Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bribe Congress to Stop Autism

This is pretty simple and Congress should go for it. We can use the politically correct word for bribery and call it "campaign contributions" and we should be able to outbribe the vaccine manufacturers to cure everyone with autism and stop the epidemic.

I think $10 million is a reasonable settlement for everyone who had their brain damaged by vaccines and had it mislabelled as autism. If we can all file and have the cases decided by juries instead of some corrupt federal masters, I think we'll all win without any trouble.

So, we make a deal with Congress as a whole that we will all donate 10% of what we win from Pharma for having our kids' brains mangled by vaccines to them for their campaigns. They can all figure out how to launder the money and put it in their pockets. They can even pass a law for themselves to give themselves a pass on laws against bribery if they want to save themselves the trouble of "washing" the cash.

If 100,000 of us win, Congress will get $1 trillion. Divided by about 550 of them comes out to about $1.818 billion per corrupt politician. I don't think Pharma will offer that much in bribes to each of the bastards who keep allowing babies to be poisoned by vaccines so, we should be able to arrange this deal.

What do you say Congress?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

FBI, Robert Mueller Leads A Bunch of Pussies

"Public corruption is one of the FBI’s top investigative
only terrorism, espionage, and cyber crimes. Why?
Because of its impact on our
democracy and national security. Public
corruption can affect everything from
how well our borders are secured and
our neighborhoods protected…to verdicts
handed down in courts…to the quality
of our roads and schools. And it takes a
significant toll on our
pocketbooks, too, siphoning off tax dollars. Learn more
here about our
national program and local investigations."

How stupid can the FBI be? When the Eli Lilly rider was added to the Homeland Security Act that prevented victims of vaccine poisoning from suing vaccine makers, it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that this protection was needed because the vaccine makers knew that they were causing autism. Criminals don't buy protection from Congress unless they are guilty of something.

I've written to these lazy, useless and moronic public employees twice to report this crime of poisoning our children and these incompetent misfits just can't be bothered to acknowledge my reports. My first report of this crime was five weeks ago and these incompetent fools have yet to acknowledge receiving it. In the meantime, thousands more babies have had their brains damaged by thimerosal.

We know that Congress is aware of this crime because we have video of Rep Dan Burton telling them the facts.

We also see that Robert Mueller was appointed to his job as head of the FBI by George W Bush, the corrupt scumbag with ties to Eli Lilly who steadfastly refused to meet with Rep Burton to discuss autism. Perhaps Mueller will answer a question about whether Bush prearranged with him to ignore the poisoning of our babies. Why else would Mueller pretend to be so blind to the fact that babies are still being poisoned all over the world with thimerosal?

Here's the contact page for the FBI. You can't email them but you can call and write via snail mail. I think anyone who lives near DC or who might be visiting should ask to visit Mr Mueller and show him their autistic children as evidence of the crime that he continues to ignore.

Mueller has to be a real pussy to allow the poisoning of babies to continue while doing nothing to stop it!!!



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Money Needed to Cure Autism

Here is the story of Matthew Faiella and how he is being cured of autism with stem cells. The treatment is not available in the USA and his parents have to bring him to Costa Rica to receive it. They also have to pay for it themselves since Barack Obama doesn't give a damn about autistic children and won't do anything to help them recover from being poisoned into autism by vaccines.

Please join me in asking Obama to help autistic children. Contact him here.

Autism Speaks has spent $128 million on research but has not spent anything on actually curing autism. If you agree that they should spend some of that money on actually helping children access treatments like stem cells, you can contact them here and ask that they start doing something useful with their money instead of throwing it down a black hole for research that has not yet helped any children. As we see above, treatments that work have already been found.

If you're reading this and were considering donating any money to Autism Speaks, please consider sending it to help Matthew Faiella instead, where you can be sure your donation won't be wasted.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Huffington Post Abuses Autistic People, Ari Ne'eman

The Huffington Post has decided to join Newsweek in presenting devious propaganda that is designed to prevent anyone from helping severely disabled people with autism from being cured.

People with severe autism have historically, never been able to progress past a mental age of one or two. Autistic children are born normal, have their brains damaged by mercury in vaccines and regress into a vegetative state. Until about eight years ago when Dr Amy Holmes and PhD Andrew Cutler designed a treatment to cure autism, these people were left to rot in their brain damaged condition because nobody knew how to help them. Custodial care was, ane remains the standard treatment for autism.

Huffington Post has enabled Ne'eman to present propaganda that calls for this standard to persist when he makes this disingenuous statement:

"Just last week, Disability Rights Wisconsin, the state's protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities, filed suit against the University of Wisconsin hospital as a result of their decision to withhold medication and basic nourishment from two patients with intellectual disabilities who had pneumonia. These individuals were not in a persistent vegetative state, were not dying and one even asked for food. The decision to refuse anti-biotics, nutrition and fluids for a treatable medical condition was made by hospital officials based on their determination of "quality of life" for the individuals in question. Health care reform must include non-discrimination protections that prevent these types of atrocities by health care providers." (bold mine)

We see here that Ne'eman criticizes U of W for refusing treatment but, at the same time, Ne'eman advocates for refusing treatment to autistic people when he makes this dishonest statement:

"Furthermore, though we are wide and varied, including both people with acquired disabilities, such as many of our brave men and women in uniform coming home from overseas, and others who were born with their disabilities, such as myself and the rest of the Autistic community, we can unite around our common dream for full participation, inclusion, integration and equality of opportunity for all. The disability message is a civil rights message. It is time for Congress and the President to hear our voices: Nothing About Us, Without Us!"

By claiming that "the rest of the autistic community" was born with their disabilities, Ne'eman lies to the reader to imply that autism is genetic, an implication that has never been proven. This lie encourages the conclusion that a genetic condition can not be cured while Ne'eman leads the reader to think that an autistic person in a vegetative state is capable of participating in anything or can be included and integrated in society by merely raising awareness and asking society to accept them.

A further lie here is that Ne'eman does not tell the reader that autistic people exist in the vegetative state. Instead he lies to include himself as an autistic person when his condition is diagnosed as Asperger's. As we can clearly see from his sophisticated wordsmithing around the truth, Ne'eman has nothing in common with anyone who exists in the vegetative state that defines autism. Ne'eman adds his standard closing remark of "Nothing About Us, Without Us!" to embellish his lie by falsely including himself as an autistic vegetable which he most certainly is not. Again, Ne'eman never tells the reader the truth about how low functioning, if functioning at all, autistic people are.

This is some very deceptive and well written propaganda that eludes detection by many intelligent people who are not painfully aware of the truth about the differing functioning levels within the autism spectrum. Ne'eman could never convince a parent of an autistic child that he shares the same condition as our kids. The Huffington Post needs to be aware that this misrepresentation of autism by Ne'eman is thoroughly intentional.

Ne'eeman's claim that he is autistic and does not need or desire a cure but, only wants society to understand his alleged differences and need for acceptance, denies the existence of our vegetative children and denies them the medical treatment they need to recover from being poisoned into autism by vaccines, a fact that Ne'eman lies about with his claim that autism is genetic.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rick Neubrander Causes Abuse of Autistic Child

The beating and abuse that this non-verbal autistic boy suffered from his demented teachers in an Atlanta school is directly attributable to Ari Ne'eman and his psychopathic pals from Neurodiversity. Ne'eman, Amanda Baggs and the other liars who falsely claim to have autism while claiming they do not want to be cured are responsible for influencing public opinion against doing whatever it takes to give these children the ability to speak.

Sure, we can all blame the government for allowing this poisoning of our kids to continue but the liars who make the elected liars look good are the true cause of the rest of the country remaining unaware of the true horror that autism is. The phoney debate that rages on the internet makes it look like nobody knows what causes autism or how to cure it. This is not true. Autism is caused by thimerosal and cured by chelation. Simple.

Without the liars like Ne'eman to publicize these lies, the rest of us might be able to have the truth presented and it would be a lot easier for us to inform the public of the damage that vaccines are causing. Then everyone would be able to learn how to cure autism and these kids could gain the ability to speak. The teachers would not think they could get away with beating kids who could point at them in court and cost them their jobs.

That brings us back to Rick Neubrander, Dr James Neubrander's brother. Rick is someone who knows that these kids can be helped to speak through medicine but he continually puts himself in the way of people who are trying to discredit the sadists like Ne'eman who want autistic kids to suffer. So by supporting Ne'eman, Baggs and the other liars from Neurodiversity, Rick is encouraging the abuse of children whose parents might be dissuaded from curing their kids by the liars.

It makes no sense to me why Rick Neubrander continues to abuse children in this manner but that's the fact. It makes me wonder why anyone would go to Rick's brother for medical treatment too. There is something very wrong with this picture.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dr Virginia Wood, Neurodiverse Knucklehead

Here is a blog written by a dumb bitch who supports queers getting married. Dr Virginia Wood also supports poisoning infants into autism by virtue of the fact that she's too damn stupid to learn the facts about how autism is caused.

As you can see by reading her blog, this mentally inept simpleton with a degree is a part of the Neurodiverse scam of trying to convince parents of severely disabled children to avoid curing them. Dr Wood joined the other neuronitwits in calling me names because I pointed out Ari Ne'eman's dishonesty, Ne'eman being the sadist who goes on TV to lie about autism and abuse autistic children. As usual, when I left a comment to educate this morally bankrupt imbecile, she deleted it. So, here's my comment to one more pseudoscientist who takes great pride in abusing autistic kids.

Dr Wood,
I am going to save the world from people like you. Autism is caused by mercury and aluminum. Most of that mercury and aluminum finds its way into childrens' brains via vaccines. I can prove every word I say and I challenge you and every doctor on the planet to prove me wrong.

Are you an MD or a PhD? I'm guessing PhD since you associate yourself with the pseudoscience of psychology. Psychology has mislabelled autism and Asperger's in the idiotic DSM and I'd like to educate you and your colleagues so you might fix this error in the next version of your pseudointellectual drivel that you try to pawn off as science.

If Asperger's is the same as autism, why does it have a different code in your DSM? You choose your words carefully by claiming that it IS autism. That's a true statement but it is not 100% accurate, is it Dr Wood? You can't claim that Ari Ne'eman's version of "autism" has even the slightest similarity to my son's autism with his feces smearing, self-biting, head banging, lack of speech, illiteracy at age 12, etc., can you?

When I cure all of these "autistic" people who you have helped to pervert from learning the truth, you will be out of business, won't you, Dr Wood? You won't have anyone left who will pay you outrageous sums of cash to whine on your shoulder. We call that a conflict of interest.

I cure autism because I have no conflict of interest. You, as a doctor, should be ashamed of yourself for not learning what I have and helping these victims of mercury poisoning.

Neurodiversity is a scam. It uses peer pressure and preys on the loneliness of people with Asperger's to give them a sense of belonging to something. It mixes truth with fiction in an effort to displace accountability from the vaccine manufacturers who caused this nightmare for our children. It is professional brainwashing and you should be able to recognize that. Of course, you are a part of it so I don't have to point that out to you. No PhD could be so blind as not to see that.

Can you prove me wrong Dr Wood or will you just join the other propaganda wizards from Neurodiversity by calling me names?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Right Attitude for Autism

Where are the fathers of autistic children with similar attitudes about their children being poisoned by government mandated vaccines? If there's hundreds of thousands of kids who were poisoned into autism, there should be just as many father's ready to hang the bastards who caused this horror to our kids. Where the fuck are they?

Fathers of autistic kids have a lot to learn from veterans like these.

Rupert Murdoch Supports Neurodiversity, Planning for Death of the Internet

Rupert Murdoch talks about how the internet will soon be controlled here. The gist of this article is summed up in this paragraph: "The corporate media monopoly has terminal cancer and they are losing their power, which is why they are aggressively supporting moves to phase out the old Internet altogether and replace it with “Internet 2,” a highly regulated and controlled electronic Berlin wall, where alternative voices will be silenced and giant corporate propaganda organs will dominate once again."

This control has been discussed for some time now and people who support the truth about autism need to be prepared. As we have seen, the last four US Presidents support the poisoning of our children into autism with thimerosal, we can be certain that if this control does come to pass that we will never see another honest word about autism in any controlled media.

The blogs and support groups will all be shut down and information about autism will only be gained through word of mouth, just like it was before the internet existed and none of us knew anything about what caused the horror of autism. Doctors will be able to tell victims of vaccine poisoning misdiagnosed as autism that there is no known cause or cure for autism just as they always had before the internet. Once this happens, parents will have nowhere to turn to gain the information they need to cure those victim children. They will learn from brain dead state employees who kiss someone's ass to get their case manager jobs and will tell parents that early intervention is their child's only chance. That early intervention will not include any mention of biomedical treatments that cure autism. That is what the social service graduates are taught in college, to do nothing useful.

When the free speech on the internet dies, there will be no way to organize pressure on any media outlet to allow us to tell victims the truth about autism. What you will see on TV is public service announcements from Ari Ne'eman and other psychopaths who will present knowingly false information that is presented in such a way as to misinform everyone so that thoughts of cures never enter anyone's head. The lies from the CDC and the AAP will go unopposed and Pharma will be able to poison more babies with no hassle from anyone.

Parents who know the truth need to plan for this now. If this happens, it will assuredly be done quickly and without warning. One day, we will wake up and our blogs and support groups will have simply vanished. We must plan for this and be prepared to work around it.

We need a telephone network set up to keep everyone informed with the sole goals of preventing and curing autism. If free speech on the internet is taken away, the corporations who cause autism will have free reign to misinform everyone and we will have no way to oppose it. We will have to organize information campaigns and stand on corners handing out leaflets because, as we have all seen, it is virtually impossible to have the truth published in any mainstream media vehicle.

Please consider how you gained information about autism before there was an internet and let's be prepared in case Rupert Murdoch and his pals get what they seek. We need networks in place everywhere to counter this. Better to be prepared and not need it then to need it and not be prepared.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ask Newsweek to Kill Ari Ne'eman

(This is not a threat)
I hear that Newsweek is going to run another article allowing the sadist, Ari Ne'eman, to lie to the world about autism. Before that comes out, I think it's useful for sane people to ask Newsweek to kill this article, or, at least allow us equal space to tell the truth about the horror of autism. You can send letters to . Mine is below.

I read an article from a few months ago in which you mentioned Ari Ne'eman. I hear you are doing another piece on him soon.

Please reconsider. This young man is not autistic. He has Asperger's syndrome, maybe. Being diagnosed at age 12 means there is virtually nothing wrong with him or it would have been noted at a much younger age.

For Ne'eman to associate the word "autism" with himself is criminal fraud. My son has autism. He is 12 years old, can't speak, isn't toilet trained. smears feces on the walls, bites himself (sometimes drawing blood), can't communicate beyond a few simple signs that he can't always do properly, and is pretty much a wreck. For Ne'eman to pretend he has ANYTHING in common with people like my son and then claim that autism should not be cured is a direct assault against my son and against every person who suffers horribly from autism.

I'd like an equal opportunity to refute every word that Ne'eman says. He claims to want respect and acceptance for people with autism. Do you see the false premise? He is not a person with autism. He has no right to portray himself as such and make the world think that autism is no big deal. Newsweek allows this liar to call himself autistic and everyone who reads your magazine thinks that autistics can attend college and function about the same as everyone else.

The truth of the matter is that every autistic person who is like my son will spend their adult years locked up in an institution and forgotten about. They will be beaten, sexually abused and will never be able to speak for themselves to ask for the cure that they so desperately need. You are allowing Ari Ne'eman to tell the world not to even try to help my son and to just send him to that institution and let him live a life of quiet abuse, neglect and despair.

In essence, Ari Ne'eman might as well be sentencing my son to life in prison without parole. My son has committed no crime. For Newsweek to allow Ari Ne'eman to say one word without allowing me to speak for my son against this sadistic, lying scoundrel is an outrage. As a father of a severely autistic boy, I demand equal time to set the record straight about how incredibly horrible autism is.

John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH

Here's an email I received today from one of Ne'eman's supporters. It seems that Stephanie Bramson also supports the abuse of severely autistic children.

"Stephanie Lauren Bramson"

Wed, 13 May 2009 00:14:04 -0400 (EDT)
Stop harassing Ari Ne'eman, for God's sake. He is one of the few truly decent people out there. And leave his parents alone, too. They did not abandon him as a kid, nor did they mistreat him. Ari is one of my best friends, and I have known the Ne'emans for years. I knew him from the time when the kids in our English class picked on him to the point where someone had to come into the class to explain Asperger's Syndrome, through to the two years he spent in a special school for people with disabilities, biding his time until he'd be allowed back into the EB school system. Ari saved my life multiple times in high school. When I went through my first real episode of suicidal depression, he was one of my only supports. He definitely has Aspergers (anyone who spends ten minutes with the guy can figure that out), though he has trained himself to function and, incidentally, become a better people reader than anyone born with the ability. But more than that, he is one of the few really good people left in this world, and assholes like you should learn to let people like him live without fearing death threats and stalking attempts on their parents.
So get a fucking life, asshole,
Stephanie Bramson

Sunday, May 03, 2009