Friday, December 23, 2011

Canary Party Fools Support Enemy of Autistic Children

I noticed that some of the mentally challenged parents who belong to the Canary Party are in love with a scumbag politician who fully supports causing autism with mercury in vaccines. Since one has to be naive, new to the world of autism or just plain stupid to trust the Canary Party, I'm not surprised that I find such stupidity on a Canary Party site. I hope these moronic parents of autistic children will watch this video to learn exactly how idiotic they are for supporting a lying asshole like Ron Paul.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nomination for IACC

I sent this nomination letter to Dr Daniels of the IACC. Does anyone think these dishonest bastards will view my application favorably?

Dr Daniels,
I'm nominating myself, John Best, to serve on the IACC. You have some degenerate liars on your committee right now and I'd like the opportunity to expose them and drive them out.

We already know all we need to know about how autism is caused and how to cure it. I can make this statement because I've been teaching people how to cure autism since 2003. Many have succeeded in curing their children. Meanwhile, the liars on the IACC are stifling the truth while tens of thousands of children suffer with autism needlessly.

You have an obligation to present the whole truth. You can't allow yourselves to be misled by propaganda experts who will do or say anything to serve their agenda of
covering up the truth to benefit the vaccine industry. Autism is caused by shooting mercury into babies before they develop a blood brain barrier. This should be obvious to anyone who does any research on the subject. To try to deny this is simply dishonest. Your function is to tell the citizens of this country
the truth.

All that has ever come out of the IACC is a pack of lies and a lot of
stalling to avoid that truth. Put me on your committee so I can expose all of the liars. Children are suffering horribly and this deception needs to end right now. You have to demand that all mercury be removed from all vaccines immediately. You have to inform everyone that autism can be cured using Alpha Lipoic Acid chelation per Andrew Cutler's protocol. That's the truth.

My experience with autism relates to making my severely autistic son better with chelation. He is not yet cured but is now a happy teenager who no longer bashes his head through walls, bites himself nor screams in pain all day long from "gut" problems which were the first side effect of mercury poisoning that was cured completely by chelation.
Thank you,
John Best

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aware Voters Are Being Conned by Ron Paul

99% of American voters are so brainwashed that they will always choose between the corrupt liars who are shown to them on TV as their next potential President. Ron Paul is one of these liars.

Ron Paul has been designed to appeal to those who are intelligent enough to question our corrupt government. Paul talks in terms that appeal to these intelligent voters but he never comes close to telling the whole truth or proposing true solutions to anything.

Paul talks about ending the Federal Reserve which is merely a rallying cry but does nothing to solve the problem. The solution is to seize the Fed, to take the profit out of the hands of the bankers who own it and return to making loans to Americans at zero interest, per the Constitution. If the Fed was "ended", something would have to replace it. Paul doesn't tell us what that might be. Paul also never mentions the name "Rothschild", the trillionaire bankers who own the Fed and will be happy to replace it with their International Monetary Fund (IMF) with which they would like to issue one currency that would be used worldwide. This would ensure them profit on their loans from every person on the planet. Is that what Dr Paul wants? Since he maintains that we have to pay our illegal debt to the Rothschild family, it seems that this is high probability of what Paul won't say.

As with Paul's sneaky rhetoric about the Fed, the video above discusses Paul's wonderful sidestepping of the truth about vaccines. Paul talks of concepts that have been embraced by propaganda experts who also deny the truth about vaccines but which are believed by the majority of people who have watched their children become brain-damaged from vaccines. I've been exposing this propaganda for years but hardly anyone will read my words. I can write it but I can't understand it for the victims, and I can't implant it in their brains if they won't read it.

Dr Paul does not support banning Asian imports and bringing our jobs back here. All of our unemployment problems were created through NAFTA so corporations could increase profits by using cheap labor. Paul acts as though he can't understand how we can break these monopolies who increase their profits at our expense so we can benefit the greater good. You never hear this problem mentioned in the debates. They all have solutions relating to monetary and tax policies, pure crapola which only supports the status quo according to Rothschild and Rockefeller. Of course, the debates are all an act which is designed to focus on the wrong problem so the masses are never told what the true problem is. The vast majority aren't smart enough to think it through for themselves so they also dwell on these bogus concerns. The truth of the matter is that we can crash the stock market and break all the banks and everyone except the ultra rich will be far better off. All it takes is returning to our Constitution and issuing our owwn money. The details are as simple as printing whatever cash we need to replace Rothschild's Federal Reserve Notes. If you don't understand why that's true, ask questions.

The only way to elect a President who will serve The People is to vote for someone who will tell the truth, the truth that will never be allowed on Rothschild's TV networks. We can throw the ultra rich out of our lives and end our servitude to them. Please stop wasting your votes on Democrats and Republicans.

Write-in John Best for President. Whether you vote as a Democrat or a Republican doesn't matter. Voting for anyone you see on TV is a vote against yourself.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Pure Evil, The Canary Party

Mark Blaxill's Canary Party makes the Nazi Party look like Mary Poppins. The evil of Blaxill and his followers is so much worse than anything the Nazi's did, it's tough to put into words.

The Nazi's set great standards of inhumanity that will live in infamy for a long time. Starving and beating men, women and children before they gassed them to death for no reason besides the fact that they were Jewish will live on as one of the most heinous crimes in history.

We have to look at the specifics of autism to see how much more cruel to children the Canary Party is. Blaxill and the mothers who make up the bulk of the membership of this deranged political party pawn themselves off as parents of autistic children. Maybe this is true but I'm starting to find it difficult to believe that any of them actually have autistic kids.

Autistic kids are pathetic. They can't speak and they endure some incredible physical pain. Sometimes they cry for hours at a time. They can't speak to describe their pain. They can't even point to a part of their body that hurts. They just cry, and cry and cry, so loudly and so intensely that your heart breaks for them. There is nothing you can do to help them. They bash their heads through walls to try to make their pain stop. They bite themselves into bloody messes, sometimes for hours at a time. I think they're trying to kill themselves to end the pain they suffer. When you bring them to Emergency Wards, the doctors throw you out and tell you they won't treat autism. They might give you a powerful drug to quiet them for a little while but they do absolutely nothing to try to address the source of the autistic kids' distress.

Autism is a horror that lasts a lifetime. These children grow up and endure the same pain. No doctor ever tries to help. It is a lifetime of painful torture. They spend their adult years in asylums, unloved, forgotten by all to suffer daily while their caretakers drug them senseless so they don't have to listen to them scream in pain.

The Canary Party knows how to stop this horror. They know that autism is caused by mercury and that most of that mercury comes from vaccines. But these degenerates are playing a game of psychological warfare. They refuse to make any statements about the role mercury plays in causing this condition. Instead, they have gone off on another obtuse tangent to try to make it look like they are organizing their party for the good of all people who may have been harmed by the medical profession. In the process, they have buried the truth about mercury beneath their rhetoric espousing everything else that might be wrong with our society.

When I asked the Canary Party for help to spread the information about how the flu shot to pregnent women gives fetuses up to 200 times the safe dose of mercury, Ginger Taylor deleted my request and threw me out of the Canary party. Ginger made no comment at all, simply deleted this information that she knows is true. Ginger Taylor knows that millions of children could be saved from becoming autistic if we could warn people about the danger in this flu shot. She won't do it. Neither will Mark Blaxill. Neither will any other mother who belongs to this perverse group of deviant parents.

No parent of an autistic child could possibly be this cruel as to wish autism on any child but that's exactly what these people are doing. Anyone who really does have an autistic child has been through the same horror that I've been through with my son. I doubt anyone who has lived through this Hell on Earth wants to see more children go through it.

The fact that the Canary Party refuses to say one word about how to prevent autism tells us there is something seriously wrong with these people. How anyone who has been through autism can be stupid enough to join this pack of sadists is beyond me. At least Hitler eventually killed his victims and ended their suffering. The Canary Party takes no such altruistic action to end the suffering of autistic children. They just let them writhe and scream in pain while they pretend to be working on the kids' behalf. I can only hope that the people who are followers of these psychopathic leaders wake up to the truth soon.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Confirming Age of Autism's Corruption

Most of the stupid mothers who follow the Age of Autism blog are also members of the corrupt Canary Party which is just more controlled opposition to lead these idiots to waste their time. No matter how many times I've tried to explain to these dopes about how they're being deceived, none of them seem to be able to grasp what I'm talking about.

There are several possible explanations for this. They could all really be that stupid, a highly unlikely outcome. There could be a lot more Pharma shills among them than I had thought. Or, there could be a lot more Pharma shiils among them than I had thought and the rest could have a lot more truly stupid parents than I thought possible. It doesn't matter which of those possibilities is true.

The thing that's interesting about all that I have written over the years about this corruption from Age of Autism and the Canary Party is that nobody from the apparent enemy has ever said one word about it. One would think they'd be laughing about having David Kirby and JB Handley exposed as Pharma shills. Nope, silence. If the alleged people with Asperger's from Neurodiversity were genuine people themselves, they'd be gloating at Age of Autism and the dopes who follow them for being exposed. Not a whisper.

As much as these two opponents claim to despise each other, they never miss an opportunity to rip the other apart. Yet, in several years worth of my writing to note the deception, not one word of gloating. Not one jibe that I have ever witnessed. That tells us that the two sides have been working together all along. They work just like the Democrats and Republicans work to fool all of the people so they can serve their masters who bribe them for their service.

Since I'm certain that there are a lot of parents who have been fooled by this whole charade, perhaps some of them will ask themselves the same question and it will help them see the truth.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Canary Party Protest Announced

When it's money that's the issue, people will protest.

When it's babies brains being damaged, only one person will protest.

When the Canary Party protests, it's much different.

Typical Canary Party Activist (Did Ginger lose weight?)

Canary Party Decision Process

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vaccine Protesters Needed

I could use some help from people who know the truth about how mercury in the flu shot causes brain damage to babies. Today, I found the perfect place to protest Rite Aid. There was a parking place directly across the street from a Rite Aid in Derry, NH and there just happened to be a Walgreen's there with their signs out offering flu shots. So, I was able to protest two pharmacies at the same time who shoot mercury into pregnant women and kill brain cells in their fetuses.

If you have an extra hour or two and would like to help inform the public about the dangers of the flu shot, send me an email at and we'll pick a convenient pharmacy to protest at. You always run into a few uninformed people who tell you you're nuts but you find more people who thank you for showing them the dangers that our corrupt government tries to hide from the public. You just might save a baby from becoming autistic or a senior citizen from getting Alzheimer's.

I pass out a brief flyer to any interested people who ask to learn more which says:
Flu shots contain thimerosal, a mercury compound. The CDC claims that one microgram of thimerosal is safe for a newborn baby. Most flu shots given to pregnant women contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal. Rite Aid will not give flu shots to babies younger than six months because they say it isn’t safe. BUT, they will give flu shots with mercury to pregnant women which logic tells us is unsafe for their fetuses. Simple arithmetic shows that these flu shots to pregnant women give the fetus up to 200 times the alleged safe amount of mercury. No studies have ever been done on thimerosal to prove that any amount of it is, in fact, safe for anyone. Babies do not have Blood Brain Barriers which means the mercury can go directly into their brains. It only takes seconds for mercury to kill brain cells. Mercury thus causes lower IQ’s and results in autism and other severe brain damage for some children who are incapable of excreting mercury. Mercury is also the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.
Learn more:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Real Freedom, Unlike the Corrupt USA

This shows us how our government uses propaganda to serve their masters, the Rothschild family of criminal bankers. If you ever want freedom, you have to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Generation Rescue, Liars

Another dishonest entity has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page. Yesterday, I happened to stumble on a link to GR's Wikipedia page. So, after reading the lies that Wikipedia had printed denigrating GR, I edited the page to correct their propaganda. I wrote about my experience with the liars who own Wikipedia and pasted the link to my story on GR's Facebook page. I had hoped that other parents would see how Wikipedia made all of them look like fools and that these fellow parents would use the information I provided to oppose Wikipedia's deception.

Since I realized a few years ago that GR was itself a devious propaganda operation, unbeknownst to the parents who support it, I have been writing about their subversion of the truth. For all the good that the volunteer Rescue Angels do to help autistic children, Generation Rescue's management is hamstringing all of them by allowing libel from Wikipedia agents and other lowlifes to discredit them.

Jenny McCarthy, who I believe was given millions of dollars by Jim Carey when the two split, could certainly afford a lawyer to rein in Wikipedia and their thoroughly dishonest presentation about GR. But, instead of taking that action, GR throws me out of their Facebook page after I reported the problem and bans me from commenting. (I was still allowed to rejoin the group but can no longer comment.)

This tells us that GR is happy with the libel that Wikipedia presents if they delete a suggestion for parents to take issue with it. If you're a Rescue Angel, as I used to be, you have to ask yourself what GR really wants the public to think about you. From the presentation in Wikipedia, one must conclude that Generation Rescue's management wants the public to believe that you're a lunatic.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Canary Party, The Propaganda of Omission

In reading the Canary Party's position paper and platform, some blatant omissions stand out. They do not use the words "thimerosal", "aluminum", "squalene", "mercury", "chelation" or "cure". They misuse the word "autism" by attaching it to the term "high-functioning", a concession to the deranged cult of psychopaths known as Neurodiversity in a supposed effort to include these jackasses as part of their team. As any parent of an autistic child knows, the words "autism" and "high-functioning" are mutually exclusive. The high-functioning end of the autism spectrum has a specific term and that term is "Asperger's". People who use the word "autism" when they know they should be using the word "Asperger's" are engaging in deliberate deception. This deception is good for the vaccine industry and not so good for autistic people. Obfuscating the meaning of the word "autism" allows high-functioning people with Asperger's to present a false image of autism to the general public and effectively brainwash the public through repetition into thinking that autism is no big deal, that it consists of geeks and social misfits who are a little bit screwy but otherwise quite able to care for themselves. This deception denies the existence of autistic people who never learn to speak, read, write or use a toilet and spend their lives requiring constant supervision and custodial care. Most die in asylums.

The Canary Party would have you believe that thousands of different chemicals are responsible for autism as well as the general term "vaccines". This generalization thus misdirects you from focusing on the mercury in thimerosal as the primary problem with vaccines. Ginger Taylor told me that they want to include everyone who might be affected so they avoid being too specific. She must think I was born yesterday. If you know that a certain Toyota model has faulty brakes and has killed thousands of drivers, you don't try to solve the problem by claiming that cars made in Asia might not be safe. You detail the exact reason that the brakes don't work right and you provide the solution. In the case of autism, you would explain that mercury kills brain cells and prevents methylation and you would tell the victims that removing the mercury through chelation cures the victims. The Canary Party does not do this. They take the dishonest approach of using politically correct language to sidestep the issue of mercury and thus dilute their own message.

They laughingly suggest that sending questionaires to political candidates is going to help promote the issue of brain damage from vaccines. Some autism parents have tried this tactic during the last three presidential elections and you can guess the results. Some politicians simply lie as usual while others refuse to respond. Autism never becomes an issue and is never mentioned in any debates or in any media coverage. The only voters who are even aware the questions were asked are a few parents of autistic kids.

I could go on at length, questioning every word that the Canary party used in their platform and pointing out how their generalized choice of words denies the specifics. I could also point out more omissions of facts and lack of positive tactics to force their alleged agenda down the throats of the corrupt politicians. You can read their page critically yourself and look for those deceptions if you want.

Ginger Taylor showed me either her blatant dishonesty or her rank stupidity when I exchanged emails with her; I can't make the call as to which is true without more discussion. She chastised me for my treatment of an Ari Ne'eman supporter. For those who might not know Ne'eman, he is the dishonest young twerp who is so well connected politically that he has met with Tony Blair, George W Bush and been appointed to misrepresent autistic children on two national organizations by Obama so he can lie about autism and prevent autistic children from being cured. Ginger Taylor chooses to side with Ari Ne'eman rather than recognizing the positive approach to educating the public about the horror of autism that I do every day with my car pictured above. Ginger Taylor wants me to shut up while she gives Ari Ne'eman a pulpit. That's really all you need to know about the Canary Party. They are working against the best interests of autistic children.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

CDC Propaganda Meeting in Concord, NH

I went to this meeting yesterday that was run by the Keystone Center out of Colorado. This is the same group who the CDC hired a couple of years ago to run meetings around the country to tout the H1N1 vaccine. They actually paid us a $75 stipend for attending.

The purpose of the meeting was to plan for the introduction of another vaccine, one to combat meningitis. They did an excellent job showing how dangerous meningitis is and I certainly can't disagree with them on the horror of the deaths and loss of limbs to young children. They made asurances that this vaccine is different from the current meningitis vaccine that contains 25 micrograms of thimerosal and assured us that the new version would be thimerosal free.

The Keystone Center did some polling and I can only guess how they will use these results. The new vaccine will add three or four more shots to the vaccine schedule for babies. The key question in the polling was predeterminately skewed to favor adding this vaccine to the schedule. You see, the targeted advertising that was done to attract people to attend this people was aimed at health care professionals and public employees with their heads up their asses who blindly support whatever they are told to think by the idiots who supervise them. One loud-mouthed public employee was even stupid enough to try to lie to me about the fact that thimerosal is still in the flu shot that is given to pregnant women. Hew boss has been lying to the people of New Hampshire about this for years so the lower level nitwits who infest our Health and Human Services office probably just believe whatever they're told and never bother checking the facts. Anyhow, I set this one straight, not that it will do any good.

I tried to make the point to the CDC drones who were presenting the propaganda that this meningitis vaccine sounded like a good idea given the seriousness of the disease. But, I thought they should consider removing other vaccines from the schedule. The HepB is completely useless and stupid for newborns since none of them engage in behaviors that could see them fall victim to HepB. Chicken Pox is also inane, as well as mumps and rubella. This suggestion for a trade off was lost on these people, the majority of whom were really concerned about their problems with convincing everyone to give their kids every vaccine that is on the schedule.

I stayed for the extra session too, to explain that I couldn't support adding any vaccine to a schedule that included the flu shot with thimerosal to pregnant women which is nothing less than a crime of battery against every fetus. CDC drones like to ignore these remarks. They also like to ignore remarks about the CDC's lack of honesty in refusing to admit that they know mercury is the cause of autism. And, as usual, none of the health care professionals or the CDC people have any comment at all when you point out how we cure autism by removing mercury from the brain.

I stumbled on a Facebook comment that let me know about this meeting but I couldn't find it listed anyplace. The Keystaone Group didn't even have it listed on their website. I asked them about this while I commented to them about their skewing polling results by inviting people who would toe the company line by supporting all vaccines. Later in the session, one of the meeting organizers wondered if she should invite some anti-vaccine groups to the other two meetings they are having in Chicago and, I think, Seattle.

If more "anti-vaccine loons" don't show up at these future meetings, the CDC will be able to say that they held meetings, took public comments and found that the public favors adding more shots to the schedule for babies by a wide margin. The "too many, too soon" group should find this interesting. I found that the CDC and their "neutral" contractor don't much care for the word "thimerosal" so I used it too many times. I think they should hear it too many more times so they know there are lots of people who don't believe their lies.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Shout Down Ari Ne'eman, 08/05/11

On August 5, 2011, Syracuse University is hosting a symposium on Neurodiversity to teach sadists how to abuse autistic people. Syracuse is using Ari Ne'eman to present his deranged rhetoric to con sane people into making life worse for brain damaged people with autism.

Sane parents of autistic people should attend this free symposium and bring air horns, drums, trombones or whatever you can get your hands on to make as much noise as possible. Sane adults who oppose torturing people with brain damage should make so much noise that nobody hears anything said by the sadistic Ne'eman.

Ari Ne'eman's goal in life is to prevent anyone from curing severely autistic children. Ne'eman calls himself "autistic" to try to fool the public into believing actual autistic people don't even exist. On the surface, it seems that the only thing truly wrong with Ne'eman is that he's queer and obese. He is NOT autistic. Don't let this fat, lying bastard distort the truth about how horrible autism is for our children.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Allison Singer Makes Bikers Look Like Scum

Allison Singer, the dishonest slug who runs the disingenuously named Autism Science Foundation(ASF), has conned a bunch of bikers into helping her abuse autistic children. Allison also had help with this from JP Morgan Chase, the criminal bankers who are helping to destroy our economy.

Allison claims that she is raising money to search for a cure for autism. This is not the truth. Her bogus ASF is actually dedicated to preventing anyone from curing autism as they conjure up lie after lie after lie to fool the public into believing that autism is not caused by mercury.

A cure for autism has existed since 2000. That's when Dr Amy Holmes and Dr Andrew Cutler figured out the best way the remove mercury from autistic childrens' brains with chelation and started curing them. Allison Singer is well aware of this, as is virtually everyone in the autism community. However, liars like Singer continually present false information about this fact in an attempt to help the vaccine manufacturers cover up their crime of poisoning our babies.

Singer is partners with Dr Paul Offit in the ASF venture. Offit is the murderer who killed babies with his vaccine against diarrhea which earned him millions in profit. As with the rest of the criminal vaccine industry, he was not prosecuted for this crime. Now, Offit acts as the propaganda spokesmodel for the vaccine industry. He goes on TV and lies to the public to try to make them think it's safe to shoot mercury and aluminum into their fetuses and babies, an act that he knows will cause brain damage.

Singer is a highly skilled liar from Yale who has managed to promote herself as an expert on autism. She used to be one of the head liars for Autism Speaks, the sham charity that also denies the fact that mercury in vaccines is the primary cause of the brain damage known as autism. The owners of Autism Speaks have used chelation on their grandson to try to cure him (don't know their results) but they lie about this treatment to the public. They only promote treatments that are now obsolete and have never helped any autistic child, treatments left over from the days when autism was really a mystery and nobody knew what to do about it.

The good-hearted bikers associated with AML need to be aware how this mangy bitch, Singer is using them. As stated, she's a highly trained, eloquently speaking liar who can fool lots of people who are not experts on the subject as I am. I've been teaching people how to cure autism for about ten years. I don't know how many of the thousands of parents I've talked to have succeeded but I know that some have cured their children by removing mercury from their brains. Singer also knows this but she consistently denies this fact. Singer is participating in a ride with the AML bikers to raise money for her bogus foundation on July 26.

Allison Singer is not going to use the money she raises to help any autistic child. She is going to use it to disseminate her devious propaganda. Her dishonesty prevents parents from learning the truth and from learning how to cure their autistic children.

I hope the bikers who are organizing this event for July 26 will reconsider. Helping Allison Singer or Autism Speaks is the worst thing you can do. These people are enemies of autistic children. They are evil liars who are preying on severely disabled kids and they belong in prison.

Sane parents should contact the AML bikers here and confirm to them how evil Allison Singer is.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Age of Autism, Pay Attention

This is the message that Age of Autism, JB Handley and David Kirby would be promoting if they were the slightest bit honest. These propaganda agents would not be spouting the foolishness about too many vaccines as a cause of autism. The liars from Age of Autism used to tell the truth and discuss how mercury is the cause of autism. Some of them even discussed how they used chelation to remove mercury from their childrens' brains.

Now, they seem to have morphed into a bunch of mental defectives who tout diets as a way to cure mercury poisoning. Of course, they don't discuss mercury poisoning and why it's just plain stupid to think any diet can remove mercury from someone's brain. Instead, they seem to focus on the diet itself without identifying the cause of the autism.

When some seemingly mentally challenged parents decide that certain foods can reverse autism, they tacitly promote the deranged assumption that it must be those same foods that magically cause the autism. Otherwise, how is it possible that removing a few foods could completely reverse severe brain damage?

Collectively, we see this misdirection from a group who used to know that children had their best chance to ameliorate the symptoms of autism by chelating mercury. But now, they don't even want to discuss mercury as they deceptively switch their focus to vaccines that don't even have any mercury in them. Can all of these writers possibly be so stupid that they can't do some simple arithmetic to figure out how much mercury is being shot into fetuses on a per pound basis? Is there anyone among thee geniuses who can make the comparison between the flu shot to pregnant women and the explosion of autism that correlates to the advent of the HepB shot to newborns?

Didn't these same people once discuss how the blood brain barrier (BBB) isn't formed until babies are about one month old and how the mercury from the HepB shot used to go unabated into their brains which evidenced the clear hazard of HepB shots that used to contain 12.5 micrograms of thimerosal? One of their geniuses figured out that, when California reduced thimerosal, mercury must have been floating across the Pacific from China to keep autism rates up. Couldn't this wizard also figure out what so many others have seen as obvious, that the flu shot to pregnant women was so much more hazardous to fetuses than the HepB shot used to be since it had twice as much mercury and the fetus was so much smaller and less developed?

Yet, AoA and their TV personalities who represent our children in the media never mention this. Some have suggested that these TV stars have been muzzled by the networks and are not allowed to speak the truth. Does that possibility also prevent these stars from speaking the truth when they're not on TV lying to the public through their blatant omissions of these facts?

Couldn't anyone at Age of Autism conjure up the same idea that I had a year a couple of years ago and paint signs to inform the public of this hazard that was being blacked out by Rothschild's TV networks? It seems that people who can provoke thousands of parents to make signs that say "Too Many, Too Soon" could also provoke these same parents to make signs that told the whole truth, that the mercury in the flu shot was now the primary cause of the brain damage known as autism. Since I didn't have to hire an advertsing agency to think this up for me, one would think that the collective genius at AoA could come up with a similar idea to promote the truth. Why didn't they?

Omissions of obvious facts are clear evidence of deception.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

JB Handley, Baby Mangling Maggot

JB Handley has gone on TV four times that I've seen and lied about how mercury mangles babies' brains to cause autism and death. Handley does this by refusing to mention thimerosal or the fact that flu shots to pregnant women can give their fetus up to 200 times the dose of mercury that the CDC claims is safe.

Handley is the founder of Generation Rescue who showed up amongst parents of autistic children in 2005 and firmly stated that all autism was caused by mercury. Now, he lies to the whole world on CNN whenever he has the chance and tells people that too many vaccines cause autism while conveniently forgetting to mention mercury at all.

Handley also founded the blog that is now named Age of Autism. This blog has David Kirby as their star writer, a horse's ass who claims we still need proof that mercury causes autism. We've been curing autism for over ten years by removing the mercury with chelation and here's this liar using his pulpit to tell the world that we still need proof.

Intelligent people don't listen to mealy mouthed imbeciles like Kirby but it's really annoying to watch Kirby use the media to tell unsuspecting parents that nobody knows if mercury in vaccines is a problem or not. Of course it's a problem, as proven by all of the autistic kids who were cured by removing mercury from their brains.

Why any rational parent asociates with this Age of Autism blog is beyond me. They refuse to tell anyone the truth about autism and, in effect, cause autism themselves with their dishonest appraisal of the vaccine situation. Can Handley be an actual parent who cares about doing what's right for autistic kids and unborn babies when he refuses to tell the whole truth? Is it more likely that he's some sort of agent who was sent to gain our trust for a little while before he started his quest to lie to the world about how autism is caused? I think he should explain himself to every mother who had a spontaneous miscarriage after a mercury filled flu shot or who had a severely brain damaged baby thanks to that mercury.

Lots of peole trust this liar while he goes on TV and lies to help the vaccine industry cover up the truth. It's a pretty good lie because he has a bunch of other liars supporting him and touting this too many vaccines nonsense when most of those vaccines have no mercury in them. If he mentioned the flu shot at all, he could justify the other nonsense by saying it was a possibility that hasn't been proven or disproven. But, to ignore that mercury filled flu shot to tiny fetuses and the damage we know it causes tells us beyond any doubt that JB Handley must be a vaccine industry agent.

Sane and honest parents need to squash this Age of Autism dishonesty.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Age of Autism Silent on Dr Mark Geier

Since Dr Mark Geier was railroaded by the Maryland State Board of Physicians and the thoroughly corrupt Dr Harry Knipp, the Age of Autism(AoA) blog has had nothing to say. Given their history of championing Dr Wakefield's loss of his license, one would expect that AoA would be even more enraged by this bogus attack on Dr Geier. The fact that they have nothing to say for a second time while Dr Geier is libelled all over the internet should lead anyone who reads this dishonest blog to question their motives.

AoA engaged in propaganda with their defense of Dr Wakefield. Defending Dr Wakefield was the right thing to do, but AoA's motivation for doing so seems to be because they were promoting a Red Herring. Dr Wakefield never stated that the MMR vaccine caused autism. He only claimed that it caused bowel disease in autistic children. So, shouting an all out defense of Dr Wakefield as loudly as they could was a misplaced support of a situation that was entirely false on all fronts. AoA promoted the notion that the MMR vaccine was the cause of autism, something we know is simply not true. Mercury is the cause of autism.

Now that the man who proved the facts about thimerosal (mercury) being the cause of autism is under attack, AoA has nothing to say. One would think that these queers and liars who write AoA would be extremely upset that the criminal medical industry who poisoned our children into autism has railroaded Dr Geier who proved that fact. Yet, they have nothing to say. Dr Geier cures autistic children, something one would think would be of interest to AoA. How can they refuse to come a doctor's defense who may have cured the children of many of their readers?

AoA is made up of the same jackasses who go on TV and make inane claims about too many vaccines causing autism while they fail to mention the fact that mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women is up to 200 times the amount that the CDC claims is safe. They also have a queer who writes for them who claims we haven't proven that mercury causes autism yet and that he would never support the treatments we use to cure autism.

AoA does a wonderful job of attacking people like Paul Offit to make themselves appear like they are on the side of parents with autistic children. They also misdirect parents to become concerned over ridiculous government groups like the IACC who obviously exists for one purpose, to waste our time.

Parents of autistic children have to ask themselves what AoA is really doing when this propaganda blog ignores a license being pulled from Dr Geier, a man who is so scary to the pharmaceutical industry that they have had hundreds of their shill bloggers defaming him for years. You have to ask why AoA doesn't support the man who helped give all of us the knowledge by which we learned to cure our children.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Dr Mark Geier Railroaded by Doctors Who Poison Babies

Here's the dishonest decision from Dr Harry C Knipp, Vice Chair of the Maryland State Board of Physicians in the suspension of Dr Mark Geier's license to practice medicine.

The important fact in this case that Dr Knipp ignored is that Dr Geier has helped hundreds of children recover from the malpractice that the Maryland Board of Physicians endorses, shooting mercury into infants to mangle their brains. Knipp acted on a complaint from a citizen, which sounds suspiciously like the character assassination that was perpetrated by Kathleen Seidel back in 2006. Seidel is a well known liar who claims to have an autistic daughter, even though the kid looks like she has Downs Syndrome. She is associated with a group of liars from the Pharmaceutical industry who have spent years disseminating thoroughly dishonest opinions about autism and vaccines, going so far as to suggest that anyone who tries to cure an autistic child is killing the child within by repairing their brain damaged.

Rather than listening to parents whose children were cured or improved by Dr Geier's treatments, this nutty Dr Knipp decided to go along with a complaint that was most likely filed by an insane person who is opposed to curing anyone of the mercury induced brain damage known as autism. A rational and honest person hearing this case would investigate the background of complaining patients since it is not out of the realm of possibility that some shill from the vaccine industry may have become a patient of Dr Geier to set him up with bogus information leading to questions about his treatments. But, when the object of an investigation is to railroad an honest doctor, these obvious questions that any intelligent person would ask are not presented.

We can see that Dr Knipp is a liar by his references to the 2004 IOM report. We all know that that report was so ordered by the CDC before the evidence was presented. The evidence has been proven true and accurate by virtue of the fact that parents do cure autistic children completely by chelating mercury out of their brains, a treatment that the dishonest Knipp refers to as dangerous. Dr Knipp further exposes himself as a dishonest person by referencing a thoroughly dishonest Chicago Tribune article written by Trine Tsouderos which was nothing more than character assassination against Dr Geier. For any supposedly educated person to use such libel as a reference is ludicrous.

In rendering his decision, Dr Knipp dwelled on specific instances of alleged questionable practices. Since the tacit objective of any MD is to relieve patients of suffering though, we have to ask Dr Knipp why he chose to select nine patients' records to railroad Dr Geier instead of selecting about 500 other patients' records to examine the benefit to the brain damaged children whose condition may have been reversed or improved thanks to Dr Geier.

Dr Knipp did not ask this question in assessing the case. As a parent of a severely autistic child who has done over 100 rounds of chelation and provoked elimination of painful symptoms as well as great mental improvement in my son's condition, I have certainly become much more of an expert on autism than a dishonest Dr Knipp will ever be. I administered chelation and plucked my son out of the abject abyss of autism with no problems whatsoever, yet Dr Knipp lies to the world in his opinion to warn people against using this treatment that reverses the brain damage caused by injecting way too much mercury into newborn babies.

With this dishonesty, Dr Knipp is causing autistic children to suffer for a lifetime.

Dr Geier cures autistic children.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Autism Society of NH is Hazardous to Autistic Children

Once again, the extreme idiots who run the Autism Society of New Hampshire have banned me from their website. These moronic young mothers insist on lying to parents of autistic children by deleting the facts about how mercury in vaccines causes the brain damage that is named "Autism".

I have been trying to educate these morons for about 12 years now, ever since we first learned from the CDC that mercury was the cause of autism. Over the last few days, I posted on this forum as Betty Weiss since I knew I'd be kicked out immediately if I used my real name. I tried to disseminate information about how to solve the budget crisis that New Hampshire faces by asking for help to compel our legislature to ban mercury from vaccines and stop causing autism. I also advised a distraught mother how to cure her child.

One really has to wonder about the sanity of the people who run this website that allegedly exists to help autistic children. These liars will post all sorts of drivel about using ABA to cure autism, an insane practice that only fills the bank accounts of the trained apes who torture autistic kids with this gestapo style therapy. Think about it. Kids are autistic because they have mercury in their brains and these profiteers have conned people into believing that educational approaches can do something while the mercury remains in the brain causing the kid pain and horror.

It's no wonder that the liars who run ASNH won't even discuss the matter of how we really cure autism. The only conclusion one can draw is that they would be losing money if naive parents who listen to their bullshit cured their kids by removing the mercury from their childrens' brains.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Paula Durbin Westby Admits She's A Liar, Ari Ne'eman's Agent

Here's the email notification from Facebook that I never saw on Paula's facebook page. By the time I had a chance to follow the link there, Paula had deleted the whole thread.
Paula C. Durbin-Westby commented on Autism Acceptance Day's Wall post.
Paula C. wrote: "I tend to favor free speech. However, this site is specifically a place for AUTISM ACCEPTANCE. Autism acceptance includes ALL people on the autism spectrum and with other developmental and intellectual disabilities. If any insults begin to fly, the thread will be removed. Respectful language is expected of all participants. Happy Autism Acceptance Day!"

So, we see that Paula does not actually favor free speech unless that speech agrees with her dishonest agenda as one of Ari Ne'eman's chief propaganda agents from the ASAN.

I added another post that went something like this: "I have one son with autism and another with Asperger's. Not in a million years would I insult my second son by referring to him as autistic." That's all I said, no insults, a simple statement of fact that alluded to the enormous difference between autism and Asperger's.

Dishonest Paula promptly deleted my post. So, I tossed her words above back at her and noted that her deletions reflected poorly on her character. You guessed it, deleted, and...I was at that point banned from the group.

What's going on with this autism "acceptance" crapola is that liars like Paula Durbin Westby, an obese slug who claims to have Asperger's Syndrome, are calling themselves "Autistic" to misrepresent the true horror of low-functioning autism. When anyone who is curing an actual autistic person confronts these liars and asks why they refuse to refer to themselves as people with Asperger's, they know their scam is up so they have to delete your comments and hide from you. Then they can go about their business of testifying to the IACC to campaign against curing autism.

This scam is now a vast network of extremely stupid mothers who believe this nonsense as well as the government psychological warfare agents who brainwash the idiotic mothers. When I first started blogging about these liars five years ago, there were about fifty of them who misrepresented the facts about autism. Now, this group that I was just thrown out of has over 1,100 morons who have been conned by liars like Paula and Ari Ne'eman. These stupid mothers think it's good to allow their autistic kids to wallow in the abyss of autism because Paula Durbin-Fatass and other liars have convinced them of this bullshit. The mothers don't even know that they are abusing their autistic children by neglecting to give them medical treatments that cure this nightmare.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Saturday, January 08, 2011

JB Handley Sells Out Autistic Children on CNN

JB Handley did this interview on CNN and sold out every autistic child with some very good lying. Handley's lies of omission here are exactly what the vaccine makers want so they can cause more brain damage to babies.

Handley claims that the only vaccine that has ever been studied is the MMR shot. He knows this is false so it's an outright and blatant lie. Verstraeten did the study in 1999 that showed us thimerosal (mercury) was the cause of autism based on his study of the DTP shot which contained 25 micrograms of thimerosal. It was because of this knowledge that we began to cure autism by removing mercury from our childrens' brains. Many of us have succeeded in curing our children to differing degrees by removing that mercury. That confirms mercury as the cause so one has to ask why Mr Handley now decides to ignore this fact.

If Handley was honest, he would be mentioning facts concerning mercury. He would mention the fact that no vaccine ever caused autism for 133 years until mercury was added as a preservative in 1931. In fact, nothing ever caused autism before 1931 because autism did not exist until then. He should be mentioning the fact that there was zero cases of autism in New Hampshire and Mississippi in 1993 and that those states, all of a sudden had hundreds of cases in 1994, exactly three years after the HepB shot was added to the vaccine schedule in 1991. He may be aware that newborns do not have a blood brain barrier and that shooting mercury into them as soon as they were born was an excellent way to place mercury in their brains and cause permanent damage. The key here, and Handley must be aware of this, is that the mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women is incredibly hazardous to fetuses. If mercury from the HepB shot could cause the largest increase in autism that was ever seen in 1994 by shooting newborns with mercury, can't he fathom that shooting twice as much mercury into fetuses through the mothers' flu shots would have much more damaging results? One would think a Stanford graduate could make this connection.

Instead of making these arguments that seem to be common sense to me, Handley is now off on this crazy tangent of making comparisons between numbers of vaccines that contain no mercury, or very little mercury and are mostly given to babies after they have developed a blood brain barrier. At no point in this interview or other TV interviews that he has done lately for CNN and a show that I think is called "The Doctors" did Handley mention the flu shot and the full dose of mercury that those shots still contain.

If you were a CEO of vaccine manufacturing company, a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study is exactly what you would want to prove that vaccines do not cause autism. Of course, you would want that study done on children who were born since most of the thimerosal was reduced to trace levels in most vaccines. The results would show some autism in unvaccinated children since some would have had mothers who had the flu shot while pregnant. Lots of mothers are now full of mercury themselves since they were babies when the number of vaccines began increasing and they would pass some of that to their fetuses and to their newborns through breastfeeding. Pharma could easily cherry pick subjects for this study and be sure to include autistic kids whose mothers had flu shots but did not vaccinate their babies. Voila, they find unvaccinated kids with autism and they have a perfect study to declare that vaccines do not cause autism. And, they have JB Handley who stated in this video that he would admit vaccines do not cause autism if this study produced those results.

If JB Handley had any guts or honesty in his character, he would have stated the facts about mercury and he would have mentioned the flu shot and drilled that point home in no uncertain terms. The fact that he didn't do that tells you he's a liar.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

We Can Win the Presidency and End Autism Forever

We the People have the power and the means to take control of the USA back from the Rothschilds and the corporations who now control it. We don't need any money to do this and we can win the next election unanimously, aside from a few votes from multi-millionaires. All we have to do is use the internet to spread the word that we are not going to vote for any more corrupt Democrats or Republicans and that we are going to elect ourselves.

I'm running in 2012 as an Indeependent write-in candidate. If elected, I am going to get rid of every bureaucrat and corrupt politician who infests our government and replace them with ordinary, honest citizens who did not attend Yale or Harvard. I will seize the Federal Reserve and replace Federal Reserve notes with United States notes that will be backed by silver and gold. I'll declare all mortgages on primary residences paid in full, let all of the big banks fail and we won't miss them. All money in their accounts will be covered for every citizen with new currency.

We'll make homes free for everyone. They are a United States asset, not a bank asset, and everyone deserves to have one. Real Estate will no longer be a game for the rich to profit off the misfortune of the unemployed. The banks won't increase their wealth by forcing all of us to pay them interest for thirty years and investors will stop profiting from foreclosures. We now have 19 million vacant housing units which means our country has more than enough to house every homeless person. This real estate belongs to us, the American people, not to banks. We are going to reclaim it from these thieves and throw the banks out of our lives.

Making homes for everyone a right, not a lifetime of debt will automatically reduce inflation to nothing and lower the cost of living so greatly that exorbitant salaries and the costs of all goods and services will shrink to levels where everyone can easily afford everything they need. The only losers here will be the banks who have been robbing us forever. Too bad.

Our society has become one where we are all indebted to bankers. We pay them interest for our cars, homes, educations and the interest on our credit cards that we overuse when we can't afford the $3 a gallon gasoline that we all need to work for the corporations. Those corporations found cheap labor in Asia to put lots of us out of work while they increased profits and still expect us all to pay for their goods without any jobs. We don't need those goods from Asia and we can return to making them ourselves by simply throwing those corporations out of our country. We can do this if We the People control our own government again by simply passing laws banning all corporations. With no more mortgages or rent to pay, we can all work a lot less and we can perform the same functions of the corporations with profit sharing co-ops that are owned by every employee. We just take over their operations and let the employees run them. This is a simple solution to the greed that has been thrust upon all of us through these corporations. We can throw the whole corporate mindset out of the USA for good and end the practice of becoming highly educated slaves who serve the corporations by playing their politically correct games.

In the process of taking back everything in the USA that belongs to us, we will take control of the media, the TV networks and the newspapers. We'll take those businesses that belong to all of us out of the hands of a few wealthy people and make them entities that serve everyone, that report all of the news honestly and we'll get rid of the obnoxious advertising that the corporations use to lie to us about how wonderful their overpriced products are. This is covered in the Constitution under freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Had our founding fathers foreseen television and its power, I think they would have considered it a resource for all, not just a few wealthy folks like the Rothschilds who own the major networks. Television needs to be seen as an American resource, much the same as the Grand Canyon. It can't be owned by any person and we have to address this now. We can't keep accepting what we're led to believe we have to accept. We have the power to make these changes and all it takes is electing ourselves instead of the corporate shills who now allegedly represent us in Congress.

We have the power to change everything that's wrong with our country and all we have to do is talk to each other to make it happen. We have the internet where we can all talk to each other even more effectively than the corporations who control us talk to all of us through the television. You can take this simple message and send it to all of your friends, ask them to do the same thing, discuss it, and keep sending it around. If you have an area of our government that you want to manage, say so. I want people with me who want to destroy what our government has become and put it back on track. Our government should exist to serve us. It can never tell us what to do or how to do it. We manage the government. We haven't been able to do that since every election has been rigged by corporations who could buy the most TV commercials to have their stooges elected. Well, we have the internet to put ourselves back in charge and we better do exactly that right now. If you want to live the way human beings were meant to live, tell everyone you know to write me in in the 2012 primaries. Put hand-painted signs in your front yards and on your cars asking people to vote for me. That doesn't cost anything. The whole campaign will be free and we can outdo any corporate advertising and throw them out of our lives forever. We can solve every problem we face honestly, without corporate influence. All it takes is for YOU to unhook yourself from the television brainwashing you've endured your whole life and decide that we can do this together.

When we become President, we can tell everyone the truth about how vaccines cause autism. We can end this nightmare and we can give all of the victims everything they need to cure autism. We won't need any studies because we will control the country and we can simply tell the truth and lock up the criminals who caused this horror.

John Best for President in 2012.