Wednesday, January 30, 2008

State of New Hampshire Lies to Citizens

"The house Health and Human Services committee voted to kill HB 1316, establishing a committee to study the use of mercury in childhood vaccines. The state epidemiologist told the committee that no vaccines for children in NH contain mercury. The vote was 17-0."

This is a blatant lie. The flu shot does contain mercury. This tells us that 17 legislators have not done their homework and do not care if more of our children are poisoned into autism and other neurological disorders that are caused by mercury.

Pregnant women are advised to have the flu shot. Injecting mercury into them means that mercury is going to wind up in the fetus. I have asked people who give the flu shot if they had the variety that does not contain mercury and the response is always the same...I don't know. It seems those responsible for the health of citizens of NH don't know, don't care and don't want to know since they will not take the time to study this and the effect it has already had on our children.

This epidemiologist furthered his blatant lie since lots of vaccines are still "processed" with thimerosal and nobody can give us an accurate count of exactly how much mercury is in each shot. The fact remains that there is still some mercury in vaccines and to publicly state that there is none is what I consider medical malpractice.

The largest rise in autism happened in conjunction with the HepB vaccine being given to infants as soon as they were born. Prior to that, New Hampshire did not have even one case of autism among school age children. The reason the HepB shot was so effective at causing autism is because newborn infants do not have a Blood Brain Barrier that helps prevent some of that mercury from getting to the brain. Injecting pregnant women can have a more disastrous effect in causing more autism since the fetus can be much smaller than a newborn infant and have their brain destroyed before they are born by the mercury that was injected into the mother.

Our public officials do not have a clue what is going on with mercury in vaccines, will not admit the truth if they actually know it and should be called to answer for this idiocy by every parent in the state. We do not need more babies poisoned because incompetent and ignorant jackasses decide to avoid looking into important issues like thimerosal.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing Poker With the Enemy

Parents of mercury poisoned children have some well-intentioned but naive leaders. They also have some very large egos with which better educated people can not reason. One tactic that could produce an atmosphere that could accomodate their education is to blast them publicly, wait for them to respond and use that opportunity to give them the information they never learned in school or in life. Unfortunately for poisoned children, these self-appointed geniuses just don't have the guts to even respond.

That creates a dilemna. How is possible to reach these poorly educated leaders? They either throw you off their forums or delete your posts when you try to help them. They have decided they know all there is to know about finding a solution to the worst crime in the history of Earth. They don't want to listen to anyone who has the true solution. However, here we sit, watching judges toss out evidence while everyone sits around and does nothing. The geniuses have failed.

The surest way to lose at poker is to play on the home field of your opponent, with his rules, his cards and all the Aces stuffed up his sleeves. Yet this is exactly what the leaders here are doing. They are courting politicians looking for favors without any bribe money. They think deluging politicians with phone calls, faxes and emails will convince the pol's to do the right thing. It has not crossed their minds that all of this is just a bother that is easily deleted or tossed in the trash. Then these people who were fortunate enough to shake the politician's hand come back and tell us how wonderful they are and how they are certain they will do the right thing for our children. Now, ask these geniuses if the politician has said one word in public stating the truth we all know, that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic. Who thinks I'll be deluged with comments letting me know that this has happened countless times?

Let's look at the argument to obfuscation here. The argument to obfuscation is the claim by the government that science shows no correlation between thimerosal and autism. The government just proved this argument again by their judge refusing to hear evidence. He used a carefully worded rule that allowed him to toss out all of the evidence, give preference to government scientists and declare that thimerosal does not cause autism. The special rule that allows him to avoid hearing the evidence ensures that no jury hears the evidence and there is no chance that a jury could screw up the government's case by determining the truth of the matter. It's foolproof. The government can not lose in court when they hold the judges and the rules in their pocket. No matter how valid any argument presented by lawyers for injured kids is, the government employee judge just tosses it out.

Here's where we have decided to chase our tails some more by playing by the government's rules. The consensus seems to be that a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated will prove our case. How much time will this take? How much will it cost? Once it's done, how long will it take to arrange a court case where it will be heard? Will the same rules for expert witnesses still be in place? Will even better rules that favor the government have been dreamed up and approved by Congress by then to make it even more difficult for expert witnesses to present their case to a jury? Will the government shove such a case into vaccine court where there is no jury and, you guessed it, a government employee Special Master goes through the motions of listening to another case that he has already been instructed how to decide?

In the meantime, during these years, how many more of our children will die by accident, or by muirder of more parents who will "snap", or by being restrained too harshly in institutions? The institutions are going to be way overloaded with our kids by the time any of this might be heard by a Kangaroo court. I don't think they will handle it very well.

Again, in the meantime, how many of us will waste countless hours arguing against propaganda experts who can toss all sorts of drug company studies at us and drive us crazy trying to refute them? Who knows that all of the propaganda experts are having a great time wasting our time and causing us to argue among ourselves? Who also knows that these arguments are designed to distract us from the fact that the only argument worth having is why the government won't tell the truth?

All of the trumped up science is just a diversion. The government already knows we have the answers. They know we are curing our kids. So, why do our leaders think it makes sense to join any government committee that will do absolutely nothing besides wasting more of our time?

The government and Pharma are criminals. They have sucked our leaders into a high stakes poker game that they have zero chance of winning. They are playing us for suckers and our leaders just keep drawing 3 cards to inside straights. And, every time they get lucky and fill one of those straights, the government just slips those Aces out of their sleeves. Judge Stuart Berger was holding 4 of those Aces.

Who knows how this is going to play out? Have any of our leaders figured it out? I'll tell you. This will drag on for 20, 30 or 40 more years. Most of us will be dead. Future generations will have all been poisoned by thimerosal. Their IQ's will dwindle down to below average and nobody will be capable of continuing the battle. Of course, children of the elite will have never had any thimerosal and their IQ's will be fine. They will run the country and the rest will all fall in line like good little sheep. Nobody will be able to think well enough to question anything. The price of alcohol and marijuana will be kept low so all of the riff raff will be able to afford to get high whenever they want and they won't be tempted to question anything the government does.

If you've read this far, do you think it's time to begin gaining an education by reading about Martin Luther King, H Rap Brown, Angela Davis and Abby Hoffman? Don't bother me with any questions if this makes sense to you. Just tell your leaders that better battle plans are available. Maybe they'll learn something about Poker.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dishonorable Stuart R Berger, Moron or Bought?

Hey Judge Berger, you ain't foolin' anyone. Refusing to hear testimony doesn't smell too good. I think you were bought. Of course, I could be wrong and you could be simply stupid. That's just my opinion.

Let's look at the facts, Judge. Your decision states that "it is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community that autism is genetic in origin except in rare instances of prenatal exposures to certain substances at defined periods during pregnancy." This is false Judge.

The truth is, Judge, that it is generally accepted in the scientific community that you favored in this case that there is no known cause or cure for autism. Nobody claims it is largely genetic because that genetic evidence has never been found.

I'm judging you, Berger. You see, I am an expert on autism. I became an expert on autism because my son normal son was poisoned by thimerosal and became autistic. Every criteria you used to throw out expert witnesses is pure garbage.

There is no school that trains or educates anyone in the subject of autism causation. That's because schools only teach that there is no known cause or cure for autism. Ergo, no person could possibly meet your criteria. I'd love to know who told you that it is generally accepted that autism is genetic. Did a Wyeth representative hand you a note that said that inside a briefcase stuffed with cash?

Part of your decision involves the words "generally accepted as reliable in the scientific community". Do you see the conflict here, Judge? Are you really that stupid that you could have missed it? The "Scientific community" were the ones on trial here, Judge. The Scientific community are the ones who screwed up. They never tested thimerosal for safety. Yet, there you were taking what's generally accepted by a community who poisoned babies as some sort of standard.

My once normal son does not accept this as reliable science. He would be living a normal life right now if he had not been injected with thimerosal that had not been tested for safety.

In my book Judge, an autism expert is a guy who can cure autism. There are no schools that teach anyone how to do that. This knowledge has only been available for about 8 years. Mark Geier, the expert you threw out, is curing autism. That makes him more of an expert than any of the lawyers who convinced you to throw him out.

I think you should have talked to some of the kids he is curing, Judge. Then you would have seen what an autism expert is.

I challenge you Judge Berger, to show us any expert who has cured autism who will state that thimerosal can not cause autism. I can produce all sorts of autism experts who have cured this nightmare. The people who have been involved in curing autism are the ones who constitute the relevant scientific community. As you would learn by allowing these people to explain exactly how thimerosal caused the condition and how removing thimerosal from the brain cured the condition to a jury, you would also learn that the people who caused the condition are not the relevant scientific community. They are defendants. They committed a crime of extreme negligence and you have allowed them to evade responsibility without even allowing a jury to hear the case.

You are a disgrace, Judge Berger!!! You owe it to my thimerosal poisoned son to take whatever legal action is available to publicly declare that you screwed up. You have no right to declare ""thimerosal in vaccines does not cause or contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism,"" until you hear the evidence. You can only hear that evidence if you listen to the people who have discovered it. They did not discover it by reading textbooks. There was nobody to teach it to them. I suppose you'd say Columbus could not be considered an expert at discovering America because nobody taught him how to do it and he did not have a degree in the subject. My son and thousands of others just like him are recovering from autism by removing that mercury from their brains. We are the experts here, not the negligent idiots who poisoned our children.

And, if the attorneys in this case did not attempt the argument I have presented here, they should be sued for legal malpractice. I have not heard of any lawyers bringing cured children into court as evidence. Those cured children and the people who cured them should trump any obsolete nonsense about exactly who is an expert when it comes to autism. The people who caused the autism epidemic get themselves admitted as experts and these lawyers can't think their way around that?!!! What is wrong here?

Thimerosal-Autism Link Rejected by Maryland Court

January 14, 2008: 11:04 AM EST

MADISON, N.J., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wyeth announced today that The Honorable Stuart R. Berger of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City in Baltimore, Maryland, has granted Wyeth's motion to preclude plaintiffs' expert witnesses in an alleged vaccine injury case from testifying that exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines can cause autism. The court's decision, in the case of Blackwell, et al. v. Sigma Aldrich, Inc., et al., followed a 10-day evidentiary hearing held last August.

Judge Berger found that "thimerosal in vaccines does not cause or contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism," noting that "it is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community that autism is genetic in origin except in rare instances of prenatal exposures to certain substances at defined periods during pregnancy."

Judge Berger held that plaintiffs had failed to show that the methodologies underlying their expert witnesses' opinions are generally accepted as reliable in the scientific community. He also held that plaintiffs' expert witnesses were not qualified "by knowledge, skill, experience, training or education" or that they could not set forth a sufficient factual basis to support the causation opinions that plaintiffs wished to present to the jury.

"We believe that the court's decision is in complete accord with the overwhelming scientific evidence that there is no link between vaccines and autism. The court correctly applied Maryland law to bar unfounded opinion testimony on scientific issues," says Daniel J. Thomasch, lead trial counsel for Wyeth in this litigation, who is a partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.

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