Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Michelle Jarvis, Autism Society of NH President, Enemy of Autistic Children

I attended a press conference in Concord today where the ostriches who sit on the NH Autism Council announced that they would continue business as usual to prevent any autistic child from being cured.

Upon being asked by a reporter about mercury as the cause of autism, Michelle Jarvis, looking like a perfectly coifed and clothed Barbie doll with a brain to match, gave the reporter the standard answer that is presented by every simpleton who does not bother to learn anything about autism for themselves. This brain dead little mother talked about using approaches to autism that became obsolete last century. She was supported by some other brain dead mothers and Theresa Bollick who would lose her income if we cured her autistic clients.

This group of Neanderthals who represent our brain damaged kids also trotted out a woman with Asperger's named Amy Frechette as their autistic representative on this useless council. MS Frechette served to confuse the issue for the press by allowing them to think that autism is no big deal. This woman with Asperger's is either a college student or has a degree (I forgot which) so I have to assume that she can read and write, and can probably toilet herself successfully. I know she can talk because I heard her speak. These are all things that kids like my son with autism can not do.

Representative Suzanne Butcher, who chairs this council, also has an older kid with autism who has graduated college. From that, I can safely assume he can read and write. I don't know if he can speak or not. The fact that he has a college degree means that he will probably be employed and most likely will not spend the rest of his life locked up in an institution.

Several years ago, I sat at a meeting with Theresa Bollick who had done an appraisal on my son and wrote a very long report discussing an education plan that she deemed useful. When I read her report, I thought that she must have just plucked paragraphs out of her draw and shoved them into her report where she figured they belonged. This woman appears to be very knowledgeable about autism but she does not accept the fact that no teacher of any sort can do anything to improve the symptoms of mercury poisoning. So, Bollick justifies her existence by writing reports and saying good things that naive parents might believe are useful strategies for helping their autistic kids. Before I became an expert on mercury poisoning and autism, I believed her too.

Where did all of those intelligent sounding words and long-winded reports leave my son?

They left him right where he was before Theresa Bollick wrote them, a brain dead vegetable who was absolutely incapable of learning anything.

The Theresa Bollicks and Michelle Jarvises of New Hampshire may be well-intentioned. They may think that, by asking for more education and more supports and services for autistic people that they are doing something useful. These people even had the nerve to suggest to the press that giving more services to autistic people was going to make a difference in the money we have to spend on autism. This is a crock of garbage that unlearned voters might buy but they're not selling it to me.

There are a few of us in New Hampshire who are experts on autism. We are experts because we have kept pace with the science involved and we are curing autism. We know that people like Theresa Bollick have spent many years trying to accomplish an impossible mission and are dedicated to their work. However, when those ex-experts fail to keep pace with knowledge, they must be replaced by those of us who have gained that knowledge that they have missed.

Autism is curable. That's what I told this council. The council ignored this information. As a result, every autistic child in New Hampshire has been condemned by this arrogance and stupidity to suffer when they could be cured.

This council will waste a fortune in taxpayer dollars and it will not accomplish anything. The only thing that will help any autistic person is to, first, remove the mercury from their brain that caused the condition. That is why my formerly vegetative son is now capable of learning and continues to improve in all facets of his life. I chelated the mercury out of his brain. Before chelation, the state of New Hampshire wasted about a half million dollars on sending him to school. Now, since chelation began, that money is well spent. But, he needs more medical treatment to reverse the effects of that damage that mercury caused. That is how autism needs to be addressed, by doctors, not teachers. The teachers can not teach until the autistic kids become teachable. The New Hampshire Council on Autism refuses to accept this fact.


Anonymous said...

Oh please...Michelle Jarvis. I know people who know her. She's from Hampton Falls. I'm told her kid is barely on the spectrum but I'm sure she sucks up the services. Really- NH should NOT have her as a voice---I am certain she is clueless to anything biomedical.

Foresam said...

Yes, Michelle is clueless but she speaks pretty well for a Barbie doll. She is a perfect representative who is doing her utmost to prevent autistic kids from receiving the help they need.

Anonymous said...

The thinking regarding some of these people in NH will never change. They are so dated and so far behind the times it is disgraceful.

By the way, I know Michelle Jarvis. I can't stand the woman. A completely fake person who really uses people to get what she wants for her mildly effected child.

Anonymous said...

And the two people you mention here Jarvis and Bollick. The Jarvis kid is Asperger's no doubt and Bollick specializes in Asperger's. Why the hell are they speaking for all the kids of NH?

Anonymous said...

I was at that speach and my brother has autism. we tried a treatment from a doctor who specializes in autism caused by mercury, and my brother nearly died. He finished the treatment and is still autistic. And the points made that just because these people are high functioning means they shouldnt get funding disturbs me. yes i know of people who use the system to get what they want but without the systems help my brother would be in a mental institution. please think before you say these things I work with special needs students as well as having a brother with autism and i have to say just because they dont look like they have a problem doesnt mean they dont.

Foresam said...

What treatment did you use? Nobody has ever died from proper chelation.

None of what you say means that Michelle Jarvis is not an idiot whose stupidity harms autistic children.

Foresam said...

To the person asking about Amy, you may not comment here without using a name.