Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Governor John Lynch of NH, Jackass

I have written to Governor Lynch many times. One would think the idiot in charge of the State would give a damn when people report that their children have been poisoned by dangerous drugs. Not this guy, it doesn't bother him a bit.

Governor Lynch's wife is a doctor. She belongs to the profession who poisoned our children with their criminal negligence. These jackasses had no idea how much mercury they were shooting our babies up with. They had no idea how much mercury was safe. Just ask any of them. They will still insist that thimerosal is safe. Of course, not one of them has the guts to take Jock Doubledays $75,000 challenge by giving themselves some thimerosal. That says a lot about this profession that supposedly is to be respected. Here we have doctors, expected to be more intelligent than the average guy shooting babies full of mercury. Aren't these professionals supposed to know what they're putting into babies with those shots? Don't they know that the flu shots they give to pregnant women contain mercury that will bother the brains of unborn children? Does Mrs Lynch tell the Governor that vaccines did not cause the autism epidemic? Is that why he ignores the fact that his state led the nation in percentage increase in autism last year?

Perhaps Governor Lynch will explain to taxpayers why property taxes have doubled within the last five years. It might have something to do with the fact that education for some autistic kids costs the taxpayers over $60,000 a year. The taxpayers should be enraged that a cure for autism exists and Gov Lynch will not support curing these children who will cost them a fortune by remaining autistic. Is that because he gets advice from his physician wife who probably sticks to the untrue credo that there is no known cause or cure for autism?

It might not be his wife's fault. We know that the head of Health and Human Services is also against curing autism. I've heard him claim that he favors evidence based medicine as an excuse to let these poor children wallow in the abyss of autism, unhelped. I' ve tried to explain to this guy how autism can be cured. I have plenty of evidence for him since I know many cured children. He doesn't give a damn. He refers me to his chief doctor. His chief doctor is another nitwit who couldn't even tell me who he bought his vaccines from when I questioned him about his assertion that he didn't buy any vaccines with thimerosal. Since only one company was making thimerosal free vaccoines at the time, one would think this guy could have answered that question. This nitwit also didn't want to hear anything about how to cure autism. Evidently, he must have read someplace that autism was incurable. I guess that means that any advances in science won't be learned by this guy unless he goes back to school and has it spelled out for him by some professor. It might be too much strain on him to discover advances that might not yet be in textbooks.

There are all sorts of other idiots running things in New Hampshire who refuse to help mercury poisoned kids. They have an Autism Task Force, or Farce if you will. I've been aware of chelation for over six years now. I've been treating my son with it for about three years and it's helping. Try to tell that to any jackass on the Autism Task Farce. What will it take for these God damned bureaucrats to learn that our kids were poisoned, that autism didn't suddenly increase for no good reason? Isn't a task force supposed to explore the subject for which they're tasked? Not these Bozo's, they still don't recognize the fact that mercury has been poisoning us via vaccines since 1931. This knowledge was acquired starting in 1999 but our illustrious Task Force still doesn't know anything about it. Are they waiting for a higher authority to tell them what to think? I know that public employees like to keep their heads up their asses and avoid rocking the boat by suggesting anything controversial. Questioning the powers that be might cost them their jobs. In this case, the top power in this state is married to someone from the profession that caused the problem. The medical profession steadfastly refuses to admit thay they screwed up. They know that they can cure our children but they won't do it. If they did, it would prove that they screwed up.

So, Governor Lynch, I'm sick of the idiotic replies I get from you and your flunkies so I put this out in public. Here you have a chance to reply publicly without a form letter written by some ass kissing twerp. Why don't you explain to all of the taxpayers why you refuse to help poisoned children who are causing their taxes to double? I'd also like to hear why it's OK for doctors to continue to poison babies after I have made you aware of their malpractice? I think poisoning babies is a crime. What the fuck do you think?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Autism Society of NH (Morons, Psychopaths and Mental Defectives)

I stumbled upon the Autism Society of New Hampshire's forum about six months ago. I spent an hour or so looking at it and saw no mention at all about thimerosal. chelation, methyl B-12 or anything else worthwhile. This forum consisted of a few loudmouthed nitwits who were overly concerned with the schools.

So, I decided to write some posts about thimerosal and chelation in the hope that I could help my neighbors learn the truth about why their children have autism. I was immediately challenged by a few of the nitwits. I restrained myself and purposely spent hours of my time trying to educate these simpletons so that the intelligent people who read the forum might learn some facts that could help their children. Five to ten people contacted me privately to ask more about chelation and I was happy to talk about my experience with it while advising them what they needed to learn to help their kids.

In the process of educating these poorly schooled mothers, I came under attack by a couple of nitwits who could only have been from the cult of Neurodiversity. As one might expect, the give and take with these maggots was not always pleasant conversation. I took great pains to avoid the usual insults that are common practice amongst bloggers. However, the guy who runs this forum for the Autism Society of New Hampshire saw fit to throw me out. In private emails with this guy, it didn't matter to him that I had helped a number of people learn how to help their kids in spite of dealing with the uneducated simpletons who wanted to run that forum.

This problem does not solely afflict New Hampshire. I'm sure intelligent people who have seen through the lies of the drug companies and the medical profession deal with this idiocy all over the country. It's not easy to convince parents that doctors poisoned their babies, especially with a media blackout on this information. The media, at least, has an excuse for keeping this information covered up. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot financially by telling the truth about how their largest advertisers poisoned a generation of babies. What's the excuse of the Autism Society of New Hampshire? Do they accept drug company advertising for their annual newsletter or are they simply brain dead?

Who is this guy who runs the ASNH forum? Nobody has ever reported that a teacher cured a case of autism yet, here's this wizard allowing those who claim the only treatment for autism is teaching to shut out knowledge from those of us who actually know how to cure autism. I know all sorts of people who have cured their kids with chelation. I know countless others who have gained significant improvement, including my son. Why would not the forum manager for the ASNH want parents to learn this information? This makes no sense whatsoever.

I'd like to suggest to anyone from New Hampshire who is reading this that you do not make any more contributions to the ASNH. They are harming, not helping, autistic children. People who seek out information from the ASNH are being advised by utter simpletons. Brain dead mothers who only know what their doctors have told them are advising parents that the only way to treat autism is through teaching. This is 100% wrong. Teachers can help the condition but the only thing that can cure autism is to address the cause. The cause of almost all autism is thimerosal from vaccines. The solution is to remove that mercury that is preventing the child's brain from functioning properly. This process works best while the child is still young. If you have an autistic child, there is no time to waste. Do not let idiots like the ASNH prevent you from helping your child.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amanda Baggs Snows CNN

What I just watched on CNN with Amanda Baggs playing the role of a low functioning autistic was a disgrace. Low functioning autistics can't type anything. They can barely pay attention to anything, nevermind keep up a conversation by typing 120 words a minute. Cute little girls don't usually turn into fat ugly monsters either.

Did anyone else notice the little blond girl who turned into this beastly brunette? That little girl's eye contact with the camera looked normal to me. Perhaps her whole face changed when she was smitten with schizophrenia. Maybe she's not even the same girl.

How come Amanda can focus long enough to type without stopping to twiddle her fingers? One who deals with autism every day knows that expecting a low functioning person to pay attention to any task for long is expecting a lot. This overacting is a dead giveaway that Baggs functions much too well to be considered autistic. Why didn't she space out in the middle of answering a question and go finger twiddling for awhile? Bullshit, this imposter can focus long enough to make her point for CNN without having any autistic "moments".

She wears a buttoned up coat to go outside in Vermont. That makes sense. Too bad autistic kids don't happen to do that. They'll run outside naked and not be bothered by the cold one bit. With Amanda's layers of blubber, I'm sure the cold wouldn't faze her at all if she really was autistic.

I'm also trying to figure out this loss of speech and eye contact. My son makes great eye contact, doesn't bother him at all anymore but he still can't talk. Should I expect that if he learns to talk, the eye contact will disappear? What if he learns to type? Will that mean he won't be able to make eye contact while he's typing? What if Amanda learns to make eye contact? Will she then be unable to type? Can she type while she's singing or would that be too much sensory overload?

Sorry Amanda and the other jerks at Neuronitwitland. You're trying to pawn off autism as something that can be fixed with a couple of grand for a talking typewriter along with a personal servant. It doesn't work that way for truly low functioning autistics. If they could learn how to talk, they wouldn't forget. Such bullshit.

Addendum: I just watched this again and picked up a couple more questions. Could that facial hair be attributed to too much testosterone? Does that explain her attraction to women? Did the extra testosterone interacting with mercury cause her autism? Did that make the schizophrenia go away or does she still have that too?

She makes comments that she thought were humorous but she never cracks a smile. Did someone tell her that autistics don't smile? Did she get that from Rainman, I don't think he smiled much. My low functioning kid smiles all the time. When something's funny, he laughs. I think whoever prepped Amanda for this role has a poor idea of what low functioning autism is. Even the best comics can't help but grin when they come out with a good joke. Amanda remaining stone-faced looks like overacting to me. Yes Amanda, real autistic people smile a lot. You should incorporate that into your next performance. It will make you more credible.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Judge Rottenberg, Money Grubbing Scumbags


Here's the link to the Prime Time story about Judge Rottenberg. It looks like they achieve good results.

Had it not been for chelation and supplements solving the problem, I'd have put my son in there in a heartbeat. Dealing with an autistic child is not about acceptance, it's about basic survival. No doctor will help these children. When I went to the emergency ward about my son's self abuse, the doctors there refused to even examine him. They told me they would not treat autism. If I had not stumbled upon Andy Cutler, my son would probably have been sent to Judge Rottenberg.

I think Matthew Israel is providing a good service for these severely autistic children. However, he's only doing a half-assed job. Sure, this guy stops the harmful behaviors but he's making the mistake of treating symptoms. Israel found something that helps. That's better than what every other scumbag doctor will do for desperate parents. They just shrug their shouldres and say there's nothing they can do. Sure, a few of them will drug your kid into oblivion with Seroquel like the other institutions use. But, most just send you back home, presumably to let the kid kill himself by smashing his head into concrete walls. Dead autistic kids can't testify against the doctors who poisoned them while cured ones can. So, they refuse to help at all. I'd bet they've been advised about this by their lawyers.

I commented on the JRC blog last summer but got no response. One would think, with the heat this place has come under that Israel would be open to suggestions that might achieve the same results without using electric shock. Maybe Israel doesn't want to lose all of his patients by letting parents know that some good old vitamin C can stop the head banging quicker and much cheaper than using shocks. I guess he wouldn't want to use chelation on his patients since parents can do that on their own and wouldn't need to institutionalize their kids to fatten his wallet. Who would Israel use his shocks on if everyone knew that chelation can cure autism? Would he go out of business?

It was probably a good business decision for Israel to go on TV and plug his treatments. The networks won't tell parents that mercury caused the autism so most of them still don't know that. Desperate and uneducated parents trust what they see on TV and I'll bet Israel is bombarded with requests from these people. His admissions will probably increase. The parents will be happy that their kids stop harming themselves. I'd have been happy to make that happen at absolutely any cost when my kid was bashing holes in the wall. A few shocks are better than a cracked skull any day.

Chances are that Dr Israel won't see this blog. Just in case he does, I'll take the opportunity to let him know that he is a money grubbing, child abusing piece of shit. He knows that his colleagues poisoned these kids with thimerosal. He also knows that chelation can cure many of these kids. Just in case he hasn't heard, vitamin C can stop the head banging you ignorant bastard. Why don't you try that before you shock any more children?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Proof of the Neurodiversity Fraud, Amanda Baggs

There is a more complete history of the whole story of Baggs' fraud here.(Update 7/16/09)

I recently came across this letter written by Amanda Baggs over 9 years ago when she was a teenager.

"In reality, many properly medicated people with mental illness (including myself, diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic) are gentle people who have to go through torture from their own minds. I wish you would not make this torture any worse by printing only negative articles about mentally ill people. Maybe you could print articles about the good things that mentally ill people do.I personally plan to work with autistic children and become a psychologist. Some mentally ill people are already psychologists and psychiatrists, using their own experiences to help others. Please show the good accomplishments of mentally ill people, not just the bad ones." Amanda Baggs

It seems that Amanda was a paranoid schizophrenic back in 1997. Lately though, she has decided to be autistic. Did Amanda decide to become autistic so she could land the starring role in "Getting the Truth Out"? Some actresses get their start with pornography. Others get their foot in the door in Hollywood by impersonating autistic people. This would be understandable if Amanda was simply an actress. But, she's much more than that. She's one of the models for Neurodiversity, the strange cult of lunatics who insist that curing autism is killing the autistic person.

Amanda now plays the role of an autistic woman who does not want to be cured. She also sings while claiming she can not speak. She's very friendly with Kathleen Seidel who visits her and drives her places. Amanda makes Youtube videos where she plays the flute, waves her hands around and uses a machine to talk for herself. I wondered how she could make the machine talk while she was doing all of that hand waving. I must surmise that she had some help. I wonder if it was K Seidel who helped with this? It would certainly serve Seidel's purpose well to have this allegedly autistic woman yakking about respect for autistics and howling that she did not want to be cured. Amanda even claims she wouldn't want to be able to talk if she could. Now, I have heard from several sources that Amanda can, in fact, speak. So, I guess it was one of those little white lies when she said whe didn't want the ability to talk. She already had it.

So, Amanda, now that we know you're a total fraud, will you tell us who hired you to try to make the general public think that severely disabled children would want to remain in that nightmarish state? Can you produce one cured child who asked to be reinjected with thimerosal so their brain could be rescrewed up? We know that Kathleen is much more concerned with discrediting the scientists who help children than with actually helping the kids. Did she put you up to this? Were you hired by a drug company? They would love to have real autistic people running around telling the world that autism was something to be celebrated. Unfortunately for them, they can't find any who have their act together enough to do that. So you took on that role.

I always thought you were a fraud. Now we know. It's time for Seidel and all the other creeps from Neurodiversity to close up shop. You've been proven to be nothing but frauds with this letter. It's time to stop harming children with your deranged philosophy. As if anyone whose behavior was truly so bizarre that they had to be institutionalized could do all of these things for themselves. My claim that Neurodiversity was a sham cult was always based on simple logic. Now we have the proof. Your days of imitating severely disabled children and trying to make the world think it's not so bad are over. I hope someone looks into pressing charges against all of you.