Friday, September 05, 2008

Avian Flu, Question for Julie Gerberding

Hey bitch, how come you can shoot 100% of our babies with about 40 different vaccines and mangle their brains into autism but you can only figure out how to make enough anti-virals against the Avian Flu for 10% of us?

Does it make sense that we can vaccinate 100% of babies against HepB which is only caught by sharing needles with drug users or having sex with infected people, a useless vaccine, but we can't protect the country from the extremely deadly Avian Flu?

How come the meeting I saw you at yesterday to advise the Fortune 500 how to protect themselves from Avian Flu wasn't broadcast on national TV to warn the whole country about this threat? I saw you were concerned with factories being able to have enough diesel fuel to run their generators if we lose our electricity because too many electric workers croak from the flu you won't protect them against. So, why don't you provide those workers and everyone else with the anti-virals?

You let Paul Offit earn hundreds of millions to protect kids from diarrhea with a vaccine that kills some of them. Nobody dies from diarrhea with any sort of medical care. So, why don't you forget that stupid nonsense and protect all of us against this nightmare of a flu that can kill us within 3 days?

I watched your panel talk about making life and death decisions based on whether an employee was needed or not. They also discussed whether these hot shot big businesses should bother giving the anti-virals to whole families or just the necessary employees. Sure Julie, save the kids from diarrhea and the HepB they have no chance of catching but let the kids croak to save employers a few bucks.

Did you and Tommy Thompson think nobody outside your elite bastards in the Fortune 500 would see your meeting where you plan to let the rest of us die from this Avian Flu?


Anonymous said...

You can't develop a vaccine against something that doesn't exist yet. Or does the human spread avian flu exist already?

John Best said...

I'm not talking about a vaccine, I'm talking about the anti-virals that might keep you alive if you get it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the human avian flu does exist. There was an article on msn about a year ago that it was finally developed in the lab. US lab of course..

Anonymous said...

A vaccine to revent diarrhea?

Diarrhea is completely preventable with clean water and basic sanitation, not to mention healthy food.

But why take that course in poor countries? It would not make any money for the pharma industry. A vaccine makes money! To provide the basics of clean water and sanitation would COST money. The only thing saved would be lives and who cares about those. There are millions of poor people. Who cares if a few die from diarrhea and of a few more die from the vaccine, that is collateral damage. Who gives a shit (pardon the pun).

Vaccine for diarrhea indeed!

Paul Offit=mind control victim or fraud. You decide.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody dies from diarrhea with any sort of medical care."

Rotovirus kills more than 400,000 kids a year. Kids in third world countries who don't have adequate medical care.

You have a problem with that?

John Best said...

You need help with reading comprehension.