Monday, May 19, 2008

Abuse and Neglect of Autistics Complaint Filed with NH Attorney General

I filed the following complaint today with the New Hampshire Attorney General. I wonder if anyone has tried this in other states to force them to treat our poisoned kids. Leaving poison in children's brains sounds like an obvious case of neglect to me. That makes it illegal to refuse to treat it. Any bets on whether the AG will charge state officials with child abuse and neglect?

Attorney General Kelly Ayotte 5/19/08
33 Capital St
Concord, NH 03301

This is a complaint against the State of New Hampshire and Representative Suzanne Butcher for abuse and neglect of autistic people.

I have explained to Gov Lynch and Rep Butcher that autism is mostly mercury poisoning and is curable. I have asked both of these state officials to convey this information to all people on the autistic spectrum, and to cover the cost of treatment for those who can not afford it.

This failure to act results in continued suffering for all people on the autistic spectrum, especially those considered low functioning.

The only treatment that has ever cured autism is chelation therapy to remove mercury from the brain. I have informed Gov Lynch and Rep Butcher of this fact, yet they persist in refusing to acknowledge this fact and continue to allow autistic children to suffer horribly.

As head of the NH Autism Council (or whatever it’s called), Rep Butcher persists in employing obsolete methods of dealing with autism that have never cured one child. These methods are remnants of treatment modalities that were in force before we learned that autism was mercury poisoning in 1999.

Not investigating this information and conducting urinary porphyrin analysis, hair tests to check for deranged mineral transport or, less safely, chelation challenge tests, which are the only way to determine if mercury is present outside of the circulatory system constitutes gross negligence. Each day that this obsolete approach to autism persists means unnecessary suffering for people who might otherwise be cured of this horrible affliction.
Each day that mercury remains in the brains of autistic people means that mercury will kill more brain cells lessening the chances of recovery.

Request immediate action be taken on this complaint to end the suffering of autistic people.

John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053


Anonymous said...

I doubt they will listen but good on you for trying. No one can say you have not done your best to bring the insanity of poisoning kids to public notice.

Foresam said...

I believe they are required by law to investigate claims of child abuse. What if everyone with an autistic kid sent the same letter to their AG? And to newspapers? And put it all over the internet?

Anonymous said...

IF -- and that's a very big IF -- you are right.

Anonymous said...

John, I think you're completely mad and totally wrong. But at least you're trying to do stuff in the real world; Unlike 19 out of 20, who are internet warriors and digital tigers. So for that at least, Salutame. (Oh, and why am I "Anonymous", well my ND friends [See Above] wouldn't like me talking to the Great Satan)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you show us scientific evidence? Surely there must be reams of it. Maybe in Nature?

Foresam said...

This is about giving children medical treatment, not arguing with anonymous cowards.

Jackie said...

I say file a class action lawsuit directed first and foremost to the CDC. I'm not legal savvy but It would be a sensible action to include the Govenors of all 50 states and any other relative branches of US Gov./state Governments.


Anonymous said...

If there is one thing these argumentative Aspies do it is to repeat the same tired old lines over and over. The evidence of vaccine damage is available for anyone to read so why don't they go and read it instead of pretending it does not exist.

The problem with these idiots is too many are cashing in on pretending to have an ASD so the true cases are not getting the attention they deserve.

Part of the problem with getting help is that you have militant Aspies like Plank claiming Asperger's is a gift. BTW, if you watch that idiot giving one of his many speeches, you will find he appears perfectly normal. He makes sure to announce that he has Asperger's right at the beginning because if he did not, no one would know. I don't know who diagnosed him, but my guess is either Seidel or Bevington. LOL

The other part of the problem is that so many fake aspies are collecting benefits they are not entitled to that they are draining the system financially.

Put them all in JRC and see how long the stay autistic then. That should relieve the burden on the system. At some point Baggs is going to find herself in there when welfsre in her state gets sick of paying out endlessly for all the new stuff she keeps demanding. Her latest thing is finger splints. It's true ! Check out her blog for pictures of her fat fingers.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, he can't because he's been blocked. He has to join the Autism Omnibus - or wait.

Helen said...

ASD caused by mercury poisoning, what planet are you on! ASD is a genetic condition. Where I live you are lucky if you can get a diagnosis so its not a case of neglect its a case of Doctors not diagnosing patients.

Foresam said...

Helen, If you had trouble receiving a diagnosis, it's probably because you're just strange and don't deserve a diagnosis. You can read and write which means you have nothing in common with low functioning autistics who can't do that.

Anonymous said...

autistic kids deserve it.

Zoe said...

Anonymous, how do you arrive at that conclusion? They are human beings, just as you (hopefully) are?

Anonymous said...

Could someone point me in the direction of the scientist who has isolated a gene causing ASDs. I would love to read that paper.

Hans Asperger wrote a paper on how some of his original subjects has parents who worked in the sciences, and who very specifically worked closely with mercury which contaminated them.

So what does this mean? Aspies have parents who are all scientists and therefore they are all brilliant acedemics who pass this on to their children. Or, Aspies have a particular suceptibility to mercury and pass that on to their children.

If autism was a natural variation we would be reading about it in the history books. Where is the evidence for this. It did not exist before Asperger described it, after vaccines were becoming widely used.