Saturday, November 23, 2013

Threats from Voices for Vaccines

Michele Pepin Ouellette Oh thank you Liz Liz Ditz... I only live 2 hrs from him and have family there. Now I know how to track him down so I can punch him in the dick.
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This threat was made towards me along with other threats about contacting DHS by this nutjob who apparently runs a page to oppose sanity.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Your Oath Compels You to Act

The military is required to act against Congress and Obama and remove all of them from office. Everyone else who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution from domestic enemies is also required to act. This is no joke. That's what we were sworn to do.
It's just a matter of understanding that Congress and Obama are the enemy. Congress became our enemy 100 years ago when they allowed private bankers to establish the Federal Reserve and rob us by lending us our own money at interest. That's what the Fed does. If you took that oath and you don't understand this, you are shirking your duty by not asking questions so that you do understand it. I suggest watching the documentary by Bill Still, The Money Masters which you can find on Youtube.

Congress allowed US corporations to shift our jobs to Asia to increase their profits while causing massive unemployment here. That violated our right to work. How are all those unemployed people supposed to have life, liberty and happiness if Congress does nothing to stop American corporations from cutting our throats with cheap Chinese labor? It's an act of an enemy to the American people.
Congress allows the Medical industry to shoot mercury into our children before birth. They all know the damage this causes and they made laws to prevent us from suing the Medical industry. They cover up the fact that we can cure this brain damage. These are acts of an enemy.

They know who killed JFK. They know who planned 9/11. They know how banks rob us and they help them do it. These are all acts of an enemy. It's not Democrats or Republicans. It's both of them, combined to work against all of us. If you don't know this and you're sworn to defend the Constitution, you're violating your oath. You're not authorized to remain ignorant. You're supposed to pay attention to what these criminals are doing in Washington, D.C..

Sign this:

This is a lawful document, not a petition. It tells our government that we're not taking any more of their crap and that we the people are taking back control of our country. Please read the numbered bullet points that implement immediate fixes to the damage they did to our freedom. When enough people sign it, it becomes an order to our military to throw them out bodily.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


DOMESTIC ENEMIES: Our country was infiltrated by subversive lawyers and bankers who took away our freedom a long time ago. The freedom you think you have today is pure bullshit. The government makes rules for us which is a violation of freedom. If we had freedom, we would never let a lawyer have anything to do with making rules for us to obey. Lawyers serve bankers to help the rich rob the rest of us. That's all they ever do. They're barred from our government by the original 13th amendment because, a long time ago, everyone knew that lawyers were the dregs of the Earth and they would not allow these lowlifes to force us to obey them through corrupt legislation. If we had freedom, we would have citizens who would not be the least bit concerned about opening their mouths and telling off every bribed, lying maggot in Congress and the White House. Instead, we have a country full of people who are scared of them and stupid enough to vote for them.

Can you see how attitudes were slowly manipulated over hundreds of years to where people now respect lawyers instead of looking at them with disdain? Why would any sane person respect a profession that exists to help the rich rob the poor? Why would any sane person vote for one of these thieves? Yet, we have almost 200 of these criminals serving in Congress illegally. Can you see that these criminals are your enemies? The military can arrest them any time they want. They have that authority but they don't recognize them as enemies either. The military has been "dumbed down" too. They need to be smartened up.

Sign this:
This is a lawful document, not a petition. It tells our government that we're not taking any more of their crap and that we the people are taking back control of our country. Please read the numbered bullet points that implement immediate fixes to the damage they did to our freedom. When enough people sign it, it becomes an order to our military to throw them out bodily.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Leaders of the Autism Community

Lucifer is a superb liar.  I tried to explain those lies to the Autism community over the past seven years.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Carol Shea-Porter, Useless and Dangerous to Babies

Here is my US Rep's reply about autism and my response to her.

Dear Mr. Best,

Thank you for contacting my office about H.R.1757, the Vaccine Safety Study Act. I 
appreciate your thoughts and welcome the opportunity to respond.

The Vaccine Safety Study Act would conduct a study on the health outcomes of vaccinated 
populations versus unvaccinated populations in the United States in order to determine 
whether autism and certain other health conditions are related to vaccination status.

This is a topic that has been studied extensively in both publicly and privately funded 
studies. The Institute of Medicine's Immunization Safety Review Committee conducted a 
three-year independent review that concluded there is no evidence for a causal link 
between autism and vaccines. I believe that the limited public funding currently 
available for health research should go toward work of clear scientific value, instead of 
to the costly, replicative study that this bill proposes. 

H.R.1757 has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on 
Health. I will not support this bill should it come before the full House for a vote.

To learn about current legislation or about my voting record, I invite you to visit the 
Library of Congress legislative information website ( There, you can find 
the full text of a bill or a summary, who introduced it and when, who is cosponsoring it, 
and where it is in the legislative process. I also invite you to visit my website (http:// for more information about bills that I have introduced or 
cosponsored, and for issue updates, position statements, or to sign up for my email 

Thank you again for contacting my office. It is a privilege to serve you in Washington.


Carol Shea-Porter
Member of Congress
P.S. You can also connect with me by visiting my official Facebook page 
( and Twitter feed (

The IOM conducted their fraudulent inquiry about 10 years ago.  They had been 
instructed by the CDC what to find before they ever looked at the evidence.  The fact 
remains that we began to cure autism in 2000 by chelating mercury out of the brain with 
Alphs Lipoic Acid.  My son is one of those autistic kids who improved greatly from 
chelation, although he is not yet cured.  He no longer smears feces all over my house.  
He no longer bites himself into a bloody mess.  He no longer bashes his head through 
walls and he no longer tries to bolt into traffic.  He is now a happy 16 year old.  I 
went through hell and so did my son and the rest of my family because you corrupt, bribed 
scumbags in Congress refused to pay any attention to the truth.  You useless pieces of 
garbage are still allowing babies to have their brains mangled by mercury and you should 
be ashamed of yourself for abetting this crime.  The mercury in flu shots to pregnant 
women gives the fetus 200 times the dose of mercury that is allegedly safe.  This causes 
more autism and causes spontaneous miscarriages.  You have a lot of nerve sending me this 
letter full of pure bullshit instead of telling the truth to protect babies from the 
nightmare known as autism.  Please get your moronic head out of your ass and do the right 
John Best
Londonderry, NH

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Did Kathleen Seidel Die?

I went to check to see if Kathleen had written any more good character assassination and her dishonest blog had vanished.  All I could find was the cache.  Did she croak?  Did she fly away on her broom stick?  Is Dave still a free man?  What could have happened to shut this idiotic liar up?

Friday, April 05, 2013

Update on Amanda Baggs. Still Seeking Attention

The last update I can find from yesterday lets us know that Amanda needed to use a bedpan and that the nurses are sick of the horribly obese and disgusting Laura Tisoncik hanging around.  Where's Sanjay Gupta and CNN when you need them?  How come they don't show Amanda being rolled like a beached whale onto her bedpan while fat Laura moans and complains to the nurses?  Somebody tell Dr Gupta to get this story on TV for us.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Save Amanda Baggs

I haven't thought about Amanda Baggs for awhile.  It's ironic that it seems she could now face death for the acting role she accepted to help the Medical Industry who poisoned our babies.  I mentioned recently about how I was asked if I had a Do Not Resuscitate order on my autistic son.  Nobody commented on that.  Now, here's another case of the Medical Industry deciding to kill someone because they believe she's autistic.

Would they still let her die if they knew what she really was, an actress who had her brain damaged by LSD?  Would they kill her if they knew that she helped thousands of people believe the lies from the Medical Industry that caused naive parents to believe autism was a gift from God and not malpractice by a bunch of arrogant assholes who call themselves doctors?  Maybe they'll kill her to bury some evidence of their deception.  They certainly have no problem with murdering unborn babies with flu shots.

If it will help, Ari Ne'eman and the rest of the Neuronitwits can refer the doctors to my blog that tells the whole story about Amanda's acting role.  Maybe seeing the truth about her will cause them to save her miserable life.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Autism Awareness Month

For autism awareness, I think Ari Ne'eeman should be deported to Israel for causing all sorts of death and horror with his deranged campaign against curing victims of mercury poisoning.  It would be useful if all of the neurodiverse psychopaths who also lie about autism were sent with him with tattoos on their foreheads that say I Love Iran.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Medical Industry Now Asks for DNR's on Autistic Kids

I recently took my autistic kid to a doctor and was asked if I had a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order on him.  I wonder if this is now commonplace.  While I wouldn't hesitate to have a DNR if I was Ari Ne'eman's father, I can't imagine too many parents agreeing to this for their children.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jake Crosby, Great Job!!!

It's about time somebody else decided to expose the corruption within the "sane" side of the autism community.  I've been telling people how corrupt Generation Rescue, Age of Autism, David Kirby and the Canary Party were for years.  I had some slim hope that things at Safe Minds were a little better.  They're more secretive in what they do though so their deceptions that hurt children aren't quite as obvious as the deceptions from the other liars amongst us.

 Now, we see more proof that guys from Harvard are the best trained liars of all, just like politicians.  I went to a DAN conference in 2005 where I watched Mark Blaxill receive an award for something, Man of the Year or something, and I looked up to him.  I admired the work he had done in helping us all learn the truth about how mercury in vaccines had mangled our babies' brains.  Little did I suspect that this liar was going to sell us all out.  When I saw he had written a book with Dan Olmstead, I knew he was corrupt because Olmstead told us all that he, himself was corrupt in 2008 when he supported Kathleen Seidel.  That's what you expect from someone from UPI though since everyone in the mainstream media is corrupt these days.

I'm not going to bother writing more now.  I just want to congratulate Jake Crosby for being honest and not falling for the deception that the above named scumbags have used to help destroy the brains of millions of babies.  I knew the good side of the autism community had been infiltrated a long time ago.  Now, thanks to Jake, everyone will know.  Maybe now, we can solve some problems since the victims of this con game should finally reject these false leaders.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Damages to be Awarded to All Autistic Children

We now have the solution to all of the corruption in our government.  As soon as we implement the plan, all autistic children will receive everything they need and doctors will work towards curing all of them.  Mercury will be banned from all medicine and the practice of damaging our brains with all sorts of toxic substances will end.

Go here, join and read the solution.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Neurodiverse Liar, Landon Bryce

A homosexual liar who self-diagnosed himself with autism, berates parents who try to help real autistic children and hides like a weasel when confronted with the truth.

I discovered this moron when I found he was defaming me on Facebook.  The fag deleted my comments which were not the least bit impolite and banned me from the page.  This is what liars do who try to hurt children like my son by obfuscating the meaning of the word "autism".  Child abusing scum like this asshole help confirm the time worn fact that queers are mentally ill.  They should put being queer back in the DSM so these mental cases won't be looking for other mental illnesses that they can hide behind.

Autism is mercury induced brain damage that causes the victim to smear feces, bash their heads through walls and into cement, scream in excruciating pain for hours each day and go through life without ever learning how to speak, read, write, use a toilet, communicate in any appreciable manner or get laid. Autism sucks. There is nothing good about it.  

We don't need these God damn queers misrepresenting the horror of autism.  At least my autistic kid isn't queer.

Update:  I just looked at Landon's FB page and found more dishonesty that he fed to his fellow imbeciles:  "ThAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community No. This is not personal. It is the abuse I get for being openly gay and openly autistic in a world that sees both of these things as bad."

Notice how this asshole still claims to be autistic while remembering that he diagnosed himself.  Nobody can do that legitimately since all autism is diagnosed by age 3 because the behavior of autistics is so bizarre that it could never be missed by anyone.  So, after reading my criticism as the father of a severely autistic boy, said asshole still doesn't want to be honest and say that he might have Asperger's not autism.

Sane people can read the idiotic comments from the other mental cases who associate with Landon here.  The level of stupidity is unbelievable, good for a laugh.

How to Cure and Prevent Autism

Freedom does not mean paying bankers interest on everything you need to survive. We have not been free ever since the bankers took over our government 100 years ago. If you want this to stop so you can truly be free, all you have to do is say so and ask your friends to say so. It's just that simple and it's called Public Opinion.

We do not have Public Opinion in the USA now since the TV networks control everything that the public sees. They never tell the truth about anything that matters and they present us with phony choices that are all bad ideas. They do not present any good ideas for us to choose between. The only choices they present to us are merely different ways to steal money from us and give it to the bankers.

If you don't know that all of our politicians are bribed by bankers and corporations, I want you to just accept that as a fact. It's true and easily proven. The only questionable part is the definition of the word "bribe". The corrupt politicians have convinced most of us that campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs and Merck are somehow legitimate. They even made ridiculous laws that say they are legal. They aren't. They violated the Constitution to make bribery legal so they could sell us all out and do whatever the bankers and corporations want them to do.

We don't have to take this crap from these bribed liars. We don't have the power of TV to fight them but we do have something much better. We have cars on which we can place bumper stickers and we have front lawns and windows where we can put signs that say "NO MORE BANKERS". These signs will let us tell each other that we are united against the bankers. As more people see the value of using our voices in this way, more people will ask questions and understand the problem and how to defeat the bankers.

All of the interest that the bankers are charging us is illegal. It violates the Constitution, article 1, section 8. All that says is that only Congress can issue money. (The word "only" isn't there but it is implied.) This means that the Federal Reserve can not exist to charge us interest on our own money. It exists because all of our politicians are corrupt and they have all been bribed to allow the Fed to continue to exist. If any of them were honest, they would be screaming like crazy about this criminal enterprise that robs all of us. The fact that none of them are doing this is all the proof we need that they are all corrupt. 

So, we have to organize every citizen to tell our corrupt politicians that we aren't going to take it any more. All you have to do is put up those "NO MORE BANKER" signs, tell your friends and soon, we will have enough enlightened citizens, including police and military who will enforce the Constitution, arrest everyone in Congress, the White House and the banks, declare all loans void and free all of us from this institutionalized robbery.

We could stop there, have newly elected Congress people issue money per the Constitution with no interest or we can take the next logical step and free ourselves from the evil that money causes forever. Then, we won't have to fight with corporations about wages and worry about bankers infesting Congress again to commit the same crime against us again. We can operate our planet for the good of ourselves without any money and take the bankers out of the equation for good. Imagine life where we provide for each other by working a lot less since we will eliminate everything to do with money and all of the wasted work hours that are used to deal with money.

When everyone brings their friends, we will win and the bankers will be gone. Simple.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ari Ne'eman's Latest Attack on Autistic Children

Here's the link to the whole lie by Ari Ne'eman's ASAN.   The following statement is such an obscene and malicious attack against autistic children that it should be used to gag Ari Ne'eman from ever using the word "autism" for the rest if his life.  It should be used to prevent him from ever speaking about autism in any capacity in Washington DC.  "Autistic people do not “recover” and the idea of “recovery” has been profoundly damaging to the Autistic community, encouraging service providers to emphasize normalcy above other more meaningful goals. Furthermore, by teaching Autistic children and adults that “recovery” – pretending to be something we are not – is the “optimal outcome” they can achieve, we send a profoundly damaging message to Autistic people, our families, and the public at large. Autism is a natural part of the human condition and not something to recover from or eliminate. The goal of autism research and service provision should be to create happy Autistic people, not to encourage ‘passing for non-Autistic’ without regard to the impact on our quality of life.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Why Are We Here? Start the Revolution!

I'm here to play golf.  I didn't come to this planet to serve bankers and business owners by subscribing to some stupid Protestant work ethic and slaving away for 50 or 60 years to make them rich.  My object has always been to work as little as possible to be able to have the money for the greens fees and the time to play the game.  That's my goal.

Along the way, I did some useful things like serving in the military, performing all sorts of different tasks for money and trying to cure and prevent autism.  I'd have liked it better if I hadn't had to do these things that interfered with playing golf but we all have to make our contributions to society. Other people have different interests that they would much rather pursue besides working someplace to get a paycheck so they can pay their bills.

So, how come everyone spends all that time working, or avoiding work by being a thief or a leech and nobody works to change the stupid system that we all live within?  We have not learned to set goals and implement them.  I think everyone would agree with me that avoiding work is a good goal that we should all strive to achieve.  To work as little as possible though, we have to help each other.  We have to recognize the enemy who forces us to work a lot more hours than we want to and we have to set ourselves free from that control that ruins our lives.  Instead of worrying about how much money we can make, we should be worrying about how much time off we can have for all of us.  Instead of obeying dress codes that are set for us by employers, we should be telling employers that nobody is going to work for them if they don't stop being pains in the ass by telling us how to dress.  They'll get the message quickly if we all support each other.

Imagine the free time all of us can have if we don't have to worry about money.  If everything is free, we can certainly make all those goods and perform the services the same as we do right now but without the wasted time and energy of having to deal with money to serve the bankers.  If we stop using the bankers' system of paying money for everything we want or need, we can do whatever we want without their interference.  If someone creates a system of free energy, we just build it.  It takes some labor to do it and when it's done, it's all free for everyone to use, no monthly payments to some corporation.  The people who came up with the ideas and the people that did the building then get lots of time off for performing that service to the rest of us.

What if we educate three or four times as many people to become doctors?  There will be plenty of them to go around and they'll all have to work fewer hours to make us well.  We can get rid of all the useless stuff that doctors do like shooting mercury into us with vaccines and filling out forms for insurance companies.  Everyone wins except the greedy bankers.

We all want cars but we don't all need Porsches.  So, we build everyone cars, hopefully cars that run on free energy and we train a lot more mechanics to fix them instead of training stockbrokers to rob us.  Mechanics work fewer hours and the public likes them for fixing the cars instead of hating them for overcharging us.  Everyone wins again except the bankers.

If this sounds too good to be true, it isn't.  It's just your training within our idiotic system that makes you think ti's too good to be true.  We can do this and improve our lives immeasurably.  All it takes is changing the public's attitude.  NO MORE BANKERS.  Make bumper stickers, put up signs, share this attitude and start the revolution that we need to take our lives and our freedom back from the bankers.  Tell your friends.  Join the revolution, no guns needed!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Start the Revolution

This is a page to plan and carry out action against our corrupt government.  The way to beat them is the same way they beat us, by influencing public opinion.  That's what they're doing right now with the gun control debate that's all over TV and the internet.  They are drilling it into our brains so that we will agree to some changes.  The changes will somehow serve the bankers, whatever their plan is.  It doesn't matter what they do since all of it takes the focus off of the fact that we are being robbed by those bankers and  we are not organized to fight back.

We don't have TV to inform the public how to fight.  We have to organize people to spread the word that we can defeat the bankers and take our country back from them.  We have to teach the public how they are being robbed so they will have a reason to become angry enough to fight back.  We have to show the public that they have the power to destroy the bankers and break free of their control of all of us.

I have suggested elsewhere that we need signs everyplace that say simply "NO MORE BANKERS" as a unifying slogan.  As more of these signs are displayed on cars, front lawns and street facing windows, public opinion will grow.  The masses will come to understand the problem and they will demand that the solution be implemented.

I'm going to write a one page paper to hand out to the public explaining the problem and solution.  It has to be written as simply as possible so everyone understands it instantly, not a simple ask but I'll get it done.

 We need numbers and lots of help.  We need all of the people who want to "End the Fed" to join in and support real action instead of complaining to the powers that be with demonstrations and protests  that aren't covered in the corrupt media.  We have to "hit the streets" and start this revolution in person, spread it one by one throughout the country until it becomes an unstoppable force.  If a few people decide to start the fight, the rest will join.