Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don't Screw Around With Autism, Get Rid of the Mercury

There is an outrageous bunch of crap regarding autism that is still being fed to parents of autistic children. Doctors still tell parents that there is no known cause or cure for autism. This is the most blatant lie I've ever heard and the Medical profession is well aware that they are lying. For one thing, they have known about Fragile X Syndrome and Rett's Syndrome for a long time.

Doctors also know that the CDC advises them that one microgram of mercury is safe. In the 1990's, doctors may not have been aware how much mercury they were shooting into babies. Nobody figured out that mercury was the cause of the autism epidemic until 1999. That's when doctors began to learn that they had injected babies with nearly 200 times as much mercury as was known to be safe. The drug companies even began reducing the amount of mercury in the vaccines when they learned that lots of people had figured out that they had been negligent and poisoned a few generations of babies. Yet, doctors still insist that mercury can not cause autism.

Doctors advise pregnant women not to eat too much fish when they are pregnant because of the mercury. Then, they go and advise these same women to have a flu shot containing 25 micrograms of mercury. They are well aware that this mercury can damage the brain of the fetus but they inject pregnant women with it anyhow. Does this make any sense? Why do doctors do this? You won't get a straight answer out of any doctors if you ask them aside from a stoic admonition to take your flu shot and maybe a statement saying that the Institute of Medicine heard the evidence and decided that mercury in vaccines did not cause autism. The doctor will never explain why the CDC considers one microgram of mercury to be safe while they shoot 25 micrograms into a pregnant woman. Of course, they can't explain this.

I believe the reason that the flu shot is pushed on pregnant women is because they need to cause more autism. Causing more autism when everyone is being told that the mercury is out of the vaccines is a great way to make the uninformed public agree that mercury could not have caused the epidemic. They have to cause more autism because, if autism suddenly disappears, it will help prove the case and the vaccine manufacturers stand to lose over a trillion dollars. The manufacturers don't have a trillion dollars which is why they have paid politicians to change the laws to prevent most parents of autistic children from filing lawsuits.

Vaccine manufacturers learned that they had caused this epidemic over seven years ago. Yet, they continue to sell vaccines with the full dose of mercury all over Africa and Asia and other places that don't have all the facts. They can probably buy politicians in those places much cheaper than the ones they have to buy here. And, without freedom of speech, it will be much more difficult for the general public in those countries to ever learn the truth. So, the poisoning of children into autism goes merrily along because the drug companies earn a little more profit by using multi-dose vials of vaccines laced with mercury than they would if they had to sell single dose vials. They don't care that the cost of one autistic child is estimated at about $3 million because the taxpayers get stuck with that. Our politicians don't care about that cost to the taxpayers because they have been paid handsomely by the drug companies to protect them from lawsuits. And, in the overall scheme of things, autism creates lots of jobs which also helps make the politicians look good. It doesn't bother the politicians if taxes have to be raised. They can always blame it on the war or whatever else is convenient.

The major problem with all of these lies is that parents are not learning that they can cure autism. Their sources of information when they get the initial diagnosis usually consists of a pediatrician, some psychologists, therapists and teachers. The parents all learn about the Autism Society of America and hear that we need better awareness from these jerks while they ask for donations. These professional money raisers don't know what they are doing and are not looking out for the best interests of the children they claim to represent. Politicians care about their bribes (campaign contributions) and money raisers care about raising money, nothing else.

The autism organizations who know how to help the kids can't get on TV because the networks are controlled by drug company advertisements. Even the head of one of the networks, with an autistic grandchild, who is aware that biomedical intervention cures autism will not broadcast that information on his network. He can't because he'd be cutting his own throat. If he really cared about autistic kids, he'd shut his mouth entirely and stop spreading only part of the truth. Part of the truth won't help kids whose parents need to learn all of the truth.

Scientists who have helped to discover the truth about autism and mercury have been interviewed for TV programs but those interviews, mysteriously never get aired. Once in a while, an article appears in a local newspaper that discusses mercury, and chelation to cure the autism. When this happens, volunteers from Generation Rescue usually field a few more inquiries from parents wanting to learn more about chelation, methyl B-12, etc.. A few people wind up helping their kids. But, there are over 100,000 kids whose parents have not learned this information.

So, what becomes of these 100,000 who remain in the dark? They rely on what they are told by the therapists and teachers. The teachers firmly believe they can help. Most are dedicated to their jobs and do their best to help the kids learn. Unfortunately, kids with mercury stuck in their brains can not learn. Teachers can't do a damn thing about it no matter how dedicated they are. Parents trust the information they hear that everyone is doing everything possible to help their kids but that many are simply beyond all help. Years are completely wasted in school when the children could have been cured if only their parents had been told the truth about mercury. This is what happened to my son because he was born before all of this information was learned. It is still happening and that is a crime.

If anyone is reading this who knows someone whose child has not tried biomedical intervention, please ask them to read this. And, tell them to get in touch with Generation Rescue to learn how to save their child. There are lots of parents who want to get this information to the parents of every autistic child but the media is blacking it out. Our politicians and our doctors are involved in this horrible crime and parents have to stop it now.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Curing Autism

Total improvements from chelation for Sam's autism are immense. This spans a two and a half year period and I think it's important to look at the total picture as gains have been slow. It's easy for parents to get frustrated and give up. The only chance our children have is for parents to keep going to beat this son of a bitch named autism.

Sam's autism was as bad as it gets. This child was totally unreachable. He never responded to his name, never slept, didn't eat, smeared feces, ate anything he could get his hands on, tried to drink water out of the gutter, bashed his head into walls, bit himself, climbed out of windows, ran into traffic, battled constipation for years, screamed ALL DAY LONG. In short, he was a completely inconsolable wreck. He was in constant motion and would destroy anything he could get his hands on. At school, teachers allowed him to sit in the middle of the floor by himself because they could not do anything with him. He paid zero attention to anything and was content to spin himself in circles all day or lie on the floor playing with anything that would spin.

Sam had always walked with a limp, dragging one leg behind the other. I think that was the first improvement that came about from chelation. He used to take stairs two feet to every step and, at age 8, finally began to walk up stairs normally. He had battled constipation for years, screaming in pain while trying to expel baseball sized masses that were hard as a rock. This was the next thing to go away. His bowels have been mostly normal since a couple of months into chelation. Prevailing wisdom claims that the gut must be healed before starting chelation but, in Sam's case, I'm certain the chelation healed his gut. He was almost 8 when we started and I had wasted two years that I couldn't put everything into place I needed to begin chelation. I wasn't going to waste another minute once it became possible to start ridding him of the mercury.

The first improvement in mental symptoms came when Sam began making eye contact. It was fleeting at first but slowly increased until he first responded to his name by looking into my eyes. That was a beautiful moment. He had not looked into my eyes since he was less than a year old. Then came some communication, not speech but leading us by the hand to show us what he wanted. He'd drag us to the food cabinets and if we grabbed the wrong item, he'd shove us back until we found the right one that he wanted. Then he began moving our arms until they were in position to pick out a certain item. Now, he's tall enough to reach most things for himself. This was a child who never could let it be known that he was hungry. He only ate when we decided it was time for him to eat. I'm sure that added to his frustration and probably caused some of the meltdowns. Of course, once an autistic meltdown has begun, it can take an hour or so to stop, at least in Sam's case. He still has meltdowns but they are much easier to stop now. Sometimes, he fakes a meltdown now for attention and laughs at us when we go to stop it.

Laughter is a nice indicator that Sam is getting better. He had laughed as a baby but seemed to lose that skill for a long time, except when being tickled. He wasn't amused by much of anything. Now, he laughs appropriately all the time. Part of that is from paying attention and part is from being able to understand what is said to him.

Sam now follows commands which is something that was just a waste of breath before chelation. I can tell him to go hit a golf ball now and he'll look around for a golf club, find one, and go hit the ball. I had tried to swing the club for him thousands of times without Sam ever doing anything but dropping the club or trying to eat it. Now, he'll grip it properly and hit the ball. He still shows no interest in hitting it a long ways like his younger siblings but it's progress. He also plays catch now where, before, if you threw Sam a ball, he'd ignore it completely and it would just bounce off him. He even puts his seatbelt on in the car now and leaves it on instead of taking it off and climbing all over the car although I still don't trust him in the back seat of my car that doesn't have the childproof door locks.

Sam has learned to dress himself, eat with utensils instead of his fingers, color, write (a little), exchange pictures with PECS, use a touch screen computer, ride a bike and open his Christmas presents instead of eating the wrapping paper and ignoring the presents. These are things I never expected he would do before chelation. He was just like a brain dead child who could walk and scream. Now, he's learning, showing us that he does, indeed have a brain that can work, and works a little better with every little bit of mercury that comes out.

I've followed Andy Cutler's protocol using oral DMSA and oral Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA). I've always stopped a round any time I missed a dose. This has slowed down the improvement because I missed lots of doses by not being able to wake myself up at 4:00AM after staying up until midnight. But, I've completed 35 or 40 good rounds. I wasn't taking any chances that I'd hurt Sam by ignoring Dr Cutler's advice. Some people have done over 100 rounds in the same timeframe. Sam would probably be better off if I had done that many. I shudder to think what he would be like now if I had not chelated him at all.

School and many therapists never did anything to improve Sam's life until after chelation. Lots of uneducated people insist that teachers make the difference with kids with autism. These are the same people who continue to spout the nonsense that there is no known cause or cure for autism. These alleged professionals are an absolute disgrace to their profession. They have all heard of chelation by now yet they continue to tell unsuspecting parents that their child's best chance is through educators while they deny the fact that mercury caused this epidemic.

Some children with autism realize improvement in their symptoms with ABA. This is great if it helps the kid. However, this therapy is only a temporaruy fix. I now have the same results with chelation that ABA purports to provide but Sam's improvement is permanent and I didn't have to torture him with that intensive therapy to help him improve. There is money to be made by those who provide ABA. The behaviorists involved in autism seem to want to ignore the fact, however, that biomedical intervention is gaining better results than the behavioral therapy. One would think that, if they had the best interests of the children in mind, they would accept this new knowledge that has been gained about chelation and get on board with it as part of a multi disciplined approach to helping these kids. For the most part, the behaviorists don't do this. They still, in their ignorance, want to parrot the preachings of the Medical professionals who aver that autism is not caused by mercury. That makes the behaviorists part of the problem rather than part of the solution. The object of any professional who works with autism should be to get rid of the autism. Settling for some half-assed improvement is far from professional in my book. Teachers need to learn that they can do their jobs a lot more effectively if the children they are teaching are receiving the medical treatment they need to remove the poison that caused the autism.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Improvement from Chelation for Sam

Thanks to chelation, Sam has now learned to use expression in his face. The blank face and lifeless eyes that we were so used to are gone. Sam is slowly joining the human race by participating in this facial interaction.

The only expression Sam ever showed clearly was anger and pain. Sometimes his lower lip would stick out when he was in some sort of agony and I'd have to restrain myself from going to visit his pediatrician with a bat. This helpless child was hurting very badly and the man who poisoned him would do nothing to help. All he would do was lie about the effects of mercury. These were the times I'm glad I'm an older parent. If I had had to watch my son endure this while I was in my twenties, I'd have gone after the doctor with the bat a long time ago.

Sam's facial expresion is curious. It's like a two year old learning this on a ten year old face and the expressions are exagerated, you can't help but laugh.

We are also done with sippy cups. Sam would routinely unscrew the top of the cup and dump his drink on the floor when he had had enough. Now, he has learned to dump what he doesn't want in the sink. He also unscrews the cap from soda bottles, takes a swig and puts the cap back on instead of dumping the rest of the bottle on the floor. Progress, I'll worry about proper manners with this later.

One other area of improvement lately, Sam can now throw a pretty good punch and he's wrestling better. He tackled a 300 pound bus monitor, knocked him on the floor. Sam is only about 110 pounds. This behavior will, of course, have to be modified but it's good to see that Sam will fight for himself instead of crying about tolerance and respect like some other autistic people who don't want to be cured. Learning to fight is much better than learning to cry.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Michelle Dawson, Please Seek Help

Michelle Dawson is off on another perseverative rant complaining that autistics are not being allowed to speak in Canadian Senate hearings. I just want to take a moment to explain this for Michelle's benefit since she deletes all comments I make on her blog.
The Senate has done the right thing by not allowing Michelle to speak on anyone's behalf but her own. They recognize that Michelle is crazy as a bedbug with her deranged notion that no autistic child should be able to receive treatment that improves their condition. The Senate wishes to help autistic children, not prevent them from enriching their lives with things like speech. Michelle seems to think that giving a child the ability to talk somehow harms them. All sane people recognize this opinion as insane, Michelle dear. The Senate has allowed you to speak to shut you up. The fact that you are not allowed to speak for anyone else should tell you that they have a good reason for this. Everyone who has to endure your ranting knows that you are insane. It is easier for them to let you rant and rave for a short time to demonstrate this to the general public than to argue with you.
Congratulations, Michelle. I'm sure your performance convinced every person who heard you that you are, indeed, crazy as a bedbug. If it ever dawns on you that I am correct in my assessment of you, you can reach me through Generation Rescue where I'll be happy to help you recover from being poisoned.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A-CHAMP Letter to Rep Joe Barton, Please Write

It seems to me that Rep Joe Barton has been appointed as the "fall guy" on the CAA bill. Republicans made themselves look good in attempts at re-election by passing this bill in the Senate 100 to 0. Now, Barton has blocked it and, while reconsidering it, has stripped out a lousy $45 million for research into vaccine ingredients.
Does anyone in their right mind think Sen Bill Frist would have let this bill pass the Senate if he hadn't pre-planned for Barton to take the rap for stopping it?
Please read what A-CHAMP has to say about this below and let Barton know that public opinion is against poisoning babies by sending him a letter.

38 Organizations Nationwide Send Letter to CongressDemanding Funding for Environmental& Vaccine Research - Read Letter Here
Send Your Letter Asking For Funding of Environmental Researchin the Combating Autism Act
Stop Congress from Stripping out Key Environmental Research Provisions Send a Message to Congress Demanding Honest Research and Designated Funding for Research of Environmental Factors and the Vaccine/Autism Link
Our sources in Congress tell us that meaningful provisions for funding environmental research have been stripped out of the Combating Autism Act by Energy and Commerce Chair Joe Barton, the Texas Congressman who chairs the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee.

Following the Senate's refusal last summer to include provisions for the role of vaccines in autism in the bill, we now face the prospect that the two most pressing research issues involving the cause of autism – first thimerosal and vaccines, and now designated funding of research into environmental factors – will be excluded from this legislation. We need you to speak out to stop the Combating Autism Act from being "watered down" even more than it was in the Senate.

The Senate voted 100-0 in favor of a version of the bill that included the very same designation for research funding for environmental factors that Chairman Barton now wants to abandon. The Senate version authorized $45 million designated for special centers that would focus on environmenal research – this critical provision will be removed from the House version of the bill. We have no doubt that the House would easily approve a bill that includes the $45 million designation for funding of environmental research, if a bill including such a provision were allowed to go to the floor for an open and honest vote.

Some of our fellow parents who well understand the importance of research into environmental triggers in autism have tried their best to persuade Chairman Barton to include these key provisions for environmental research in the bill, but other forces appear to be at work against such measures, resulting in the removal of any funding of environmental research that has any teeth.
If enacted, the CAA will set the agenda for autism research for the next five years, yet Chairman Barton has only a few short weeks remaining as Chair of the Energy & Commerce Committee.
Now is the time to tell Chairman Barton, that removal of provisions for designated funding of environmental research from the Combating Autism Act is not acceptable.
Now is the time to tell your representative that they should speak for all their constituents who are affected by autism. Tell your representatives that they should not permit environmental research funding provisions to be stripped from the bill in negotiations between private parties and a lame duck committee chair. If Chairman Barton won't support the research necessary to fully explore the causes of autism perhaps his successor will. At this point, unless the bill provides for environmental research, we believe that it is worth waiting for the new Congressional leadership in 2007 to craft a better bill.We want fair negotiations that will produce a bill providing for complete, honest and funded research.
Tell Congress that all parents have a voice and that all children deserve their rightful place at the negotiating table. Send a message supporting real funding of environmental research in autism.
The message contained in this Alert is supported by NoMercury; Moms Against Mercury; Foundation for Mercury-Injured Children. Fair Autism Media, Generation Rescue, BEAT IOWA, CoMeD, Developmental Delay Resources, HEAL and many other organizations – click the link to our letter to see the entire list – Please contact A-CHAMP if your organization would like to support this message.
For some excellent commentary written by parents providing background and insight into how we got here, go toWade Rankin’s blog Injecting Sense, "What's In The Horse, or Politics As Usual" at : Phillips’s piece, "The Fish Stinks From the Head Down" at: listen to audio of Imus's commentary on the Combating Autism Act Click HEREor here:

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