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Government Manufactured Avian Flu Pandemic

JULY 30, 2008


Mouse Warrior Action Alert!

Information Suppression:


It's happening again. And again! The information Natural Solutions Foundation makes available is exactly what you are not supposed to know, according to the MMD - the Media of Mass Deception. It stands to reason: the more well informed you are, the less easily controlled you are. The MMD, serving the Powers That Be (PTB), urgently does not want you to have our vital information about the creation and management fo imminent threats to your health and freedom.

Item: One of our Mouse Warriors, a professional media agent, volunteered to post a Weaponized Avian Flu Press Release on the mass media wire services: AP, UPI, Reuters, etc. yesterday. That is NOT what the MMD wants. Here's what happened:

After writing the Press Release and our tweaking it, our media agent wrote:

"Tue, 29 Jul 2008 11:13:08 AM EDT

Bert, Rima and Ralph,

The drama unfolds! The wire service called back and REFUSED to put out the release. I have never had that happen. They said it was baseless, sensationalistic and contained 'advertising' promoting the NSF. Again, I have never seen this type of response. They also said you could end up being sued by the government for libel. I don't agree, obviously, but it doesn't matter what I think.

SO, what to do now….


[Name deleted on request]"

Reality Check: Land of the Free?

Let's be clear: the US Government cannot sue anyone for libel. There is no provision of law that allows such a lawsuit. The First Amendment provides a complete bar to any claim that someone is libeling the government. It is inconceivable to us that anyone in the professional press does not know that so we presume this is a good example of blowing smoke up our friend's pipes to control information access.

Press Release Censored

Here is the Censored Release that the mainstream media does not want the public -you- to see

Here is the Censored Release that the mainstream media does not want the public to see, and which we urge you to turn into a virus, a good virus. Weaponize the truth and turn it into an arrow to pierce the flimsy armor of lies and deception which is currently being used to shield plans and programs designed to take away your freedom and, if this information is correct, your life. Send this email out as widely as possible, post it on your website and link to it. Let's viralize the truth.



Avian Flu May Already be Weaponized. Natural Solutions Foundation alerts world to startling evidence that H5N1 virus may already have been genetically engineered to create a man-made pandemic.

Is the U.S. Government acting in concert with pharmaceutical interests to implement a mandatory vaccination agenda?

WASHINGTON, DC - July 29, 2008 - Noted health freedom activist Rima E. Laibow, MD and her organization, the Natural Solutions Foundation, this week alerted Health Freedom supporters that rogue government operatives, in concert with pharmaceutical interests, may be preparing to unleash a genetically engineered Avian Flu pandemic for profit, possibly during the Olympics. The planned August delivery of an alleged Avian Flu "vaccine" coupled with other substantial pieces of intelligence has led Foundation President, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine (USA Ret.) to conclude that an intentional pandemic "incident" may be the "Big Event with global consequences" to which Congressman Ron Paul MD alluded in his 2008 Independence Day message.

As a result, the Natural Solutions Foundation's urgent Health Freedom eAlert and accompanying video, entitled: 'Weaponized Avian Flu: Are YOU Ready to Die for the Establishment?' has become an Internet phenomenon, forwarded to millions of readers, according to Foundation estimates of distribution.

The eAlert and YouTube video are available at

According to Stubblebine and Laibow, "The story is a long, complicated one, winding its way from China to France by way of the First World War, the Oil Cartel, the Pharmaceutical Cartel and Iraq to its final destination: a syringe full of something claiming to be a vaccine against the newly-deadly Avian Flu.

"Our best intelligence estimate is that pandemic Avian Flu has already been created through genetic engineering in the United States, fusing the deadly genome of the 1918 Pandemic, misnamed the 'Spanish Flu', with the DNA of the innocuous H5N1 virus in a growth medium of human kidney cells, according to the National Institutes of Health and the vaccine's manufacturer. Some virologists believe that this would insure that the man-made mutant virus recognizes human cells and knows how to invade them."

"A basic virological fact that the public has not been told is that it is impossible to make a vaccine against a virus that does not yet exist. Public relations efforts to the contrary, IF a vaccine is being made against the Avian Flu virus in its pandemic form, that means that the pandemic virus must already exist, period, end of discussion. So the fact that the Avian Flu vaccine is already being manufactured in China by a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French arm of the cartel is not only peculiar, but at the very least sinister."

The Natural Solutions Foundation notes with alarm that the genome of the 1918 pandemic, the so-called "Spanish Flu", was recently intentionally resurrected by the United States government. Because of that resurrection, both the Avian Flu, and its "vaccine" are now a significant threat to public health.

The Spanish Flu, which was not Spanish at all, was created in the U.S. through an early bioweapons program and injected into healthy young men (i.e., 'soldiers') as the first mandatory vaccination in the military during WWI (also known as the "War to End Wars" and the "Great War"). The "Spanish Flu", which originated in Kansas on U.S. Military bases, killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions worldwide. It was one of the deadliest pandemics in modern history. It was also one of the most successful biological weapons ever created, until now.

"We can see that the pharmaceutical industry and US government are actively preparing for an Avian Flu pandemic through their own promotional literature and propaganda," continues Laibow. "The manufacturer's website contains a document which clearly illustrates their business model and how the company successfully capitalizes on the immensely profitable worldwide vaccination market.

To date, there have only been around 385 human cases of Avian Flu identified worldwide (assuming those identifications are trustworthy, of course), with 243 deaths. To put the absurdity of this effort into perspective, Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), which researchers believe is heavily associated with aspartame consumption, is a leading cause of death which, according to the CDC, for example, killed 460,000 Americans in 1999 and the numbers keep rising But, aspartame is not under the gun, instead, a supposedly currently non-pandemic Avian Flu is the focus.

Laibow adds, "Given the shockingly obvious lack of any threat from an un-weaponized H5N1 virus, how can we explain the Bush Administration spending billions of dollars preparing each of the 50 States for what it drums into us is the "inevitable Bird Flu pandemic" anticipated to kill half or more of all Americans and similar numbers of people around the globe? Americans are outraged and must inform themselves and their families by contacting the Natural Solutions Foundation and joining the free distribution list of the informative Health Freedom eAlerts, . eAlert list members can expect to be uniquely well informed as recipients of the Foundation's continuing threat analysis and action steps.


About the Natural Solutions Foundation

The Natural Solutions Foundation was founded by Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD and Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine, III (USA, ret.), who, along with Ralph Fucetola JD, are the Foundation Trustees. Established in 2004, the Foundation is an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization) active and registered in several countries, and is a not for profit 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization in the United States.

The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems threatening health and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world. Since its founding the Natural Solutions Foundation has pursued a vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social, legal and international problems involving health and wellness. We consider health freedom to be part of those solutions. Among the major threats to health freedom are Codex Alimentarius (the World Food Code) and national agencies that are tasked with protecting the public, but are not. The threats to health and freedom are both domestic and international, as are the solutions…

Further listing of Natural Solutions Foundation accomplishments at:

Source: Natural Solutions Foundation

Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D.
Natural Solutions Foundation

Ralph Fucetola JD



Only One Censorship Episode of Many

When Natural Solutions Foundation sent out its blast many months ago suggesting that maybe, just maybe, the huge number of deaths from properly used drugs in this country each year (well over 100,000 of them, in fact) might not be accidental since a lot of bright people are involved at every step of the drug approval process, our site was immediately hit with a sophisticated attack which threw the server company, and our site, off line.* When I say "immediately", I mean within minutes.

Well, don't you know, when we published the Weaponized Avian Flu information in the last 10 days or so, the same thing happened: not only was our site thrown off line, but the entire company that provides expensive secure server service for us to protect us from exactly this kind of attack, went off line, too. They were forced to offer their clients a month of free service since their corporate guarantee mandates that compensation if they do not provide continuous service.

What does that tell you? To me it says we are right on target and the PTB do not, repeat NOT, want you to have this information.

But Wait! There's More! More Censorship, That Is!

Natural Solutions Foundation emails are now being marked as spam despite the fact that everyone who receives them has opted in for that purpose. We could not understand why so many people are not receiving our emails who want them. We ran a spam report and found that the words "Natural Solutions Foundation" have been set in some systems, to trigger spam responses from computers. We have also learned that phrases like "Millions of dollars" have been set to trigger spam responses.

That means that you need to check your spam filters for our blasts and let people you send this information to that they need to do the same. In fact, if you will send a separate email saying "I am about to send you information that I think is really important. To suppress it, spam filters may put it into your spam box. Please make sure to check for my next email to you from the Natural Solutions Foundation and indicate that it is not spam" to your distribution list.

The internet is our most powerful tool for organizing and censorship of material on it means that, since the MMD censors this news out, if we do not take some actions to keep the information in circulation, there will soon be no way to get that information.

The Natural Solutions Foundation knows that the censorship of information is a standard tool to keep people in line. We are therefore creating a new site created for the sole purpose of archeiving and preserving access to this vital information. We'll be telling you about it soon so you can book mark it and viralize it.

You(r)Tube? Or TheirTube?

The Natural Solutions Foundation regularly posts videos on its YouTube channel, . In recent weeks, our videos on

forced psychiatric drugging of children

Avian Bird Flu video (in New Zealand and some other regions)
and a number of other important topics have been censored locally or permanently removed so you cannot watch them.

Not only that, we learned today that our site on has been labeled as an "unsafe site". This is exactly like what happened in Oklahoma when the Tulsa OK library system was hacked and was identified in the filters as a porno site. Investigation made it clear that at that point, too, we were putting out information so strong and so contrary to the wishes of the PTB that they were using suppression of our First Amendment Rights to censor the truth.

Censorship a Complement?

We take it as a confirmation and a complement that our material is so powerful and correct that extra-constitutional and extra-legal means are being used to suppress it. Can you afford NOT to viralize truth? Where else will you find out what is happening unless we take steps to set up our own lines of communication using the tools available to us all, the internet's power?

For example, when you visit the Natural Solutions Foundation home page,, and click on the Health Freedom Blog button, you'll find the latest in threat analysis and timely information to help you make your choices for living - and surviving, in these difficult times. That is precisely the sort of information the PTB do not want you to have.



1. This warning MUST "go viral" to protect our health and freedom. Please forward this eblast as widely as you can! Let people know that they need to check their spam filters because relegating our data there is a way of censoring it.

2. Send a copy of the censored Weaponized Avian Flu Press Release, to everyone you know. Everyone. Urge them to do the same. Let's create the Power Virus of truth to counter the weaponized virus of mass destruction and fear.

3. We urgently need your recurring tax deductibel donations to allow us to distribute this press release through paid online services such as PR Web, to counteract the mass media blockade of this major attack on health and freedom. We need at least $5,000 to do this effectively. Please make your recurring donation here:

4. Get as many people as possible to join the Health Freedom eAlert system so they can be kept updated on the threats to health and freedom, pass along the information, further viralizing it. You can join here:

We are the ones we've been waiting for. The viralization of powerful information is our best tool to prevent succumbing to it!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Case Study in Autism Propaganda

Kathleen Seidel has provided a wonderful example here of how Neurodiversity and the Pharma funded Quackbusters use tiny grains of truth to misrepresent the whole truth about mercury and autism.

Seidel starts out by referring to labs that do testing for chelation challengs tests as "mail-order laboratories" as though they were on the same level as mail order brides simply because specimens and results are delivered by mail because the average lab doesn't know how to run these tests.

Next Seidel starts in with her blatant lies by referring to mercury as the cause of autism as a scientifically unproven hypothesis. The proof started showing up in 1999 and liars like Seidel have been trying to hide it ever since. Every child who has already been cured by removing the mercury from their brains is, of course, the best proof.

For the third lie in her first paragraph, Seidel tells us that chelation challenge tests create artificially elevated levels of mercury which provoke parents to treat their kids with costly and stressful treatments. Very funny! You have to ask yourself here if it would be possible to induce a result that showed a high mercury level if there were no mercury in a child's system. Seidel also shows her ignorance here by missing the chance to bash DAN doctors since it is well known that chelation challenge tests run the risk of redistributing mercury from the organs to the brain.

Then we have the fourth lie in her opening paragraph, the one that isn't written. The overall gist here is that checking for the presence of mercury is a bad thing that provokes parents to use treatments that Seidel thinks are useless. To prove that these treatments are no good, Seidel would have to show that no autistic child's condition has improved by using them. Since there are children who have recovered from autism all over the place now, we can clearly see that Seidel's failure to mention this makes her nothing but a liar.

The rest of Seidel's propaganda here is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. She attempts to discredit treatments that cure autism by showing us court proceedings that have nothing at all to do with curing autism. You see, what happens in courts is merely an attempt by criminals to use the law to their advantage by presenting evidence in such a way that their guilt can not be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. So, those of us who have watched chelation cure our children and know the truth sit back and watch the court proceedings to see which side has the best lawyers.

The majority of us with poisoned children have been excluded from being compensated by the criminals who poisoned our kids by the statute of limitations that the criminals bought from the politicians. So, while we go about the business of removing the poison from our kids, we are disinterested bystanders in the crap that is going on in vaccine court. Meanwhile, here we have Kathleen Seidel writing her idiotic propaganda to try to convince the world that legal proceedings should be considered in the same fashion as medical facts.

The only fact about autism worth knowing is that we could not cure autism by removing mercury from children's brains if there was no mercury in their brains to begin with. And, we are curing autism.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Media Matters, A Criminal Enterprise

I maintain that Michael Savage is a victim of Media Matters
Here are some opinions about Media Matters from some of their victims:

Does anyone think the jackasses involved in the above crapola would not be happy to associate with those involved with the crapola below?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Seminar, How to Abuse Autistic Children in New Hampshire

Here is a great opportunity to observe how the bogus New Hampshire Autism Commission and the idiot president of the Autism Society of New Hampshire abuse autistic children through their incredible stupidity.

These are the jackasses who refuse to listen to anyone who has helped their autistic child by removing the mercury from the kids' brains and improving their lives. The NH Autism Commission is composed of a multitude of profit seeking dirtbags, doctors and politicians who will try to subject your autistic kid to obsolete methods that purport to treat autism with behavioral interventions.

Treating autism with nothing but behavioral interventions is just plain stupid. We learned in 1999 that thimerosal in vaccines caused the autism epidemic. A CDC employee gave us this information. Once we knew this, it was easy to figure out that removing that mercury from our kids' brains was the first thing we had to do to help them.

Many people have brought their kids back to normal by doing this but the idiots who make decisions for our kids in New Hampshire are too stupid and arrogant to learn this information. Every parent of an autistic child in New Hampshire should show up to this meeting and jam that information right down the throats of these morons who should step aside so intelligent people can help autistic children.

State of the State:

An update on Autism in the State of New Hampshire

When: Saturday, August 2, 2008 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Where: Springfield College School of Human Services

500 Commercial Street

Manchester, NH 03101

Who: Panelists include: Michelle Jarvis, President of Autism Society of New
Hampshire, Cabrinni Kulish, Suzanne Wickland, parents and Springfield
College Students, Matthew Ertas Bureau of Developmental Services, and Lorene
Reagan R.N., C.D.D.N Child and Family Support Services.

Overview of discussion: The findings and recommendations of the New

Autism Commission reported to Governor John Lynch.

Implementation of action steps.

Question and answer session.

Free: to the public

RSVP: email:

Phone: (603) 666-5700 or (800) 727-0504

Sponsored by: The Autism Society of New Hampshire and Springfield College

Monday, July 21, 2008

Michael Savage Through the Eyes of Joseph Goebbels

GOEBBELS' PRINCIPLES OF PROPAGANDA Based upon Goebbels' Principles of Propaganda by Leonard W. Doob, published in Public Opinion and Propaganda; A Book of Readings edited for The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

1. Propagandist must have access to intelligence concerning events and public opinion.

****Neurodiversity, who probably wrote the script for Savage to read, will be laughing at press conferences as they refine their next move to sway public opinion against autistic children.

2. Propaganda must be planned and executed by only one authority.
a. It must issue all the propaganda directives.

****Someone told the Neurodiverse bloggers to be quiet about Savage.

b. It must explain propaganda directives to important officials and maintain their morale.

****How come no networks are covering this mockery of our children?

c. It must oversee other agencies' activities which have propaganda consequences

****Why are all the anti-cure organizations quiet?

3. The propaganda consequences of an action must be considered in planning that action.

****Who thinks guys who get paid millions by Pharma aren't smart enough to capitalize on this idiocy by gaining a major public opinion victory?

4. Propaganda must affect the enemy's policy and action.

****While our "policy" may be to show the horror that our kids endure to enumerate the seriousness of the problem, this will be undermined. All it will take is one lying bastard with Asperger's who presents himself as autistic on television so the public sees that Savage's remarks appear accurate in the public's eyes when they see a well spoken person with Asperger's misrepresenting autism. I think Autism Speaks will be happy to arrange that TV time.

a. By suppressing propagandistically desirable material which can provide the enemy with useful intelligence

****This is a simple one. All they have to do here is make sure the networks don't show any low functioning kids with autism.
b. By openly disseminating propaganda whose content or tone causes the enemy to draw the desired conclusions

c. By goading the enemy into revealing vital information about himself

****Low numbers instead of huge crowds at press conferences will make us look like a small fringe group.

d. By making no reference to a desired enemy activity when any reference would discredit that activity

****No mention of Savage by Kathleen Seidel helps her avoid making people suspicious of the ruse that is being played out here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will Dan Olmsted and David Kirby Support Michael Savage?

This is not the first time I heard the name Michael Savage. I'm pretty sure I heard of this mental case before, spouting some nonsense that sounded like it came out of a Neurodiversity textbook.

There are lots of people who are very angry at Savage, and rightly so. However, I won't be joining any protests against him. The fact that I seem to have linked his name with neuroinsanity, but can't remember exactly why, makes me suspicious.

When dealing with the tremendous propaganda effort that has been engineered by Pharma and the AAP, I have to wonder what they might have to gain from this publicity. I think one has to figure out the effect on public opinion that a major protest effort against this guy will produce.

Here's how I'm looking at this whole thing. The most obnoxious thing Savage said was that people with autism were faking it. To those of us with autistic kids, this is obviously not true. However, we are losing badly in a propaganda war against a large group of liars who ARE pretending to be autistic.

We have the well known fakers like Jim Sinclair, Donna Williams, Amanda Baggs and Ari Ne'eman. Then we have a group of 20,000 fakers led by Alex Plank over at Wrong Planet. (I don't really believe that there are that many lunatics there. I suspect Plank has found a way to bump up those numbers and I'm sure he has "records" to prove it.)

So, what does it gain for sane people to protest against a mental case for calling autistic people frauds? In fact, almost all of the people who can speak for themselves and are on the autistic spectrum ARE frauds if they call themnselves autistic when their self-diagnosis (in many cases) is actually Asperger's?

Do we gain anything by protesting solely on the basis of this guy calling autistics frauds? How does the propaganda machine use that? How come only one idiot from Neuroinsanity has written a blog post about this? One would think hundreds of neuronitwits would be up on arms about it, much as they were when NYU launched their excellent billboard campaign describing the true horror of autism, and as they were when Cliff Shoemaker induced all of the neurodiverse rodents to scurry to their computers to support their leader, Seidel.

That didn't happen here with Savage and that is an excellent reason to be very suspicious. You see, neurodiverse bloggers don't just write things independently like normal people. They have a game plan, and they use trick plays just like a football team. While some of them are doing character assassinations on prominent people, others play the roles of mindless housewives who write girl talk about what cute things their children did today. These are the mundane blogs that give Neuroinsanity the appearance of being composed of real parents. And, of course, they have recruited a number of extremely stupid women who have been duped into playing this role for them, and a few men too.

I'm still wondering what sane people have to gain by protesting Savage but I think I'm in the ballpark in my guess about what Pharma and their shills at Neuroinsanity have to gain. I think they have dealt this hand so that they will be in position to have us make the first wager while they sit back and watch what everyone else does, a tremendous advantage in poker, and propaganda.

When sane people have press conferences to protest Savage, they probably won't get much coverage, or they'll show a few angry mothers carrying signs and screaming if they can. Then when that is all done, I think Pharma will play their hand by putting Ari Ne'eman on TV, maybe Amanda Baggs and perhaps some other fraud who has a PhD and diagnosed himself with Asperger's as examples of autistic people who were offended. The general public will see the same thing that sane parents of autistic kids see, well spoken young adults who were belittled by a shock jock.

What will that do for public opinion about the horrors of autism? It will confirm exactly what Savage said, that people with autism are a bunch of frauds.
In this election year, that will not be lost on the voting public and our chances of making autism an issue in the campaigns will disappear. People who have not seen severe autism will have the image of Ari Ne'eman in a suit and tie, speaking eloquently, and misleading the nation about the horrors of autism. How far will that go towards making the public feel good about cutting funding for autism? Who thinks Joe Public will give a damn if anyone bothers to cure autism when they see Ne'eman standing there looking like nothing's wrong with him?

And then, Kirby and Olmsted will support Savage's first amendment rights just like they did for Seidel, who probably engineered this whole plan, and really make us look like a bunch of fringe lunatics.

I was reading the chatroom at a recent AutCom gathering where Ari Ne'eman, Alex Plank and a few other idiots were talking about following the lead of the queers in how they protested and drew attention to themselves to gain support for allowing them to practice their deviant behavior. It seems Michael Savage has given young Ari and Alex the perfect opportunity here. I wonder why they aren't making any noise about this. I'd hate to see their AutCom planning session on tactics go to waste....maybe they won't miss this opportunity.

So, that's why I won't be protesting.

Government Plans to Murder Autistic Children

A New Mexico company that sells Milk Thistle has been told by the government (FTC) to stop selling it because of false claims. Milk Thistle is an item used during chelation to protect the liver from side effects. If our corrupt government can win this and prevent the sale of milk thistle, they can take away a safeguard that we use to protect our children while removing the mercury that caused the autism from their brains. As you can see from the link, the best part of this foolishness is that it quotes from an NIH website that states milk thistle has been used for centuries to protect the liver. So, the FTC knows that no false claims are involved here, yet they are out for blood. Why?

From what I've recently learned about the cop named Dennis Debbaudt, I'm sure he'll be happy to enforce any government ruling that might restrict our ability to purchase milk thistle, in effect, causing us to risk killing our kids by not being able to protect their livers. I wonder if people like Kim Stagliano and Lenny Schafer can extrapolate from this to understand why it is important to beat down propaganda? If Kathleen Seidel decides to write some lies about the facts of this case, I'm sure Dan Olmsted and David Kirby will say she has that right.

In the meantime, parents desperate to help their autistic kids will probably procede without using milk thistle since the reward of ameliorating the horrors of autism will outweigh the risk of liver damage. When children die if the government wins this case, we can all thank the above named people for allowing liars to cause their deaths.

I'll remind any of the idiots named above of my maxim involved here: No sane person opposes curing autism. Anyone taking any action counter to that maxim is our enemy. Pleasee learn this.

Dennis Debbaudt, Enemy of Autistic Children, Enabled by Age of Autism

I joined Dennis Debbaudt's Autism Risk and Safety newsgroup yesterday. Today, I discovered I had been thrown out. Dennis Debbaudt is the cop who has achieved fame by trying to raise awareness among first responders on how to deal with autism. That's a good thing since it's less likely that some cop will blow my kid's head off if he doesn't put his hands in the air when ordered to do so.

However, Debbaudt has made the error that pervades our society today of putting a bandaid on a symptom instead of solving the problem. Here's what Debbaudt claims his group is about: "This moderated group is open to everyone interested in improving interactions and relationships between children and adults with autism and criminal justice law enforcement professionals,fire rescue,...". Sounds reasonable, a good idea that I wouldn't take issue with. So, why would Officer Debbaudt take offense when I suggested to him that the best way to keep our kids safe and prevent these interactions from happening is to cure these children?

Debbaudt claims to have an autistic son who is in his twenties, has a job and drives a car. Since Dennis gave me one tersely worded warning after I mentioned curing autism before he threw me out of his group, I didn't have a chance to find out how autistic his son is. Being able to hold a job and drive suggests Asperger's but I can't make that assumption, so maybe Dennis will help us out by telling us more about him. The assumption I can make is that his son's brand of autism has nothing in common with the horror that my son endures.

This may be part of the answer as to why Debbaudt is opposed to improving the lives of children with autism. The other part is that his group is infested with neuroinsane psychopaths who definitely want to harm our children. Being in bed with neuroinsanity and doing anything to help autistic kids are two things that just do not go together. The character assassination from the neuronitwits began as soon as I made one comment on Debbaudt's group and Dennis seemed to be right in line with them. It's hard to believe that a cop who should have some street savvy could fall victim to this insanity but, perhaps the volume of propaganda from these sophisticated liars overwhelmed him.

For this con job to work, we have to thank Lenny Schafer and Kim Stagliano for their preaching about ignoring these nefarious propaganda experts. This is one more autism site I have visited where the infestation of neurodiverse nitwits is well entrenched and well meaning parents of autistic children have been conned into tossing their brains out the window. I'd be remiss in not congratulating Dan Olmsted and David Kirby for helping the nitwits to achieve this propaganda victory by their support of the most evil woman on the planet, Kathleen Seidel. While I write the truth about these child abusers, Schafer, Stagliano, Olmsted and Kirby choose to abet them while they spread their evil message far and wide. These "leaders" in the autism community have chosen to hide under their beds in the hope that the boogeyman will go away instead of stuffing their disingenuous words back down their throats. I just can't find words to express how disgusted I am with these people who support curing autism while they refuse to recognize and defeat the explosion of propaganda that prevents people from learning the facts to help their autistic children.

Back to Debbaudt, we find this seemingly well meant suggestion on his Yahoo group: "Let's share information here that can improve community experiences for autism spectrum children and adults, their families and care providers---and the law enforcers they may have contact with." Dennis, what better way to improve things for our kids could there be besides giving them back their lives by curing the God damn autism?

NOTE: I'm told that Dennis Debbaudt has never been a cop, just a private investigator. I apologize to cops for mistakenly including this guy as one of you and damaging your good name.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Expert Advice About Avian Flu

I'm including a link to a description of weaponization here, a word I had never heard of in relation to vaccines. To go along with this, here's a link to Dr Liebow's blog and an interview with a former vaccine researcher. I think Dr Liebow knows what she's talking about here. She has to be on the ball with this opinion she wrote about Dr David Gorski(Orac):

"Here is the outstandingly nasty blog posted by a person claiming to be a physician. I post it to demonstrate the irrational, ad hominum vitriol which pro vaccination freedom advocates are bombarded with. If you speak the truth as you see it, and that truth is not favorable to vaccines, you WILL be attacked, perhaps in terms like these, by people claiming to be knowledgeable. Be forewarned and expect this kind of vitriol.

And you, sir: Shame on you, Orac. Shame on you for abandoning logic and defending your position, right or wrong, in this primitive and inappropriate way. Shame on you, if you really are a surgeon, for failing to think and to use logic to reach your conclusions and substitute dogma instead. Welcome to the Natural Solutions Foundation Hall of Shame, “Dr.” Orac!
And shame on you, too, for your shocking lack of respect or compassion. Although you call your blog “Respectful Insolence”, your blog exceeds insolence by many epithets and there is nothing even vaguely respectful in your communication."

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Friday, July 18, 2008

How Autism Speaks Will Murder Normal Babies

I don't comment at Age of Autism anymore since a couple of the ringleaders there decided to take sides with Kathleen Seidel against all sane people who want to help autistic kids. However, I just can't resist making a statement about this article from AOA.

This is a good piece by JB Handley. After mentioning the fact that 92% of fetuses with Downs Syndrome are aborted, he gives us this opinion: "I predict, in the next 50 years, that the only output from the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on genetic therapy will be a test for pregnant mothers that will lead to some parents aborting their children because of a potential risk of autism." (Emphasis mine)

This is a big problem for Autism Speaks because these sophisticated liars already know that we've discovered the genetic marker that can predict autism. Dr Donald Miller told us about the APO proteins four years ago in an article that described how these proteins determine whether or not we can rid ourselves of mercury. It's interesting to note Dr Miller's finding that 80% of people with Alzheimer's have two APO-E4 proteins which means they can not cleanse their system of mercury or other hazardous material.

If Autism Speaks had been the ones to discover the APO proteins and thought they could fool the public about what they really were, I have no doubt that they would have tried to identify them as the precursor to autism and would be already using them to abort babies to help make their friends in the vaccine industry look innocent. We could probably test every newborn and pregnant woman for these proteins, refrain from injecting those at risk with mercury and end almost all autism. But, that would be huge evidence against the vaccine industry and would ensure that they would lose every lawsuit filed against them for causing autism.

So, the genetic research that Autism Speaks is engaged in is one of complete obfuscation. Since they already know the true genetic cause of autism, they have to find some genetic combination that will prove to be prevalent in enough autistic children by which they can fool other scientists along with the general public. They will also need to be certain that whatever combination they might find happens to include the APO-E4 so that they manage to kill all of the normal babies who would only have become autistic if they had been poisoned with enough mercury, and while they were young enough to cause the brain damage known as autism. If they can manage to pull this off, they will help the Illuminati achieve their goal of population reduction and they will help keep Bob Wright's friends in the vaccine industry from paying for their negligence. Parents who abort "autistic" fetuses will be happy they escaped the horror that an autistic child would have caused their lives to turn into and everyone will be happy.

So, where does that leave Autism Speaks as far as addressing the problem of what to do about the millions of autistic kids who already exist? Autism Speaks already knows we can cure autism since Bob Wright is trying to do just that with his grandson. However, he can't publicize that without cutting his own throat professionally.

I think Autism Speaks will follow the lead of the drug companies who devised a treatment for Alzheimer's that improved symptoms but killed the Alzheimer's patients quicker. As long as Autism Speaks can control the media and keep raking in the big bucks through Wright's Corporate connections, they can prevent the majority of those afflicted with autism from learning the truth. They won't be able to start killing autistic children right away with bogus treatments that gain some mild improvement in symptoms like they did with the Alzheimer's patients. Too many parents would still be alive to raise hell if all of their kids were being killed by the medication. No, they'll have to wait until our kids are in their forties, institutionalized, and most of us are dead. Then, they can murder our children and nobody will be left to give a damn, aside from a few siblings who aren't just glad for themselves that they are finally free of the horrors of autism.

We can break Autism Speaks by doing everything we can to spread the true information about how we are curing autism. We should discredit them in every way possible to put an end to them picking the pockets of philanthropists and using that money to condemn autistic children to a lifetime of horror.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amanda Peet Causes Autism Via Stupidity

Amanda Peet is a good looking but stupid actress who gained her knowledge of vaccines from Paul Offit. Paul Offit is the murdering scumbag who has killed children with his vaccine but did not go to prison for it. So, now Offit campaigns for lying about the safety of vaccines so he can kill and maim more babies into autism while ensuring profit for himself and the other scumbags who make vaccines.

Peet, from this video, looks like the type of broad who you'd love to take to bed but would hate yourself in the morning when you were sober and had to listen to her talk. But, sex sells and Dr Offit has recruited Peet to con innocent parents into harming their babies. I hope Peet's managers have the good sense to tell this broad to keep smiling for the cameras but to leave discussions about autism to more intelligent people. The autism epidemic was caused by thimerosal in vaccines.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Please Ask the Red Sox to Ban Autism Speaks

I wrote to the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox to ask that he disassociate the Red Sox from the scoundrels at Autism Speaks when they have Autism Awareness Day on Sep 9, 2008. It would be nice if lots of people wrote to Theo Epstein to let him know what a bunch of lowlifes Autism Speaks is made up of. Autism Speaks will assuredly be trying to pick the pockets of Red Sox fans who will not be aware that these bastards will never help one autistic child. I hope Mr Epstein will do the right thing and throw Autism Speaks out of Fenway Park.

Theo Epstein 4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA

Mr Epstein,
I see that the Red Sox are having an Autism Awareness game on Sep 9, 2008 with involvement by Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks is a sham charity. I hope you will read my explanation, disassociate my Red Sox from involvement with these people and allow some people who actually help to cure autistic children to be involved in this.

Autism Speaks was formed by Bob Wright and his wife after their daughter, Katie, had her child become autistic. Katie learned how to help her child with biomedical interventions. Bob Wright made sure she saw the best doctors to help her child recover from autism.

When Katie issued a statement about how biomedical treatments were helping her son, Bob Wright publicly disowned his daughter for making statements that were contrary to the position of Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks does not support methods that cure autism.

Bob Wright is/was a bigwig with GE. GE owns a thimerosal plant. Thimerosal is a preservative made up of 49.6% mercury that has been used in vaccines and is the cause of almost all autism. Katie Wright is curing her son through a process called chelation to remove the mercury from her son’s brain. The fact that she, I, and thousands of other parents are curing autistic kids by removing mercury from their brains proves that thimerosal caused the autism. Bob Wright will not admit publicly that his grandson is being cured by removing the mercury because that would mean big lawsuits for his thimerosal manufacturing operation.

Bob Wright was also one of the top people at ABC where he raked in millions, perhaps billions in drug company advertising. He will not cut his corporate throat by discussing how the negligence of these vaccine manufacturers caused the autism epidemic. Yet, he is, I’m sure, quite pleased that his own grandson is regaining his life by taking the mercury out of his brain that Mr Wright played a role in putting there by his association with the making of thimerosal.

In the meantime, Bob Wright and Autism Speaks will not fund any research or treatment programs that will help other children recover from autism. Instead, they fund genetic research which they know is a waste of money and time. Wright is well aware that mercury is the main cause of autism but he throws away most of the money he takes in for this “charity” because, if Autism Speaks can find a genetic connection that is inadvertently common in autistic kids, that sham of a genetic connection will help get his friends in the drug companies off the hook for causing all the autism with thimerosal.

We found the genetic connection to autism years ago when we learned about the APO proteins. These are genetic markers that determine if one can excrete all, half or none of the heavy metals that enter the body. Those with the APO-E4 protein can not excrete any metals from their systems and are thus, susceptible to becoming autistic. Autism Speaks has never discussed this fact. They don’t want this to become common knowledge because this would weigh heavily against their friends in the drug companies.

Katie Wright is now on the board of Generation Rescue, an organization of parents who are curing their autistic children, largely with chelation and associated biomedical treatments. These parents advise others how to cure autism. I was one of Generation Rescue’s “Rescue Angels” and have advised hundreds of parents how to use chelation to cure autism. Some of them have seen their kids go from being autistic “vegetables” to becoming normal. My own severely autistic son has not been so lucky. He has made great strides but needs more treatment that I can’t afford and no insurance will pay for. Autism Speaks works against us by denying the fact that we can now cure autism and wasting all of their contributions on non-productive research. Autism Speaks will not fund anything associated with chelation which is the one essential treatment in curing autism. No child has ever been cured of autism without using chelation. Many have improved with things like ABA but none have been cured by these behavioral treatments. Autism Speaks knows this, via Katie Wright’s treatment of her son but, refuses to admit it to help other autistic kids.

Autism Speaks is acting in the best interests of the vaccine manufacturers by not disseminating this information. They are hiding the truth from the general public and the majority of parents of autistic children have not learned that autism is, indeed, curable.
Mr Epstein, as an ex vendor at Fenway park in 1969 and 1970 and a Red Sox fan for 54 years, I want to commend you for an excellent job with my Red Sox. I implore you to disassociate yourself from Autism Speaks and, instead, invite some people from Generation Rescue to have a child cured of autism throw out the first pitch on Sep 9, 2008. Autism Speaks will take your money and whatever they can scam from the fans and they will never help one autistic child. All Generation Rescue wants is some publicity to let everyone know that we have been curing autism since 2001. Most people do this without the help of doctors since we can’t afford them. The main ingredient to removing mercury from the brain is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), about $6 for a 3 month supply. Spreading the knowledge of how to use ALA and other supplements to cure autism is priceless. All I ask is a chance to help spread this knowledge so we can cure every autistic child, something Autism Speaks is opposed to, covertly.

Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dr Steven Parker, WebMD Jackass

I learned of a blog at WebMD where this jackass named Dr Steven Parker was putting down parents who attended the Green our Vaccines Rally last month.

I asked this lame excuse for a physician to explain how we could cure autism with chelation if thimerosal had not caused the autism. One would think an MD who has the balls to bash parents for trying to help their poisoned kids would be able to dream up some sort of answer to this simple question.

Steven Parker, MD didn't even try. He just deleted my comment. I guess he thought I'd go away and not bother him again.

You wuz wrong, Doc. You see, I thoroughly enjoy calling the bluffs of assholes like you. Do you actually think anyone who has cured autism is not going to shove your words back down your throat?

This ignorant fuck with a medical degree actually had the balls to try to tell us that 3 million kids a year would not die if they had vaccines as his bogus defense of poisoning babies into autism. He thought he could simply ignore the fact that people like me only object to the THIMEROSAL in the vaccines.

After I started writing this, I went back to check the link I used and noticed that the cowardly Dr Parker had also deleted my second comment. That was two chances I gave this child abusing fuck to regain some of the respect the medical profession has lost by lying about poisoning our babies. He's so ashamed of his profession's lies that he had deleted my comment within 10 minutes. He knew I had him by the nuts so he took the cowards way out and hit the delete key.

Well doc, you can delete my comments all you like on your own blog but you can't delete them here. So, I'll spell it out for you again. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you bastards poisoned our babies into autism. We've known it for 9 years. We started curing some of those kids about 7 years ago and now lots of them are back to normal. Each one of those cured kids proves that you guys screwed up. You just can't deny it any more because we aren't going to let you.

Your reputations are now garbage and they are getting worse with each day that passes without you scumbags admitting the truth. It's time to admit that you screwed up and start repairing the brain damage that you caused to our kids. We can do it without you because some decent doctors have taught us how but, that won't help you repair the damage you've done to your lofty spot in our caste system.

Pretty soon, pediatricians are going to seem about as credible as drug addicts. Nobody is going to trust you when the whole world learns that you bastards are still trying to lie to us about autism while we correct your malpractice ourselves. Ooooh, what a tangled web we weave, doc. The longer the lie persists, the worse you are going to look. The jig's up, doc.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nader, McCain and Obama Will Murder More Children

The people who made this video did so in the hope that it would save lives after their 4 year old son had been murdered by the vaccine industry and George Bush. We have been asking Nader, McCain and Obama to stop this horror but none of them show any evidence that they give a damn. We have known all along that Bush didn't care how many kids the vaccine industry murdered but some parents of autistic kids voted for him anyway and gave him the chance to kill more children. That's just what he did.

Since the poisoning of a generation of babies into autism by the vaccine industry is not being made an issue by any of the presidential candidates, we can be certain that more parents will see their autistic children die. Whoever becomes our next president won't give a damn. All that will matter to any of these guys is that the murdering vaccine industry will be able to increase profits.

These three candidates are just as guilty of murdering these children as the vaccine industry. They all know the truth. They all know that thimerosal causes autism and that autistic children are drowning all over the place. That's because they have no sense of danger. The candidates know that autism is curable too. They won't discuss that though because that would confirm that the vaccine industry caused the autism.

Some may suggest that I have taken liberties here by referring to a child drowning as murder. These candidates know that we can cure autism and that knowledge could have saved this child and every other autistic child who has died due to the autism. Yet, that knowledge is not shared by Bush or these three stooges. These guys could see to it that every parent of an autistic child learns how to cure autism. Refusing to disseminate that knowledge, and appropriate funding, means that they are allowing all of the horrors associated with autism to happen when they could prevent them. This is no different than if these guys were expert marksmen who refused to take a shot at a serial killer while he kept shooting innocent people.

Nader, McCain and Obama can all stop the autism epidemic the first day one of them takes office. Since none of them will make it an issue though, we can be sure they are all going to allow the poisoning and murder of babies to continue. So, which one of these murderers should we vote for?