Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jesse Ventura, Start the Revolution, Eradicate Autism

Who has more reason to want the United States Government overturned than people who had their children poisoned into autism by that corrupt government?! Please think about taking action. Start by learning that you can not vote for a Democrat or a Republican. This speech is 3 parts, please watch all 3.


Anonymous said...

I rate Jesse Ventura getting elected as Minnesota's 1 and only redeeming quality.

Anonymous said...

"Best, Jesse Ventura has his feet firmly on the ground and would KNOW that Autism is genetic in origin! And guess what...."

Autism is not genetic and even if it was it still needs to be cured.

Tay-Sachs is genetic, so it fragile x and retts, but that does not mean they should not be cured or that people should stop looking for a cure. What's wrong with people. If you had a genetic facial deformity would you not do all you could to improve the problem.

Just because something is- or may be genetic does not mean it should not be cured or helped.

Why does Timelord do that maniacal laugh before his posts. Where is the dude with the zapper when you need him.

Anonymous said...

I guess the lure worked.

Anonymous said...

Glad you brought up Tay-sachs. Tay-sachs has symptoms that are totally mimiced by exposure to I think its PCB type chemicals, but could be mistaken, just some not too uncommon chemicals. Much like autism. Maybe its genetic in a tiny fraction of the autistic people, but in a large majority (99.9+)its mimiced well by mercury exposure. Maybe the genetic component is just an extreme sensitivity ... like exposure in very very very small quantities of mercury.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true, Phil Gluyas the known CHILD MOLESTOR that he is has been trying to take our estimed Mookchow Clan Leader to court on 3 occasions.

The first two had witnesses in the booth. First two times he was laughed completely out of court.....

Hey Phil, tell us what happened the 3rd time?? ROFLMAO!!

Anyway, Phil Gluyas is still unemployed and is still gaining the reputation for being the Child Molestor he is....

And it is only getting stronger.

Phil..We still OWN YOU AND YOUR WIFE ;)

How many times have you changed your phone number?
And now your home address is being handed out........

How long till something really bad Happens to you Phil?


Anonymous said...

Er, "anonymous",

Go away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous Mookchow! Tell us his address. There are no secrets here, man!

Anonymous said...

Jesse Ventura's daughter Jade was injured by vaccines.

"At her next immunization appointment and check-up she was pronounced healthy and normal for her age and was given her shots. I was given no warnings this time. I put a happy little girl to bed that night. Suddenly, at about 2 or 3 AM, I awoke to a gurgling grunting noise coming from Jade's crib. I ran to her and she was having a grand mal seizure. I called an ambulance, and she was put in intensive care again. I was shocked. This time Jade suffered permanent damage and her life with real disabilities began."

Anonymous said...

Did you forget these bits?

"Jade arrived in this world seemingly healthy, but within hours, she began having over 100 seizures per hour. The hospital tried three types of seizure medication to control them, but nothing worked.

Eventually, a specialist was called in and CAT scans and spinal taps were performed on our newborn baby girl.

The results were frightening. Our family was informed that Jade had a brain like "swiss cheese" and would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life, or maybe even die. Of course, we were horrified! She looked like a normal healthy baby to us."

"It takes a lot of people and a lot of time to help a child be successful in life, no matter what their disabilities are.

With your help, we can raise awareness and get money to programs to help these kids succeed, so there will be more success stories like Jade's."