Sunday, July 20, 2008

Government Plans to Murder Autistic Children

A New Mexico company that sells Milk Thistle has been told by the government (FTC) to stop selling it because of false claims. Milk Thistle is an item used during chelation to protect the liver from side effects. If our corrupt government can win this and prevent the sale of milk thistle, they can take away a safeguard that we use to protect our children while removing the mercury that caused the autism from their brains. As you can see from the link, the best part of this foolishness is that it quotes from an NIH website that states milk thistle has been used for centuries to protect the liver. So, the FTC knows that no false claims are involved here, yet they are out for blood. Why?

From what I've recently learned about the cop named Dennis Debbaudt, I'm sure he'll be happy to enforce any government ruling that might restrict our ability to purchase milk thistle, in effect, causing us to risk killing our kids by not being able to protect their livers. I wonder if people like Kim Stagliano and Lenny Schafer can extrapolate from this to understand why it is important to beat down propaganda? If Kathleen Seidel decides to write some lies about the facts of this case, I'm sure Dan Olmsted and David Kirby will say she has that right.

In the meantime, parents desperate to help their autistic kids will probably procede without using milk thistle since the reward of ameliorating the horrors of autism will outweigh the risk of liver damage. When children die if the government wins this case, we can all thank the above named people for allowing liars to cause their deaths.

I'll remind any of the idiots named above of my maxim involved here: No sane person opposes curing autism. Anyone taking any action counter to that maxim is our enemy. Pleasee learn this.


Anonymous said...

this is part of an effort by Pharma to destroy the vitamin a supplement industry , the next big thing is the restriction of mega dose vitamins (this is already on the cards for europe) that is vital to biomed. if it wasn't bad enuff doing this to our kids they are now doing thier best to stop us fixing them.

lurker said...

I hope this dispute gains a lot of publicity to expose these fascist tactics. I wish the FTC could be reprimanded for this.