Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Significant Misrepresentations from Kathleen Seidel

Once again, Neurodiversity's Kathleen Seidel has demonstrated her complete devotion to harming autistic children. She pointed out in her latest deranged attack on the Geier's that they have applied for a patent to treat children who have been poisoned by mercury. Seidel finds fault with this patent because the Geier's and a drug company will profit from it.
Seidel neglects to point out that the patent application does not mention treating children for precocious puberty. This had been her main complaint, insinuating that the Geier's were illegally diagnosing children to hoodwink insurance companies into paying for the procedure. Here, it seems that the Geier's are applying for a patent that will allow them to treat mercury poisoning for what it is so that affected children should be able to have the treatment paid for by insurance without any game playing about the diagnosis.
The Geier's have done what is best to help suffering children. The patent should assure that other doctors who administer this treatment will do so correctly and will not harm children by guessing about the procedure. Evidence presented by the Geier's suggests that the use of Lupron does indeed speed up chelation. As a parent who has struggled through two years of chelation therapy for my son, I can testify that the gains are very slow to arrive. Nevertheless, as I pointed out in my previous post about my sons steps to recovery, the gains do materialize.
It is interesting that the Geier's relate almost immediate improvement with gastrointestinal problems in one of their patients following the use of Lupron. My son suffered with severe and painful constipation for 4 or 5 years before chelation resolved that issue. Constipation was the first physical symptom that accompanied his autism to be resolved with the administration of chelation. To resolve this in a matter of hours versus months is what I consider great progress. It does not make sense for any parent of an autistic child to oppose this advancement in treating this debilitating condition.
As a parent of a severely autistic boy, my concern is for my son's return to the health and mental capacity with which he was born. I, and many other parents, can testify that our normal children were transformed into shells of themselves. Dr Mark Geier proved that the reason for this transformation was the injection of too much mercury via vaccines. I, and many other parents, are offering further proof of that discovery by watching our children return to normalcy by removing that mercury by chelation.
Seidel should have kept her mouth shut this time. The information she has provided offer proof that Dr Geier is doing another wonderful service for autistic children by patenting his discovery and giving parents an option that might bring their children back from the abyss of autism sooner while having this treatment properly recognized so that insurance companies will be forced to pay for it.
This patent may come back to slap the drug company by virtue of the fact that the insurance companies who will have to pay the bill may be able to turn around and sue the drug companies for their negligence in creating the autism epidemic. If insurance has to pay the bill, they should certainly be entitled to sue for all the malpractice that has been committed since Verstraeten informed us that mercury had caused the epidemic in 1999. The fact that Pharma ignored this information and negligently continued to cause autism and related disorders should make them liable for the cost of reversing the damage they knowingly caused. Perhaps Mr Frist has already taken this into account and protected Pharma from this lawsuit in waiting. If not, I'm sure he will.
Thanks for the information, Kathleen. Maybe next time, you can learn how to interpret it correctly. By the way, have you found any 76 year old autistics yet?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Autistic Boy Makes Breakthrough With Chelation

My son, Sam, began riding a bicycle Friday night. For most kids, this is no big deal. For Sam, it is something I never expected to see.Sam never rode a tricycle, would never even sit on one. I was shocked, happily so, when I went to check on why he was being so quiet and saw him peddling the bike with training wheels around the cellar. I just watched for a few minutes as he rode around in circles with a big smile on his face. Then he started letting out some loud happy shrieks when he spotted me standing there. It was the same type of noise and smile he used to make as an infant when my wife or I would go into his room to take him out of his crib in the morning. The eye contact was also the same as I remembered it. That part of him that had been lost for so long had finally returned.Sam has/had severe autism. He's one of those kids who has to be watched every minute of the day. None of the doctors he has seen gave him any chance of learning anything. He never did learn anything until we started chelation. He didn't make eye contact from the time he was a baby until he was 8 years old. The eye contact had been fleeting for awhile at age 8 and slowly improved. Now it is approaching normal.A month or so ago, Sam was playing catch with his sister. This was a spontaneous thing and it was a joy to see. He never had played with his sister at all. I'm not sure he had ever even looked at her. She's half his size and scared of him so she doesn't go near him much. I had provoked him many times to lure him into playing catch with stuffed animals but I could never teach him to catch and throw a ball. This was incredible progress to see a child making athletic moves to catch a ball out of the air instead of letting it bounce of his chest as though he never saw it. I was told by one doctor that Sam was a vegetable and the only thing I could do for him was to find him a good institution. He told me there was no hope. Thanks to Andy Cutler and his advice on chelation, Sam now has plenty of hope. He's doing normal things and smiling a lot. He even says a few words now. Vegetables don't ride bikes.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Neurodiversity's Estee Klar, Writer, Curator, Scumbag

I read Estee Klar's blog yesterday and decided to post a couple of comments to educate this ditz on the subject of autism. After I posted a reply to some anonymous knucklehead there which included a description of my son's problem with self-biting, Klar decided to simply delete my comment.
Klar evidently runs some sort of school and earns her living by keeping children from escaping the abyss of autism. If we cured her students, she'd probably be out panhandling to make her mortgage payment. This is one of the wackos who didn't make my roster. I'll be sure to include her on next year's team.
Estee came up with some project which she called TAAP, the same acronym Ray Gallup has been using for years for his Autism Autoimmunity Project. I think Estee's TAAP must stand for The Arrogant Anti-cure Platoon or some such similar tripe. I can only guess at MS Klar's motivation since she's obviously another dumb neurodiverse broad who deletes comments that she can't answer.
Perhaps the image of a child biting himself until he draws blood is too much for Klar to handle. She may find herself thinking that such behavior really should be cured, if at all possible. But, admitting that, and maybe even addressing it with some sort of answer might drive away some of her students and cost her some money. Reminds me of the three monkeys, See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. Will deleting comments that demand an intelligent answer make that evil go away, MS Klar? It might disappear from her blog in Neurodiversityland but the problem is still out there Estee. Does anyone think Estee will answer here?
I'm betting I'll never hear from her since she already proved she can't defend her deranged position by trying to hide behind the delete keylike other well known neurodiverse bloggers.
Above is the link for MS Estee. The joy of autism, what crap. There is no joy in autism unless one is making a killing on tuitions. Is this person supposed to be some sort of expert on autism who deletes posts that demonstrate the suffering autistic children endure every damn day? What a God damn fraud!