots with mercury know that the mercury murdered the fetus. They have known this all along yet they still won't allow themselves to believe how Handley, Kirby et al. have misrepresented them.

Handley loves to bash people on the Age of Autism blog who can't do anything about solving the problem. He knows that the only people who can solve the problem is the public. He knows that public opinion can grow into a force that the politicians can not ignore and that's why he concentrates his efforts on riling up his followers to waste their time talking to each other within the autism community. He will not support efforts to inform the general public about this crime. He will not support efforts to have liars from Neurodiversity locked up for the fraud they commit everyday. That fraud infects public opinion negatively and that's just what Handley wants.

When I once asked Handley for his support in making a public outcry about a corrupt judge who refused to allow autism experts to testify about autism, Handley wrote back to me and pretended he didn't know what I was talking about. Nobody could truly be that stupid. When I asked Handley to do something about Kim Stagliano allowing Neurodiversity to smear my reputation on the Age of Autism blog, he tried to tell me he had nothing to do with Age of Autism. Kim removed one comment that smeared me a few weeks after the fact so that nobody saw it but refused to allow me to defend myself from the lies that she printed about me. She allowed other dishonest comments from Neurodiversity to stand. The telling part of that mess though, was the fact that I was presenting the truth about Amanda Baggs being a fraud, something else I'm now sure Handley did not want anyone to know. Maybe that's why, after about a year of being told by Spectrum Magazine that they would publish the truth about Baggs' fraud, that they finally made up a lame excuse to back down from publishing it. They succeeded in wasting the time of those of us who put all of this information together which helped Pharma to continue their propaganda against all of us. Amanda Baggs' fraud is a great story and it should be published someplace where every autism parent can see it. The fact that these people interferred with that tells us they are dishonest. They do not want everyone to know the truth.

So, we can see that the corruption goes beyond Age of Autism. The case of Amanda Baggs' fraud is clearcut. The proof, via all sorts of internet posts in her own words and witnesses from when she was a normal college student is undeniable. The proof that Baggs is a fraud shows all of the Neurodiversity bloggers to be frauds as well. They knew she was a fake. Handley and Stagliano knew she was a fake. Spectrum Magazine knew she was a fake but none of them would say one word about it. This can only be because they wanted to keep the propaganda going to prevent us from stopping the autism epidemic.

Nobody will say anything about the facts that I've been pointing out regarding Handley, Kirby, Stagliano and Fournier. One would think they would try to refute what I say. They can't do that so they have to keep their mouths shut and hope I'll go away.

If anyone wants to beat the government and stop the poisoning of our children, you have to take grassroots actions to inform the public. You have to put signs on your lawns, pass out leaflets at supermarkets, run for public office, give speeches at your state capitols, file charges against state officials who refuse to authorize chelation for autistic children, introduce bills calling for the dissemination of the facts we know about how mercury causes autism and how to remove it, write about the corruption of behavioral therapists who oppose the truth about mercury and will all lose their jobs if we cure our children and wake up to liars like JB Handley and Kirby who are now lying about the fact that mercury causes autism.

When Handley calls for a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study now, he does not mention including children of women who had the flu shot while pregnant. He knows that this will skew the results so that they make no sense and will show that lots of kids who aren't vaccinated will have autism due to the mother's flu shot. The study won't bother showing that though and the public, as well as all of the stupid parents who follow Hnadley and Kirby will have been fooled.

I doubt any of these stupid parents will wake up and see the truth. I'll just keep writing it though. I see the truth.

Do you know what any honest person would say about autism? They would tell you it is caused by mercury. They would tell you to have a hair test for deranged mineral transport, a genetic test to rule out fragile X and Rhetts syndrome, a test to see which version of the APO protein a child had and they would tell you that Andy Cutler is the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to curing autism.
They would direct you to the Autism Mercury group where you can learn how to cure autism and would not ask you to pin your hopes for recovering your child on that stupid GF/CF diet. They would tell you to trust Andy Cutler to give you the right information. JB Handley, Kirby, Stagliano, Fournier and TACA do not tell you this. It's not a matter of differing opinions about autism. It's a matter of these bastards lying to you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New England Center for Children, Autistic Abusing Maggots

I see that people from NECC are looking at this. When are you assholes going to stop abusing autistic children and start giving them the medical treatment they need to remove the mercury from their brains? Do any of you pieces of shit have the brains to answer that?

Here's a nice appraisal of the New England Center for Children (NECC), from a recent comment on a post I wrote early in 2008. NECC is typical of all institutions that house autistic people, drug them, beat them, shock them, subdue them any way they can until they can give them the knockout pills to make them sleep at night. Then do the same thing every day for the rest of their lives, never bothering to consider any medical treatment that we now know can help give them their lives back.

The reason that this insanity persists is because people who are aware of it refuse to take any positive action to pressure these profiteers into updating their knowledge and implementing new treatments. Pressure can be brought to bear on these autistic abusing "caregivers". If anyone is interested in doing so, please email me at . If a fair number of people decide to become involved, we can break this perpetuation of abusing autistic people for a lifetime and we can force them to give them decent treatment.

Anonymous said...
One of the best descriptions of NECC that I have ever seen. What a hell hole:

I have to pipe in about NECC as well.

From what I've seen over the past four years as a resident of Massachusetts with two effected children, NECC seems to be the enemy. It seems to be the kind of place where some families can feel they're having a benign, even helpful experience while horror is going on just down the hall. The use of drugs, restraint and food reinforcements known to be toxic to our kids is part of it, but it's also the fact that NECC emits a distinctly malevolent "political" and ideological influence on autism services in the state. Here's a sample of NECC's research newsletter entries:

Note the number of anti-biomed/vaccines-really-really-don't-cause-autism articles, and the one I particularly like for it's "sophisticated ironic play" on David Kirby's book, an entry entitled "Evidence of Harm"-- to describe the child who died from chelation. This is not the publication of an open minded, non-politicized organization that will ever change its mind or its tact on cause and treatment of autism. Stick a fork in NECC, they're cooked and the world would be better off without it.

We've had to fire more than one private ABA therapist because the anti-biomed brainwashing they received at NECC made them literally dangerous to our kids. In one situation, the BCBA deliberately wore clothes soaked in fabric softener to follow up her written protest against our request that therapists not wear strong perfume because of our kids' serious reactions to synthetics. One therapist received such a scary brow beating from the NECC-trained director of the service over our children's biomedical issues (the director was yelling that our kids "have no medical issues") that she had to quit and decided to return to school so she could get out of ABA altogether.

Though I've met parents who have their children at the school who opt out of drug treatment, NECC pushes and prescribes antipsychotics and other drugs routinely. And when the children don't improve from the Skittles reinforcements and Risperdal regimen, the center has referred the failures to the Judge Rotenberg "shock" Center (page 3 of JRC's own "executive summary" on some of NECC's referrals: ; then go to page 7 for details of NECC students being drugged and restrained up to 70 times per week ).

JRC is the repository for children so drug damaged that they'd die if they took another pill but who's behavior has become so problematic that no other institution will take them. I view places like NECC as a kind of "feeding tube" for places like JRC, both because NECC exerts its considerable influence in preventing further research on environmental cause and because of its practices. So much for NECC's "positives only" philosophy if they drug and restrain to this degree and if the end result is landing at JRC. Positives only is a mischaracterization.

NECC is funded in part by Dunkin' Donuts, so I seriously doubt they'll ever change their credo on GF/CF and biomed. I would run steer clear of anything that NECC was intrinsically involved in. I don't particularly care how "great" they are at providing ABA (and I question this because of little things like the fact the school would rely on antipsychotics and would *RESTRAIN A CHILD UP TO 70 TIMES A WEEK BEFORE IT WOULD EVER TRY GF/CF*-- sheesh)considering the other drawbacks in their philosopy and approach.

Posted by: Mass protest November 24, 2009 at 12:25 PM

This post has been up for a few days now and, as usual, not one person wants to take any action to put an end to this abuse of our children. I'd love to grab a machine gun and go down to NECC and force them to treat our kids decently but I'd probably be killed by a SWAT team in the process. So, as always, the only option to solving this crime being perpetrated against our children is to ask people who read about these atrocities to respond and help gather a mob of righteously angry citizens to plot out a course of action to solve the problem. Anyone reading this who will not take this simple action is giving tacit approval to this abusive treatment of poisoned children and adults.

Since JB Handley, David Kirby, Kim Stagliano, Wendy Fournier and all of the other imbeciles who consider themselves autism activists will not say one word about this or engage in positive action to resolve the problem, we can be certain that all of those people are useless pices of dung who will never do one thing to end this nightmare. But, they will keep their mouths yapping to make people think they are doing something useful by bitching amongst themselves and emailing Congress so Congress can delete their messages and ignore them.

Once again, I register my disgust with parents of autistic children who have no guts.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kim Stagliano, Neurodiverse Nitwit

Here's an interesting piece about poetic justice that Kim Stagliano wrote in March of 2008. Someone linked to it on Facebook and I just saw it for the first time today.

You really have to laugh at Kim claiming to be in favor of seeking cures for autism here. Kim is one who likes to support Neurodiversity, the rabid, degenerate, sadistic scum of the Earth who abuse all autistic children with their dishonest rhetoric. Of course, Kim is right in it with them when she claims we need to seek cures that already exist. It's one of those little deceptions that Age of Autism is so good at.

Do you think we parents of kids with autism are loud and unruly now? Are you tired of us raising Cain about our kids' plight and seeking cures and treatments with a fervor that borders on obsession? Want us to please be quiet and just go away? Wait until we die, and leave you to care for our precious kids. It's coming. I can see the future. Kim Stagliano

Advising people to seek cures is the same as saying that there is no cure. We all know this is false since kids have been cured of autism starting in 2000. But, Kim makes it sound like she's gung ho to help these kids. That's not an easy thing to pull off when you're lying like a neurodiverse psychopath about the facts concerning a cure for autism. The only truthful thing Kim says here is that she's planning to leave her kids care to the state. Typical neurodiverse nitwit, just a different kind of lying than we're used to from Neurodiversity. It's a shame these girls have such a rotten mother who tries to make people believe she's on the side of helping autistic children while she stabs her own kids in the back by supporting Kristina Chew and her pack of child abusers.

If memory serves correctly, Kim wrote this shortly before two of her associates from Age of Autism, Olmsted and Kirby, went public in supporting Kathleen Seidel, Neurodiversity's top remaining propaganda expert, against Mark Geier. And, when I tried to question Olmsted about that, Kim sent me a quaint little reply about not wanting to mention Seidel.

Trusting Age of Autism is hazardous to autistic children. I hope the decent parents who have been conned by these scumbags will see the truth soon.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009