Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dan Olmsted Admits His Stupidity

Here is an interesting video in which Dan Olmsted admits how he and David Kirby were baited into supporting Kathleen Seidel and her contemptible abuse of all autistic people. Olmsted is mentally challenged enough to state that he believes Cliff Shoemaker's subpoena to silence Seidel was also a threat to him. This begs the question of what Olmsted could possibly fear from a similar probe.

In this video, we hear Kim Stagliano state that Orac is a healer who's coming after our community viciously. While this is true, one has to ask why Stagliano, Olmsted and Kirby would allow themselves to be conned by this jackass doctor. It should be obvious to all of us who know the truth about thimerosal that Orac and all of his associates are just a bunch of lying scoundrels who don't want the truth about thimerosal to be known.

Here we see Stagliano, Olmsted and Kirby discussing strategy on how to handle the Neurodiverse.

This discussion also talked about the epidemic denial, another blatant lie that the panel seemed to agree was pure nonsense.

So, what will it take for Olmsted and Kirby to see that everything that Kathleen Seidel says is also pure idiocy designed to prevent anyone from curing autism? In my book, when Kathleen Seidel does not tell the whole truth about treatments that help ameliorate the symptoms of autism, she is abusing autistic people. Do Olmsted and Kirby think that it is her constitutional right to abuse autistic people with these half truths?

Olmsted seems to have dwelled on the possibility that Seidel's right to free speech being jeopardized could also jeopardize the same right for him. He has neglected to think the matter through thoroughly, to understand how Seidel is abusing autistic people while he is helping them. Olmsted is telling the truth while Seidel is not. The legal problems incurred by liars do not translate into legal problems for truth tellers.

Olmsted could rectify his stupidity of supporting Seidel by listening to people from his own camp who know the nefarious nature of Neuroinsanity. He was dumb enough to be baited by a doctor who commits malpractice every day by lying about autism but he chooses to ignore people who have a hand in curing autism.

I wonder if Olmsted and Kirby will ever smarten up and retract their support of this vicious, lying bitch who is trying to prevent us from curing our children. What else can Orac and his band of scumbags bait these two into stupidly supporting?

In case Orac tries to bait you again Dan, try a two word response. You won't look like such a sucker.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Abuse and Neglect of Autistics Complaint Filed with NH Attorney General

I filed the following complaint today with the New Hampshire Attorney General. I wonder if anyone has tried this in other states to force them to treat our poisoned kids. Leaving poison in children's brains sounds like an obvious case of neglect to me. That makes it illegal to refuse to treat it. Any bets on whether the AG will charge state officials with child abuse and neglect?

Attorney General Kelly Ayotte 5/19/08
33 Capital St
Concord, NH 03301

This is a complaint against the State of New Hampshire and Representative Suzanne Butcher for abuse and neglect of autistic people.

I have explained to Gov Lynch and Rep Butcher that autism is mostly mercury poisoning and is curable. I have asked both of these state officials to convey this information to all people on the autistic spectrum, and to cover the cost of treatment for those who can not afford it.

This failure to act results in continued suffering for all people on the autistic spectrum, especially those considered low functioning.

The only treatment that has ever cured autism is chelation therapy to remove mercury from the brain. I have informed Gov Lynch and Rep Butcher of this fact, yet they persist in refusing to acknowledge this fact and continue to allow autistic children to suffer horribly.

As head of the NH Autism Council (or whatever it’s called), Rep Butcher persists in employing obsolete methods of dealing with autism that have never cured one child. These methods are remnants of treatment modalities that were in force before we learned that autism was mercury poisoning in 1999.

Not investigating this information and conducting urinary porphyrin analysis, hair tests to check for deranged mineral transport or, less safely, chelation challenge tests, which are the only way to determine if mercury is present outside of the circulatory system constitutes gross negligence. Each day that this obsolete approach to autism persists means unnecessary suffering for people who might otherwise be cured of this horrible affliction.
Each day that mercury remains in the brains of autistic people means that mercury will kill more brain cells lessening the chances of recovery.

Request immediate action be taken on this complaint to end the suffering of autistic people.

John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

Sunday, May 18, 2008

NH Rep Suzanne Butcher Maims Autistic Children

Rep Suzanne Butcher of Keene is the nitwit in charge of the NH Autism Council. This dumb broad clings to the obsolete notion that there is no known cause or cure for autism. When I tried to explain to this idiot that we learned what causes autism nine years ago, she politely shunted me aside with a condescending grimace and suggested I explain it to another scumbag representative named Dr James Pilliod from Belmont.

Rep Butcher thinks she knows all there is to know about autism because she has a kid who she claims is autistic. This kid just graduated from college. That means he is not a low functioning autistic and probably is not autistic at all. He most likely has Asperger's Syndrome if he made it through college.

Butcher will not acknowledge low functioning autism and is too stubborn to learn that we now know how to cure it. This brain dead jackass who represents children as part of her constituency adheres to the inane belief that the best way to cure mercury poisoning is with teaching. This is no different than running to a school for medical assistance if you are bitten by a rattlesnake. You see, almost all autism is caused by mercury. Removing the mercury is the first step in reversing the brain damage that has been misnamed "autism" for 65 years.

This is a pretty simple concept to grasp. We know that the CDC thinks one microgram of mercury is safe. We know that children vaccinated up until 2003 received almost 200 times this amount in their vaccines. We learned that the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical. We learned a lot of other stuff that gave us more proof that mercury caused the autism that I won't go into here. The important thing is that, once we learned that autistic kids could be made normal again by removing mercury from their brains, we had the basic knowledge we needed to give them back their lives. Yet, here we have Rep Butcher and the rest of the brain dead jackasses on the NH Autism Council insisting that we spend more money on teaching while ignoring the fact that mercury is sitting in children's brains continually killing brain cells.

So, by refusing to learn what scientists have taught us about autism in the last nine years, Rep Butcher is preventing autistic children from receiving the only medical treatment that will help them. Her stubborn stupidity is preventing New Hampshire parents from receiving proper advice about how to help their kids. Every day that goes by with this brain dead jackass helping to hide that knowledge means more brain cells killed in the brains of autistic children by mercury. The more brain cells that are destroyed by mercury remaining in the brain, the tougher it will be for these autistic people to regain the normalcy they were born with.

For those who believe the false argument that claims autism is genetic, let me set you straight. The most common genetic conditions that are similar to autism are fragile X syndrome and Retts syndrome. Virtually everything else that can be somehow linked to genetics requires the introduction of mercury for the autism to manifest itself. Listening to anyone on the NH Autism Council assures one will have no hope of curing your child. All you can ever expect is the slim chance that years and years of teaching may produce some minor improvement in behaviors along with wasting a fortune by trying to cure poisoning with teaching.

You can write to Rep Butcher at if you'd like to ask her to get her head out of her ass. Autistic children will thank you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Michelle Jarvis, Autism Society of NH President, Enemy of Autistic Children

I attended a press conference in Concord today where the ostriches who sit on the NH Autism Council announced that they would continue business as usual to prevent any autistic child from being cured.

Upon being asked by a reporter about mercury as the cause of autism, Michelle Jarvis, looking like a perfectly coifed and clothed Barbie doll with a brain to match, gave the reporter the standard answer that is presented by every simpleton who does not bother to learn anything about autism for themselves. This brain dead little mother talked about using approaches to autism that became obsolete last century. She was supported by some other brain dead mothers and Theresa Bollick who would lose her income if we cured her autistic clients.

This group of Neanderthals who represent our brain damaged kids also trotted out a woman with Asperger's named Amy Frechette as their autistic representative on this useless council. MS Frechette served to confuse the issue for the press by allowing them to think that autism is no big deal. This woman with Asperger's is either a college student or has a degree (I forgot which) so I have to assume that she can read and write, and can probably toilet herself successfully. I know she can talk because I heard her speak. These are all things that kids like my son with autism can not do.

Representative Suzanne Butcher, who chairs this council, also has an older kid with autism who has graduated college. From that, I can safely assume he can read and write. I don't know if he can speak or not. The fact that he has a college degree means that he will probably be employed and most likely will not spend the rest of his life locked up in an institution.

Several years ago, I sat at a meeting with Theresa Bollick who had done an appraisal on my son and wrote a very long report discussing an education plan that she deemed useful. When I read her report, I thought that she must have just plucked paragraphs out of her draw and shoved them into her report where she figured they belonged. This woman appears to be very knowledgeable about autism but she does not accept the fact that no teacher of any sort can do anything to improve the symptoms of mercury poisoning. So, Bollick justifies her existence by writing reports and saying good things that naive parents might believe are useful strategies for helping their autistic kids. Before I became an expert on mercury poisoning and autism, I believed her too.

Where did all of those intelligent sounding words and long-winded reports leave my son?

They left him right where he was before Theresa Bollick wrote them, a brain dead vegetable who was absolutely incapable of learning anything.

The Theresa Bollicks and Michelle Jarvises of New Hampshire may be well-intentioned. They may think that, by asking for more education and more supports and services for autistic people that they are doing something useful. These people even had the nerve to suggest to the press that giving more services to autistic people was going to make a difference in the money we have to spend on autism. This is a crock of garbage that unlearned voters might buy but they're not selling it to me.

There are a few of us in New Hampshire who are experts on autism. We are experts because we have kept pace with the science involved and we are curing autism. We know that people like Theresa Bollick have spent many years trying to accomplish an impossible mission and are dedicated to their work. However, when those ex-experts fail to keep pace with knowledge, they must be replaced by those of us who have gained that knowledge that they have missed.

Autism is curable. That's what I told this council. The council ignored this information. As a result, every autistic child in New Hampshire has been condemned by this arrogance and stupidity to suffer when they could be cured.

This council will waste a fortune in taxpayer dollars and it will not accomplish anything. The only thing that will help any autistic person is to, first, remove the mercury from their brain that caused the condition. That is why my formerly vegetative son is now capable of learning and continues to improve in all facets of his life. I chelated the mercury out of his brain. Before chelation, the state of New Hampshire wasted about a half million dollars on sending him to school. Now, since chelation began, that money is well spent. But, he needs more medical treatment to reverse the effects of that damage that mercury caused. That is how autism needs to be addressed, by doctors, not teachers. The teachers can not teach until the autistic kids become teachable. The New Hampshire Council on Autism refuses to accept this fact.

New England Center for Children Murders Autistic Children

This comment deserved its' own post. NECC has not learned anything since their slipshod methods of restraining autistic children resulted in a child being killed. We began learning how to cure mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as autism about eight years ago. Yet here we have this expensive joint in Massachusetts who refuses to even attempt to cure these horribly damaged children. Instead, they persist in obsolete methods of trying to manage behavior while doing nothing but setting these kids up to managed more easily when they are institutionalized for life as adults.

All these kids ever did was comply with our corrupt government's policy on vaccinations. They do not deserve life in prison at the hands of scumbags like NECC who profit from their brain damage that could be cured. If NECC ever gets their heads out of their asses and begins to cure these children, they will be losing a lifetime of income. That is a conflict of interest that any parent who considers sentencing their child to this nuthouse should be aware of.

WBZ TV has done a severe disservice to parents of autistic children by not presenting the whole truth about this place.

Anonymous said...
And when the kids get so out of control isn't wonderful to know that places like this (NECC was called New England Center for Autism back then) resort to such restraint that the child dies. Completely sickening.





Data Key:
N/A -- Information not available
P -- Physical restraint hold | M -- Mechanical restraint | S -- Seclusion
H -- Hospital | R -- Residential facility
(list has been modified to reflect only children and young adults ages 6-19)

Notes on death
Cause of death

Bogrett, Jeffrey
New England Center for Autism
New Hampshire boy died in restraints at a Massachusetts group home.
Sudden death during restraint

Tue May 13, 10:05:00 AM EDT

For those of you with a child who has been abused or for those of you who know of abuse that has occurred, could you please see if your school's or institution's name has been added, and if not, could you email me with that info? Your personal information will not be shared, just the name and location of the school or institution and the reason it was added, so as to protect privacy and/or from retaliation.

To see the full listing, please click the following link:

Monday, May 12, 2008

WBZ TV Boston, Dr Mallika Marshall, Lying Child Abuser

WBZ TV in Boston just had one idiot doctor on to tell us that vaccines do not cause autism. This lying, incompetent, slug called parents irresponsible who do not vaccinate their kids. Dr Mallika Marshall was more concerned with a handful of children getting measles than with a million kids who have their lives destroyed by thimerosal in vaccines.

Dr Marshall obviously has not learned that we are curing autism by removing the mercury that the doctors shot into our babies. This stupid bitch was talking about early intervention instead of chelation. What kind of crap is that when these doctors continue to commit malpractice by giving parents of autistic children this horrible advice instead of telling themn how to fix mercury poisoning?

Before WBZ put this idiot on to lie to us, they showed a moronic mother and a guy named Bill Ahern from the New England Center for Children who tried to lie to us by mentioning that autism has not disappeared since the thimerosal was removed from vaccines. This lying piece of garbage, Ahern, must think that nobody knows that some vaccines DO still have thimerosal. He also must think nobody knows that giving thimerosal to fetuses and newborns before they have a blood brain barrier is the most dangerous time to shoot up a kid with mercury. It has the best results in causing autism.

I think Ahern just wants to lie to parents so he can suck more parents into sending their kids to his useless school where they try to treat mercury poisoning with teaching. It won't work, Bill, so stop trying to bullshit us. And, this place has the nerve to stick some moron mother in front of the camera who's too stupid to try to help her child medically to spout the worn out lines about teaching as a fix for autism.

Ahern and Dr Marshall really should be ashamed of themselves for not telling parents the truth about autism.

Easter Seals Fleeces Philanthropists

I received the following email from Easter Seals which purports to give hope to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, the con artists who raise money for Easter Seals are true to their word and only give people with autism FALSE hope.

These scumbags have known for a long time that autism is caused by mercury in vaccines but they refuse to do anything to cure that autism. Instead, they take your money and use it to pay themselves inflated salaries while they allow children with autism to rot in institutions when they could be curing those children.

Donating money to Easter Seals is like paying sadists to abuse children. As long as Easter Seals has lots of disabled kids to allegedly raise momney for, they get to keep their jobs. If they did the right thing and tried to cure those kids, there might not be any disabled kids to justify their jobs.

Please do not donate anything to these child abusing bastards!

Dear John,

Walk With Me
Manchester 2008

What: 5K walk and live
music from Mama Kicks!
Where: Veteran's Park
When: June 5, 2008
How: Register online now!

Easter Seals Walk With Me unites thousands of people in a common cause -- to provide help and hope for individuals and families living with disabilities. In 2007, over 16,500 dedicated participants and donors across the country raised over $3.4 million dollars. And we hope to top that in 2008!

But, to reach our goal, we need your help and your participation. After all, every step makes a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. Please take a moment to register online today at and join us for the 2008 Walk With Me event in your area.

When you register, you’ll be partnered with an Easter Seals Honorary Ambassador -- a child or adult with a disability who has benefited from Easter Seals services. You’ll get to know your Ambassador through personal stories and photos and, on event day, you’ll even get to meet him or her. You’ll leave your event with terrific memories of an inspirational day -- not just a t-shirt!

No matter what your size, age, or ability, you can put hope within reach for people with disabilities and have a great time at Walk With Me! We hope to see you there!

Larry Gammon
President and CEO
Easter Seals New Hampshire

PS. Can't join us at Walk With Me? You can still support a participant or your local Walk With Me event at

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dan Olmsted, Pay Attention, You're Getting in the Way of Curing Autism

I just returned from the State House in Concord, New Hampshire where I and two other parents presented our position on how to prevent and cure autism to a panel of politicians. We passed out copies of the Generation Rescue movie "Autism Yesterday" which had been viewed yesterday by another politician who advised the others to watch it. I had met with that state representative yesterday for an hour and found an ally who is going to try to help us help the autistic children of New Hampshire.

This politician called me after seeing my letter to the editor opposing the insanity that had been printed in the Concord Monitor in an article about Kathleen Seidel. If it had not been for writing that letter to the editor opposing this lying, vile excuse for a human being, that state rep never would have called me. I never would have met her and the good that might begin to emerge from this never would have commenced.

You see Mr Olmsted, people who have nothing to do with autism and have very little knowledge about it can spot a lying scoundrel like Kathleen Seidel without much trouble. However, they might never give it a second thought if someone doesn't go to the bother of pointing out that this child abusing pig is not telling the truth.

This chance happenstance that could thus result in a lot of good for autistic children would have happened whether you were ignorant enough to support Seidel or not. How much more good might come of letters like mine that exposed Seidel as a lying scoundrel as opposed to you and Mr Kirby idiotically supporting her right to lie to parents of autistic children?

Mr Olmsted, your stupidity and arrogance in this matter of thinking you are too important to listen to me has not helped anyone spread good information about autism by countering Seidel's campaign of misinformation. The good result that a few us just obtained by countering her outrageous lies should make you think twice about ignoring people who have been in this fight longer than you.

I apologize for having to put this in public but I will not put up with stupidity and arrogance getting in my way of curing every autistic child on this earth. Wake up!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Mercury Militia" Falls for Propaganda, Dooms Autistic Kids

People who are my allies in this little war for our children's lives have screwed up royally. We are facing a major propaganda effort from the pharmaceutical industry and the United States government and the people who presume to lead us have failed to recognize it.

We have a couple of writers who have served a useful purpose with a book and a bunch of articles discussing the cause of autism. Dan Olmsted and David Kirby have managed to publish some of the truth about autism. For that, I applaud them.

Kirby and Olmsted have made an egregious error tough, in supporting Kathleen Seidel's abuse of the first amendment. They allowed themselves to be baited into supporting Seidel by a bunch of child abusers associated with Quackbusters. In effect, their support of Seidel is tacit agreement that it is acceptable to lie to parents of autistic children.

Kirby and Olmsted mistakenly assumed that a lawyer questioning Seidel's motivation to write her lies was somehow an infringement on her freedom of the press. I can only guess that they support the right of any "journalist" to write whatever they want because they are journalists themselves. It reminds me of how all cops seem to support a bad cop no matter what he does.

I wrote to Olmsted, advised him of some facts about Neurodiversity (twice) but he did not reply to me. I have to assume that Dan Olmsted thinks he knows more about this than I do and is just too important to be bothered with what I have to say.

I tried to comment at the Age of Autism to make my point to Olmsted but my comments were deleted. Kim Stagliano told me that Age of Autism had agreed not to mention Seidel's name. I tried to explain further to Mrs Stagliano but she just ignored me.
Stagliano has no clue as to the scope of Quackbusters and their affiliates at Neurodiversity. She has allowed many of their comments to be presented at the Age of Autism while deleting my opposition to them. This woman just can't get it through her thick skull that every word from neurodiversity is a lie.

So, while Kim writes her cutesy little anecdotes about autism and looks at liars like Kristina Chew as friends, children continue to suffer. Chew writes part of a book with a lying scoundrel named Grinker that furthers abuse of autistic children and Stagliano allows Chew to post her propaganda on Age of Autism. When I try to point this out to Kim, she deletes my comments in favor of allowing propaganda experts from neurodiversity to lie to people about autism. Stagliano does not understand that Kristina Chew and Kathleen Seidel are her enemies, enemies of all autistic children.

What can you do when people on your own team are too damn stupid to recognize the enemy? Olmsted and Kirby announced their stupidity to everyone they represent when they backed Kathleen Seidel. Seidel would be elated if no parent ever cured an autistic child. That's her goal, to prevent anyone from curing autism. Propaganda experts like Seidel and Joseph Goebbels don't come out and announce to the world that they are superb liars. They don't announce their disingenuous agendas. You have to be smart enough to read what they have to say and decipher all of the carefully worded lies.

Olmsted, Kirby and Stagliano have not bothered to do this. I'm really surprised J B Handley didn't explain it to them. I hate to knock Age of Autism because I have always respected Handley and what he has done with Generation Rescue. But, I can't sit idly by and watch people who I thought were on my son's side agreeing that the most vile piece of garbage involved in this autism controversy has the right to prevent people from curing autism by lying about it.

In case Dan Olmsted is reading this, I want to make sure he knows that he does not speak for me. People who lie about autism are my enemy. They are my son's enemy. They need to be silenced, not supported. Every damn lie they write needs to be refuted. You don't refute those lies by burying your head in the sand and hoping they will go away. They sure as hell are not going away when people who pretend to speak for my mercury damaged kid support them.

Since Olmsted is too damn important to bother answering my concerns, I present them here in public where he can't delete them. You and Kirby screwed up. Kathleen Seidel is hazardous to my child. That's makes you hazardous to my child. If you're too damn important to learn something from me while you support my son's enemy, go fuck yourself!