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Free Seminar, How to Abuse Autistic Children in New Hampshire

Here is a great opportunity to observe how the bogus New Hampshire Autism Commission and the idiot president of the Autism Society of New Hampshire abuse autistic children through their incredible stupidity.

These are the jackasses who refuse to listen to anyone who has helped their autistic child by removing the mercury from the kids' brains and improving their lives. The NH Autism Commission is composed of a multitude of profit seeking dirtbags, doctors and politicians who will try to subject your autistic kid to obsolete methods that purport to treat autism with behavioral interventions.

Treating autism with nothing but behavioral interventions is just plain stupid. We learned in 1999 that thimerosal in vaccines caused the autism epidemic. A CDC employee gave us this information. Once we knew this, it was easy to figure out that removing that mercury from our kids' brains was the first thing we had to do to help them.

Many people have brought their kids back to normal by doing this but the idiots who make decisions for our kids in New Hampshire are too stupid and arrogant to learn this information. Every parent of an autistic child in New Hampshire should show up to this meeting and jam that information right down the throats of these morons who should step aside so intelligent people can help autistic children.

State of the State:

An update on Autism in the State of New Hampshire

When: Saturday, August 2, 2008 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Where: Springfield College School of Human Services

500 Commercial Street

Manchester, NH 03101

Who: Panelists include: Michelle Jarvis, President of Autism Society of New
Hampshire, Cabrinni Kulish, Suzanne Wickland, parents and Springfield
College Students, Matthew Ertas Bureau of Developmental Services, and Lorene
Reagan R.N., C.D.D.N Child and Family Support Services.

Overview of discussion: The findings and recommendations of the New

Autism Commission reported to Governor John Lynch.

Implementation of action steps.

Question and answer session.

Free: to the public

RSVP: email:

Phone: (603) 666-5700 or (800) 727-0504

Sponsored by: The Autism Society of New Hampshire and Springfield College


Anonymous said...

Gov, Lynch's wife is a freakin pediatrician what do you expect? As a parent of a recovered child I pity the children who must endure the idiocy the state of New Hampshire will impose upon them. I find it quite amazing how idiots rely solely on behavioral treatments. How kind it is to take a child with severe sinus infection and force that child hand over hand to pick up while bendong over[ anyone who's had a sinus infect knows what I mean] I am not saying all behavioral intervention is bad. One must first take care of the medical issues. Most behavioral programs do not take that into concideration. Why not try behavioral intervention with heart patients? Diabetes patients? Because it would be assinine! The children with autisn are medically ill. How would you like someone performing behavioral treatments on you[ some are down right abusive] while your brain is swelling? These idiots have no clue how to deal with these children and the frank abuse they inflict further damages the child self-esteem leaving life long scars.Until the state of New Hampshire allows for medical treatment of food allergies, metal toxicity, metabolic/mitochondrial,saccharomyces cerevisiae infections they have no business utilizing these archaic often abusive wacko treatments.The reason why you are meeting such resistance is not just ignorance but continued "cash cow" you see when they are well they recover and learn. When that happens funding goes down. The children are being used as cash cows as they were when babies. You see when a vaccine is put into the baby/toddler scheduel it atomatically gets placed on the VIC[ vaccine injury compensation program] This means a shield for the manufacturers from litigation not just for babies and toddler for everyone. This countries children are nothing but human shields. Cash cows.

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of the complete stupidity of some of the parents in NH. This Pete from NH State Of Mind (blog) is a prime example. Here is one of his latests posts.
He has posted in the past that he does not believe there is a connection between vaccines and autism and clearly his gullible ways continue.

Additionally, people who can make Michelle Jarvis president of the NH Autism Society truly have to be the dumbest people on the planet. I hear that her son is barely on the spectrum and all she does is bitch to the district about wanting more and more services.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
A family's autistic challenge
Dr. Peter Hotez (president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the chair of George Washington University's department of microbiology, immunology and tropical medicine, and a consultant to the Gates Foundation) and his autistic teenage daughter Rachel are profiled in this Washington Post article. I found his comments on the whole vaccine / autism debate thoughtful and compelling. Some excerpts:

"....Peter Hotez responded to his wife's fears in the only way he knew how. He consulted studies, research, data. He told her about Minamata disease in Japan, where kids had been exposed to high levels of mercury. There is strong evidence that mercury exposure in the womb can cause limb deformities and gait abnormalities. In older children, it can cause brain abnormalities. To a layperson, that might all sound like a clear-cut connection with autism, but to Peter Hotez, the difference between autism and an abnormality caused by a toxin such as mercury was like the difference between a computer virus that shuts down all telecommunications in a city and a hurricane. A city deprived of its telecommunications can be just as paralyzed as a city that has suffered a natural disaster, but the two kinds of destruction leave different trails.

This is not something that can be caused by a toxin after birth. This is a deeply patterned mis-wiring in the brain, and this is not how a toxin works," Peter Hotez told his wife. "It can only be a genetic condition that affects the whole neurobiology of development."

I do take some exception to the author's assessment that:

"Having a child like Rachel -- especially at a time of widespread fears that something in children's vaccines is responsible for surging rates of diagnosis in the United States -- is debilitating, dispiriting, demoralizing. "

I've not found this to be the case raising an autistic child. Frustrating at times, yes. Debilitating, dispiriting and demoralizing - perhaps for the first 30 seconds upon her diagnosis, but never again since. I'd say it's more like living a Marine Corps motto: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.
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Foresam said...

The State of New Hampshire os probably the worst place in the country to have to deal with autism. That's probably because we are blessed with Kathleen Seidel as one of our citizens who has been hard at work for a long time trying to make sure no autistic child receives the help they need.

Anonymous said...

It really is an unbelievably backwards state when it comes to addressing autism properly. What is appalling is they let people speak for the kids who either have NO CLUE or whose children are extremely high functioning leaving no voice for the majority of the other kids.