Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Age of Autism Murders 11 Year Old

Here, Kevin Leitch discusses how a sane man killed his autistic son. Kevin admits that he, himself is insane in the comments so you have to ignore his mentally ill appraisal of the situation to determine how sane people view the horror of this tragedy.

September 30th, 2009
"Rose & Anna – I am mentally ill. I have manic depression (bipolar). At no point have I considered murdering my child due to lack of services. The idea that this dad was depressed is speculation. Even if he was, murder is not justifiable. I am not saying ‘hate this dad’. I am saying, do not pity him"

Age of Autism publicly supported Leitch and his mentally ill appraisal of autism when they supported Kathleen Seidel's abuse of the 1st amendment to defame Mark Geier and anyone else who told the truth about autism. Leitch and Seidel are equally mentally deranged and no honest person would ever support what they have to say about autism. By supporting these insane rantings, Age of Autism told everyone they were not going to tell the truth about autism.

That's exactly what Age of Autism does. They present treacherous lies that prevent people from taking the proper action to stop the government from poisoning children into autism. When Age of Autism tells people to play games with the government it is like advising a child rape victim to be nice to the rapist instead of telling his parents what happened.

Everyone who deals with autism pities this father who killed his kid. I think I understand why he did it. It's very frustrating knowing that autism could be eradicated and cured if only the government would tell the truth. It's even more frustrating when the majority of parents who know this follow liars who kiss the government's ass instead of taking action against the government.

There are all sorts of ways to oppose the government and force them to do the right thing. Anyone with an imagination can come up with some. The one way to make sure that the government does nothing though, is to kiss their ass. It's just like kissing a rapist's ass. He'll still rape you and that's just what the government will always do.

Perhaps all of these parents who follow Age of Autism and David Kirby have also been brain damaged by mercury and can't think for themselves. Not being a drooling imnbecile who follows faggots myself, I don't quite understand the mentality of anyone who would follow this lousy leadership. Or, maybe it's a level of stupidity that's just too low to fathom. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

Anyhow, it's this imbecilic attitude of kissing the government's ass that allows for people like this guy who killed his kid to exist. If we forced the government to do the right thing, these parents of autistic kids who experience hopelessness would have someplace to turn to find better answers. If parents see that Age of Autism and Kirby are misleading them about how to win this war, things can be turned around. If not, they might as well all join Kevin Leitch and his mentally ill cronies who like to talk about these things but would never get off their asses to solve the problem. This is what followers do. They wine over how awful it is but they never decide to engage in positive action to force the government to obey The People.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amanda Baggs, Unaffected by Swine Flu Shot

Since the vaccine didn't bother Amanda at all, I want to advise all Autism Hub bloggers to make sure they take as many doses of the vaccine as possible. We keep hearing reports of people dying so you shouldn't take any chances. To be safe, you should probably try to get 5 or 6 doses to make sure you have lots of protection.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oathkeepers, Psychological Warfare Against We the People

Stewart Rhodes is the founder of a group called Oathkeepers. He has cleverly disguised a plan to call on the military, veterans and police to allow domestic enemies of the Constitution to carry out the poisoning of babies unimpeded by asking those of us who belong to these groups of patriotic citizens to do nothing until after the crime has been perpetrated upon us. This lawyer makes himself sound good by pretending that refusing to obey orders after genocide has been perpetrated is useful to anyone.

When approached about the fact that the genocide needs to be stopped before it happens, Rhodes assaults people with insults and throws them off his forum. When advised that a corrupt Congress should be dealt with by military intervention, Mr Rhodes supports business as usual as babies continue to be poisoned with vaccines.

Having confronted this scumbag lawyer about his disingenuous leadership and watching him hide like a scared rabbit behind insults, I have to think that Oathkeepers is an organization dedicated to disinforming Americans about useful actions that we can take.

Mr Rhodes took great pride in having General Albert Stubblebine join his group. When informed that Stubblebine was not telling the truth and was also trying to lead people down a false path to doom, Rhodes proved to me that he was not to be trusted.

By opposing information about how babies are intentionally being poisoned with vaccines, Stewart Rhodes has announced that he is generating propaganda against babies and people should not be sucked into associating themselves with this bastard.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Droopy Banned from Autcom Again, President of Autcom Resigns

Scroll down to page 11 here to see Sharisa Kochmeister's resignation as President of Autcom.

It seems that some of the evil scumbags from Neurodiversity had merely convinced Sharisa to accept the Presidency of Autcom to give these scumbags some respectability. Sharisa removed the names from her resignation letter but anyone who knows what went on last year with Jim Sinclair and Amanda Baggs being involved with banning an autistic woman from this conference can make an educated guess about who was involved in the same crap this year.

Sharisa is a decent and intelligent young woman with cerebral palsy who was used by Neurodiversity, that group of liars who spawned Ari Ne'eman, that despicable, lying bastard who JB Handlay will not oppose while he misrepresents autism in the major media.

Now that Sharisa has seen the truth about how evil and dishonest the rest of these lowlifes from Autcom are, I wonder if the idiot lawyer, Courtney Lockwood might decide to check with Sharisa and decide to take some action about allowing Amanda Baggs to present dishonest information in New Hampshire this Friday.

If Courtney Lockwood has any scruples at all, she should investigate Autcom and take measures to see that Droopy has every penny refunded to her that she lost when she had to cancel her travel plans at the last minute. Perhaps some people might wish to call Lockwood from the Disability Rights Center and encourage her to do the right thing for an autistic woman who has been abused by Autcom. The phone number can be found in the link above. We know that Lockwood doesn't mind Amanda Baggs abusing my son so people need to convince this moronic bitch that Autcom should not also be allowed to abuse Droopy and her traveloing companion who lost money due to this discrimination.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ari Ne'eman Learned This, Why Didn't Kirby and Handley?

Notice the white people in the crowd. That is called "swaying public opinion".

Ari Ne'eman is a young man who wants to prevent anyone from curing autism. That's what he has said. Yet, people like JB Handley, who claim to champion the cause of curing autism, ignore Ne'eman while he gains support from people who have autistic children. Ne'eman sways public opinion while Handley helps him accomplish that feat by ignoring him. Lenny Schafer also helps Ne'eman by advising people to ignore him.

Ne'man goes on TV and is featured in magazines while leaders of people who want to help cure autism are silent. Their silence abets the treachery.

The Ku KLux Klan, in their ignorance, was not silent during Civil Rights. They fought hard to uphold segregation but they lost, as they should have.

Leaders of the fight to cure autism refuse to fight at all while Ari Ne'eman and Neurodiversity keep making huge gains in their fight to control public opinion.

While Ne'eman meets with Obama, JB Handley, Kirby, Schafer, Fournier and others are silent. While Amanda Baggs speaks at conferences defrauding parents of autistic children, Handley, Kirby, Schafer and Fournier are eerily silent. Should we conclude that Handley, Kirby, Schafer and Fournier see themselves in a less tenable position than the Ku Klux Klan were in in 1963 and decided to quit? Or have they sold out those children intentionally with their silence?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Cause Autism, David Kirby and J B Handley

JB Handley and David Kirby have discovered the perfect way to keep causing autism while helping the Pharmaceutical industry appear blameless. It was pretty simple.

All they had to do was write a book that made it look like they were championing the cause of a lot of parents who had learned the truth and convince these parents to act like a bunch of sissies and let them do all the talking.

The parents complied and they all became politically correct, never daring to think for themselves. They allowed Kirby to tell the world that none of them knew what they were talking about when he kept saying that mercury hadn't been proven to cause autism. Handley helped con these parents by continually whining about having some stupid study done to compare rates of autism between vaccinated and unvaccinated kids.

The parents, who enjoyed being led like sheep to slaughter, all jumped on the bandwagon and began clamoring to each other that this study was a big fucking deal and that it was a good idea to waste all of their energy moaning and groaning to each other about the government agencies who would agree to do this dumb study.

Meanwhile, some of these parents were lucky enough to cure their children by removing the mercury from their brains that caused the autism. Of course, none of these parents were smart enough to see that they had their own study all done and that it proved beyond any doubt that mercury in vaccines was the cause. All they had to do was put the data together from everyone who had cured their kids and that would be all the proof they would ever need.

The parents were also stupid enough to hire lawyers who sold them out at the Autism Omnibus trial when it never dawned on the scumbag lawyers to put any cured children on the witness stand. I guess Handley and Kirby forgot to mention this to the stupid parents who follow them so none of the stupid parents thought it was OK for them to open their mouths and say something. The scumbag lawyers made tons of money for putting on a sham defense of their position so they are not the least bit bothered that their clients lost. After all, being a lawyer is all about having the biggest house, fanciest car and best beach house, not about doing the right thing for children with mangled brains.

Handley and Kirby keep telling the parents to whine about the vac. vs. unvac. study instead of filing legal malpractice suits against the lawyers so that's what the stupid parents do. When these parents could be out taking positive action to warn others about the mercury in the imminent flu shots, they waste their time bashing Paul Offit and moaning about some corrupt committee in Washington D.C.. Since Handley and Kirby won't suggest that parents should take positive actions to affect public opinion, none of them have the nerve to oppose these two cocksuckers so thousands more babies will be poisoned into autism and murdered by SIDS in a very short time. And, Kirby has written another book that the stupid parents will all run out and buy to make him wealthier while more parents join their ranks with autistic kids who will probably be sucked into giving even more money to Kirby.

Oh yeah, almost forgot Jenny McCarthy. Jenny will also have to thank these parents for not thinking for themselves and providing more victims who will pay great sums of money for an autographed book that tells them the wrong kinds of food cause autism, not mercury. Jenny will be happy about this so the stupid parents who follow her will also be happy that Jenny is smiling. They will think they did good deeds for their leaders.

The kids who die and become autistic will not reproduce and that will put smiles on the faces of the Illuminati who want to reduce the population. Many of the other autistic kids will be sent to asylums where they will be killed and that will also serve the goal of population reduction well.

The stupid parents will keep fighting for the vac. vs. unvac. study and they will obey Kirby's rule of playing nice with the government. After some more time goes by, these parents who once knew the truth before Kirby and Handley conned them into believing something else will die and then Pharma and the Illuminati will be very happy and they will all live happily ever after.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ari Ne'eman at the White House Again, and JB Handley Says Nothing

Once again, the autistic abusing Ari Ne'eman was welcomed at the White House while none of the phoney leaders from Age of Autism or the National Autissm Association have anything to say about it.

While Ne'eman seems to be able to walk into the White House and lie about autism any time he likes, people like J B Handley, David Kirby, Lenny Schafer, Dan Olmsted and Wendy Fournier don't have one word to say about how Ne'eman perverts the truth about autism. We certainly can't expect an imbecile like Jenny McCarthy to recognize the damage this does to all autistic children either.

Ne'eman is the dishonest college kid who refers to himself as autistic when he admits to only being diagnosed with Asperger's. He makes TV appearances and tells the world that he is autistic and does not want to be cured. One would think that JB Handley, founder of Generation Rescue, would be displeased that a kid like Ne'eman was misrepresenting the truth about autism and advising millions of people that autism should not be cured. We don't see Ne'eman biting himself or smearing feces as many of our autistic children do. And, unlike our kids who can't speak at all, Ne'eman is an excellent speaker who lies like a seasoned politician.

If an average guy like me who's not a multi-millionaire can see this deception with no trouble at all, you'd think a guy like Handley, who must have something on the ball to become filthy rich could also spot this deception that paints a false picture of the horror of autism to deceive the whole world with this publicity. One would think that Handley could see how this works against severely autistic kids by Ne'eman telling everyone that autism is no big deal and that there's no need to cure it. Ignoring this deception is not what you'd expect from Handley who allegedly wanted to help cure autistic kids by founding Generation Rescue. One would think that Handley would want parents of autistic kids to know that Ne'eman is intentionally misrepresenting how horrid autism is.

When Handley and the other idiots mentioned above keep letting this go by saying nothing at all, it looks like they endorse this misrepresentation. They keep up a good front by bashing Paul Offit all day long while Ne'eman talks to President Obama and cuts our childrens' throats.

Perhaps one person will read this and see the deception that is being played out by JB Handley, Wendy Fournier, Lenny Schafer, David Kirby, Rick Neubrander, Dan Olmsted and Jenny McCarthy and see how these leaders have sold out our children. One intelligent parent might let others know and, maybe we can take the reins back from these assholes and put an end to autism. I can't be the only parent of an autistic kid who can see this deception.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayers Asked for Wendy Fournier

I tried to abide by the management maxim that I've practiced over the years of "Praise in public, punish in private" but it just wasn't possible with Wendy Fournier. There is a lesson that Mrs Fournier must learn to become an effective leader in the autism community and unfortunately, due to Wendy's stubborness, I will have to give her that lesson in public for the good of our autistic children. You see, Wendy's position has gone to her head and she is too important to bother responding to people who want to help her.

Congressman Dan Burton offered to help Wendy by giving advice on how to beat the corrupt politicians but Wendy can't even be bothered listening to it. Burton pointed out the mistakes that autism activists have made and some people have learned from it but not Wendy. When you are the leader of an organization that is not achieving its goals, it is common practice to use techniques like brainstorming to discover solutions. Good leaders know that every idea presented in brainstorming sessions should be weighed on its merits.

Leaders of autism groups who face tremendous odds in trying to defeat corrupt politicians have to become creative to achieve their goals. Employing the same strategies that have failed for ten years is simply poor management. When one refuses to even listen to solutions offered by career politicians who are on the same side of the issue, this can only be viewed as atrocious management.

A manager can accept counselling from more experienced managers when they make these errors and the experienced managers are usually happy to give that advice for the benefit of the whole group. While headstrong young managers who fail to accept advice often find themselves unemployed, those who are willing to learn may succeed by learning from their mistakes.

I was taught the same thing that Dan Burton is trying to impress on young autism leaders thirty years ago when I was working on my Master's degree. According to Congressman Burton, that knowledge still holds true. I had also observed the tactics that Rep Burton speaks of work perfectly thirty-five to forty-five years ago with Viet Nam and Civil Rights.

I hope people will say a prayer for Wendy and other young autism leaders, that they will be able to learn from more experienced people who may have real solutions to the problems they face. It's poor practice to educate people in public who seem to have honorable intentions but, for the good of the children, it sometimes becomes essential.

Hail Mary..., I hope you can show me reason to delete all of what I've had to say to you, Wendy. Children must come before pride.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wendy Fournier, Politics 101, Please Take Good Notes

Who Thinks JB Handley and David Kirby are Honest?

All of you sheep, please stamp your hoof once for "yes" and twice for "no".

Wendy Fournier, Will You Tell the Public About Flu Shots?

Wendy, it was good to send lots of emails to the politicians but the public, the 320 million who didn't see it on the news don't know anything about it.

Will you help the public learn the truth by asking the people who know the truth to put up lawn signs that say FLU SHOTS CAUSE AUTISM?

If the public knows the truth, they will vote the corrupt politicians out of office who won't listen to us.

Why Won't J B Handley Support This?

J B Handley won't support putting an end to Amanda Baggs lying about autism to the detriment of our children because he is a dishonest son of a bitch who is also lying about autism.

I suppose all of the people who were conned by Handley also agree that it is a good idea to keep quiet while Amanda Baggs runs around to conferences misrepresenting the truth about autism.

When the government buys your kid a talking machine and refuses to help you cure that kid because they listened to Amanda Baggs and Ari Ne'eman, two of J B Hnadley's associates, maybe then all of you sheep who follow this psychological warfare expert will wake up.

Refusing to take a stand against Amanda Baggs abusing your children is tacit support of her treachery and the treachery of the Pharmaceutical Industry who created Neurodiversity.

Why isn't Jenny McCarthy opposing Amanda Baggs?

Amanda Baggs and Ari Ne'eman are a lot more dangerous than Paul Offit because they have taught the general public that autism does not need to be cured.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

J B Handley Agrees with Poisoning Babies into Autism

J B Handley, founder of Generation Rescue, has tried to make people think that he is looking out for the best interests of children by going on TV and whining about the number of vaccines that children receive.

However, Handley seems to have stopped discussing how dangerous thimerosal is to newborns.

With pregnant women being advised to shoot 75 micrograms of thimerosal (mercury) into themselves this year with the flu shots, this works out to 48 times as much mercury per pound for a one pound fetus as an average eight pound baby used to receive with the HepB shot that produced the largest rise in autism in 1994.

Enquiring minds are wondering how a multi-millionaire with a Stanford education can't figure out this math to see how dangerous these flu shots will be to fetuses. One would think Handley might want to mention this...or perhaps he has to check with Pharma first to see if that's the right thing to say.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nicole Crosby's Son

Here's the email I found from Jake Crosby when I woke up today.

your latest thread

From "Jake Crosby"
Date 09/07/09 23:28:57

Take that down, now!!!

I asked Jake, "Why", but he didn't reply. Sounds angry though, doesn't it. I wonder if I should consider it a threat. Too bad Nicole didn't teach her kid any manners. He might have been able to negotiate a solution to his problem.

Nicole once told me that she didn't want anyone to know that Jake was her son. She must be ashamed of having a kid with Asperger's. I'm proud to show pictures of my son, Sam and I would never disown him the way Nicole did. What kind of mother treats her son like that?

That's just the kind of people who write for Age of Autism, I guess.

Age of Autism Helps Paul Offit Poison Babies

Age of Autism is a collection of stupid bastards who think it's useful to criticize Paul Offit.

While these morons waste their time bashing Offit, young women are getting shot up with mercury every day that poisons their fetuses and scrambles their brains.

If every imbecile who wastes their time with Age of Autism would engage in educating the public instead, they could prevent some babies from being poisoned into autism.
This is the moronic leadership that the autism community has from the likes of assholes like J B Handley and dumb bitches like Kim Stagliano.

Are there any intelligent parents who want to do real autism activism and end this poisoning or will you all keep following psychopaths like Handley?

Monday, September 07, 2009

What's Funny About J B Handley?

You know what's funny about publishing my thoughts about J B Handley being a psychological warfare agent? The Neurodiverse psychopaths like Kevin Leitch and Orac don't have one word to say about it. Nobody else has one word to say about it either.

Perhaps the people who have been conned don't want to admit it to themselves. One would think however, that the Neurodiverse, who have been bashing the hell out of Handley for years would be happy that someone on Handley's side of the debate exposed his stupidity for what it really is. Yet, the Neuroimbeciles are silent.

I'll take that silence from Handley's alleged opponents as confirmation of what I've thought for quite a while now, that Handley and the Neuronitwits have been on the same side all along...creating this stupid debate to distract people from the work that needed to be done...the work of educating the masses so that we can stop the wortldwide poisoning of babies and old folks (Alzheimer's).

And, to think I might not have figured all of this out if it hadn't been for Nicole Crosby and Kim Stagliano deciding to gloat about conning me into believing the nonsense from the alleged doctor, Andrew Moulden. If it wasn't for the gloating, I might never have connected Moulden's fraud with Age of Autism's fraud.

So, thanks Nicole for that gloating. It was a big help. And Nicole, make sure your boy reads this so he can get things right the next time he writes about the Neuronitwits.

Wendy Fournier, Enemy of Autistic Children, National Autism Association

Wendy Fournier, head of the National Autism Association, just announced that she does not want parents of autistic children to know the truth about how they were conned by JB Handley and David Kirby.

I posted the link to my post about Handley and Kirby that is below this on Wendy's Facebook site about her plan for 9/9/09, noticed someone from Newport, Rhode Island where Wendy lives had checked out that post on my blog and then I saw that my information on Wendy's site had been deleted.

So, we see that Wendy wants to help Handley and Kirby perpetuate their con job to prevent us from winning the battle against Pharma to end the poisoning of our children and our senior citizens with mercury in the flu shots.

It doesn't look like Wendy took much time to think about what I had to tell her so, if she comes to her senses and lets the truth sink in, I'll allow her to apologize and I'll delete this post. People who have been working hand in hand with excellent psychological warfare agents sometimes need a little time to accept the fact that they've been played for a sucker. I won't hold that against Wendy since I've always thought she was honest.

Wendy is doing a great job with her 9/9/09 assault on our corrupt politicians and I hope everyone joins in that attack.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Sting, Starring JB Handley and David Kirby

I stuck the music from "The Sting" here because it may help to listen to it while I explain how JB Handley and David Kirby took control of a bunch of parents of autistic children who needed some leadership. It was a masterful plan of psychological warfare.

Handley showed up in 2005 and started Generation Rescue. Before he started that, he had done a TV interview where he said that all autism was caused by mercury and that chelation would cure it in a year or two.

Handley chose to promote Rashid Buttar's advice which included injecting urine into people. This was the first indication that Handley was going to try to make us all look like idiots. He could have used Andy Cutler's protocol like everyone else who was curing their kids but he went and dug up this misfit who was shooting urine into people, bizarre.

How could anyone argue with what Handley was doing though when he was throwing his own money around (supposedly), paying for ads in USA today to promote Generation Rescue. All of the people Handley had swindled to join him were just happy to be helping other parents. How could any of us suspect that he was going to sell us out?

Let's look at what Handley did with his idiotic study in 2006. I have no idea how he collected this data with phone calls but the result was utter bullshit. The results showed that 1 out of 50 boys who had never been vaccinated were autistic. It also showed that boys who were fully vaccinated were autistic at a rate of 1 out of 33, a number far below anything that had been found by anyone else. The really screwball result though, was that boys who were only partially vaccinated were autistic at a rate of 1 out of 14, a number so ridiculous that nobody could take this study seriously.

Now, if you want to look at it, it's still on the GR website but, it's in a pdf and it's posted on there sideways. So, if you want to compare the numbers for yourself, you have to enlarge it 200X and turn your head sideways while scrolling back and forth as you try to remember what you're trying to compare. This is a great way to discourage people from actually bothering to read it so that those who trust JB Handley will just take his word for it that the study shows something useful. It's pure bullshit.

In the meantime, after making us look like fools with this dumb study, JB has been howling about having the government do a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study. All this will accomplish is to waste our time and effort when we could be out doing something useful instead that might force the government to admit the truth. Granted, Stanford ain't much of a school when you compare it to schools around Boston and other east coast cities but it's right at the top of the second tier universities that you find in California. It's hard to believe that anyone who went to Stanford could be this stupid to actually trust the government who had already poisoned his son with mercury when he should have been taught somewhere along the line how great injustices like this could be solved. I'll bet that Handley heard of Martin Luther King at some point in his life. I'll also bet that he heard about Viet Nam. Maybe Stanford even taught him how public opinion resolved these two issues.

Is it possible for anyone as stupid as Handley seems to be to become a multi-millionaire who can throw his money around to seemingly do so much good for kids with autism? Do peole who are this ignorant about how government works have the brains to become that wealthy? One would think that a wealthy guy like this would appreciate that wasting time arguing with the government isn't going to do us any good. Hasn't he learned anything by watching Pharma bribe almost every Congressman to realize that the only way to beat the government is to either bribe them yourself or SWAY PUBLIC OPINION? So, why does he keep encouraging people to waste time playing games with the government instead of breaking their balls? Makes no sense to me.

Handley did sway public opinion when he gave Generation Rescue to Jenny McCarthy. In the eyes of the public, he let an ex playboy bunny take the reins so that the public would perceive her as they perceive all playboy bunnies...a dumb broad with nice tits...someone whose opinion versus a bunch of doctors is instantly disregarded by a vast majority of the public who we need to understand the issue so they will also become enraged at the fact that children are still being poisoned intentionally with mercury in vaccines.

Along with making a dumb broad with nice tits our spokeswoman, Handley helped everyone start speaking against their own best interests by loudly denying the fact that mercury had caused the autism. That's what people were saying to the general public when they jumped on the stupidity bandwagon and began shouting "too many, too soon" without mentioning mercury.

I hope all of the honest parents who were led astray by Handley and David Kirby, whose subterfuge I spelled out in some videos that you can see if you scroll down a little, will let themselves see how these two psychological warfare experts wasted some years of our time and get back on track.

I hope people won't waste any more time by seeking revenge on these bastards and instead, join me in putting up signs in your yards and on your cars warning the public that the flu shots they are trying to shove down our throats will cause autism, Alzheimer's and Gulf War Syndrome. Everyone who knows that mercury caused autism has to help the general public see the truth so more kids won't be poisoned. Let Kirby and Handley waste their time with the government if they want. Stop wasting yours, please.

Friday, September 04, 2009


How come this guy told the truth in 2005 and now tells us it's something besides mercury? Was he perverted or is he now misleading people intentionally? Enquiring minds want to know.

I also wonder what went on with that phone survey that Generation Rescue did in 2006.
That study said that 1 out of 50 boys who were not vaccinated at all were autistic. Yet, the Homefirst practice in Chicago didn't have any autistic kids out of more than 20,000 who had not been vaccinated?

The 2006 GR study showed that boys who were vaccinated had autism at a rate of 1 in 33. Nobody else has suggested any number close to that. These numbers don't make any sense and I have to wonder why this study wasn't thrown in the trash.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

US Rep Dan Burton, How to End Autism and Alzheimer's

Here is the link to the most important video that has ever been made about autism. It tells you exactly how to force politicians to take all of the mercury out of vaccines and end the autism epidemic.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

David Kirby Lures the Sheeple

Do you question leaders who join causes five or six years after the battle has begun?
Is Kirby leading sheeple with his attitude in this video? The attitude of leaders is infectious to the followers.
Is this the attitude that he should be embracing?
Please consider the following and take some time to question Kirby's attitude and how it can affect you.

The Psychological Goal of Fear Mongering.

If it was not the goal it can easily be seen that it has in fact had this

The object of the media campaign is to make the people easily suggestible
through the psychology of "learned helplessness." The mixture of hyped
patriotism, guilt, fear and helplessness makes Americans true sheeple, who can
only trust their new Authoritarian Police State government to shepherd them to
safety past all those scary Muslims and the dangers of Nuclear and Biological

According to psychologist, Martin Seligman, the author of "Learned Optimism"
(the alleged psychological antidote to learned helplessness), human minds can be
trained to passively accept unpleasant situations such as the imposition of a
Police state and the loss of their freedoms and liberties.

"...nullifying the natural reactions, which normally cause attempts to escape or
to control the situation. It is a state of deep depression, brought on by
prolonged immersion in a reality of learned helplessness...A person with learned
helplessness easily gives in her/his goals if s/he fails few times in achieving
them. Such persons show apathy, no motivation, depression and pessimism.

Step by step Americans have stood by helplessly as one freedom and liberty
guaranteed by their constitution and bill of rights has been taken away and each
time they have protested and clamored their outrage they were managed into
submissive acceptance. This despite a never ending series of bold faced lies
that were later exposed as such that were told to them by the usurpers of their
Government as the excuse to get them to accept the legislation for their new
enslavement and aquiescence to participation in Wars of naked aggression.

Even when millions of Americans began calling their Congress to prevent the Bank
Bailout they were given a one week reprieve only to be told that martial law
would be declared if the bill was not passed. Congress rubberstamped it and
Americans were given yet another dose of helplessness.

All the while as their way of life has been systamatically stolen from them they
have been bombarded with nightmares by fear mongering opportunists who scream
with bull horns that things are going to get even worse with their tales of Fema
Camps and coffins which in fact were built as props as part of a very real
contingency plan with the dual purpose of providing a bit of reality to the
brainwashing techniques designed to condition Americans into the mindset of
"Learned Helplessness".

Is it any wonder that at some point the goal of learned helplessness would sink
in and completely dismantle their will to oppose the takeover of their country
by a dictatorship masquerading as a sham democracy?