Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Letter to Simpsonwood Attendees

An Open Letter To All Attendees of "The Scientific Review of VaccineSafety Datalink Information" meeting, June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center:My name is Russel Vincent Mancino. I live in a small town in NewJersey. I have a nine year old son, Russel John Mancino. My sons middle name is taken from his maternal grandfather. The reason I did this is because my father in law could always be counted on to do what was "right" and to look out for others from a purely selfless sense of moral conviction, despite the hardship that came when he took on the role of a caretaker. He is not a physician or scientist, but the way he cared for his family and friends always reminded me of how a doctor would treat his patients. I always wanted to be a doctor but I was afraid of making life and death decisions. I chose instead to pursue a career in law. Ironically I am a trial attorney and I defend doctors and other health care professionals when they are sued for malpractice. I always held physicians in high regard and I wanted to stand with them if they were ever sued. I felt it was my duty because of all the good they do that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. I wanted my son to have traits of myself and his grandfather. It's funny how much thought goes into naming a child. Especially when you learn that there are so many other decisions you make atthe time of birth can be so profound and have a life long effect onyour child. Like the decision to allow a vaccine to be injected into your child, under the false assumption that the safety of that vaccine has been demonstrated. By now you are wondering who I am and why I am writing to you about my son. My hope is that you are curious and will read on to find out why you are one of many receiving this letter. My son was diagnosed as suffering from autism at age five. I know you are intimately familiar with this autism from my research which began immediately after the neurologist who made the "diagnosis" uttered that heart breaking and life changing word, which she explained was causing his unusual behavior. She made equally clear that this condition that has no cure, gave me the grim prognosis as well as a glimpse of what the rest of his life, as well as mine, would be like. With a word, the hopes and dreams I had for my son were shattered. Everything I worked so hard for to make his life happy, to help make it a little easier than mine was suddenly of no consequence. You may not know that feeling but I know of many fathers who know it all to well. It is emotionally devastating and physically sickening. Not a day has gone by since his diagnosis that I haven't asked how and why. Not a day has gone by that I have not found myself dry heaving from the fear and frustration that I feel every waking minute of each day of what the future holds for my son. My frustration is that it is now clear that I may have been able to prevent this from happening to him. If only I had done a little investigating or asked a few questions, rather than blindly following the recommendations of you and the other so called experts on vaccine safety, he could have been spared from this condition about which so little is known despite the improbable number of children who have been similarly diagnosed.I understand that you were present for and participated in a meeting which included health care providers, members of various government health agencies including the CDC, NIH, IOM and FDA, drug company representatives and others who are also charged with protecting the health of the citizens of this country. I include drug company representatives as being responsible for this charge. Not only because they were invited to attend the meeting but becauseI believe anyone who had knowledge of this horrific, life threatening information available at this meeting were equally obligated to share that information with the public as the doctors and scientists who attended this meeting despite the inherent conflict of interest that existed between those making health policy decisions for the people of this country and those who stand to profit from those policy decisions. Everyone and anyone who participated in this meeting is culpable and responsible for the consequences that have resulted.In case you have again failed to make the causal connection, or continue to deny the truth, I am referring to "THE SCIENTIFIC REVIEW OF VACCINCE SAFETY DATALINK INFORMATION" conference which took placeon June 7-8, 2000 at the Simpsonwood Retreat in Norcross, Georgia. From what I have learned this was a gathering of doctors and scientists convened to study the data collected and review reports pertaining to that data, whose main author has been identified as Dr. Thomas Verstraeten. The general purpose of the meeting was to address the correlation between heavy metal exposure from childhood vaccinations and neurodevelopmental injuries in children. More particularly, the issue was whether the staggering increase in childhood neurodevelopmental delays and disorders in this country was the result of the use of known neurotoxins as preservatives in vaccines, purposefully injected directly into the bloodstream of newborn babies, a practice mandated by the United State government vaccine and immunization schedule. As you are probably aware there is an increasing number of doctors, scientists, government officials and above all else parents, who through tireless research in the hope of helping their children, who believe that there was a cover up by all of the attendees of the Simpsonwood meeting about the known risk of injecting newborn babies with neurotoxins that were used by drug companies as preservatives to increase the shelf life, reduce contamination and cut the cost of making vaccines without the preservatives. This as you knew then and we know now could have been done for a fraction of the cost of what it will take to pay for the lifelong care of these children. Instead a portion (1 in 166) of an entire generation of children were sacrificed in order to cover up a deliberate decision to not hold the drug companies responsible for the products they put on the markets and to avoid the embarrassment of the CDC, NIH, IMO and every other alphabet agency of the federal government that isresponsible for safeguarding the public. In a word your conduct and the conduct of everyone else charged with protecting our kids was despicable. How you can live with yourselves is beyond comprehension. How you can continue to deny the facts, frustrating the efforts to get the funding needed to help these kids, is criminal.I have a request on my son's behalf. What's done is done. But it'snot over. I would respectfully request that you come out in public, acknowledge the truth and join the fight to eliminate neurotoxins from ever being used in another vaccine again. Any notes you have from the meeting would be of help in our fight for a cure or to just help with developing that is safe and may help restore what has be taken from these kids. Alternatively please provide the rest of us who were not invited to Simpsonwood with the specific data and information upon which you relied to allow the continued use of neurotoxins in vaccines tha twere still on the market at the time of the meeting in June, 2000.Vaccines which continued to be given to newborns whose immune systems could not handle the toxic load. Newborns who have succumbed to the devastating effects of having toxic metals into their blood compromising the developing brain, a fact that all of you were aware of yet chose to ignore and cover up even until today. I would love to see the vaccination records of the children and grandchildren of the "Simpsonwood Conspirators" who poisoned a nation. I hope your children and grandchildren are fine. I would not wish what my son, my family and every other family who has a child with mercury induced neurotoxicity has gone through (and will continue to go through) on anyone. Not even on the people who had the power to stop it and failed.If you should have any questions you can e-mail me. If you want my address for service of process I'll give you that. If you want to help send any information you have from the meeting at Simpsonwoodthat might help us treat our children and give them a chance at life. As men and women of science who took the Hippocratic oath("First do no harm") I feel you owe it to us. Send any information you have to the American Autism Association, a group that lost a pioneer and a deeply committed man who spent most of his life tryingto help those inflicted with this terrible syndrome, Dr. BernardRimland. You can also send it to Dr. Sid Baker, Dr. Andy Wakefield,Dr. Jim Neubrander, Dr. Stephanie Cave or Congressman Weldon. These are names you are probably familiar with because these men and women have been on the front line fighting the battle for our kids. A battle necessitated by your inaction, neglect, recklessness and failure to live up to your commitment to help rather than hurt. My goal was to e-mail everyone at the conference. However, it is taking too long to track down all the addresses and I want to get this out today as time is essential.Respectfully, Russel V. MancinoProud father of Russel John Mancino, who only wants to be likethe "other kids".I'm would appreciate it if anyone and everyone who is copied on this e-mail can send it to a friend or two and to your representatives inthe House and Senate and anyone that you know of who may have been at Simpsonwood for this meeting. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

George Bush, Eli Lilly, et al. Murder Another Autistic Child

A 12 year old boy was killed by his father in the Bronx yesterday. The father admits to the crime but he is also a victim.

Ulysses Stable was killed by the greedy profiteers who invented thimerosal and the corrupt politicians who are helping them to cover up their crime of negligence. George Bush has steadfastly refused, for years, to meet with Congressman Dan Burton to hold a White House conference on autism. George Bush knows the truth about autism but he will not admit it.

Eli Lilly caused the autism epidemic with its' preservative, thimerosal, that is used in childhood vaccines. They won't admit the truth either because it would cost them well over a trillion dollars if they did. They don't care if parents of autistic children reach their breaking points and kill their children. That won't affect their profits.

Sen Bill Frist has been well paid by the pharmaceutical industry to introduce legislation that lets them off the hook for poisoning babies. This despicable abuse of power also makes him look good to his colleagues in the Medical profession who stand to see their lofty reputations go down the toilet if it becomes common knowledge that their ignorance helped to cause the autism epidemic.
Doctors never bothered to check when more vaccines were added to the schedule or they would have known that they were injecting infants with about 200 times as much mercury as they know is safe.

Some other politician, I don't know who, added words into the Combatting Autism Act that could make the practice of chelation illegal. Chelation is the only proven method that can cure autism. That is how sick our government is. They would rather take money from the pharmaceutical industry to help them win lawsuits than to help children escape from the nightmare that is autism.

Autism is not the simple lack of communication and nerdy behavior that we hear about in the media. Autism is a 24 hour a day nightmare. These children have constant violent meltdowns, scream uncontrollably for hours, bash their heads through walls, bite themselves, bite others, tear out chunks of hair, smear feces all over the house and make any semblance of a normal life absolutely impossible. Parents can bring these inconsolable kids who are obviously in some pain to an Emergency Ward and be thrown out by doctors who simply say they won't treat autism. If they treated it and cured it, it would expose their malpractice.

One report I read claimed that a social worker was in touch with the father here frequently. I'll bet heavily that the social worker was not advising this father how to cure his son. Nobody knows that there is a cure for autism because the drug company ads that control the media prevent the public from learning about it.

The White House knows all about chelation and that it can cure autism. One might think our President would share this information with parents of suffering children. Naive people might even think that our President would want to do something to help these kids who suffer horribly every day of their lives. Those same naive people might also believe something that comes out of a politicians mouth while he's running for office. Students of politics know otherwise. Bush is not our President. Our President is whatever corporation contributed the most to his campaign. Unfortunately for autistic children, the companies who poisoned the kids have more money than their parents to buy a President.

If George Bush would have listened to Dan Burton some years ago and done something to help autistic children, Ulysses Stable might have been cured by now. His long suffering father would not have snapped and killed his son. If Eli Lilly had tested thimerosal for safety, Ulysses Stable probably would not have been autistic.

If Jose Stable is charged in this crime, Bush, Frist and the CEO of Eli Lilly should be charged as accessories. This death could have been avoided if our government was not open to the highest bidder.

Yesterday, another autistic child drowned. Five year old Daryl Gosein would probably still be alive and not autistic if George Bush and the CDC had banned thimerosal when it became public knowledge that they knew it had caused this epidemic. Instead, our President decided to murder this boy so his friends in the pharmaceutical industry could keep profits soaring. George Bush, baby killer.

I wonder if Bush will send Julie Gerberding to the funeral with a flag to say:"On behalf of a grateful nation, we salute you for sacrificing your son for profit."?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Neurodiversity's Mascot

I think I made an error in just comparing this monkey to one Neurodiverse simpleton. He is really symbolic of the entire cult of simpletons. I think they should adopt him as their mascot.

The complaint of one of the cult's most obnoxious members is that Canada is excluding autistics from some hearings. Michelle Dawson, as usual, is bitching that she is not being allowed the opportunity to make an utter ass out of herself.

Dawson insists on speaking for autistics rather than allowing parents of autistics to speak for their kids. She is one of those autistics who CAN talk. Her goal in life is to prevent parents from gaining the help they need so the children they represent CAN talk.

This too incapacitated to work postal worker who thinks she's a researcher doesn't understand that there is a gigantic difference between her and non-verbal children who can't do a damn thing for themselves. As such, she just has to intervene on behalf of all autistics to make it known that they don't want anything that might cure them. She doesn't understand that no cured child has asked to be shot up with more mercury so they can go back to being a non-verbal vegetable. She doesn't accept the pleas of parents that their children need help.

In short, Dawson is the best argument I've heard so far to round up all of these anti-cure alleged autistics and force them to endure any available treatment that might give them a little common sense. Sticking one's nose in where one does not belong to prevent children who can't function from gaining the help they need is insane.

Michelle Dawson is insane. Anyone reading this should visit her blog and tell her so. Shut the hell up, Michelle.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pending Psychologist

A psychology student from Kotka, Finland ponders the question of whether thimerosal caused the autism epidemic.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Michelle Dawson, The Missing Link?

I pointed out the flaw in one of Michelle's posts and this was the most intelligent answer she could come up with.
Michelle Dawson said...
Sorry Joseph, I'm deleting all of Mr Best's posts without trace, so there's no need to respond to him.
8:45 AM

Is this how research assistants deal with criticism of their work? This would make Michelle the "See No Evil" monkey, hereafter referred to as "The Monkey".

The Monkey was trying to compare parents whose kids had a fatal congenitive condition with parents of autistic kids. She tried to contrast the calm of the former set of parents versus the "hysteria" of autism parents. I simply pointed out to the Monkey that parents of terminal children could allow them to enjoy their short lives while parents of severely autistic children needed to take steps to avoid sending their kids to custodial care where their quality of life would be negligible.

Joseph commented that he thought I was saying that it's better to be dead than autistic. That was not my point but, at least he showed some evidence of brain activity by questioning my statements. The Monkey simply deleted my statements because it obviously did not have the intelligence to defend its' position.

One Neurodiverse sympathizer once told me that the Monkey was their leader. That says a lot about Neurodiversity. Here we have this animal who was too incapacitated to make it as a postal worker leading disabled people to harm themselves by not learning the true nature of their affliction. Using its' logic, we conclude that parents of autistic children should enjoy their lives and their differences without helping the children. We are led to this flawed conclusion because some children with fatal congenitive conditions who can not be helped have parents who have accepted the inevitable fate of their children.

It is easy to see how an uneducated Monkey can reach this conclusion. Animals are not capable of logical thinking that must be based on an assessment of all the facts. The Monkey has decided that it, itself is beyond help and must live with a damaged brain without any chance that any intervention can ameliorate its' condition. It has also leaped to the inappropriate conclusion that because it can function somewhat in this world, all autistic people can function. Those of us who have severely autistic children know that this is not true. Those of us who have been in institutions know that some autistic people will never function at all and that they need help. We also know that this is a horrible existence.

The Monkey has decided that parents who address these facts are hysterical. It thinks it holds a lofty position as a research assistant and can look down on parents who disagree with its' flawed logic. It has not figured out that the assistance it is providing to the researcher is that of a subject. The research that is presented by said researcher is clear evidence to sane and intelligent parents that going through life with brain damage is not a good idea.

Parents who want to help their children may appear hysterical to the Monkey. They would find it much easier to be calm if their children's fate was a foregone, albeit very sad conclusion. Decent parents will do anything at all to help their children avoid a horrible life after they are dead. We are all fighting the clock to help our kids avoid that fate. Monkeys should keep their mouths shut until they gain intelligence comparable to humans so they can defend those inane positions for which their only solution is to delete comments.