Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rick Neubrander (Autism Guru) Wins Coveted Award

Today, Rick Neubrander was awarded the prestigious Bearded Clam Award. This award is presented intermittently to men who consistently prove to be pussies. While the award has been around for thousands of years, this is the first time any man has so distinguished himself as a complete and utter wimp.

As a self appointed Autism Guru to promote his brother's (Dr James Neubrander) questionable quackery of treating autism with unproven methods, Rick has withered from every challenge that has been presented to his weaselesque techniques. To prove his wimpiness, Rick has risen to every opportunity to act like a whiny simpleton while avoiding acting like a man at all costs.

While promoting his brother's apparent quackery, Rick has outdone himself to act respectfully to severely deranged psychopaths who try to prevent anyone from curing autism. Towards this goal of according respect to criminals who defend Pharma from their crime of poisoning babies into autism, Rick has seized every opportunity to act like a little girl and squeal to authorities on people who fight these medical terrorists. It seems that Rick does not want anyone to beat down the propaganda that allows Pharma to continue their goal of poisoning every baby who is born into a reduced mental capacity.

Rick plays his own devious propaganda here by pretending to oppose this crime by Pharma so he and his brother can keep the money flowing into their quack medical practice. By treating the Pharma shills with respect, Rick makes it seem that he is doing right by children with his feigned opposition. When someone who is serious about blowing up the propaganda by Pharma comes along though, Rick complains about their lack of respect for these assholes and whines like a baby to forum moderators to have these honest parents thrown off the forums. This ensures that Rick can help Pharma continue to cause autism and provide he and his brother with an endless supply of brain damaged kids to treat so they can add to their bank balances.

When called out for his treacherous behavior that damages all autistic children, Rick Neubrander consistently avoids answering for his crimes against babies, as is his right under the fifth amendment. As all sane people recognize that those who hide behind the fifth amendment are usually guilty, it is incredibly obvious that the profiteering Neubrander family is a dishonest bunch that should be avoided at all costs. If Dr James Neubrander was honest and had any balls himself, he would give his idiot brother a smack in the head and make arrangements to repair the damage that the idiot has done. Since the quack doctor has not done this, we can assume that he is in cahoots with his whiny, idiotic, pussy of a brother and come to the conclusion that the Neubrander brothers are acting with blatant disregard for the best interests of vaccine damaged children.

Rick should accept his Bearded Clam Award with great pride as it reflects great credit on him and his family while autistic children who can't speak suffer the consequences of his actions.


Craig said...

Actually, I think it should go to Orac. Unless you have a better award for him, that is.

Foresam said...

Yuh, Orac's a weasel but at least he doesn't follow me around like Neubrander does insisting I treat ND's with respect.

Anonymous said...

Wow John. I'm not sure the ladies are going to like this one.

Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

John, you are a bit too "extreme" for me, but your blog has some great stuff, especially exposing autism fraud.

Do you mind if I use the stuff I've found in your blog for later use? I'm seriously considering coming up with an autism fraud test. I usually can't spot fraud but for some reason I can spot a fake autistic in a minute, perhaps because I actually have autism and know the difference.

Fake autistics annoy me so much. Normally I don't care but this BS strikes a nerve with me for some reason. Perhaps it's because true autism sucks so much, even in a person with a high IQ and so much of this is so illogical I just don't understand how people can believe it. All of this is just some weird social thing that I don't understand and don't care about.

This is just like after the book "Sybil" came out, isn't it? Everytime the media gets involved with a disorder everyone starts to believe that they have it. Back in the 80's these people would've claimed to have MPD.

You've probably seen me floating around. I actually do have severe autism with a high IQ and have plenty of proof if anyone wants to get stupid with me.

Here is something great from your blog:

"Amanda Baggs is autistic and keeps getting 'autisticer' like Michael Jackson is white and keeps getting whiter."

Great stuff!

Arminius said...

I have Asperger's, which means I can see in what you would consider total darkness, hear through exterior walls, and have very good pitch. It also means I lack the slavish desire for friends and bizare need for social conformity so often seen among the rest of us. I have never suffered from it, but I do suffer from people like you every day. No one knows what causes Autism. It may be genetic, it may be environmental, or it could even be a combination of both. That isn't to say that I like Rick Neubrander either. I have no interest in arrogant neurotypicals trying to treat or cure me.

Foresam said...

Just don't take things out of context, please.

Autism is only caused by vaccines.

Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

I won't. It's mostly for myself. I doubt I'll ever show it to anyone. 99.99% of the crap I write I will never show to anyone (since it doesn't make sense to anyone else); I'll probably either burn or delete it, so don't worry.

It just bothers me because it is already hard enough to get treatment for any kind of autism and I really wish these people would go away with their anti-treat stuff.

It's actually filtering in to the medical system. The other day I recieved an e-mail from my state's Disabilities and Special Needs Department telling me I might like the ANI website.


Foresam said...

If the neuroinsane hadn't started all of their idiocy after we had a few people cured, it would be a lot easier for older people to accept the facts and help themselves.

Who ever heard of anyone protesting treatments that help people? It's simply too crazy but, somehow, people listen to it.