Monday, April 28, 2008

A Forceful Voice in Autism Debate, Concord Monitor Conned

Kathleen Seidel is a conniving, deceitful and vicious bitch. The Concord Monitor was conned again by this rotten excuse for a human being when they printed her lies yesterday. It's one thing for Seidel to promote her nonsense on her blog where the only people who see it are those of us who are forced to deal with autism every day. It's something entirely different when a major newspaper poisons the minds of the general public by allowing Seidel to lie to them about autism.

When the Monitor prints inaccurate information such as this:
"Seidel believes that the propagation of the theory causes many harms: It traumatizes parents, who believe their children have been poisoned and must be fixed; it harms children, who are subjected to medically unnecessary treatments designed to remove mercury from their bodies; it discourages vaccination, leaving children vulnerable to deadly diseases; and it distracts autism activists and researchers from the work she feels is most important"

they are dooming some autistic children to life in an institution.

Margot Sanger-Katz, the uneducated dingbat who wrote this article, obviously has not heard the truth about autism. We are curing autistic kids by removing the mercury that doctors injected into them. Seidel knows this, lies about it, and the Monitor prints her lies.

Parents are not traumatized to learn that mercury from vaccines caused their kids' autism. They are happy to learn this since we now know what caused the problem. If we know what caused the problem, there is a chance we can fix it. Seidel is trying to make people believe the lies that doctors have told us for decades, that there is no known cause or cure for autism. That lie became obsolete in 1999 when we learned that mercury was the cause of the autism epidemic. Unfortunately, those with the most money to lose do not want us to know that fact. So, scumbags like Seidel spend all of their time trying to perpetuate that lie.

Seidel and her associates at Neuroinsanity go overboard by coming up with the absurd notion that it is somehow wrong to tell people with brain damage that that brain damage should be repaired. They have conned lots of brain damaged people into publicly proclaiming that they enjoy having the brain damage known as Asperger's and they are encouraged to lie about it by calling themselves autistic. Every time some idiot with Asperger's publicly states that they are an autistic person who does not want to be cured, they are presenting false information to the public. This lie is extremely damaging to actual autistic people who can not speak, read, write or type and very much do need their brain damage fixed.

This is an intentional effort of pure propaganda and it is growing. Media like the Concord Monitor need to understand this. Neurodiversity is an associate of Quackbusters. Quackbusters is an organization whose sole goal is to discredit any method of medicine that does not result in profit for mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry stands to lose trillions of dollars when the truth comes out that they negligently poisoned us all starting in 1931. Doctors stand to take a huge hit to their reputations while they are protected from lawsuits by a legal loophole called "standard of care". This means that as long as doctors uniformly lie to everyone and claim that there is no known cause or cure for autism, they can not be held liable since that lie is standard medical practice. They can not be held liable for poisoning our children with mercury since the standard medical practice is to keep poisoning babies with mercury.

Let's look at more ignorance from Margot Sanger-Katz:
"Science hasn't settled the question of what causes autism, but it has largely ruled out the possibility that a mercury-based preservative called Thimerosal, used in childhood vaccines until 2001, is to blame."

Sanger Katz should know that mercury is still being pumped into babies and fetuses via the flu shot. It was also still in most vaccines until 2003. Vaccines still contain the full dose of mercury in Asia, Africa, South America and other poor countries.

Science has settled the question of mercury causing autism. It does. The sources that Sanger Katz uses are lying to protect their own interests. They screwed up and they will not admit it.

Dr Mark Geier is the man who confirmed what Verstraeten told us in 1999, that thimerosal did cause the autism epidemic. Sanger-Katz should have asked Dr Geier about that instead of asking him to defend himself from the deranged attack of character assassination that is continually presented by Seidel. Instead, Sanger-Katz quotes some horse's ass named Gottesman who wrote a paper in 1995 about autism being genetic, four years before we learned that autism was caused by the mercury in thimerosal. This moron calls Seidel an Erin Brockovich when sane people know that she more closely resembles Joseph Goebbels for her expertise in spreading propaganda that harms autistic children.

Is Sanger-Katz aware of Seidel's work with Amanda Baggs who Seidel uses to further her propaganda? Baggs is a complete fraud who claims to be autistic. She is not. Seidel gives her rides and helps her fix her medical records so she can con the general public into believing that there are actually autistic people who do not want to be cured. There is no autistic person on this planet who would not love to be cured. To suggest otherwise is simply insane. It is also evil.

Amanda Baggs is an actress who plays the role of spokesmodel for Neurodiversity. She acts like a low functioning autistic woman, a role she honed by copying a real autistic woman who had learned to type at age 30. She has conned CNN into putting her story on TV and she has made a bunch of Youtube videos where she proclaims she does not want a cure. She does this in concert with another phoney autistic lesbian who is nothing more than a fat, lazy slob who has stated that it is OK to lie to beat the system.

Baggs claims that she can't speak. although she can sing. She could speak fine when she started college at age 14. Then she mangled her brain by using LSD 4 or 5 times a day, tried suicide, was diagnosed schizophrenic, became an elf and went doctor shopping to get diagnosed with autism at age 19, at about the time that the movement to obfuscate the truth about autism was being started, 1999. I don't know how Baggs and Seidel met each other but Seidel's husband did attend the same college that Baggs drropped out of after one year.

Here's another blatant lie by Seidel that demonizes decent people:
""They're talking about experimenting on disabled kids," she said. "Disabled kids are among the most vulnerable people on the planet.""
The truth of the matter is that this "experimenting" (Lupron) was solid science that resulted in helping lots of autistic children. Dr Boyd Haley, who Seidel also criticized unfairly, taught us that the reason four times as many boys as girls become autistic is because testosterone makes the mercury more potent while estrogen lessens the effects. Without this "experimenting", those children would not have been helped to recover from their autism. Removing the testosterone from these children made it easier to chelate all of the mercury out and give these kids a chance to recover from mercury poisoning which is misnamed autism. Seidel's calling disabled children vulnerable is quite a stretch when what she is really saying is that she does not want these children to be cured.

Seidel does not mention that Dr Haley made a great discovery with what he learned about how quickly testosterone added to mercury can kill brain cells. Instead, she used her typical character assassination technique to criticize Dr Haley for using the term "Mad Child Disease". As a father of a severely autistic boy, the term "Mad Child Disease" could not be more accurate. How else would you describe a child who reaches into his diaper and smears feces all over his face, runs into traffic and bashes his head through every wall in the house?

That's the truth about autism that Kathleen Seidel does not want the world to know.
She would rather have an uneducated person like Sanger-Katz tout her inane garbage about celebrating the joy of autism and making the public believe that there is actually something good about autism. There isn't! There may be a few intelligent people who have diagnosed themselves with Asperger's and also tout Seidel's version of insanity about not curing autism. They do not represent the horror that autistic kids endure. To allow herself to be conned by Seidel and pawn this deranged version of autism off on the general public is a disgrace. There are children who are suffering severely, with physical pain every day of their lives from having their brains poisoned with mercury. These children will never come close to leading a normal life. The few who have decent and intelligent parents who have done the research themslves have a chance to escape from the throes of this horrific nightmare. The rest, the vast majority of autistic kids, will not recover thanks to garbage like what was written on the Concord Monitor by an inept idiot who did not do her research.

Margot Sanger-Katz needs to learn that every word out of Kathleen Seidel's mouth is a carefully planned lie as part of her propaganda effort to prevent autistic children from being cured. Kathleen Seidel belongs in prison, not on the front page of any newspaper.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Concord Monitor Spits on Autistic Kids

The Concord Monitor has published a horrendous article that gives credibility to Neuroinsanity. This is not the first time this newspaper has allowed Kathleen Seidel to tout her vicious lies that try to prevent parents from helping their autistic children.

The Concord Monitor could use lots of letters to the editor to let them know the truth about this despicable bitch who wants our poisoned children to suffer with autism their entire lives to help out her friends in the drug industry.

Please write to this newspaper and ask them to print the truth about autism, not this sophistocated bullshit from Neuroinsanity.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

NH Epidemiologist Dr Jose Montero Lies to Citizens

I read this article in the New Hampshire Union Leader from Dr Jose Montero, a state employee. This brain dead idiot is still giving out ridiculous information about autism. Here is a state employee trying to lie to us about the causes of autism. This idiot says the following: But he wants to make it clear: "There is no relationship."

"It's unfortunate that some people in their pain and in the search for a source of the illness are blaming the vaccines, which have been the most effective public health measure that we have had in the last several decades."

Yup, here we go again, a state employee who was too stupid to find a job in a real medical practice touts how wonderful vaccines are. I'm not a doctor, have no knowledge about medicine whatsoever, yet, I have been able to gain a great deal of improvement in my son's symptoms of autism simply because I can read and follow directions from competent doctors who do try to help autistic children. Those respectable doctors know that Dr Jose Montero is a blatant liar. They know this because they are helping poisoned children instead of lying about the cause of autism. We know for a fact that there is still thimerosal in vaccines. For Dr Jose Montero to tell us that it is ALL gone is a lie. He should be discharged immediately from his state job and be charged with malpractice for not telling the whole truth.

I left the following comment with the Union Leader. We'll see if the Union Leader is honest enough to publish it or if they will try to protect Dr Jose Montero's reputation.

Dr Montero is either extremely ignorant or a blatant liar.
Some of those adults who receive the flu vaccine with thimerosal are pregnant women. The thimerosal that those woman receive is more than enough to damage the brain of a fetus.
I'd also like to challenge Dr Montero to show me that every 6 month old in New Hampshire receives the thimerosal free version of the flu shot. I don't think he can do this.
We further know that Montero is a liar because vaccines are still processed with thimerosal and still do contain trace levels. Nobody seems to be able to tell us exactly how much is contained in those trace levels.
I also challenge Montero to explain to me how children have recovered from autism by removing the mercury from their brains with chelation. If mercury did not cause the autism, they certainly would not have improved by removing the mercury.
Is Montero honest enough to answer my concerns? Perhaps he'd allow us to inject him with a proportionate dose of thimerosal as our infants received to see if it has any effect on him.
I say Montero is not the least bit concerned about the well being of our kids and is just trying to protect his profession from accepting responsibility for damaging our children.

Brian Deer, Chamelion

Here is an outline (click on The Complainant) of how Brian Deer went from writing about how drugs harm people to writing about how drugs that harm people don't harm people. One would suspect that a journalist who engaged in the corruption that is suggested here would be compensated clandestinely.

If England has any honest politicians, perhaps one of them will investigate this little cocksucker. If that can be accomplished, maybe the government will then look at helping children instead of helping the vaccine manufacturers.

The pdf that's linked to above is a quick 60 page read. As quickly as I can summarize it, the queer midget used to report on drugs that were proven to be harmful. Then he lied to an Irish woman named Margaret Best, with a kid who had brain damage from a vaccine, about who he was so he could investigate her. (So, here we learned that the midget is dishonest.) Then, he was linked to organizations who are associated with drug companies.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Neurodiversity's Midget Goes Berserk, Brian Deer

Brian Deer, a queer associated with Neurodiversity, was acting up at the Wakefield Inquisition in England this week. As you can see in the photo, security had to manage his behavior when his behavior threatened a woman. This is an excellent article. The questions about his finances don't seem much different that Cliff Shoemaker's questions about Kathleen Seidel's finances.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kathleen Seidel and NAMBLA

What if I had learned of one neurodiverse nitwit whose name turned up on a list of NAMBLA members? What if I wrote about this nitwit, named him, and went on to con- jure up a bunch of unrelated nonsense that made him look like a horrible person, regardless of hearing a reasonable explanation about how his name was placed on that list of the most perverted psychopaths on the planet. His name should not have been on the list but I went ahead and used that one bit of information to smear his name as much as I possibly could. That would be dishonest, wouldn't it?

Would anyone who has been defending Kathleen Seidel also defend my right to smear that person's good name, just because I had one bit of information that, by itself, would at least make people question this man's character? I wonder if I would enjoy the same support of my free speech. Would people defend me and my rights as a blogger?

So, how would that action that I did not take be any different from Seidel claiming Dr Geier was engaged in criminal activity by finding a way for autistic children to have insurance companies pay for treatment that helped them?

What if the person whose name had appeared on a list of NAMBLA members had been an undercover cop and I knowingly smeared him for simply doing his job? Would I be supported by the people who support Seidel's right to free speech? Would it not be dishonest of me to neglect to mention that that person was a police officer?

How is this different from Seidel never mentioning how children have improved after being treated with Lupron by Dr Geier? Seidel's supporters would surely support me, wouldn't they?

I may be outnumbered in this little blogging war but I am not outnumbered by ethical behavior.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thank You Cliff Shoemaker, Shut Up Seidel

I couldn't tell what the end product of this deposition will be from what Kathleen Seidel posted on her blog. This legal request for information though, is certainly a good sign that the legal process might be able to shut up this bunch of wacked out weirdos from Neurodiversity.

It would be nice to discover a money trail that allows these deranged mutts to lie about autism all day long on their disgraceful blogs. It would be even better if this pack of liars could be held liable by parents who believed their lies and missed valuable time in trying to cure their children.

I can imagine being brand new to the world of autism with a damaged child and the first site I find on the internet is Kathleen Seidel telling me that a Dr who cures autism is a dirty, rotten, scoundrel or whatever she calls them. How many people believe Seidel and other lunatics who tell parents that autism is something to be celebrated? Imagine if your first foray into learning about autism has you stumbling onto Amanda Baggs site where you learn that your kid might grow up to be fat and lazy but will be able to type and care for itself? Such bullshit.

I've spent lots of time exposing these assholes for what they are but, not being a lawyer, I haven't been able to do anything about it besides making them look foolish. Now, we have every nitwit available from the Cult of Neuroinsanity blogging their little guts out to defend their slimey leader. Reminds me of having about 20 nitwits bashing me when Leech accused me of attacking his kid so he could give himself an excuse to take a break from blogging. I quite enjoyed the mass character assassination, as it was obvious to all sane people that it was just coming from nitwits.

I hope Mr Shoemaker is enjoying the circus as well.

I've been suggesting that the stocks would be a good punishment for Kathleen. Mr Shoemaker probably has something else in mind. Anything that will shut her up so she'll stop misinforming the public will be fine with me, Cliff. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to rid the world of autism of a true slug. My son Sam, thanks you too.

As a show of support for Cliff Shoemaker, I'm sending him a check to help defray his costs in this matter. I'd like to suggest everyone else that can afford a few bucks do the same.
Cliff Shoemaker
Shoemaker and Associates
9711 Meadowlark Rd
Vienna, VA 22182

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

CNN, World Autism Day Coverage

At 8:06 AM, Sanjay Gupta and the eye candy of the hour agree that we don't know the cause of autism. They allude to a study about premature infants but draw no conclusions.(maybe two minutes)

I also learned how many flights were in the air nationwide and that a woman basketball player played through an injury.

At 8:42 AM, the eye candy again referenced the study on premature births and restated her opinion that we don't know what causes autism. (30 seconds)
One drug company commercial.

Learned that someone found a parachute that did not belong to D. B. Cooper. CNN missed the opportunity to tell us that a cow was found who couldn't fly. Was updated on how many flights were in the air.

One drug company commercial.

At 9:12 AM, Gupta says early intervention is key for autism. (10 seconds)

Two drug company commercials.

Update on parachute that was not D.B. Cooper's.

9:30 AM, Bob Wright and a kid with autism ring the opening bell on Wall Street.(10 seconds)

9:35 AM, The hot babe mentions the study about premature kids again from which no conclusions can be drawn. (15 seconds)

9:50 AM, The babe tells us autism affects 1 in 150. (5 seconds)

9:53 AM, John Dear, CNN producer, talks about getting a diagnosis and the fact that insurance won't pay for behavioral treatments for autism.(2 minutes, 30 seconds)

Two drug company commercials.

10:10 AM, Looks like the babe went home. Some guy is reiterating the study about premature infants.

11:48 AM Went out for awhile. Got back in time to learn that Jessica Simpson bought bigger breasts and saw another drug company commercial.

One more drug company ad.

A different hot babe is on now, blonde hair but looks about the same as the other hot babe. She can read as well as the first babe to tell us the same news.

12:06 Babe relays parent's report that parents of autistic children should feel blessed. (25 seeconds)

One drug company ad.

12:10 The blonde and Reggie Aqui tell us that the CDC and WHO say there is no link between vaccines and autism. Reggie uses the word "thimerosal" but screws up when he says it used to be in the MMR vaccine. They mention the premie study again and show us a boy who died at 22 who had autism. The boy has dysmorphic features and looks retarded, very different from the normal looking kids with severe autism. They also mention that this boy had a very large heart, also not a typical feature of autism. (4 min, 10 seconds)

5 more drug company ads.

12:35 They show autistic kids dancing. (10 seconds) and remind us about the parachute that did not belong to D.B. Cooper.

12:38 The blonde tells us about the premie study again and they they show the kids dancing. They show one kid having a tantrum, then they talk to a kid who must have Asperger's who has something to say about bullying. (4 minutes)

12:44 Quick ad for Autism Society of America.

12:48 Blonde babe tells us about the parachute that was not D.B. Cooper's again.

One more drug company ad.

Sanjay tells us that exercise reduces stress while he promotes a drug.

12:59 The premature baby study is mentioned again.

Blonde babe went home. Now we're being bored by an older guy who reads the same stories. This guy uses the news anchor grimace when he's done talking instead of the toothy smile that the babes use in between things to read. Expect he'll make it seem more serious that a parachute was found that didn't belong to D.B. Cooper.

One more drug company ad.

1:10 PM, The Preemie study again, then a nice segment on autistic kids playing basketball. Don't see any severely autistic kids who try to eat the ball or just drop it and start spinning in circles or something. Good, nevertheless.(2 min, 47 seconds)

One drug company ad.

D.B. Cooper and the parachute that wasn't his again. No grimace though.

One more drug company ad.

1:35 Went to make myself a snack. Might have missed a drug company ad or an update on D.B. Cooper.
Sanjay Gupta says we don't know the cause and tells us autism affects 1 in 150. Then they played a sound bite from Julie Gerberding who says we need more info to decide if autism is an epidemic. They include her bit about the IOM and 15 studies that show no association between autism and vaccines. Sanjay said we need to look at the inside of autistic people's brains. He also mentioned the Preemie study again that claims 25% of preemies go on to become autistic. Nobody has told us all day long if the mothers of those preemies had any thimerosal containing shots while pregnant or if the kids themselves had any thimerosal containing vaccines. Sanjay did not use the word "thimerosal". (2 minutes, 39 seconds)

4 more drug company ads.

Blonde babe is back. Prefer it when they show her standing since you can see her nipples poking through her shirt and it helps kill the boredom.

2:06 PM,20 second soundbite on autism and we learn about birth control for geese.

2:10 PM, Blonde mentions the preemie study again. She talks to a foreign babe with a British accent who is showing a little cleavage. She tells us about a set of twins with autism. Then we're referred back to the CNN website to learn more about autism.(4 minutes, 15 seconds)

Two drug company ads.

D.B. Cooper and somebody else's parachute again. Maybe it was Amelia Earhart's.

4 more drug company ads.

2:41PM They replay the 3 minute bit about kids dancing, tell us boys are 4 times as likely to have autism and tell us about the preemie study again.

One more drug company ad.

3:09 PM, Quick soundbite mentioning the preemie study again. The blonde is gone now and the guy is back reading the same news again.

Another report about parachute that might have belonged to Santa Claus but was not D.B. Cooper's.

3;23 PM, They show babies playing appropriately and inappropriately to encourage early diagnosis (I guess). (2minutes, 45 seconds)

One drug company ad for Alzheimer's drugs.

3:37 They discuss that society may not be able to manage autitsic adults.

No confirmation from federal authorities that parachute that wasn't D.B. Cooper's was not attached to Amanda Baggs when aliens sucked out her brain and shoved her out of a flying saucer after turning her into an elf.

One drug company ad.

One drug company ad to do with restless leg syndrome.

Another drug company ad.

7:43PM, Lou Dobbs on on the other CNN channel. Thomas Insel talks about better diagnosis but says there's a possibility that there might really be an increase in autism. Says it's diagnosed by age 3. Then my wife called to bug me about something stupid and I missed the rest of what he said. However, since he says autism is diagnosed by age 3, we see that this guy would agree that Amanda Baggs is not autistic.

9:00PM Larry King, Only caught part of this with lots of interruptions here. Jenny McCarthy did a pretty good job under difficult conditions. Doctors blindly defending vaccines, lying about the fact that thimerosal is still in vaccines and when it was removed made themselves look like jackasses. They showed that they will use any underhanded argument available when they tried to deride Jenny by asking her which diseases she wanted for her kid.

I heard a couple of people dance around using the word "thimerosal" so I'm guessing the guests were instructed not to say it. (But, with the interruptions I had to deal with, I might have missed it being uttered.)

There isn't even any argument here. We know beyond the slightest doubt that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic. Everything that has been said on TV for the last nine years has been part of a coverup.

We've had bits and pieces of the truth come out in the last year or two but every network that allows these bits and pieces always has alleged experts at hand to throw in their rhetoric to raise doubt about the truth that has been allowed.
I credit Larry King for letting Jenny blame the vaccines and I credit the doctor who was sitting to her left for being honest. (I didn't catch his name.)

This show degenerated into argument with people trying to talk over each other and all it achieved was to raise doubts in the minds of people who knew nothing about the problems with vaccines. That's a good thing though, since those doubts needed to be raised. The problem is that nobody has been allowed to sit down on any of these shows and just tell the whole story without having it obfuscated by a bunch of gibberish from those who have a lot to lose. Those who have a lot to lose also played roles in causing the autism epidemic.

It was good to see guys from AAP agree that they wanted to work with Defeat Autism Now (DAN).

There's where I take issue with Jenny McCarthy claiming that there is no cure. Children have already been cured. We simply don't have all the answers to cure all the kids. Money plays a role here too since these treatments are expensive. Supplememts alone can break you if you all of the things that have been found to help. And, most people don't have the time to learn everything they need to know to make that cure possible for their kid.

We need more doctors who are better educated and willing to help. We need insurance that will pay for this. Most important, we need for every parent of an autistic child to learn that a cure is possible.

11:00 Now, CNN is going to show us the most despicable person in the world of autism. Amanda Baggs, the drug abusing idiot who was a normal 14 year old college student and wrangled an autism diagnosis for herself at age 20 will be seen exhibiting her fraud. This woman is not autistic. She is a fraud.

12:06 AM
Remember what Sanjay Gupta said at 8:06 AM yesterday. He said that we don't know the cause of autism. That establishes Sanjay Gupta as a liar.
Keep that in mind with what he just said about Amanda Baggs in the previous hour.

Gupta mentioned the fact that Baggs attended college and used drugs. I don't think he mentioned that the last time this story about Baggs was shown. He also mentioned that Baggs could talk. I don't think he told us that the last time either. Why not?
Why weren't they up front about that before Droopy let us all know that Baggs was a fraud and people came out of the woodwork to give evidence against Baggs?

Did anyone notice how badly Baggs' legs and hands were shaking when Gupta was questioning her? Why was Baggs so nervous?

This lack of eye contact is bullshit. I lived with lack of eye contact for a long time. My son lost that ability at age 10 months. He began to regain it at age 8 after chelation was started and his autism began to improve. Lack of eye contact is not about sensory disorders. It is about not having the ability to pay attention to anything. As my son became more attentive, the eye contact improved.

My son can't do nearly as much as Baggs can do but, he can make eye contact. He does not lose that eye contact out of the blue. He loses it as the attention to task wanes and his interest shifts. Baggs maintains attention to task with no problem whatsoever. It stands to reason that the eye contact would coincide with paying attention. Her description of autism is based on what she has read in books, not on what she has experienced. My son is not a fraud. Low functioning autistics I observed in an institution were not frauds either. They were pathetic, could do hardly anything for themselves but they could make eye contact.

Gupta promoted Baggs as a powerful advocate for autistics. This is not the least bit true. Baggs is not an advocate for any autistic person. Baggs is involved with a group called Neurodiversity who is opposed to curing asutism. Baggs is opposed to curing autism. No sane person opposes curing autism.

When I try to explain to people about Neurodiversity and there anti-cure lunacy, not one person has ever believed that people like that actually exist. They look at me like I'm crazy for talking about them. They think I'm making it up. Yet, that is who Amanda Baggs represents and she has conned CNN into allowing her to promote this deranged agenda.

I don't know why Gupta denies this and never mentions Baggs involvement with Neurodiversity. As much as he has studied Baggs, you would think he'd be well aware of this insanity. Remember, Gupta said that we don't know the cause of autism.

I wonder why Gupta didn't admit to us that Baggs had been an elf. Perhaps she still believes she is an elf, I don't know.
(will expound on this tomorrow)

Dr Gupta claims that Amanda baggs was diagnosed with autism at age 14. This letter from Amanda Baggs tells a different story. As you can see, Amanda Baggs said, in 1997, that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Here's an interesting discussion about Amanda Baggs. I confirmed the following comment:
"I got a nice phone call from Nightsong's lawyer a few weeks ago where she said "Look, you and I both know Amanda's not autistic, but that's the life she wants, and you have no right to take it from her."" (Nightsong is Amanda Baggs.)

That quote is attributed to a lawyer representing Amanda Baggs. I confirmed that the conversation did take place and that the caller had information that should have only been known by the lawyer. I also confirmed that the person who posted this information had the lawyer's office phone number on his caller ID. You can click on the link above to read the denials that began a short time after this comment showed up on the Live Journal page. The people who tried to deny this identified themselves as Anne Bevington and Dave Seidel.

Has Dr Gupta checked with Anne Bevington, Baggs' lawyer, to confirm his claim that Baggs is autistic? Maybe he should check with Daniel Drucker, a man who went to college with Baggs when she had none of the autistic symptoms that she displayed on TV last night. Has Gupta checked with Drucker to ask him about this phone call with Anne Bevington? I don't think Gupta has verified his facts very well.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The End of Neurodiversity

This video features the new look for the Neuroinsanity Movement. Now that virtually all pediatricians have agreed to treat autistic children, the insanity of allowing them to rot will no longer be accepted as worthy of consideration by anyone. The video begins with a close up of Kevin Leitch and gradully includes close ups of all the anonymous nitwits. I believe the extremely crazed looking people here are Dave Seidel, wifey and Autism Diva. Enjoy!