Thursday, May 19, 2011

Allison Singer Makes Bikers Look Like Scum

Allison Singer, the dishonest slug who runs the disingenuously named Autism Science Foundation(ASF), has conned a bunch of bikers into helping her abuse autistic children. Allison also had help with this from JP Morgan Chase, the criminal bankers who are helping to destroy our economy.

Allison claims that she is raising money to search for a cure for autism. This is not the truth. Her bogus ASF is actually dedicated to preventing anyone from curing autism as they conjure up lie after lie after lie to fool the public into believing that autism is not caused by mercury.

A cure for autism has existed since 2000. That's when Dr Amy Holmes and Dr Andrew Cutler figured out the best way the remove mercury from autistic childrens' brains with chelation and started curing them. Allison Singer is well aware of this, as is virtually everyone in the autism community. However, liars like Singer continually present false information about this fact in an attempt to help the vaccine manufacturers cover up their crime of poisoning our babies.

Singer is partners with Dr Paul Offit in the ASF venture. Offit is the murderer who killed babies with his vaccine against diarrhea which earned him millions in profit. As with the rest of the criminal vaccine industry, he was not prosecuted for this crime. Now, Offit acts as the propaganda spokesmodel for the vaccine industry. He goes on TV and lies to the public to try to make them think it's safe to shoot mercury and aluminum into their fetuses and babies, an act that he knows will cause brain damage.

Singer is a highly skilled liar from Yale who has managed to promote herself as an expert on autism. She used to be one of the head liars for Autism Speaks, the sham charity that also denies the fact that mercury in vaccines is the primary cause of the brain damage known as autism. The owners of Autism Speaks have used chelation on their grandson to try to cure him (don't know their results) but they lie about this treatment to the public. They only promote treatments that are now obsolete and have never helped any autistic child, treatments left over from the days when autism was really a mystery and nobody knew what to do about it.

The good-hearted bikers associated with AML need to be aware how this mangy bitch, Singer is using them. As stated, she's a highly trained, eloquently speaking liar who can fool lots of people who are not experts on the subject as I am. I've been teaching people how to cure autism for about ten years. I don't know how many of the thousands of parents I've talked to have succeeded but I know that some have cured their children by removing mercury from their brains. Singer also knows this but she consistently denies this fact. Singer is participating in a ride with the AML bikers to raise money for her bogus foundation on July 26.

Allison Singer is not going to use the money she raises to help any autistic child. She is going to use it to disseminate her devious propaganda. Her dishonesty prevents parents from learning the truth and from learning how to cure their autistic children.

I hope the bikers who are organizing this event for July 26 will reconsider. Helping Allison Singer or Autism Speaks is the worst thing you can do. These people are enemies of autistic children. They are evil liars who are preying on severely disabled kids and they belong in prison.

Sane parents should contact the AML bikers here and confirm to them how evil Allison Singer is.

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