Monday, July 10, 2006

Is Neurodiversity Simply Propaganda?

If I were Eli Lilly or the CDC, I'd consider Neurodiversity as a wonderful propaganda tool to help sway public opinion. Invent a bunch of alleged autistics who claim they don't want to be cured. Have them post from all over the Globe and have them present themselves as a unified force with things like the Autism Hub.
Note that it isn't Asperger's Hub or Neurodiverse Hub which would make more sense since most of the alleged autistics claim to celebrate having Asperger's, not Autism. By comingling a slew of blogs under the heading of Autism, the deranged notions presented on these blogs appear to the casual observer to be the voices of the autism community.
In reality, the Autism Hub is as far from the sentiments of families afflicted with autism as you can get. No parent wants their child to have autism. No parent intentionally injects poison into their babies. Yet, here we have all these neurodiverse blogs trying to pawn themselves off as representative of those whose lives have been destroyed by the nightmare called autism.
The Autism Society of America recently backed down on their support of an important provision in the proposed Combatting Autism Act. They claim to represent the interests of evryone on the spectrum. There are neurodiverse types associated with ASA who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about thimerosal from being learned.
This has become a problem since the neurodiverse have managed to keep themselves included as part of the autism community. They are here to disrupt. They don't need anyone's approval to let their kids rot in the abyss of autism without trying to cure them. Why is it not in everyone's best interests to have research done to prove the fact that mercury caused the epidemic? ASA should recognize how important this is. Could neurodiverse propaganda have helped sway their decision to renege on their agreement?
Can anyone give me a good explanation why autism should not be cured? Neurodiversity claims it would be killing the autistic person to cure them. I claim it would be killing the drug companies if we could cure all of our kids. We just saw how difficult it is in court to get the truth out about thimerosal. I don't think the drug companies will have any defense if thousands of cured children start walking into courtrooms to testify about how they were cured. Is this the true reason neurodiversity is so adamantly opposed to curing autism? Is the concept of celebrating neurodiversity just a shoddy stab at propaganda that some unwitting parents might give creedence to?
The idea that we need to include all people with autism and be considerate of differing opinions goes out the window when these neurodiverse propagandists are directing their concerted efforts towards making negligent criminals look innocent. Sane and decent parents do not try to prevent other parents from helping their children overcome debilitating conditions such as autism. Sane and decent parents do not latch onto the accidental deaths of children from doctors errors during chelation to use as a condemnation of all well practiced chelation that helps children.
Every autism organization needs to purge itself of these neurodiverse types. They are nothing but a cancer with the sole intention of disrupting decent people from helping children. May they all rot in hell.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Neurodiversity Versus Sanity (Again)

Once again, the Wicked Witch of Neurodiversity has attacked the Geiers. The Geiers are the guys who proved that mercury caused the autism epidemic. The Geiers discovered a treatment for mercury poisoning that helps children rid themselves of mercury faster and with fewer side effects. The Geiers are helping autistic children.
Witch Seidel has made it her personal crusade to find fault with every action taken by the Geiers. The Wicked Witch does not want to see any children cured of the nightmare that is autism. She thinks kids should celebrate this horrible existence.
My son can't talk, read or write at almost 10 years old and Kathleen Seidel is out to crucify scientists who want to help him. In her latest bit of yellow journalism, the Witch is insinuating that the Geiers are committing insurance fraud. Any decent parent would ask why the hell insurance won't pay for treatments that help children escape the abyss of autism in the first place.
Can anyone tell me why this despicable witch wants to see children suffer with autism? How can any parent be so damn sadistic?