Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Congress Declared War on Babies

Congress has been engaged in an act of war against our babies since 1999. Do you think I'm insane for making this statement or will you ask me questions to learn exactly how psychopathic our Congress is by engaging in this act? I don't make this statement lightly. The New Hampshire Legislature is engaged in the same intentional act to harm our babies by damaging their brains with mercury in vaccines. (I can't speak for other states but it seems that all, with the possible exception of California, are guilty of the same heinous crime.)
In 1999, the CDC told us the truth about how mercury in vaccines turns normal babies into autistic zombies. In 2002, US Rep Dan Burton held hearings at which it was clear that this was true. The CDC and, I believe, the NIH had people testify at those hearings to lie about these facts. Aside from Rep Burton, the elected criminals in Congress ignored the facts and continued to allow the poisoning of our children. Congress was so blatantly corrupt that they added language to the Homeland Security Act to prevent victims of this mercury poisoning misnamed autism from suing the Medical Industry. Congress refused to act to remove the mercury from the vaccines. Congress knew that the vaccines could be manufactured without any thimerosal (mercury). They knew the damage it was causing to babies and they refused to stop this maiming of our children.
In 2003, the CDC added the flu shot for pregnant women to their recommended vaccine schedule. This gave fetuses a dose of mercury that was minimally estimated at 200 times the safe dose for a fetus. The timing of this change to the schedule for pregnant women coincided with the reduction of mercury to trace levels in other vaccines which had previously been implicated as causative of autism and other neurological problems.
Congress and the New Hampshire Legislature have been given these facts repeatedly and they have always ignored them and refused to take any action. This can only be an intentional act of war and treason against our babies when these elected servants know that injecting mercury into babies is going to damage their brains.
Now, the problem is posed to you. Will you continue to ignore these facts while our own government attacks our babies? You have the power to stop this crime and many other crimes that our governments are committing against us. Will you join me and act against these psychopaths who rule our country? Will you "share" this note and encourage others to stop our deranged elected officials from destroying our children? The mercury in vaccines will not cause severe damage like autism in every child but it does kill brain cells in every child and reduces every IQ. It's up to you to raise your voice and stop this. You can also stop the Federal Reserve from robbing you every day of your life by issuing counterfeit currency that all of us use daily. If this sounds bizarre to you, feel free to ask questions. It's the truth that no member of Congress will ever admit.