Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Increased Male Hormones in Autism, Peer Reviewed Study

Routine Testing Confirms Elevated Male
>Hormones in Autism
>Release Contacts:
>For Immediate Release CoMeD President
>November 28, 2007 [Rev. Lisa K. Sykes (Richmond, VA)
> 804-364-8426]
> CoMeD Sci. Advisor
> [Dr. King (Lake Hiawatha, NJ)
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>WASHINGTON, DC - A new moderate-scale
>peer-reviewed scientific/medical study
>confirms many patients with an autistic
>spectrum disorder (ASD) suffer from
>significantly elevated levels of male
>hormones, and numerous treatments that
>lower male-hormone levels have significantly
>improved clinical outcomes in patients
>with an ASD.
>This study, "A Prospective Assessment of
>Androgen Levels in Patients with Autistic
>Spectrum Disorders: Biochemical Underpinnings
>and Suggested Therapies," by Mr. David A.
>Geier and Dr. Mark R. Geier, has been
>published in the most recent issue of
>Neuroendocrinology Letters (Volume 28,
>Issue 5, pgs. 565-573). A grant from the
>Brenen Hornstein Autism Research & Education
>(BHARE) Foundation (Elk Grove, IL) to the
>Institute of Chronic Illnesses, Inc. (Silver
>Spring, MD) funded this research.
>Previous studies by Tordjman et al. (1997)
>and Geier and Geier (2006) have suggested
>patients with an ASD have elevated levels
>of male hormones. The male hormones tested
>in the Geier and Geier (2007) study were:
>testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA),
>and androstenedione.
>This study utilized blood testing to assess
>the level of these male hormones in patients
>diagnosed with an ASD. The researchers examined
>70 patients diagnosed with an ASD who were
>subsequently found to have elevated male-hormone
>levels by the CLIA-approved US Laboratory
>Corporation of America (LabCorp).
>The findings by Geier and Geier demonstrate:
>· Patients with an ASD had significantly
> increased levels of serum testosterone,
> serum free testosterone, percent free
> testosterone, DHEA, and androstenedione
> relative to LabCorp's age- and sex-specific
> reference range means.
>· Female patients with an ASD diagnosis had
> significantly higher relative testosterone
> and free testosterone levels than the male
> patients.
>· Elevations in male hormone levels may result
> from environmental exposures, such as mercury,
> and increase the toxicity of the exposure.
>The results of the present study confirm and
>extend previous observations, establishing the
>clinical importance of elevated male-hormone
>levels in those diagnosed with an ASD. Also,
>this paper's findings are consistent with those
>observed by many others who treat similar
>The researchers also found that administration
>of a male-hormone-reducing drug (leuprolide
>acetate, LUPRON®) to nearly 200 patients
>diagnosed with an ASD resulted in significantly
>lowered male-hormone levels and corresponding
>clinically significant reductions in
>hyperactivity/impulsivity, stereotypy,
>aggression, self injury, abnormal sexual
>behaviors, and/or irritability behaviors that
>frequently occur in patients with an ASD, with
>few non-responders and minimal adverse effects
>from the therapy.
>Thus, hormone testing is being successfully
>used to:
>· Demonstrate the role of elevated male
> hormones in populations with an ASD,
>· Clinically identify children and adults
> who have elevated male hormones, and
>· Track male hormone levels from affected
> patients undergoing treatment to lower
> male hormones.
>Today, any parent, physician, or healthcare
>provider can easily confirm whether a
>patient diagnosed with an ASD has elevated
>male hormones through testing done at LabCorp.
>Among other articles, the CoMeD's website,
>, contains
>full copies of the 2006 and 2007 papers
>authored by David A. Geier and Mark R. Geier.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CNN, Lying to the Public About Autism

CNN is proving to be a seriously deranged network when it comes to reporting the truth about autism. They have decided to believe the story of a drug abusing lesbian who fraudulently claims to be autistic. While many parents of autistic children have written to CNN to explain exactly how this woman, Amanda Baggs, has concocted this fraud, CNN has turned a blind eye to the truth and broadcast a flagrant lie.

Sanjay Gupta, who claims to be a doctor, plays right along with Baggs' charade while his title of MD lends credibility to this liar. Amanda Baggs is not the least little bit autistic. She was a normal child who destroyed herself by abusing LSD. Her mind is so far gone that she actually believed she was an elf. Now this mental case is on national television trying to give advice to parents who are desperately seeking help for their children who can't talk, toilet themselves, read, write or do anything a normal child can do.

Amanda Baggs, in her delusional state, would have us believe that we should celebrate the brain damage that the thimerosal in vaccines caused in our babies. Sanjay Gupta and the idiots who run CNN are presenting this LSD crazed woman as some sort of authority on autism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

LSD does not cause autism. Intellectually gifted children who are so smart that they can travel across the country to attend college at age 13 do not all of a sudden become autistic. Autism begins in very early childhood, after babies are poisoned by thimerosal. Sane people do not accept this horrible brain damage that has been caused in their children. Sane people do not go on CNN and say they accept autism for their children. Sane people want their children cured.

CNN deletes all the comments from sane people who go onto their blogs to try to expose this sham that is being perpetrated by Amanda Baggs, a lesbian named laura Tsoncik and a bunch of other wacked out idiots who think autism should not be cured.

CNN needs to hear from lots of sane people who resent this obfuscation of the truth by drug crazed lesbians. CNN needs to show some severely autistic children opposite Amanda (sham) Baggs so people see the truth about autism. They also need to show some sane parents who have cured their autistic children so all parents can learn that autism is curable.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Amanda Baggs on CNN Tonight at 10:00PM EST

P.T. Barnum would love CNN tonight, watching them being sucked in by an ex-schizophrenic who became an elf and then decided to become autistic. Or, was she an elf before she became schizophrenic? It doesn't matter. This obese actress is obfuscating the truth about autism, making a mockery of the pain that actual autistic children suffer every day.

I hope everyone who has learned the truth about this fraudulent hog writes to CNN to let them know that she is misrepresenting the horror that autistic children and their families endure.

Here's the link to the CNN blog where they refuse to publish comments showing that Amanda Baggs is a fraud. Sanjay Gupta is thereby showing himself to be a lying sack of dung by promoting the sham of Amanda Baggs while editing out the truth of the matter.

People who watch Amanda Baggs' shoddy attempt at impersonating autism need to let CNN know that they don't like being lied to concerning the horror that is autism.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Do You Stop Autistic Self-Biting? Help!!!

I'm nearing the end of my rope with Autism. My family has put up with my son biting himself and screaming almost every day for over three years now. I asked in countless places if anyone can tell me why these kids bite themselves and how to stop it. Nobody seems to have an answer.

I've endured countless well-meaning people who have told me to give him some rubber thing to chew on. These people have no idea how intense this problem is. This biting is not some behavioral problem. My son appears to be in great pain of some sort. The problem is that he still can't talk and has never given any indication what might be bothering him to cause this biting.

The biting disrupts our entire lives since none of the aides who come in to help with Sam can be left alone with him. He can overpower any woman and can easily hurt them in one of his rages. It makes going to work impossible sometimes. It makes helping our other kids with things impossible at times. IT has destroyed countless dinners and has ruined almost every day of our lives.

I've had about all I can take. No God damn doctor has been able to offer any opinion about why this occurs and none has been the slightest help in finding a way to stop this. No combination of drugs has been any help. Keeping him off all drugs has been useless. Chelation has had no effect one way or the other. During some long breaks in chelating, the biting never changed. The screaming never got better or worse.

I'm done talking about anything to do with autism until I can solve this biting. If I can't find a way to stop it very soon, my son will be going away to an institution.

I'm begging for someone to tell me how to stop the biting and screaming. I just can't take it any more.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Paul Offit, MD Lies to the Public Again

Paul Offit, MD is involved with a new group that is trying to lie about the safety of vaccines. Offit and his group of lying scoundrels, mostly physicians, stress that false information will reduce the acceptance of vaccination.

The fact of the matter is that thimerosal is not safe. It causes autism. It would be a simple matter to provide thimerosal free vaccines. All it takes is single dose shots.

Dr Hinman's email address is at the bottom of this letter. If you think this guy should tell the truth instead of poisoning more babies into autism, write to him and tell him so. I have no objection to safe vaccines. These scoundrels claiming that thimerosal is safe is criminal. They should all be locked up. Maybe we could send them soiled diapers instead of the checks they are asking for.

People For Immunization

Immunization of children has been spectacularly successful in
preventing disease in the United States – most vaccine-preventable
diseases are currently at all-time lows and childhood immunization
levels are at all-time highs. As a result of our success in
vaccinating children, many parents (and health care providers) no
longer perceive an imminent threat from vaccine-preventable diseases
and may question whether it is necessary to obtain timely
immunization. Although vaccines are safe and effective, real safety
and effectiveness issues arise, and accurate information needs to be
provided about them. One thing is certain: vaccines have saved the
lives of millions of people worldwide, and there is a real risk that
false information will reduce the acceptance of vaccination.

We have little to celebrate in immunizing adults of all ages in the
United States, and much work remains to be done to reach his
underprotected population.

Rising concerns, mostly non-science based, about the safety of
immunization are threatening the gains we have made in childhood
immunization. This is a global problem, not just a problem for the
United States. Myths arising in other countries, such as MMR
purportedly causing autism in the United Kingdom, have impact on
attitudes and practices in the United States. By the same token,
issues arising in this country, such as the notion that thimerosal in
vaccines causes autism, affect what happens in the rest of the
world. Unfortunately, the loudest voices and most visible faces
addressing immunization are often those attacking the safety of
specific vaccines or those generally opposed to immunizations rather
than those who support vaccines' benefits. Many of those in the
immunization field feel there is a need for independent, credible,
science-based advocacy to prominently reflect the broad base of
support for immunization among Americans. People For Immunization
intends to provide voices and faces to meet that need.

People For Immunization (PFI) will provide science-based, accessible,
and clear information about the benefits and risks of vaccines and
vaccine-preventable diseases to the public, health professionals,
political leaders, and their organizations. It will represent the
millions of people who support immunizations by speaking with one
strong voice about the value of immunizations. PFI seeks to become
the "go to" source for credible, science-based information on issues
relating to vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases, and
immunization. PFI will advocate strongly to improve the appalling
low adult vaccination rates in the United States. PFI will translate
policy for the public.

People For Immunization will have a large Scientific Advisory Board
comprising recognized authorities in the field. To ensure its
credibility as an independent voice, it will accept no funding from
the vaccine industry or the federal government. It will seek to
enlist the millions of Americans who support immunization and give
them a voice in the national discussion about benefits and risks of

People For Immunization will provide a science base for statements
regarding issues raised about vaccine safety and effectiveness. It
will seek to organize and participate in congressional briefings and
provide testimony at state and national levels as well as providing
rapid and effective communication via several media.

People For Immunization is currently administratively housed in The
Task Force for Child Survival and Development, a 501(c)(3) not-for-
profit public charity incorporated in Georgia. During its formative
period, Dr. Alan Hinman is serving as project leader. A Steering
Committee is guiding formation of PFI and will be replaced by an
Executive Board once the organization is up and running. Future
plans for the location and administration of PFI will be determined
by PFI's Executive Board.

If you would like to be a member of People For Immunization (there
are no membership fees) please contact Dr. Hinman at To make a tax-deductible contribution to
support PFI's work, please contact Dr. Hinman or send your
contribution to The Task Force for Child Survival and Development,
750 Commerce Drive, Suite 400, Decatur, GA 30030. Checks should be
made out to the Task Force for Child Survival and Development (or
TFCSD) and marked "for PFI."

People For Immunization Steering Committee Members

Joseph Bocchini, MD – American Academy of Pediatrics
Douglas Campos-Outcalt, MD – American Academy of Family Physicians
Mark Kane, MD – Consultant, Seattle WA
Paul Offit, MD – Vaccine Education Center
Walter Orenstein, MD – Emory Vaccine Center
Denise Palmer – Families Fighting Flu
Trish Parnell – Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDS)
Amy Pisani – Every Child By Two
Gary Stein – Families Fighting Flu
L J Tan, PhD – American Medical Association
Jon Ternte, MD – American Academy of Family Physicians
Deborah Wexler, MD – Immunization Action Coalition