Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dan Olmsted, Pay Attention, You're Getting in the Way of Curing Autism

I just returned from the State House in Concord, New Hampshire where I and two other parents presented our position on how to prevent and cure autism to a panel of politicians. We passed out copies of the Generation Rescue movie "Autism Yesterday" which had been viewed yesterday by another politician who advised the others to watch it. I had met with that state representative yesterday for an hour and found an ally who is going to try to help us help the autistic children of New Hampshire.

This politician called me after seeing my letter to the editor opposing the insanity that had been printed in the Concord Monitor in an article about Kathleen Seidel. If it had not been for writing that letter to the editor opposing this lying, vile excuse for a human being, that state rep never would have called me. I never would have met her and the good that might begin to emerge from this never would have commenced.

You see Mr Olmsted, people who have nothing to do with autism and have very little knowledge about it can spot a lying scoundrel like Kathleen Seidel without much trouble. However, they might never give it a second thought if someone doesn't go to the bother of pointing out that this child abusing pig is not telling the truth.

This chance happenstance that could thus result in a lot of good for autistic children would have happened whether you were ignorant enough to support Seidel or not. How much more good might come of letters like mine that exposed Seidel as a lying scoundrel as opposed to you and Mr Kirby idiotically supporting her right to lie to parents of autistic children?

Mr Olmsted, your stupidity and arrogance in this matter of thinking you are too important to listen to me has not helped anyone spread good information about autism by countering Seidel's campaign of misinformation. The good result that a few us just obtained by countering her outrageous lies should make you think twice about ignoring people who have been in this fight longer than you.

I apologize for having to put this in public but I will not put up with stupidity and arrogance getting in my way of curing every autistic child on this earth. Wake up!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job man! That is how you play the game.

Hey Ender, how about trying this with your "autism = culture" bullshit. I'm sure they would not call security on you.


Anonymous said...

That's what I called setting fire to the grass before. TeamND has absolutely no way to compete against actual political activism done face to face.


Foresam said...

I'd love to have Seidel or Estee Klar show up when I'm talking to politicians (with Sam biting himself) and have them start talking about the joy of autism.

I suppose Mr Olmsted would support Seidel there too.

Anonymous said...

Well done! You have to beat the ND at their own game. They write nonsense and then you respond with good sense. You obviously made more sense than Seidel. I looked for the letter on the link you provided but could not find it. I would like to read it. Can you post it here.

Foresam said...

April 30, 2008 - 12:00 am

Re "A forceful voice in autism debate" (Sunday Monitor front page, April 27):

I am one of those parents who has watched my autistic son go from being a vegetable to becoming human, thanks to chelation.

What Kathleen Seidel claims is about respect, acceptance and whatever other phony rhetoric she uses is, in reality, about convincing parents to ignore treatments that will cure their children of autism.

Children cured of autism via chelation are the best evidence we could possibly have against the pharmaceutical industry. No matter what Seidel and her followers say, their message is designed to confuse parents so they will not help their children.

The Concord Monitor does a great disservice to parents of autistic children by printing one word from Kathleen Seidel.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you attacking your own "side"

Anonymous said...

Good letter, short and to the point. It obviously caught the attention of someone who can make things happen.

Vaccines make money for drug companies but then who pays for all these kids when they are adults and cannot look after themselves.

Curing autism makes good economic sense if nothing else.

Obviously for the children and families it is all about quality of life and wanting the best for your child. But all governments understand is economics.

Foresam said...

"Good to see you attacking your own "side""

The only people on my side who matter are children. Putting oneself above the rest of the team is arrogance that the children can not afford.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

I see.

Anonymous said...

Signs of a faker

Anonymous said...

strangeson.com portia iverson

Portia, I saw this article by Amanda Baggs on her website. (I noticed your link to a recent article on Amanda so I thought I'd send you her article from her website).
It's extremely condemning of CAN, Soma, and others. Calling Soma and others, abusers and exploiters and "destructive and sickening" and Soma, CAN, and others "rewrite history to silence the voices of all autistic people except one." (Tito is the "one" she refers to).

The article by Amanda is very long.

Were you aware of these statements by her. Basically she hates CAN and all the people involved with it including you, hates Soma, and hates your views.

I find Amanda's statements very unfortunate. She is an ill person (having nothing to do with autism). I consider her profoundly dishonest and very intellectually impoverished and quite delusional about the nature of autism and quite grandiose about herself and her views.

nwofighter said...

The Illuminati are the people getting in the way.

The New World Order will not be achieved until every non-Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller/Rothschild is murdered. What better way to destroy them than to kill their children's souls.

Why is Bob Wright, a plant at GE, a company close to it's NWO ties, speaking for these murdered children? Why did Cho shoot up his school right by DC, in an area where MKUltra experiments were performed and in a time when Blackwater happily confiscates guns?

And who is the sanest mainstream person? Jenny McFuckingCarthy? A porn star?

Listen, Murdoch, Iger and Turner are the modern equivelents to Joeseph Goebbels. They control the media and the only people they will allow are bimbos with more plastic in them than a Fisher Price plant who have had more men than an army.

And the "normal" children are only wors. They are being brainwashed into thinking that the government is right and that Hillary, McCain and Obama can save them. They get sexed up media like 50 Cent and Hannah Montana from the womb. Just listen to this "masterpiece" playing in every grade school in the country:

"She had dem apple bottom jeans
The shoes with the fur
Everybody in da club was looking at her
Dem baggy sweat pants
And the Reeboks with the straps
And gave her great big booty a smack

Make it rain, I'm makin it snow
Work the pole, I got the bank roll
Imma say that I prefer them no clothes
I'm into that, I love women exposed
She threw it back at me, I gave her more
Cash ain't a problem, I know where it goes"

Is this what our children, autistic and NT alike, need to be hearing.

This is what the "bloodline" people who haven't been murdered will be: sex slaves for the Illuminati.

We need a fucking revolution.

nwofighter said...

And to all those that call me a conspiracy nut, what will you do when they come for YOU?

They came for the jews, but you aren't jews.

They came for the gays, but you weren't gay.

They came for the communists, but you were not communist.

And they might come for the conspiracy nuts, but when the only things left are the Illuminati Bloodline and the brainwashed masses, your time will be up.

Ender said...

You censor me but not the conspiracy nut, guess you see to much of yourself in him.

Foresam said...

Ender, The topic discusses Olmsted and Kirby's ignorance in supporting the conspiracy as perpetuated by Mrs Seidel.

Foresam said...

NWO Fighter,
Agree, we do need a revolution. You tend to accept anyone who can manage to use the media to your advantage.

The people on our side who have access to the media, however, don't fully enumerate the problem. The ones who do fully understand it are denied access while those less dangerous to the powers that be are allowed to speak in a manner that won't endanger the overall aganda.

nwofighter said...

Ender, when the Illumanati gets to you, you will see what REAL censorship is.