Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Judd Gregg, John Sununu, Scumbags

I've written to Senators Gregg and Sununu many times about autism. I always receive similar letters in return from them. They both talk about how they have to protect our drug companies and make sure there are enough vaccines for everyone. They can't allow the drug companies to go out of business or we won't have the drugs we need.

How freaking stupid to you two assholes think we are? How fast would the assets of those vaccine manufacturers be bought up on Wall Street if they all went bankrupt paying lawsuits to the babies they poisoned with thimerosal? Why don't you two lowlifes answer that?

I have a more important question Senators. Why aren't you prosecuting those vaccine manufacturers for poisoning our children? Since when is it not a crime to poison babies?

I suppose you'll tell me that the thimerosal has been removed so there is nothing to prosecute. That would be false, boneheads. Babies are still being poisoned with the same doses of thimerosal in third world countries all over the globe. Is that OK with you two idiots? Pregnant mothers are still being shot up with mercury in the flu vaccine which means the fetuses are also getting shot up with mercury. How long are you going to permit this poisoning? How much have you been paid to look the other way?

Have either of you idiots heard about Simpsonwood? That happened 7 years ago. That's where drug company scientists admitted they had caused the autism epidemic with thimerosal. That's right, jerkoffs. Lots of us know about this. That means lots of us know that you two idiots are more concerned with protecting drug company profits than about protecting our babies from this God damn nightmare called autism.

I write you asking for help for my poisoned son and you two lowlife, pieces of shit write me about protecting the drug companies. Well, I'm not content to write to you in private anymore. The whole damn country needs to know what you bastards are doing to our babies. So, here it is in public for anyone to see what a couple of scumbags you are. Feel free to comment. I doubt you have the balls.

Hey Judd, John, would George Washington be proud of you two?

Monday, January 29, 2007

An Autistic Woman Celebrates Brain Damage


This is supposedly the way one autistic person interacts with the world. Evidently, this is normal for her. Well, certainly nobody can understand her moaning and finger squirming. It reminds me of someone on LSD.

The problem here is that this autistic person doesn't want to talk. It seems the Acid trip is permanent. Unlike LSD users who come down to normalcy when the trip is over, this person wants to stay in her world, far away from normalcy.

I have never tried LSD so I can't comment on the effects but it must produce something that people enjoy because many LSD users will take it more than once. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used LSD to see if they agree with my assessment.

There has to be a way to get inside the heads of people who want to exist in this altered state of consciousness. They have to learn what life can be like when they are not off on an Acid trip. Sure, everything isn't beautiful and normal people don't think of washing their hands as interacting with the water. In normal parlance, many would refer to those on LSD as vegetables. That's why some of them decide they can fly and jump off roofs. They have lost their connection with reality.

Society does not recognize using Acid as a good way to go through life. I can understand the perspective of someone who enjoys this escape from reality and wishes to embrace it once in a while. It's not much different from the alcoholic who chooses to stay drunk all the time though, if one opts for using Acid every day.

Amanda Baggs is off in her own little world where she takes some joy in interacting with the water and playing with her fingers. If she is permanently disabled by having her brain trapped in this different reality, society must accomodate her. Society does not however, have a responsibility to accept this condition without trying to ameliorate it. That's why we have places for drunks to dry out and drug users to kick their habits. We recognize that people who are all screwed up from using these drugs have ruined their lives. We do not encourage people to turn themselves into vegetables.

Amanda and other strange people from the world of neurodiversity think we should leave people alone who are off in this other world and just let them vegetate. I suppose they think it would be a good idea to provide free booze and drugs for those people who would like to escape reality permanently too.

I disagree. I think people who are all screwed up on drugs or booze deserve a chance to regain their lives. I think children whose brains are a mess thanks to mercury should have that mercury removed so they can think straight. Being on a permanent Acid trip like Miss Baggs is no way to go through life if it can be avoided. It is not a complicated thing to understand that there is a different language going on in her head. The solution is not to accept her brain damage. The solution is to fix that brain damage if possible so people can exist in reality, not off in the clouds, set aside from the rest of humanity.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Is Psychiatry Doing To Children?

Let's look at three ways to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

First is Adderall.

"Side effects of Adderall may include: Depression, dry mouth, heart attack, high blood pressure, hives, impotence, overstimulation, rapid or pounding heartbeat, seizures, stomach and intestinal disturbances, stroke, sudden death, weight loss "

Do psychiatrists advise parents to take out more life insurance on their kids when they prescribe this?

Next is Concerta.

"Reported psychiatric side effects of Concerta include suicidal thoughts, aggression, psychotic behavior and hallucinations. Concerta's label already includes warnings about psychiatric side effects; the warnings may downplay the seriousness of the side effects."

Maybe I mixed this up with LSD. Is this really a good thing to give to a teenager? Are parents given a straight jacket for their kid in case these side effects materialize?

Option 3 Alpha Lipoic Acid

Clinical studies have shown few if any side effects among those who have been given Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements as directed. Higher doses can cause nausea and upset stomachs, and excessive doses can even lead to low blood sugar.

How many psychiatrists or other medical professionals prescribe ALA to solve ADD? It looks like some Pepto Bismol and a candy bar will take care of these annoying side effects.

With 3 weekends of being dosed with ALA, my 8 year old is rapidly snapping out of his ADD diagnosis. His doctor prescribed Concerta but I opted for doing without hallucinations and a possible suicide.

Why won't the Medical profession stop harming our children?!

How To Cure Autism

Autism is a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning. The same applies to Asperger's, ADD, ADHD and PDD/NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). The method used to cure mercury poisoning is found at the Yahoo group Autism-Mercury. The Files section there has Andy Cutler's protocol which uses Alpha LipoicAcid (ALA), DMSA or DMPS to remove mercury.
The important thing to learn there is that chelation is most safely done with small doses at frequent intervals which is different from what many DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors preach. You will also learn more than you ever wanted to know about yeast and which supplements are needed to effectively remove mercury without harming your child. Since chelation removes good metals with the bad, you have to replenish the supply of things like zinc and magnesium. Extra vitamins, C, E and Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil are also important.

You will also learn about testing to determine if your child is a good candidate for chelation. Not everyone can be cured with chelation. A hair test seems to be the best method to reach this decision. I didn't bother with any testing besides ruling out the known genetic causes of autism. Now, it may be more important to test since the mercury has been gone from most of the vaccines for a few years. Other causes that I don't fully understand may come into play.

There are also groups specifically for adults who are chelating themselves. These groups are worth reading. If you have a non-verbal child, it's useful to hear adults talk about what they go through to help you understand what your child goes through during chelation.

Many children improve with Methyl B-12. As Richard Deth explained, mercury prevents the body from manufacturing methyl B-12 and, without it, children find it impossible to pay attention to anything. Sometimes, the results of adding methyl B-12 are almost instantaneous. Children begin to speak soon after it is first administered. For others, it can take a few months and over 90% seem to benefit from this overall. It is not a cure but, a temporary solution until all of the mercury can be removed from the brain. Here is a group that discusses methyl B-12, among other things. Dr James Neubrander, a leader in the use of methyl B-12 is a great source of information. He also discusses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which can help replace brain cells damaged by mercury. More information on HBOT is available in this group.

Chelation can be a long process. I've been at it for over two years. My son was as bad as autism gets, completely oblivious to the world around him. Now, he understands every word that's said to him and responds appropriately (when he feels like it) most of the time. He still does not speak aside from saying a word once in a while. However, he can make his needs known, a huge improvement from bashing holes in the walls with his head out of frustration.

Patience is a key element. Chelation is not a magical cure that works overnight. Mercury must be removed slowly and safely. The gains a child makes can be painstakingly slow (quicker with younger children) and this can be frustrating. You may not see any difference in your child on a day by day basis. Month by month, some gains should be seen. Now that I can look back over two years, the gains are incredible! I have a much happier and healthier son. I'll press on as long as it takes. I know many people who have been chelating longer than I have. Their children continue to improve and many have already been cured.

Beating autism is a long battle. With zero help from the doctors who caused the epidemic with their negligence, it's important for parents to put this information out in public themselves so we can all learn from each other how to help our kids while the doctors refuse to correct their mistake of poisoning our babies. Our Government refuses to help and we need all parents of autistic children to take a stand and stop this madness of allowing huge corporations to poison our babies for the sake of profit. The central point for activism on this issue seems to be the Evidence of Harm group (EOHarm). Every parent of an autistic child should belong to it.

Addendum My younger son was diagnosed with ADD several months ago. He wasn't doing well in school and his attention span was short, no difficult behaviors or anything that would suggest a problem. So, I chelated him. After three rounds of chelation, he is now getting 100% on all his tests. I never gave him any of the Concerta that a neurologist prescribed who diagnosed him. His mind could still be a little quicker so I'll do some more chelation with him. The true answer will come in the Spring when we see if his golf game improves.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Autism Hub's Dishonesty

I just have a brief example of the dishonesty of the Autism Hub bloggers here. This one comes from the Autism Street blog run by DoC (Dad of Cameron). He asks the following question:

"From a very basic scientific perspective, all the speculation, all of the study of possible mechanisms, and all of the assertions that “poor excretion” of heavy metals could possibly lead to autism, have skipped the single most important step - scientifically establishing the very existence of “poor excretors” in the first place."

I commented with this answer: http://www.lewrockwell.com/miller/miller14.html advising whoever might read it to scroll down to the part about APO's.
Doc, being the typical cowardly Autism Hub blogger that he is, did not publish my comment. I presume he thinks that he can blot out the truth to further his moronic agenda that it's a good idea to inject mercury into infants. He allows all of the idiotic comments that agree with his stupidity but is not man enough to back up his foolish assertions when confronted with the answer to his question. Deleting the truth won't change it, DoC.

UPDATE DoC since posted this bogus excuse for avoiding confrontations with the truth.
"Comment by Do'C — 23 January, 2007 @ 10:07 am
John, I blacklisted your e-mail address (permanently) months ago when I saw how you were treating a friend of mine online. Your comment was not deleted, it was prevented from being sent in the first place. I’ll go ahead and post it for you from the trackback link in my log files."

So, we see that Doc uses lame excuses like this because he doesn't like confrontations. Oh, it's so sad that I treated some idiot friend of his poorly. This is not a very good way to circumvent the truth about mercury and vaccines. It's just as cowardly as kevin Leitch's throwing everyone off his blog who disagrees with him and makes him look foolish.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Neurodiversity Murders A Teenager

Outside of Boston today, in the Lincoln Sudbury High School, an teen with Asperger's stabbed a fellow student to death. I don't know why he did that. It's not important. He'll probably get off easy with a diminished capacity defense.

I'd like to hear what there is to celebrate about this from my friends at the Autism Hub. Is the dead boy's family celebrating the joy of autism tonight?

I've heard more than enough from these assholes who don't want autism cured. If this kid with Asperger's had been cured, he may have found a better way to deal with whatever this situation was. Where are all the do-gooders like Estee Klar when things like this happen? Will she tell us how wrong it is to cure a murdering teen? Would curing this kid have prevented a murder?

Where are the neurodiverse psychologists? Why aren't safeguards put in place so these kids have avenues to vent their anger besides murder? Is neurodiversity teaching these kids to murder people who rub them the wrong way? What is neurodiversity doing to prevent this behavior? From what I can see, all they are doing is accepting the diversity, even if it means murder.

How many more times will this happen with the growing numbers that neurodiversity denies? This is just the tip of the iceberg. That boy was born at the start of the epidemic. There will be many more to follow. All the neurodiverse knuckleheads who won't help their kids may well be raising murderers. It's time you jerks woke up to the fact that people with brain damage are laible to do just about anything. That's right, brain damage. That's the most apt description for all autistic spectrum disorders. Lunatics who insist on celebrating this brain damage instead of addressing it are setting society up for a lot more of this aberrant behavior. May the next incident of this type of thing fall on the head of a neurodiverse parent with their head in the clouds instead of an innocent victim who probably knows nothing about this epidemic of brain damage that you idiots want to deny.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Is This Brian Deer?

Is it true that Brian Deer is so vicious because he resents his former career in dwarf tossing? I wonder if he'll tell me if writing articles like this one is a good way to get my foot in the door as a tabloid journalist?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

Deidre Imus Gets Witched

The Wicked Witch of Neurodiversity is now attacking Deidre Imus. (I won't link to it.) Mrs Seidel claims that Mrs Imus is mistaken in her assertion that parents overwhelmingly share her suspicion that mercury in vaccines caused the autism epidemic. Seidel must have missed this statistical analysis that clearly shows the Witch is off her rocker.

Seidel goes on to claim that some parents have personal experience of the genetic transmission of autism characteristics. Reminds me of Fantastic Voyage with Raquel Welch. Maybe Seidel shrunk herself and her broomstick and took a ride on some sperm cells from an autistic guy to observe them penetrating the egg. Her illogical mind could then leap to the conclusion that the autism must have been passed on genetically, irrespective of the fact that the fetus had been shot up with thimerosal from its' mother's flu shot. Of course, Seidel also had to leap to another conclusion about the autistic guy who, if he hadn't been tested to rule out genetics, had most likely been poisoned into autism by mercury himself.

It's interesting how the neurodiverse mind can think that haughtily written letters to the editor become logical by using big words like "proselytization", sounds dirty, doesn't it. It simply means to convert or, in this case, educate.
Whatever, it's a feeble attempt at sophistry from a pseudo-intellectual.

Seidel tries to paint parents of mercury damaged children as being a greedy bunch of lowlifes who are only interested in grabbing a quick buck from the vaccine manufacturers. Seidel is unconcerned about the cost of caring for autistic kids, especially since she doesn't seem to want anyone to cure one of them. Some of that money parents could win from a lawsuit would, undoubtedly be used towards that end by these lowlife parents who actually want to help their kids. Is Seidel worried that any cured kids would make her pals in the vaccine industry look bad?

She goes on to claim that all parents don't like "grotesque, catastrophic terms such as epidemic and human tidal wave". This is true since the handful of idiots associated with neurodiversity don't like to agree with anything that paints autism as the life destroying nightmare that it is. She also missed the "train wreck" term which is my favorite. For me, that describes what happened to my son perfectly, to transform him from a normal baby to a walking zombie.

Mrs Seidel thinks the use of these terms dehumanizes autistic people. That's a nice bit of sophistry from someone who wants to discredit every decent parent on the face of the earth who helps a kid with autism climb out of the abyss. I love these terms because they are accurate descriptions of the horror that has been perpetrated on our babies by the sons of bitches who poisoned them with their negligence.

Sorry Kathleen, you don't count as a member of the autistic community. You are an outcast by virtue of your deranged character assassinations of respectable scientists who have helped to cure our children from this mercury induced nightmare. You are, by default, part of the Pharma community. You are not part of any community of decent people who abhor watching children suffer.

Thank you, Mrs Imus. I appreciate your speaking on behalf of my son, Sam.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

George Bush, Baby Poisoner

Hey Bush, I put my message to you in public so your aides can't just throw it in the trash. Do you know you are going to go down in history as the worst scumbag to ever run this country?

We know the truth about thimerosal, George. You can't hide it by simply refusing to meet with Dan Burton forever. We know that the IOM meeting that allegedly considered evidence on the connection between thimerosal in vaccines and autism in 2004 was a sham. That's right, we know that the CDC instructed the IOM to find no correlation. Even a dope like you could read Richard Deth's work, hear the evidence from parents that their autistic kids improved with methyl B-12, and see that he was 100% accurate in showing how the mercury in thimerosal caused this epidemic of autism.

You really didn't think you could shut us all up by having Frist give presents to Eli Lilly and their associates to protect them from the lawsuits we want to file, did you? Whether we can collect for the damage done to our children or not won't matter when your chapter in history is written. You will be forever known as the President who allowed his friends at Eli Lilly to poison children all over the world into autism.

We know that your friends in the Senate altered the Combating Autism Act to take away money that would help prove that connection. We know they even included language that could make it illegal for us to help our kids with chelation. Well, you won't stop me from curing my son George, because I've stockpiled a good supply of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) in case you manage to make it disappear from the shelves. Never heard of ALA? That's the stuff that gets the mercury out of autistic kids' brains. We know that curing our kids is the worst thing that could happen to your friends at Eli Lilly. If we manage to cure them by removing the mercury, that pretty much proves that it was the mercury that caused the autism. So, we understand that their campaign contributions can buy them this protection at the expense of our children's well being. We know that money they gave you makes it more important for you to protect them than to look out for our kids.

We know that your pals in the Pharmaceutical Industry are still causing autism in spite of the fact that they took the mercury out of some vaccines. It was a devious trick by them to start shooting mercury into pregnant mothers and infants via the flu shot once they couldn't cause autism with the mercury being removed from the HepB shot. Your friends and I know that it is important to get some mercury into the babies before they develop a Blood Brain Barrier. This will continue to cause autism while it makes your pals look innocent because almost everyone believes that the mercury is completely gone from the vaccines. Over time though, George, the public will become aware of this and it will add to your legacy as a corrupt scumbag.

We've known about the meeting at Simpsonwood for years. That's where some of the drug company scientists discussed a report written by a CDC employee that showed thimerosal had caused the autism epidemic. Your pals admitted as much at that meeting and decided to keep poisoning babies anyhow. It was a business decision, you know, profit. I'm sure you agree that drug company profits are much more important than the health of children.

You really have to admire the way your friends at Pharma look out for the stockholders. When they decided to take mercury out of some vaccines in the USA, they just kept it in them for the vaccines they sell to the rest of the world. The few cents more it would cost for single dose shots without mercury add up to a lot of money with billions of vaccines. We know it doesn't bother you that taxpayers all over the world will pay for that by spending about $3 million for each autistic kid's lifetime care. Pharma really got their money's worth from you, George.

I'll stop here because I know you have a limited attention span. I just want to make sure you know that we know you have sold out our children. Autism really sucks, George. I hope you will consider changing your legacy by meeting with Dan Burton and arranging a deal with Pharma so they will stop poisoning babies all over the world right now!

PS. It would be a big help if you told everyone the truth about mercury so they can all learn how to cure their kids. Then, you might go down in history as a decent human being.

PPS. Fuck you!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Cure Neurodiversity

Happy New Year! Let's hope that the poor souls who embrace the insanity of Neurodiversity will be delivered from that cesspool of logic and seek the help they need this year. It's time to put an end to celebrating having brain damage.

Imagine how much the drug companies laugh at the insanity of anyone celebrating the fact they were poisoned into autism. Dumb blondes even go on TV in Canada talking about the Joy of Autism. I'd certainly be thankful for such lunacy if I were the CEO of Eli Lilly. Instead of sweating the possibility that some politicians who are not corrupt would imprison me, I'd have a bunch of idiots clamoring for respect instead of a cure. Eli Lilly could receive no better gift than a horde of brain damaged people telling the world they like having brain damage.

What has this world come to? Here's to hoping sanity will return in 2007 and the legal guardians of the Neurodiverse will have them deprogrammed from this nonsense so they can receive some help. Mercury induced brain damage is not something to celebrate.