Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Mercury Militia" Falls for Propaganda, Dooms Autistic Kids

People who are my allies in this little war for our children's lives have screwed up royally. We are facing a major propaganda effort from the pharmaceutical industry and the United States government and the people who presume to lead us have failed to recognize it.

We have a couple of writers who have served a useful purpose with a book and a bunch of articles discussing the cause of autism. Dan Olmsted and David Kirby have managed to publish some of the truth about autism. For that, I applaud them.

Kirby and Olmsted have made an egregious error tough, in supporting Kathleen Seidel's abuse of the first amendment. They allowed themselves to be baited into supporting Seidel by a bunch of child abusers associated with Quackbusters. In effect, their support of Seidel is tacit agreement that it is acceptable to lie to parents of autistic children.

Kirby and Olmsted mistakenly assumed that a lawyer questioning Seidel's motivation to write her lies was somehow an infringement on her freedom of the press. I can only guess that they support the right of any "journalist" to write whatever they want because they are journalists themselves. It reminds me of how all cops seem to support a bad cop no matter what he does.

I wrote to Olmsted, advised him of some facts about Neurodiversity (twice) but he did not reply to me. I have to assume that Dan Olmsted thinks he knows more about this than I do and is just too important to be bothered with what I have to say.

I tried to comment at the Age of Autism to make my point to Olmsted but my comments were deleted. Kim Stagliano told me that Age of Autism had agreed not to mention Seidel's name. I tried to explain further to Mrs Stagliano but she just ignored me.
Stagliano has no clue as to the scope of Quackbusters and their affiliates at Neurodiversity. She has allowed many of their comments to be presented at the Age of Autism while deleting my opposition to them. This woman just can't get it through her thick skull that every word from neurodiversity is a lie.

So, while Kim writes her cutesy little anecdotes about autism and looks at liars like Kristina Chew as friends, children continue to suffer. Chew writes part of a book with a lying scoundrel named Grinker that furthers abuse of autistic children and Stagliano allows Chew to post her propaganda on Age of Autism. When I try to point this out to Kim, she deletes my comments in favor of allowing propaganda experts from neurodiversity to lie to people about autism. Stagliano does not understand that Kristina Chew and Kathleen Seidel are her enemies, enemies of all autistic children.

What can you do when people on your own team are too damn stupid to recognize the enemy? Olmsted and Kirby announced their stupidity to everyone they represent when they backed Kathleen Seidel. Seidel would be elated if no parent ever cured an autistic child. That's her goal, to prevent anyone from curing autism. Propaganda experts like Seidel and Joseph Goebbels don't come out and announce to the world that they are superb liars. They don't announce their disingenuous agendas. You have to be smart enough to read what they have to say and decipher all of the carefully worded lies.

Olmsted, Kirby and Stagliano have not bothered to do this. I'm really surprised J B Handley didn't explain it to them. I hate to knock Age of Autism because I have always respected Handley and what he has done with Generation Rescue. But, I can't sit idly by and watch people who I thought were on my son's side agreeing that the most vile piece of garbage involved in this autism controversy has the right to prevent people from curing autism by lying about it.

In case Dan Olmsted is reading this, I want to make sure he knows that he does not speak for me. People who lie about autism are my enemy. They are my son's enemy. They need to be silenced, not supported. Every damn lie they write needs to be refuted. You don't refute those lies by burying your head in the sand and hoping they will go away. They sure as hell are not going away when people who pretend to speak for my mercury damaged kid support them.

Since Olmsted is too damn important to bother answering my concerns, I present them here in public where he can't delete them. You and Kirby screwed up. Kathleen Seidel is hazardous to my child. That's makes you hazardous to my child. If you're too damn important to learn something from me while you support my son's enemy, go fuck yourself!


Anonymous said...


I am on your side about most things... however, I think that it is best to ignore the whole Seidel issue. Why? Because she is not important enough to comment on. The Neuroinsane want nothing more than to make Seidel an issue. They want her name brought up. Did you see how the Insane Diva brought up Seidel in about 4 different threads on the Autism Speaks site? They are drooling over the thought of being able to elevate Seidel... it's better to ignore her nonsense. That worked well on the Autism Speaks site - only a few commented on the issue. It drove the Diva insane that people didn't really give a rat's ass about the Neuroinsanity saga. Sometimes ignoring works wonders. Just a thought.

John Best said...

If Age of Autism and Olmsted think that ignoring her is the best thing to do, Olmsted and Kirby should not have publicly supported her.

Seidel is getting herself in newspapers and that does a great job of spreading her propaganda. She's a very good liar and some people believe her lies. That can't go unopposed.

Anonymous said...

I'm still sticking with my opinion on this one. There's nothing more annoying to a Neuroinsane follower than to ignore their nonsense. Remember, the only way they get ANY attention is through us... So unless it is something really important - it's better to simply ignore. They are begging for people to comment in regards to this legal matter because they see it as a way to gain some more Neuroinsane cult members.

John Best said...

When Seidel had over 100 bloggers supporting her, she didn't need people from our side like Olmsted and Kirby to also support her.

This is not about Seidel or about you. It is about visible people from our side supporting a bitch who is trying to prevent us from curing our kids. These two guys are able to have their opinions heard by a lot of people. They have no business supporting her.

Anonymous said...

Kim Stagliano told me that Age of Autism had agreed not to mention Seidel's name.

I don't blame them, especially in light of pending sanctions for that attorney and the separate dismissal of the Sykes case with prejudice.

Actually it almost seems smart of AOA not to mention Seidel's name in light of the subpoena being quashed. Who in the autism=mercury poisoning belief camp would want to call attention to the fact that a judge ruled in agreement with Seidel?

What can you do when people on your own team are too damn stupid to recognize the enemy?

I'm not sure it's the case that they don't recognize them, but I think you might be spot on in the first part of your sentence.

Unfortuately, David, Dan, and Kim would seem to be the tip of "sub-astute" iceberg. Forget those "journalists" and "amateur author mommies", what will you do about the so-called "scientists" like Dr. Daftstreet (on your side) who has shown us that autistic children are excellent mercury excretors!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you're sounding like Phil now. Just the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

Olmsted isn't much of a journalist. When he wrote his Age of Autism story about the Amish, he was too drunk or too stupid to visit the main clinic in Lancaster County that treats kids with genetic and other disorders. And then when somebody called him on his bullshit, he started whining and complaining that people weren't treating him with respect, like he's so special or something. And Kirby's not much better - he should be back writing for his gay rags for all the good he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Blogowner

Will you vote me in the presidental election? I'll make all your troubles furtively vanish in a heartbeat..

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Anonymous said...


It's tough when your enemy gets press time but this looks like a case where Age of Autism stayed out of a legal fight that was clearly not going well. they probably should have given support for the actual legal case though, but I can see why they didn't back the subpoena. Anyhow, venting about it may feel good, but it allows the trolls to come out from ND and try and gloat.

Unbelievable that there are so many that clearly can't understand how to analyze data properly. Like the dipshits always bitching about the Amish with obvious genetic disorders being discounted but Olmsted, or just plain misinterpreting the Bradstreet analysis. It's the same guys you always fight with, and your post is bringing them up out of their holes once again.

The wheels grind along, and these bloggers will never stop leaving a trail of bullshit to follow for any future legal action, or at least public humiliation, so chill out and let some more mito cases be won and more research to come out before fighting your own side.

John Best said...

ND trolls were already laughing that Olmsted and Kirby were so easily sucked in to support Seidel.

If Olmsted is too damn important to answer me, then let them gloat all they want until Olmsted learns to listen to people who know more about this subject than he does.

Who the hell does he think he is?

Anonymous said...


Olmsted is still fighting, just not directly. Honestly, teamND have so little public attention that there is really no point in fighting them directly, especially since their followers don't ever listen or learn anything.

It's like fighting with a bunch of snakes in the tall grass. Why even bother going in? Just set fire to the damn grass. Age of Autism has plenty of people politically setting fire to the grass, and all it takes is two simple points to make it across - that autism is actually increasing and it is caused by the environment - and all the snakes get roasted. All of their arguments fall apart and their blogs become laughingstocks.

TeamND has no way to defend against this, since the members are basically shut-ins with no cash or deisre to venture out to DC. For a propaganda outfit, team ND is pretty pathetic actually. Maybe it is just a loose group of crazies with narcissistic personality disorders leading gullible aspies with lots of free time. Either way, the time now is better spent setting fire to the grass.


John Best said...

Anon 72,
Olmsted may still be fighting but he chose to fight against me by supporting Seidel.

Seidel had articles in two newspapers last week.

It's tough to set the grass afire when Olmsted is pouring water on it. AOA burying their heads in the sand doesn't help to undo the damage Seidel does by having her lies published where lots of people see them outside of autism blogs.

jonathan said...

If there really were a cure for autism would anyone in the neurodiversity movement have any way from preventing parents from giving it to their children?

John Best said...

They can't stop those of us who already know the truth, that autism is curable. They can and do influence people who don't know better than to listen to them. That's why their lies can not be ignored.

Ender said...

Then why is your son still extremely autistic. You seemed to have gotten him at a quite young age. You are obviously chelating the hell out of him. Yet here he is. How long has it been anyway

Anonymous said...

No wonder people say aspies are assholes. Ender, you are a prick to hit low like that.


John Best said...

He is not extremely autistic. He has improved tremendously.

A young age would be under 5. I didn't start chelating him until he was almost 8. I have not found all the answers for him yet.

Kathleen Seidel, lying to the public and the politicians who could approve funds to treat autism, contributes to his not receiving all of the treatments that might help him. Olmsted's support of Seidel is one more voice that causes those people who could approve funds for treatment to deny them. The more people who support her lies, the less likely our kids are to receive all the treatments they need.

Anonymous said...

Autism is preventable! Do not vaccinate, avoid mercury fillings and be careful what you feed your children.

The we can avoid future annoyances like Ender and Timelord.

John Best said...

Agreed but, I don't think Timelord's genetic stupidity could have been avoided.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one.. do not have children.

Ender said...

I love being considered an annoyance, you still can't show me that I am wrong (name me 1 kid published before the age of 14 if you can) so you just blast my name.

John Best said...

Children do not have the experience at age 14 to have anything worthwhile to say. The kid's time would be much better spent learning how to hit a baseball.

If you have your brain damage repaired, you might understand.

Anonymous said...

"I love being considered an annoyance"

It's called being an asshole. You are very good at it though.

Anonymous said...

Is Ender rabbitng on about his pet obsession Luke Jackson yet again?

The Jackson family were big news a few years ago when the movie was made about their family. They could have published anything at the time. It's called cashing on a news story.

Vanna White wrote a book and someone actually published it.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

All of you people need a life. Get off your computers; you're children need you.

Anonymous said...

I'm autistic.

And apparently everything I see,hear, touch, feel, achieved, written, argue about, love, hate, or am indifferent to is because of poison.
I disagree with that.
But will never try and stop you from from trying to help your kids.Never ever.It's your buisness, and good luck to you.I hope what you've done works out for the better.I just chose to do things different then you guys, and that's okay, isn't it?

But I honestly wish that you guys would just please leave the non-cure people alone.Their un-treated autism is as much your buisness as your kids are to us.

I'm a neurodiversity person, I'm not insane.I just believe in people living anyway they so choose.And part of that is the normal way, and their's nothing wrong with that.

As long as the us neurodiverse people and you guys leave each other alone, I'm sure we'll be find.

And it's not all us, you know.We'll take half the blame if you guys take the same half.Mabe we can work together some day.

Good luck to you all.


John Best said...

You can disagree all you want. It won't change the facts about thimerosal.
Neurodiversity is propaganda that uses autistic people against themselves. You should never believe anything that is said by neurodiversity. None of it is true. That's why there can be no middle ground.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Best for representing the Vaccines Causes Autism side you are a very apt spokeman indeed. And for exposing Dan Olmsted, who is to lazy of a reporter to research his Amish story the right way so the truth Can Get Out! It is time that people like Olmsted and Kirby move over so the society can see who the real people are and claiming to be for rightly for THE CHILDREN!