Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Medical Industry Now Asks for DNR's on Autistic Kids

I recently took my autistic kid to a doctor and was asked if I had a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order on him.  I wonder if this is now commonplace.  While I wouldn't hesitate to have a DNR if I was Ari Ne'eman's father, I can't imagine too many parents agreeing to this for their children.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jake Crosby, Great Job!!!

It's about time somebody else decided to expose the corruption within the "sane" side of the autism community.  I've been telling people how corrupt Generation Rescue, Age of Autism, David Kirby and the Canary Party were for years.  I had some slim hope that things at Safe Minds were a little better.  They're more secretive in what they do though so their deceptions that hurt children aren't quite as obvious as the deceptions from the other liars amongst us.

 Now, we see more proof that guys from Harvard are the best trained liars of all, just like politicians.  I went to a DAN conference in 2005 where I watched Mark Blaxill receive an award for something, Man of the Year or something, and I looked up to him.  I admired the work he had done in helping us all learn the truth about how mercury in vaccines had mangled our babies' brains.  Little did I suspect that this liar was going to sell us all out.  When I saw he had written a book with Dan Olmstead, I knew he was corrupt because Olmstead told us all that he, himself was corrupt in 2008 when he supported Kathleen Seidel.  That's what you expect from someone from UPI though since everyone in the mainstream media is corrupt these days.

I'm not going to bother writing more now.  I just want to congratulate Jake Crosby for being honest and not falling for the deception that the above named scumbags have used to help destroy the brains of millions of babies.  I knew the good side of the autism community had been infiltrated a long time ago.  Now, thanks to Jake, everyone will know.  Maybe now, we can solve some problems since the victims of this con game should finally reject these false leaders.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Damages to be Awarded to All Autistic Children

We now have the solution to all of the corruption in our government.  As soon as we implement the plan, all autistic children will receive everything they need and doctors will work towards curing all of them.  Mercury will be banned from all medicine and the practice of damaging our brains with all sorts of toxic substances will end.

Go here, join and read the solution.