Saturday, July 12, 2008

Please Ask the Red Sox to Ban Autism Speaks

I wrote to the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox to ask that he disassociate the Red Sox from the scoundrels at Autism Speaks when they have Autism Awareness Day on Sep 9, 2008. It would be nice if lots of people wrote to Theo Epstein to let him know what a bunch of lowlifes Autism Speaks is made up of. Autism Speaks will assuredly be trying to pick the pockets of Red Sox fans who will not be aware that these bastards will never help one autistic child. I hope Mr Epstein will do the right thing and throw Autism Speaks out of Fenway Park.

Theo Epstein 4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA

Mr Epstein,
I see that the Red Sox are having an Autism Awareness game on Sep 9, 2008 with involvement by Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks is a sham charity. I hope you will read my explanation, disassociate my Red Sox from involvement with these people and allow some people who actually help to cure autistic children to be involved in this.

Autism Speaks was formed by Bob Wright and his wife after their daughter, Katie, had her child become autistic. Katie learned how to help her child with biomedical interventions. Bob Wright made sure she saw the best doctors to help her child recover from autism.

When Katie issued a statement about how biomedical treatments were helping her son, Bob Wright publicly disowned his daughter for making statements that were contrary to the position of Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks does not support methods that cure autism.

Bob Wright is/was a bigwig with GE. GE owns a thimerosal plant. Thimerosal is a preservative made up of 49.6% mercury that has been used in vaccines and is the cause of almost all autism. Katie Wright is curing her son through a process called chelation to remove the mercury from her son’s brain. The fact that she, I, and thousands of other parents are curing autistic kids by removing mercury from their brains proves that thimerosal caused the autism. Bob Wright will not admit publicly that his grandson is being cured by removing the mercury because that would mean big lawsuits for his thimerosal manufacturing operation.

Bob Wright was also one of the top people at ABC where he raked in millions, perhaps billions in drug company advertising. He will not cut his corporate throat by discussing how the negligence of these vaccine manufacturers caused the autism epidemic. Yet, he is, I’m sure, quite pleased that his own grandson is regaining his life by taking the mercury out of his brain that Mr Wright played a role in putting there by his association with the making of thimerosal.

In the meantime, Bob Wright and Autism Speaks will not fund any research or treatment programs that will help other children recover from autism. Instead, they fund genetic research which they know is a waste of money and time. Wright is well aware that mercury is the main cause of autism but he throws away most of the money he takes in for this “charity” because, if Autism Speaks can find a genetic connection that is inadvertently common in autistic kids, that sham of a genetic connection will help get his friends in the drug companies off the hook for causing all the autism with thimerosal.

We found the genetic connection to autism years ago when we learned about the APO proteins. These are genetic markers that determine if one can excrete all, half or none of the heavy metals that enter the body. Those with the APO-E4 protein can not excrete any metals from their systems and are thus, susceptible to becoming autistic. Autism Speaks has never discussed this fact. They don’t want this to become common knowledge because this would weigh heavily against their friends in the drug companies.

Katie Wright is now on the board of Generation Rescue, an organization of parents who are curing their autistic children, largely with chelation and associated biomedical treatments. These parents advise others how to cure autism. I was one of Generation Rescue’s “Rescue Angels” and have advised hundreds of parents how to use chelation to cure autism. Some of them have seen their kids go from being autistic “vegetables” to becoming normal. My own severely autistic son has not been so lucky. He has made great strides but needs more treatment that I can’t afford and no insurance will pay for. Autism Speaks works against us by denying the fact that we can now cure autism and wasting all of their contributions on non-productive research. Autism Speaks will not fund anything associated with chelation which is the one essential treatment in curing autism. No child has ever been cured of autism without using chelation. Many have improved with things like ABA but none have been cured by these behavioral treatments. Autism Speaks knows this, via Katie Wright’s treatment of her son but, refuses to admit it to help other autistic kids.

Autism Speaks is acting in the best interests of the vaccine manufacturers by not disseminating this information. They are hiding the truth from the general public and the majority of parents of autistic children have not learned that autism is, indeed, curable.
Mr Epstein, as an ex vendor at Fenway park in 1969 and 1970 and a Red Sox fan for 54 years, I want to commend you for an excellent job with my Red Sox. I implore you to disassociate yourself from Autism Speaks and, instead, invite some people from Generation Rescue to have a child cured of autism throw out the first pitch on Sep 9, 2008. Autism Speaks will take your money and whatever they can scam from the fans and they will never help one autistic child. All Generation Rescue wants is some publicity to let everyone know that we have been curing autism since 2001. Most people do this without the help of doctors since we can’t afford them. The main ingredient to removing mercury from the brain is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), about $6 for a 3 month supply. Spreading the knowledge of how to use ALA and other supplements to cure autism is priceless. All I ask is a chance to help spread this knowledge so we can cure every autistic child, something Autism Speaks is opposed to, covertly.

Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053


Anonymous said...

Wow this is one thing where I actually agree with you(for different resons though)

Anonymous said...

Bob Wright was at NBC, not ABC

John Best said...

NBC, ABC, what's the diffrerence. Neither one of them admit the truth about thimerosal.

Anonymous said...

Autism Speaks is a joke of an organization. Anyone who believes these people at Autism Speaks have the kids' best interest in mind is ignorant and gullible. I have seen one blogger in particular (Autismville) that does nothing but try to kiss this organization's ass and fawns over them at every opportunity, but then again I would consider this woman to be in the category just previously mentioned. Wake up people, this organization is doing nothing and will continue to do nothing for the kids diagnosed now.

Anonymous said...

If neither "side" likes them, they must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

I find it telling that even Katie Wright has rejected Autism Speaks. The Wrights started this organization because their grandson (Katie's son) was diagnosed with autism. I believe even Katie saw that Autism Speaks was (and is) going nowhere in truly helping the kids now, yet look at the foolish parents who follow Autism Speaks like a bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

Its human nature to try to defend one's position and somehow we as a society have put people with vested interests in the position of making descisions.
Even I for example, recomend to people they do such and such to their motorcycle. I also happen to sell the components to do the "such and such". Now I would consider myself above the vested interest thing if I was not to profit from the actions of others following my advise ... but truth is I am not. The small glimmer of hope for me, you can buy the items on the street and I dont care, and it cost me nothing to come up with advice. However, if I had a captive audience, and I came up with some ideas after several $1000's in reasearch, and I cooked it up so no one knows what is in the widgets I sell, and its mandatory to get it ... imagine how much more fervently I will attempt to protect it.
My guess is, 75 years after all thimerosal is out of everything, we will find out the truth. Until them the sheep will just have to buy the widgets at whatever price I say no matter what harm the widgets will be doing.
That is why we never find out the truth about anything (including the widgets) when there is still enough time to save the people from it. Until then its pointless to ask for anything but absolute removal of mercury. In fact that needs to be the slogan. We want this crap out of everything, so in 75 years we will know what it did. Anythign else is a direct threat to the people that make it, sell it, dispense it, shoot it and poison with it.
Do your grandchildren come first or does $$ come first. Hey, grandkids can come back and hurt you, $$ on the other hand does not have a conscience or memory or an ability to talk back.
That is all there is to it.

The Real Bob Anthony said...

Makes me kind of glad I am a Yankees fan given that Red Sucks Nation wants to do business with Planned Parenthood's newest division.

Anonymous said...

I just got copied in on some mass mailing from the ass kisser's how it was signed. Now we can see that Judy Ursitti of Autismville is their official Massachusetts hack over at Autism Speaks.

Thank You,
Judith Ursitti
Massachusetts Chapter Advocacy Chair
Autism Speaks