Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Neurodiversity Cult, Autistic Abuse

Unlike most cults, there are no religious overtones or charismatic leaders to snooker the innocent lambs. The victims of Neurodiversity are not asked to give up their belongings and they aren't living in any group compounds. These victims have sacrificed something much more valuable; they have donated their minds for the purpose of serving this master with propaganda.
No sane person thinks it is a good idea to abandon children who are severely incapacitated by refusing to give them medical treatment when they are poisoned. When a parent learns that their child has been poisoned, the proper response is to contact a doctor and remove said poison. I never dreamed that I would have to make that statement. I must have been somewhat naive to believe that every parent would have at least that much intelligence. I guess I was giving some of my fellow parents too much credit.
The leaders of Neurodiversity have targeted the feeble-minded. What they have done is truly criminal. They have convinced people who have had their brains damaged by mercury that they should band together as a group of disabled citizens to tell the world through their blogs that they do not want their brain damage repaired. They have also taken this a step further to try to con society into believing that it is wrong to cure any person whose brain has been poisoned into autism. The leaders have said that curing autism is akin to killing the autistic person. Some autistic people who have the ability to type have fallen for this absurd notion and now have been brainwashed into believing it themselves.
Autistics became brain damaged due mostly to mercury in vaccines. The cult followers claim they can think for themselves. Some of them can't talk, aren't fully toilet trained and are unemployable. They have never experienced what normalcy is yet they proclaim they do not want to be cured. Their mental capacity is so limited that they can't understand the fallacy in their thinking yet, there they are blogging away to spread the deranged message of Neurodiversity. Our government needs to step in and put a stop to this abuse of disabled people.
One must ask who could possibly gain something by this abuse. These people have no assets to steal. It certainly doesn't appear that anyone could get rich by brainwashing autistics into telling the world that they want to remain brain damaged.
There are several possible beneficiaries to this lunacy. Our government, who should be protecting these disabled people could benefit if these victims could convince sane parents not to cure their autistic children. If nobody wanted to cure autism, the CDC could continue to poison babies all over the world with thimerosal and protect the integrity of the vaccine program. Then they wouldn't look like a bunch of negligent simpletons for causing the autism epidemic by never testing thimerosal for safety. The drug industry would be the most obvious beneficiary of this lunacy since, if everyone thought autism was genetic and the Neurodiversity Cult convinced the world to celebrate having autism, nobody would want to sue them for trillions of dollars for putting poison into babies and causing autism. Pediatricians, who injected the vaccines and now routinely lie to parents by telling them that mercury does not cause autism would be off the hook for their blunder.
Unfortunately for all of the above, the majority of parents on this earth have not lost their marbles and joined this ridiculous cult. Any parents reading this whose kids have signed on with Neurodiversity should seriously consider hiring deprogrammers to rescue the children. Autism is a nightmare and no person should go through life with it when cures are available.