Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tiffany Lynn, Lying Cunt Who Helps Congress Poison More Babies

Tiffany Lynn is one of the cunts who lies about autism and helps promote the hoax known as Vaxxed.  Vaxxed exists for the sole purpose of helping Congress poison more babies.

Most of the liars who promote Vaxxed pretend their too damn stupid to understand that the phony CDC whistleblower, Dr Thompson presented a fraudulent study to con the world into believing that the MMR shot causes autism.  Thompson didn't account for the mercury that was shot into the kids in his bogus study before they had their MMR shots.

Lying cunts like Tiffany Lynn pretend they can't understand this when you present the words to her.  They also have troll friends who will show up to help them attack you when you present the truth to them on Facebook.

There are hundreds of these lying cunts all over Facebook, pretending to be autism mothers so they can lie about autism and help Congress poison babies with the flu shot to pregnant women.  These nasty bitches don't advise anyone that the flu shot to pregnant women is the preferred method causing autism now.

Now, you know about one more cunt who helps Congress destroy our babies.