Monday, June 19, 2017


In case you haven't heard, Congress has been committing treason against us continually since December, 23, 1913.  That's the day the bribed, lying traitors created the Federal Reserve, owned by the Rothschild family, an enemy of the people of the United States since before the Revolution.

Federal Reserve Notes are not backed by anything, not by gold or silver or anything else.  The only reason you think they're valuable is because that's what we're all taught to believe.  In reality, they have no value whatsoever.  Yet, our $20 trillion national debt is a deception that requires you to earn those Federal Reserve Notes so you can pay your taxes.  So, the value that pays the national debt all comes from the labor that we perform to earn the fraudulent money.  This labor for money that's completely worthless thus makes all of us debt slaves.  We need that money that we exchange for goods, services and bills so we all work a lot more hours than we should because we're all being robbed by Congress and the owners of the Federal Reserve to pay that national debt, and to fund the daily operation of our government.

The way our money is supposed to work is that Congress issues it and nobody ever has to pay any taxes because none of that money that Congress issues ever has to be paid back by anyone.  It belongs to all of us and it would be crazy to create money out of nothing like the Fed does and then charge ourselves interest to pay it back to ourselves.

I know this sounds insane because we have all been brainwashed to think that our money is a thing of value and nobody can just snap their fingers and create money.  But, that's exactly what the Federal Reserve does.  And, Congress is supposed to do the same thing.  It's right in the Constitution.  In article 1, section 5, clause 5, it says; Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress can take bribes to sell this power to the owners of the Federal Reserve so they can rob us.  That's what Congress has been doing every day since 1913.

Since 1913, Congress should have issued all the money that was needed to pay for our government without collecting one dime in taxes from anyone.  If Congress regulated the value of our money the way they're supposed to, there would be no inflation and a house that costs $600,000 today would cost about $12,000.  Of course, your salary would also be set to levels from 1912 too.  But the key here, is that banks would not be charging us interest for mortgages.  Since we the people are the owners of this country, we would not want to charge ourselves interest for any loans so we would borrow this money through a government bank with zero interest and zero closing costs.  We wouldn't have to pay a lawyer to rob us at closing the way we do now.

If you understand this much about how Congress robs us, you've only mastered the tip of the iceberg. Congress continually commits unspeakable acts against all of us while they eliminate our freedom  but I'm not going to go into any of that right now.  The important thing to learn here is that we the people are the authorities and we can remove these criminals in Congress from office any time we want.

Public Opinion is the most potent weapon that exists.  To provoke we the people to stand up for ourselves and remove our elected enemies from Congress, we have to change the way people discuss issues that they think are important to their lives.  We have to sway that public opinion so that everyone in the country understands the treason by Congress so that we can unite ourselves on the fact that Congress is guilty of treason and  deserves to hang.

Treason is a heinous crime which carries the death penalty.  Neither Congress nor any of the corrupt liars posing as Attorneys General, District Attorneys or Police  will ever arrest Congress for this crime against all of us.  If they were genuinely interested in upholding the Constitution, they would have arrested every member of Congress a long time ago.  So, we the people have to do this ourselves.

We have to make enough noise about the treason by Congress that we can force our police to arrest them.  If we try to make Citizens Arrests or if we start shooting them, the Police will arrest us or shoot at us and we won't win.  They are well organized and we aren't.  In the process of swaying that public opinion though, we will become perfectly organized as the owners of our country so that we can remedy the loss of freedom caused by our corrupt, elected servants.

If Donald Trump can blather like an idiot and cause over 60 million people to vote for him to "make America great again" and Hillary can somehow find another 60 million who believed that she would look out for women and poor people, then honest people should be able to find a rallying point to rid our country of elected, bribed liars.

If we can provoke the public to talk about hanging Congress instead of voting for them or asking them to obey the Constitution, then we can gain back the position of power that Congress usurped from us, our position as the true authorities.  We have to reclaim that attitude that everyone had in colonial times, the people are the authorities and politicians are mere servants.  If the politicians act against our best interests, a bunch of people can drag them out and tar and feather them to bring them back into line.  Or, we can just tell any cop that the politician committed treason and the cop will arrest them, unlike today.

To regain that attitude, I suggest bumper stickers that say: "HANG CONGRESS FOR TREASON".  Assert your authority to do just that, talk about it every chance you get instead of responding to the nonsense that mainstream media feeds us and help the sleeping American public to see the power we have when we unite to dispose of our criminal politicians.  As more and more people are saying those words : "HANG CONGRESS FOR TREASON",  that repetition will serve to offset the brainwashing that TV does to us to try to make us accept a position of subservience to our elected servants.  We are the authorities.  Keep repeating that.

(I have bumper stickers for sale.  If you want one, send a self addressed, stamped envelope and $3, cash only, to J Best,  113 Old Derry Rd, Londonderry, NH 03053)  If I earn any profit from it, I'll buy more that I can hand out for free.