Friday, April 24, 2009

Rick Neubrander Agrees to Keep Poisoning Babies, FBI Inept

Below is a follow up letter I just sent to the FBI. They must be too busy investigating war heroes who fought for their country and are now labelled "right wing extremists" for trying to encourage our corrupt Congress to uphold the Constitution to bother with a minor annoyance like someone poisoning millions of babies with thimerosal.

Rick Neubrander has not voiced his support of asking our law enforcement community to stop this horror. He must be too busy ordering parents of autistic children to be nice and polite to deranged mental cases who want to prevent anyone from curing autism. So, based on the old maxim that if you're not with me, you're against me, we can see that Rick wants this baby poisoning to continue. Otherwise, he would take his dress off, stand up like a man and join me in telling the FBI to do their job.

Of course, Rick Neubrander has a profit motive to consider here. If the FBI can be convinced to get off their asses and protect babies from our corrupt government, Rick might not have any autistic children left to keep him and his brother, Dr James Neubrander in business. Then Rick wouldn't be able to enjoy playing God to the autism parents and he'd have to go back to being an anonymous computer geek without the fame and fortune that the autism industry has given him. He also wouldn't be able to denigrate parents who won't join him in acting like pussies so he'd probably have to get his kicks by squealing on jaywalkers and having them arrested.

Maybe I'm wrong about Rick and he'll have the balls to copy my letter to the FBI, endorse it and send one of his own. I doubt it.

I'm following up on the letter I sent you one week ago. Why haven't you replied? Do you think criminals should be allowed to continue poisoning people with thimerosal? Are you going to investigate this or not? Have you been ordered to ignore this by corrupt elected officials?

I want to remind you that your obligation is to the people of the United States. If you refuse to arrest these felons who poisoned our children, you become felons yourselves. You do not have the luxury of looking the other way and ignoring this
heinous crime.

My son is one of the people who was poisoned. That happened twelve years ago and tens of thousands of us have now been pleading with the CDC, Congress and three Presidents to end this atrocity for over ten years. Nothing has been done. I am not about to shut up and go away.

Is the FBI just going to sit around collecting paychecks that come from the victims of this crime or are you going to get off your asses and stop this horror?
John Best


Fielding J. Hurst said...

What exactly does Rick have to do with this? Confused.

John Best said...

If you've read the series here on the Neubrander team, that should be obvious. Rick is a traitor to the people he pretends to speak for.