Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama Asks for Our Concerns Again

Another letter from Tom Daschle asks to hear our concerns. The more comments he hears, the more likely he is to listen.

Dear John,

Over the past two weeks, thousands of people representing all 50 states and every corner of the country have hosted health care discussions in their homes and communities. Just this week, I attended a discussion hosted by the Fire Department in Dublin, Indiana, and one hosted by a Senior Wellness Center in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Leading your discussion was the first step. Equally important, we want to hear back from you. I learned so much from attending discussions this week, and we want to know about your discussions, too.

The President-elect has asked me to share your feedback from these discussions -- that's why your submission is so essential.

Please tell us how your discussion went by visiting We need to hear from you as soon as possible -- by Sunday, January 4th, 2009 at the latest -- so we can prepare our report for the President-elect.

Both President-elect Obama and I are committed to reforming the health care system from the grassroots up -- and leaders like you are crucial to that effort.

I'm looking forward to reading your submissions about your Health Care Community Discussions.

Thank you,


Tom Daschle
Department of Health and Human Services

Please note that replies to this email will not be answered.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ask Obama to Tell the Truth About Thimerosal has asked for questions for Obama. They claim they will answer them in the New Year. Please vote here for the following question. Go to the search bar, type in autism and you will find lots of questions. The Neuronitwits are hard at work flagging every suggestion to do with vaccines as a cause of autism as inappropriate, so it would be nice to counter their deranged attempt to harm our children.
"President Bush refused to tell the truth about how thimerosal causes autism.
Will you ban the use of thimerosal and tell the public the truth so we can begin curing all of these children who had their brains damaged by thimerosal in vaccines?"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pure Bullshit, Dr Rima Laibow, Lying Scoundrel

I received this pile of manure in an email from Dr Rima Laibow in which she tries to deny that she is a disinformation agent working against the best interests of children with autism. This is a lot of bullshit for a simple denial.

The fact remains that Dr Laibow is a lying piece of garbage.

Only a lying piece of garbage could possibly take such a strong stand against me for trying to post one simple link to a blog entry that I wrote advising people that voting for any incumbent politician for President was against their best interests. The worst that could have happened if I had been allowed to post that link on Dr Laibow's Yahoo group is that a handful of people might have looked at it. There is an even slimmer chance that my blog entry may have convinced anyone to change their mind a month before the election and vote against Obama and McCain.

So, no matter what Dr Laibow says in her defense, this proven liar is not to be believed. Dr Laibow would have us believe that she is looking out for our best interests by doing her thing with Codex Alimentarius to preserve our access to the vitamin supplements we need to help our autistic children. Yet, she adamantly refuses to allow me to post one bit of information that opposes the same politicians who will allow those supplements to be banned. By banning my opposition to those politicians, Dr Laibow, in essence took a stance in favor of banning those supplements and preventing us from curing our children of autism. By such vile action, Dr Rima Laibow advertised to the world that she is a lying scoundrel who is trying to harm our autistic children with her devious misinformation.
Here's some information on her husband, Gen Stubblebine.

And, here's my exchange of emails with the lying Dr Laibow where she now threatens to sue me:

No, you blogged disinformation which is actionable as both slander and liable. I am curious to know just what makes you think that what you have published IS the truth? Have you seen a single shred of information which substantiates a single one of those accusations? Please be advised that you might want to think again before you continue to present material which is, rather than the truth, blatant lies since that means that you, too, are engaging in slander and liable and are opening yourself to the same legal action that the perpetrators of these lies are. Before you make that mistake, why not write to the perpetrators and ask for the documentation that their absurd assertions rest upon. You will find that there are none.
I am so sorry that you have been misled by disinformation, but that is what has happened.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

***Note here how Dr Laibow tries to avoid the fact that I determined she was a lying sack of dung because she refused to allow the truth about corrupt politicians to be published on her Yahoo group. Instead, she threatens to sue me about things other people wrote about her. This is a ploy used by liars all the time to avoid the truth about themselves.***

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 9:30 AM, wrote:

Thanks for your email. I blogged the truth about you. Fuck you.

I'll note here that every email I get from Dr Laibow begs for money and tries to sell me some coffee for $50 a pound. With Maxwell House costing me $2.99 a pound, Dr Laibows coffee seems a bit overpriced.

This is the piece that it appears the lying Dr Laibow is responding to:
Why does Dr. Rima Laibow use psychological warfare techniques?
<<< Back to Codex

When Dr. Rima Laibow first suddenly appeared on the anti-Codex landscape as leader of the newly-formed Natural Solutions Foundation, I began to wonder where she was coming from. Although she seemed to have a straightforward, hands-on approach to internet activism, something seemed to be amiss.

Long-term anti-Codex activist John Hammell had clearly identified the transnational treaties such as WTO, FTAA and CAFTA as integrating Codex language, placing jurisdiction outside of U.S. lawmakers. Yet Dr. Laibow not only ignored this connection, but actively dissuaded her growing community of online supporters from paying any attention to it, especially at the time when CAFTA was being debated in Congress and there was a real possibility of defeating it. (More on this dissuasion below.)

Then I learned that Dr. Laibow was suing Kevin Miller, allegedly for her having provided some funding for his brilliant and powerful video on Codex called “We Become Silent” but, apparently against her wishes, his including the connection to the above-mentioned treaties.

Since then she has engaged her online community in what appears to be a good cause - writing and calling Congress to stop BioShield 2, a truly horrific proposed law. But all discussion of Codex appears to be directing people into a useless diversion, writing and sending letters of “support” for an “alternative” to the Codex vitamin guidelines. We as ordinary people have zero impact on this process, since it is being drawn up by bureaucrats in the Codex delegations whose allegiance is primarily to the pharmaceutical industry. So getting people involved in this process is a wholesale waste of time.

Then I looked carefully at a message she sent to her supporters about Codex several months ago. In it I found the use of carefully-chosen psychologically-charged words, a technique used in psychological warfare tracts developed at U.S. Army Intelligence by a man named Edward G. Lansdale. This technique, called the Semantic Differential, has been used by our intelligence services widely, as part of programs to subvert “enemy” countries and other targets. (I first read about the Semantic Differential in a tract in Covert Intelligence Information Bulletin about psychological warfare used against Grenada, Chile, and Nicaragua.)

The Semantic Differential is a technique which uses culturally important psychologically-charged words to promote a particular point of view or, in the case of psychological warfare, to discredit an enemy. Here Dr. Laibow’s audience is middle-class, health-conscious, intelligent (and somewhat intellectual) Americans.

Here’s the example from Dr. Laibow’s message:

“If you think that your understanding of Codex is being manipulated by words (such as “risk assessment” as a scientific approach of toxicology appropriate to nutrients which are, by definition, non-toxic, for example), distortion (”CAFTA and FTAA have CODEX language in them so they are the same as the CODEX problem”) and distraction (who is a Druid?, who is a witch?, who is “Controlled Opposition”?, who is a CIA Agent?, who is a good person?, who is a bad person?, etc.”) you are right.”

The psychologically-charged words here are “manipulation,” “distortion,” and “distraction.” John Hammell had made the clear connection between CAFTA and Codex, and had accused the Natural Solutions Foundation (Dr. Laibow’s group) and several other organizations of being “controlled opposition groups” – groups taken over by, or owned by, people who appear to be opposed to Codex but who promote useless activism or tell people that there is nothing to worry about. In the above message, Dr. Laibow psychologically marginalizes Hammell’s position, not by refuting it, but by merely using words that do so by their psychological power in our culture among her audience.

Here is another even more dramatic example, from the next paragraph in her message:

“So the infighting and turf wars which have provided this distortion and distraction (and which the Natural Solutions Foundation will not dignify by entering since there is plenty of turf to go around in the world of health freedom) fulfill the role of the bloated and meaningless “news” that keeps us disconnected both from reality and from its meaning.”

Note the lead-in, using the psychologically-charged words “infighting” and “turf wars” before repeating the words “distortion” and “distraction.” She goes on to say that *her* (that is, her follower’s) organization stands above all this (“will not dignify by entering”). Then she goes in for the psychological kill: “bloated and meaningless news” that keeps us “disconnected both from reality and its meaning.” At this point, most readers would be subconsciously and consciously convinced that John Hammell is involving us in “turf wars,” “keeping us disconnected” from reality by distorting the facts and distracting everyone with “bloated and meaningless” news.

Finally, here is the psychological lead-out that puts people into their “comfort zone” knowing that what she has stated above is right and just:

“Read, study, follow the links and make sure that you are comfortable with both what is presented and what is concluded from that. Above all, question your sources and evaluate the answers carefully. I know that I do.

“You won’t always be correct, but you can always be informed. If you are an American, Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers gave you that opportunity and obligation.”

If people were feeling at all uncomfortable with her subtle attack on Hammell, this puts their minds at ease. Acting as if she had presented unbiased information, she uses the psychologically-charged words and phrases “comfortable,” “question your sources,” and “evaluate the answers carefully.” Then confirming that her audience is intelligent, she reminds them that they “won’t always be correct” but can “always be informed.” Last but not least, she invokes Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers giving us the “opportunity and obligation” to be informed.

In a similar article using similar psychological techniques, Dr. Laibow convinces readers, using psychologically-charged words such as “forces,” “intentional disinformation,” “misleading,” and “irrelevant” to convince her readers that attempting to stop the multinational treaty process is a waste of time, that instead they need to focus on changing the Codex regulations. Here’s are some excerpts:

“FTAA and CAFTA are really bad ideas for US interests. But all the recent focus in them as related to the CODEX issue because they contain CODEX language is either an error in the understanding of the real nature of the CODEX problem or, worse yet, intentional disinformation to drain off energy and political force from opposition to CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. FTAA and CAFTA are totally irrelevant to the CODEX issue.”

“Some people in the CODEX arena are now focusing on FTAA and CAFTA and saying that it is a waste of time to focus in CODEX because FTAA and CAFTA contain CODEX language in their text. These forces are either using mis- or dis- information by misleading people to think that because these trade agreements contain CODEX language they somehow are a significant part of the Codex problem.”

Dr. Laibow does not reveal that the many Codex committees are all controlled by the multinational agricultural and pharmaceutical companies, so that it is precisely what she is telling people to do – trying to change the Codex regulations – is fruitless. She does not reveal that the Codex regulations themselves, without multinational agreements such as FTAA and CAFTA in place, are just pieces of paper that lack any power.

These are masterful uses of Semantic Differential. Many orators and politicians have mastered this kind of psychological use of words without learning it from Army Intelligence, but one can only wonder where a naturopathic doctor such as Dr. Laibow might have learned to write in this fashion. Perhaps it was from working with her husband, General Albert Stubblebine, former head of the US Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981-84. Anyone in that position would be steeped in knowledge about psychological warfare techniques and especially about the use of Semantic Differential.

While Dr. Laibow’s activism against the extreme excesses of the pharmaceutical industry appear to be genuine, one can only wonder why she is so intent on marginalizing those who want people to make the connection between Codex and the efforts by these same multinational corporations to enforce the Codex regulations and to place jurisdiction for that enforcement outside of Congress through multinational agreements such as WTO, CAFTA, and FTAA.

Jonathan Campbell
November 4, 2005


Dr. Laibow’s messages and Dr. Laibow’s messages

Reference on Albert Stubblebine:

Here is the lying Dr Laibow's response:

The TRUTH is our Defense…

Confused About the Natural Solutions Foundation?
That's Exactly What the Other Side Wants!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Stop Autistic Self Biting II

I wrote something last year about my problems with my son biting himself that drew lots of interest. I notice that many people still read this entry and, I hope, the useful suggestions that people submitted.

It seems I have solved the problem, finally. My son has only had a couple of minor, short-lived instances of biting himself in the past month.

I don't offer my solution as a complete answer for anyone else who has to deal with this nightmare but what helped my son may help others.

We have done 75 rounds of chelation to remove mercury and aluminum which resulted in much improved behavior and mental awareness. Chelation alone did not decrease the biting though. It was not until we began addressing the possibility that the liver needed some help that the biting diminished and is now virtually gone.

For my son, all we added to his supplememnt regimen was more milk thistle, more fish oil, vitamin D, increased vitamin E and acidophilus to control yeast. I found the suggestion to add these supplements amongst a treatment protocol designed to improve liver function for those with cirrhosis. There was much more to it as designed for cirrhosis so I added one supplement at a time until the behavior seemed to diminish. It worked. So, I offer this as a possible problem to address that should be checked with an MD to determine which supplements may be most likely to improve liver function to a point that will relieve the child of some pain and resolve the biting problem.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tom Daschle Asks for Help

Tom Daschle asked me to host a community meeting to help the Obama administration learn how to fix healthcare. So, I decided to ask the autism community to let Mr Daschle hear our concerns on a blog. That way, we have a public record of it and don't have to take notes with shorthand.

While any issue regarding healthcare is open here, Mr Daschle specifically mentioned looking at prevention, and managing chronic care. Many of us share the same opinions about how to prevent autism and other vaccine induced neurological horrors and some may also be able to help the Obama administration come up with effective policies on managing long-term care. I'll leave it at that and hope some people will comment for Mr Daschle. For purposes of understanding who is commenting, there will be no anonymous comments allowed, pick some sort of name please.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please Vote for Autism Reform Act

Here's the link to the page below on It would be nice if enough people voted for this to knock an inane idea like mandating that Esperanto be taught in schools out of the top spot. You have to register, then respond to an email that they send you to vote.

Accept and Sign " The Autism Reform Act of 2009"
As a country we have watched Autism Spectrum Disorders grow in a devastating number. Over the last decade it has spiraled so quickly out of control that: 1.) There must not just be one person but an ENTIRE U.S. OFFICE OF COMPLIANCE for Educating Children with Autism. 2.) The use of Time Out Rooms, Corporal punishments, Restraints, and the high amount of Abuse must be monitored with severe penalties to states and fines or conviction of those that break such a REFORM Law. 3.) School Districts/States must each have an " Office of Autism Education Compliance or be subject to loss of Federal Funding. 4.) Due Process Hearing Officers must NOT be employees of the state and shall be employed by the Federal Government ONLY. 5.) Insurance companies MUST provide the Early Interventions such as ABA Discreet Trial at no cost to parents. 6.) Protection and Advocacy MUST be funded properly to allow parents that need help get it without any more then a 15 day waiting period.7.) Grants for research, education, and non profit organizations for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders must be made in the amount of 5 billion dollars.8.) Relief for parents who have paid out of pocket to educate their children must be made swiftly with 100% reimbursement. 9.) Behavior Intervention Plans must accompany all Individual Education Plans.10.) Insurance companies must make available all resources for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders including but not limited to any items deemed necessary by the physician for the treatment of metal toxicities and any other theraputic orders their physician may order. 11.) The Autism Reform Act shall consider all Autism Spectrum Disorders including Aspergers. 12.) This Reform Act must be 'open' for additions as needed and create a 12 parent panel to propose such additions.

- Michael Robinson (Founder The Office of Advocacy) Dec 09 @ 01:40AM PST

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Talk to President Obama,

Here's a chance to tell Obama about the horror of autism. Someone here is moderating comments so, at least we know they are reading them. This is an opportunity to flood this site with comments about how we are curing our autistic children and to ask Obama to stop the poisoning of our babies.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Autism Ripoff, Dr Kurt Woeller

Here's the link to Dr Woeller's site. As you can see below, for almost $500, you can look at Woeller's site.

Group Status: Open to All
Membership Criteria: None
Full Access Membership: $37.00 per month or $397.00 per year paid in advance
New Full Member Fee (one time): $97.00

Woeller seems to have it all figured out on his website for us so that he can have the site take care of the patients for him while he pockets $500. You can download prescription forms and all you have to do is bring it to a real live doctor for a signature. Of course, you have to pay the live doc for an office visit, maybe $80 for the minute it takes him to sign the form plus the cost of the prescription or lab work. Meanwhile, Woeller has your $500 for letting his site direct you to a live doctor. I wonder if I could find a live doctor by looking in the Yellow pages for less money?

I usually go here without paying $500 for the same information, maybe better. It would cost me $134 just to look at anything Woeller has to say to find out what kind of protocol he advises for chelation. So, I can't say if his advice is any good or not. It doesn't look like you can pay for Woeller's advice by having an insurance company pay for your membership to his site so it's probably much cheaper to see an actual live doctor who insurance might pay for. The last time I saw a DAN doctor, I think it cost me $300 but he could sign prescriptions in person and tell me what I needed to know without having to go see someone else at greater expense later.

Kurt Woeller, you're a real fucking humanitarian, aren't you? Wow, only $500 to learn what we can find for free all over the internet...dirtbag.

Someone came here to defend Dr Woeller. Some simple arithmetic shows that if he enlisted as many members as the Autism Mercury group (almost 8,000), Dr Woeller could grab himself about $800,000 just for allowing people to join his site. That does not include the monthly fees. That does not sound like a humanitarian motive to me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dr Moulden's Challenge to Paul Offit and Other Child Abusers

I think this challenge should be sent to every doctor who gives vaccines and causes autism.


Dr. Carley has offered a $10,000 reward for any vaccine promoter to come on her internet radio show and refute the documents she has authored. No one has stepped forward to do so. Dr. Carley has been qualified in court as an expert witness in VIDS, Legal Abuse Syndrome, Vaccinology, and child abuse.

Dr. Carley’s challenge is now buttressed with Dr Moulden’s proof causation of vaccine induced brain injury, and the mechanism(s) of action in physiology, that has been causing the adverse health consequences from vaccines.

Dr. Moulden, who also subscribes to the Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm”, now stands beside Dr. Carley and issues the following challenge to the medical experts:

“I am so confident of the cause-effect mechanisms I can now see, and show, which proves brain injury within several hours (sometimes days and weeks) of vaccination, that I offer my life and liberty if I am shown to be wrong…I have no fears, because I am right, and now I can let you see the truth with your own eyes.”

Will any of the “vaccines are entirely safe” experts accept this challenge? Some have said “infants can handle upwards of 10,000 vaccines safely.”

If Dr. Paul Offit (a vaccine expert) is so 100% confident that the vaccines are so safe, for so many people, then the public should demand that he face-off, in public forum, with Dr. Moulden (a brain and neurodevelopment expert). In a 60 minute “show-down” let the public decide the truth for themselves and let the public decide what to do with the one who was/is lying and/or is wrong. You will KNOW the truth within the first half-hour.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lori Warner, PhD, Helps Illuminati Abuse Autistic Kids

Lori Warner PhD, Director of the HOPE Center for Autism is featured here to show off how ignorant she is about treatments that can cure autism. This stupid bitch tries to tell us that ABA has been found to be the gold standard amongst evidence based autism treatments. She thinks the whole world is stupid and that nobody will call her for presenting this bullshit that hurts autistic children.

Lori Warner, you are a lying piece of shit. Nobody who claims to be any sort of expert on autism can not possibly be unaware that we are now curing autism by addressing the cause, vaccines. Promoting ABA as any sort of standard for treating autism is just plain stupid. All ABA can do is torture higher functioning children into improving some behaviors. It can not help anyone with low functioning autism and you know it.

As evidence of how ridiculous ABA is for low functioning autism, I'll tell you how one of the most esteemed ABA people where I live provided some stupid advice. This guy came into my house to try to help us solve my son's problems with biting himself. My son would bite his hands, scream, sometimes for hours, and make himself bleed. The ABA guy told us to say, "Sam, no biting" and walk away. That was his solution. When I asked this "expert" if we should wait until Sam started drawing blood with his biting to intervene, the ABA "expert" did not have an answer.

Sam continued to bite. As expected, saying "Sam, no biting" had no effect on this child who was screaming in pain while he bit himself. That's what ABA is, pure bullshit.

We seem to have solved Sam's biting problems by using chelation to remove mercury and aluminumm from his brain as well as taking steps to heal his liver so the liver can work at full throttle to heal the rest of the damage caused by vaccines.

An autism expert like our Lori Warner, PhD should be aware of these advancements in treating autism. What the hell did they teach this broad in school? I suppose she believes autism is genetic and that shooting mercury and aluminum into infants is a good idea. That's what the Illuminati, who controls ABC where I found Lori's idiotic video would like the public to believe. The Illuminati wants the public to remain ignorant about how vaccines cause autism and all sorts of other problems so they allow dumb broads like Lori Warner to go on TV and drum up business for their outrageously overpriced clinics that waste parents' time and money but do nothing to cure autism.

Lori is able to add an ABC spot to her resume to make naive parents think she knows what she's talking about and she can probably swindle a few more parents to try her clinic. The Illuminati is happy because they will prevent parents from curing autism with this misinformation. Vaccine damaged kids lose again because these bastards refuse to tell the public about the kids who have already been cured with biomedical treatments.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Natural Solutions Foundation Advocates Poisoning Babies

Dr Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation owns a Yahoo group called No Forced Vaccinations where the topics are supposedly restricted to discussion about laws and actions that force vaccines on people. However, Dr Laibow censors posts from people who try to point out how presidential candidates will usurp our freedom in this area.

While most Americans will vote for either McCain or Obama today, there are other candidates who are much less likely to force us to be vaccinated. It is in our best interest to be informed about this matter but Dr Laibow is vehemently opposed to anyone sharing this information on her group that is allegedly against forced vaccinations. Dr Laibow freely allows people to discuss intellectually challenging issues, such as the value of wearing underwear but will not allow information to be presented that might help us elect the best candidate for the highest office in the United States.

Since our country has been run exclusively by Democrats and Republicans and Dr Laibow censors opinions that oppose those political parties who proliferate the poisoning of our children, Dr Laibow, in effect, condones the continued poisoning of babies worldwide. When either McCain or Obama take office and refuse to ban thimerosal worldwide, every parent of a child who becomes autistic should write to Dr Laibow and thank her personally for helping to bring the joy of autism into their lives by her censorship of opinions about those corrupt politicians.

Thank you, Dr Laibow.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harvard Finds Cause of Alzheimer's

Genuises at Harvard Medical School announced that they were on the cusp of a rare scientific moment when they figured out that the APO-E4 gene is one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease.

Dozens of genes have been linked with Alzheimer's, most notably the APOE4 gene, which clearly raises the risk of developing the disease.

Tanzi's team did a genome-wide association study, using gene chips to check the activity of all human genes among families with Alzheimer's patients and comparing them with families whose members had not developed the disease.

They got the strongest indications from a stretch of DNA on chromosome 14.

"The genetic association of Alzheimer's with this novel chromosome 14 gene, which like APOE appears to influence age of onset, is sufficiently strong to warrant intensive follow-up investigations into its role in the process of nerve cell death in this disease," Tanzi said.

These brilliant scientists analyzed genes from over 1,300 families to reach their earth shattering conclusion. However, they claim they have not figured out what the new gene does.

Too bad they never bothered reading what Dr Donald Miller taught us four years ago about the APO-E4. They could have even read this blog to learn the same information and saved themselves lots of trouble. I can't count how many times I've referenced Dr Miller's information about the APO-E4 in the last four years.

Hey Harvaaahd, the presence of the APO-E4 means that that person can not rid themselves of poisons in vaccines, poisons like mercury and aluminum. If they have the APO-E3, they are able to rid their bodies of half of those metals and, genuises, if they have the APO-E2 version, they can dump all of the metals quickly.

Next time these dopes from Harvaaahd want to know something about Alzheimer's, somebody please tell them to check with a parent of an autistic child. Because, Harvaaahd genuises, autism and Alzheimer's are caused by the same damn thing, thimerosal. We even know how to help these people with the APO-E4 avoid Alzheimer's. Stop shooting the old folks up with thimerosal in their flu shots.

And Harvaaahd, you can remove that mercury and aluminum from the old folks' brains with ALA chelation. So, instead of bothering with analyzing 1,300 more families, just give me a call and I'll save you the cost of a study that we already have the answers for.

How can these Harvaaahd guys be so damn ignorant?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ralph Nader on Moral Courage

I think the odds are better that Nader will do the right thing for autistic people than what McCain or Obama will do. So, I won't waste my vote on a Democrat or a Republican. Please listen to Ralph Nader and consider who it is that tells you a vote for him is a waste. Democrats and Republicans are behind that propaganda that tells you a vote for Nader is wasted. That's why they won't let him into the debates.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exciting Propaganda

Maxim Health Systems has a very interesting statement on the billboard they have up at their Flu Shot Clinics.

It says: To receive a flu shot you must not have an allergy to thimerosal (a preservative found in some cleaning products).

I thought someone might find that interesting.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Overthrow The United States Government Now

This is no longer the government of the United States. The United States was not created by the people to poison the children of the people for the profit of the elite people.

The United States government has been poisoning our children for over 20 years with vaccines. In most cases, the mercury in the vaccines just made the children less intelligent. In most cases, this decline in intelligence is a simple matter of mercury from vaccines killing some brain cells, not enough so that anyone would notice. However, in 1 out of 6 children, the damage done by vaccines is enough to warrant a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). In 1 out of 150 ( and probably higher) the kids are essentially "brain dead" from the mercury poisoning and earn the diagnosis of autism which means they are completely out of control 24 hours a day and will never progress beyond the mental age of two.

Now, as we see in the video below, Congress has implemented Senate Bill 1959 to restrict our Freedom of Speech as part of the Homeland Security Bill under the guise of fighting homegrown terrorism. The bill did not pass but you will see in the video how it is being implemented.

There is one way to stop this. We have to vote ALL Democrats and Republicans out of office. It is that simple to take back our country.

We have to ban ALL lobbyists. We have to open debates to ALL candidates. We have to allow equal access to the media to ALL candidates so that nobody can buy any election.

The people who have already accepted bribes to gain their seats in office are not going to make these changes. We have the power to throw every one of them out and we have the power to demand honesty and accountability from every person in government. All it takes is to vote the people out of office who have poisoned a whole generation of our children so that none of them will have the brains to ever vote against them. I can only hope that everyone who reads this has the brains to vote against these scoundrels so we can stop the next generation from being poisoned.

If they can poison our children and lie about it, restrict free speech and lie about it by calling it terrorism, what will they do next? It's time to wake up and stop it now. If you don't vote against them, you will have only yourselves to blame. There is no difference between Dem's and Rep's. Please watch the video. Thanks.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr David Gorski Sodomizes Autistic Children Again

Here is the propaganda from one of the criminal MD's who commits malpractice every day to intentionally harm autistic children. Dr David Gorski is the lying piece of garbage known as Orac who claims to be some sort of cancer doctor. As such, he gives an excellent representation of the negligent medical profession that poisons babies with mercury in vaccines and refuses to undo the damage they did and continue to do.

I copied this response by Gorski from his blog where I am no longer allowed to comment. I have made Gorski look foolish so many times that he is now afraid to face my debunking of his every word. So, I'll debunk his lies here.

Who said "research is halted"? It's not. It's just that one badly conceived and unethical clinical trial has been halted because the proposed treatment is highly implausible and that makes there in essence no potential benefit but a real risk.
Chelation can go through the same stages of research that all ethical clinical research goes through: Basic science, cell culture, and animal studies. If advocates of chelation therpay can provide preclinical evidence supporting the use of chelation therapy for autism, then I'd be all for a trial. There is no such preclinical data. Get the data first, then come back and propose a clinical trial. This trial was unethical because it in essence put the cart before the horse and started a human study before there was adequate preclinical evidence to justify one.
As for the context that there is no "plausible" mechanism for chelation to "work," I suspect you know what I meant. I meant that there is no evidence that mercury, be it from thimerosal-containing vaccines or from other sources, causes autism. So even if chelation therapy removes mercury it's not going to do anything for autistic symptoms. There is only one indication for chelation therapy that's supported by science is acute heavy metal poisoning. For that, chelation is effective.

Posted by: Orac September 18, 2008 12:26 AM

Dr Gorski knows that lots of children have already been cured by chelation yet he claims there is no preclinical evidence to support doing this cancelled study. Gorski is such a good liar that he even throws in a bit of truth although he phrases the truth to look like a lie. He claims the study is badly conceived which is accurate. It was badly conceived. It was intentionally designed to fail by using EDTA which only chelates lead, not mercury and, it was not going to use ALA. Gorski knows that ALA is the only thing that can take mercury past the blood brain barrier but he leaves that important fact out of his lying statement. This bit of hidden truth in Gorski's statement also makes the second part of his opening statement true. The fact that ALA was not being used did make the study unethical. Keep on mind that Gorski didn't tell us that though.

Then Gorski drones on mumbling about preclinical data that he claims doesn't exist when he knows that the Autism Research Institute has had plenty of data for years on humans. Gorski "spins" this by saying the data doesn't exist on animals which is a true statement. So he gets away with making another true statement that is actually a lie by virtue of the context that he puts it in.

Next, we get the bit about there being no plausible mechanism for chelation to work because (and here's the direct lie) there's no evidence that mercury causes autism.. In the same breath, this jackass tells us chelation is effective for acute heavy metal poisoning.

Here's the key that shows Gorski's malpractice is intentional. He knows that autistic children have already been cured by chelation. So, his propaganda here serves to support a corrupt government agency who designed a study to fail and is so incompetent that they are not 100% certain the study will fail so, they kill the study and present a bogus concern for safety as the reason. All that NIMH had to do to check the safety of the proposed study was to ask for help from the thousands of parents who have already used chelation on their autistic children safely.

That's our Medical profession folks, a complete disgrace.

George Bush Murders 13 Year Old Boy

George Bush murdered a 13 year old boy when he drove the father of the boy to shoot him. Bush could have told the family the truth about why the boy had Asperger's but he chose to cover up the evidence. Bush has known the entire time he has been in office that Asperger's and autism are caused by mercury in vaccines. He also knows that these forms of mercury poisoning can be cured by chelating the mercury out of the brain. However, Bush will not let the public learn this information.

This article does not reference any specific reason that the father shot his son. It doesn't matter. Some parents see the horror that mercury poisoning does to their children so they decide to end their suffering because they can't fix it. George Bush could have fixed it if the bastard had told the public the truth about how mercury in vaccines is still poisoning our children. Impeachment is not enough for Bush. This asshole should hang.

Associated Press and NIMH Abuse Autistic Children

The Associated Press agreed to present propaganda yesterday to prevent autistic children from being cured. They did this to help the NIMH and George Bush save the vaccine manufacturers trillions of dollars in lawsuits. Since the vaccine manufacturers have bribed almost every politician in Washington DC to allow this poisoning of our children, none of them will do anything to stop this child abuse.

The NIMH had proposed a study of chelation to see if removing mercury from childrens' brains could cure autism. They had even designed the study to fail by leaving out the essential element for removing the mercury. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is the only thing that will drag mercury past the Blood Brain Barrier and this study was not going to use it, so it had no chance of succeeding.

One would think the liars in our government would have gone ahead with this study as it may have done a good job of fooling more people into believing that we could not cure autism. However, since using DMSA alone as a chelator can improve some symptoms of autism, the NIMH must have been afraid that this small improvement would lead too many people to learning the whole truth. Since Bush and the rest of our bribed politicians don't want that to happen, I think they shot themselves in the foot because they would have had no trouble "spinning" the results so that anyone who hadn't already seen chelation work would believe that it was useless in treating autism, Asperger's and ADD.

AP went on to provide this lie: "The treatment removes heavy metals from the body and is based on the fringe theory that mercury in vaccines triggers autism - a theory never proved and rejected by mainstream science." The fact is that the CDC did prove that mercury in vaccines causes autism in 1999, met in 2000 at Simpsonwood to discuss this proof and decided to cover it up. Since then, we have been curing autism with chelation that uses ALA. AP, George Bush, the NIMH and our corrupt politicians all know this fact but they don't want the general public to know it. So, they continue to intentionally cause autism, Asperger's and ADD so they can dumb down the population and help the drug industry sell more mind destroying drugs that they claim are useful in managing ADD. They don't want to let anyone know that ADD is curable because then those kids could think straight and they wouldn't have to buy those drugs like Ritalin and Concerta to increase drug company profits.

All of this garbage is a good example of how our government uses mainstream media to spread propaganda at the expense of the public. This is the same government who will not allow you to hear from Nader, Barr or anyone else who is running against two corrupt bastards named Obama and McCain when they have their sham debates. Voting for either of these assholes will ensure more lies and more poisoned babies. Neither one of them has the balls to stop the poisoning of our children with vaccines. Please don't vote for either of them. Vote third party.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pharma to Censor Truth About Vaccines

Group With Big Pharma Ties Wants to Shut Down Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories”
Kingpins of Military-Industrial complex say they will "brand" websites they consider "trustworthy and reliable sources of information"
Steve WatsonInfowars.netSeptember 15, 2008
A foundation populated by the giants of business, banking, government and military wants to "vet" websites and limit the spread of information that it says creates "conspiracy theories".
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), fronted by Internet creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, says it is worried about the way the web has been "used to spread disinformation".
Speaking to the BBC, Berners-Lee said that there needed to be a new system that would give websites a "label for trustworthiness" once they had been proved reliable sources. Only then would the rise of "cult thinking" be avoided according to Berners-Lee.
"On the web the thinking of cults can spread very rapidly and suddenly a cult which was 12 people who had some deep personal issues suddenly find a formula which is very believable," Berners-Lee said. "A sort of conspiracy theory of sorts and which you can imagine spreading to thousands of people and being deeply damaging."
Deeply damaging to who? one might ask. The answer is revealed in the list of The World Wide Web Consortium’s 400 plus members, the cream of the corporate world in conjunction with government agencies such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and military entities like the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
Berners-Lee cites two examples of such "disinformation" or "conspiracy theories" in his interview with the BBC, both of which speak volumes about the aims and goals of this elite consortium:
Sir Tim talked to the BBC in the week in which Cern, where he did his pioneering work on the web, turned on the Large Hadron Collider for the first time.
The use of the web to spread fears that flicking the switch on the LHC could create a Black Hole that could swallow up the Earth particularly concerned him, he said. In a similar vein was the spread of rumours that the MMR vaccine given to children in Britain was harmful.
First of all, the fears that the CERN atom smasher could create dangerous miniature black holes was not simply made up out of thin air by tin foil hat wearing kooks. It was a theory cited by preeminent scientists such as Professor Otto Rössler, a German chemist at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, who were so worried they attempted to obtain an injunction from the European Court of Human Rights that would block the collider from being turned on at all.
A further lawsuit was filed by two American environmentalists in the Federal District Court in Honolulu who sought to force the U.S. government to withdraw its participation in the experiment.
The debate and furor over the LHC that followed was in reaction to legitimate news articles and reports surrounding the project and the opposition to it. So you see, far from what the W3C would have you believe, the fears were not unfounded "conspiracy theories" pedaled by basement dwelling internet trolls.
But of course, that wouldn’t matter to W3C given that they proudly list CERN itself as one of their members, thus any dissenting or critical material would naturally be considered "disinformation".
Example two, the "damaging conspiracy theory" that MMRvaccines are harmful, stems not from paranoid forum postings and misquoted blog entries, but from scientific research into the mercury based preservative thimerosal, developed by Eli Lilly and subsequently used in the MMR vaccine, along with many other vaccines.
Another big pharma kingpin, Merck & Co., Inc, is the world’s largest supplier of the MMR triple jab, which was linked to autism a decade ago by scientists such as Dr Andrew Wakefield, amongst others.
Studies have shown a direct relationship between mercury in children’s vaccines and autism. Further studies have shown a decline in neurodevelopmental disorders after the removal of thimerosal-containing vaccines. The preservative has been banned or limited in Europe, Japan, England and Russia. Furthermore, there are no reported instances of autism amongst religious groupssuch as the Amish community and very few instances are reported in the third world.
Autism was a practically unknown affliction some decades back, but now one in every 150 children is affected.
Mercury is the second most toxic metal known to man behind Uranium. Thimerosal is used in vaccines not because it is good for you, but purely because it prevents vaccine contamination. Yet some have questioned why thimerosal is even considered for vaccines because there are obviously safer alternatives to preventing contamination.
Many believe the only reason it is still in vaccines is that it allows substantial savings for pharmaceutical companies. Questions also remain about how those companies conduct vaccine research and how the government regulates them.
While the corporate media continues to hype reports that contend the evidence for links between mercury laden vaccines and autism are not concrete, there are scores of studies and testimony from credible figures asserting the exact opposite, some of which we have previously covered in depth.
However, it is little wonder W3C considers such information to be "damaging" given that Eli Lilly and Merck & Co., Inc. are both paid up and approved members of the Consortium!
Other W3C members include Novartis Pharma AG and Pfizer Inc., two more giants of the pharmaceutical industry.
Though it is abundantly clear that the aim of the World Wide Web Consortium is to relegate and eventually eliminate any information that its corporate and government sector members consider dissenting, the BBC article concludes, "The Foundation will also look at concerns that the web has become less democratic, and its use influenced too much by large corporations and vested interests."
The irony, the horrible horrible irony.
If anyone should be labeled with an "unreliable" rating, it is the WC3, a private interest group with a client list of big pharma titans as long as your arm telling you that their multi million dollar vaccine industry is totally safe and that any dissenting scientific fact or opinion, is a damaging conspiracy theory.
The efforts of groups and movements such as W3C represent an ongoing move to reign in the internet and limit its freedom.
On weekly basis we at Infowars and Prisonplanet receive e mails from across the US and the UK from people who have attempted to visit our websites yet found them to be blocked by filtration software that lists them as "hate" or "violence". The sites are already categorized as "untrustworthy" on forums and social networks, despite the fact that 90% of the material we post is made up of mainstream news articles.
This precedent is merely the first indication of what is planned for the Internet over the next 5-10 years, with the traditional web becoming little more than a vast spy database that catalogues people’s every activity and bombards them with commercials, and where only government-approved websites that have obtained permission by means of an accepted registration application are allowed to be seen by web users.
Those who comply with centralized control and regulation of content will be free to enjoy the new super-fast Internet mark 2, where DVD quality movies can be downloaded in seconds, but at the cost of the Internet losing its role as the last true outpost of freedom of speech.
RELATED: Censoring the Internet: A Collection of Essential Links
9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising Get the DVD and make copies or watch the high quality streaming and download version online at Prison Click here to read more about the film and view sample trailers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NAMBLA Member, Dr David Gorski (ORAC)

Yesterday, I published a link to a list of NAMBLA members (You have to scroll down in the comments here since the original link has vanished) Dr David Gorski's name was on that list. Today, I was notified by Blogger that they deleted my post, thus denying me my freedom of speech. I don't think it's illegal to list the names of people who belong to NAMBLA so it must have been because Gorski's address was listed there, even though I don't think he lives at any of those addresses now.

Or perhaps Gorski just didn't want people to know he was a NAMBLA member. I guess we'll never know exactly why Blogger deleted the whole post unless the complainant explains it to us. One would think Blogger could have simply deleted the parts of the post that were objectionable instead of deleting the whole thing. Anyhow, Blogger's explanation is below:


We'd like to inform you that we've received a complaint that your blog
{} contains confidential information. Please note
that our Terms of Service prohibit posting confidential items on your
blog. Accordingly, we have had to remove the content in question.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details:

Thank you for your understanding.

The Blogger Team

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Open Presidential Debates

I do not want Nader as my next President because he doesn't have the guts to take a stand about how mercury in vaccines has poisoned a generation of children. I do think he's right about most other things though so that makes him a better choice than the other two Bozo's who will never do the right thing on any issue. Nader should be included in any debates so we have a real choice besides corrupt Democrats or corrupt Republicans. Blocking him from the debates is unamerican.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Avian Flu, Question for Julie Gerberding

Hey bitch, how come you can shoot 100% of our babies with about 40 different vaccines and mangle their brains into autism but you can only figure out how to make enough anti-virals against the Avian Flu for 10% of us?

Does it make sense that we can vaccinate 100% of babies against HepB which is only caught by sharing needles with drug users or having sex with infected people, a useless vaccine, but we can't protect the country from the extremely deadly Avian Flu?

How come the meeting I saw you at yesterday to advise the Fortune 500 how to protect themselves from Avian Flu wasn't broadcast on national TV to warn the whole country about this threat? I saw you were concerned with factories being able to have enough diesel fuel to run their generators if we lose our electricity because too many electric workers croak from the flu you won't protect them against. So, why don't you provide those workers and everyone else with the anti-virals?

You let Paul Offit earn hundreds of millions to protect kids from diarrhea with a vaccine that kills some of them. Nobody dies from diarrhea with any sort of medical care. So, why don't you forget that stupid nonsense and protect all of us against this nightmare of a flu that can kill us within 3 days?

I watched your panel talk about making life and death decisions based on whether an employee was needed or not. They also discussed whether these hot shot big businesses should bother giving the anti-virals to whole families or just the necessary employees. Sure Julie, save the kids from diarrhea and the HepB they have no chance of catching but let the kids croak to save employers a few bucks.

Did you and Tommy Thompson think nobody outside your elite bastards in the Fortune 500 would see your meeting where you plan to let the rest of us die from this Avian Flu?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Avian Flu, Where is Julie Gerberding Today?

Julie Gerberding is in LaCrosse, Wisconsin addressing a conference at Logistic Health, Inc, a company run by Governor Tommy Thompson, to advise Fortune 500 companies, government employees and certain others who work in essential industries how to deal with the Avian Flu. I tried to register for the online conerence but could not get into the site. I ran into the same problem about an hour before the Kentucky Derby when the sites I use to bet were just too jammed. I checked to make sure I wasn't having any connection problems.

You can click the link above and see the agenda for this meeting. They have it all figured out how to diagnose on line, prescribe, and deliver the anti-viral medicine to people who are considered important enough to receive it. They only have enough of the anti-viral for 10% of the population.

If Dr Laibow's timetable for release of Avian Flu was accurate, this meeting that is too jammed to get into online would be just in time to have the Fortune 500 prepped.

I finally did get into this site and watched some of this meeting. They spent some time discussing how important it was to make sure the right people were lined up to get the anti-virals to keep them alive and working. Their prime concern seemed to be making sure we had electricity so they had to make sure coal miners and railroad workers didn't croak from the flu so we could keep the supply of coal flowing to electric plants. They also discussed having key employees keeping anti-virals at home since it's important to get this within 24 hours of coming down with the H5N1 flu. They didn't seem too concerned about not having enough anti-virals for everyone though. I don't think Gerberding cared that millions will die when they decide to release this flu on us, if they haven't already done so. She has her own anti-virals all set in her home.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Revolution Against Neurodiversity and Other Scoundrels

Jesse Ventura, Start the Revolution, Eradicate Autism

Who has more reason to want the United States Government overturned than people who had their children poisoned into autism by that corrupt government?! Please think about taking action. Start by learning that you can not vote for a Democrat or a Republican. This speech is 3 parts, please watch all 3.

Bush Administration Criminal Conspiracy

This legal opinion by Francis Boyle thinks Bush is ready to start WWIII with nukes. Perhaps that's why he's skipping the convention.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Illuminati Endorses Obama

Go here to learn about Obama's plan to poison babies and cause brain damage.

The Illuminati has decided that Obama will be the next US President. They gave the order for McCain to pick Gov Palin, knowing that nobody in their right mind will risk having this ditzy broad in charge if McCain croaks in office. Republicans, aware that there is now no point in campaigning, used hurricane Gustav as an excuse to delay the convention and save themselves a day of wasted energy now that they'll just be going through the motions for the rest of the campaign.

Bush and Cheney aren't even going to the convention. They also used the hurricane as an excuse. They have been ordered to throw the election to make citizens think that Democrats will make a difference. Millions of naive people will fall for this ploy and elect Obama who will win by a landslide. This will work well for the Illuminati since all of the dopes who vote for Obama will be happy that their candidate won. The sheeple will thus be less alert than usual when Obama engages in dirty tricks to further the Illuminati agenda.

The thing that will be missed again by the American public is the fact that they had other candidates who they could have voted for who may be more difficult for the Illuminati to control. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader will not be involved in any potential debates. They will not get any press coverage. They will not have the money to buy millions of dollars in TV commercials. The general public will be reminded that voting for these two will be a waste of their vote and, once again, they will believe it.

The funny thing here is that the Illuminati, who controls the major media, will be putting lots of money in their pockets thanks to the idiotic Americans who checked the box on their tax return to allot public funds for presidential campaigns. This money will go straight to the Illuminati when the candidates buy those TV commercials. So, they put their puppets in office and make themselves richer while America follows their advice like good sheeple to not vote for anyone who may look out for the best interests of the voters.

Since the Illuminati has done a masterful job of making the general public think they do not even exist by virtue of laughing publicly at "conspiracy theorists" and having the newsmen who work for them at major media outlets mock "conspiracy theorists", most people who read this will laugh at me as a "conspiracy theorist".

I'll be wasting my vote for Ron Paul since I am a conspiracy theorist. My favorite conspiracy is the one about Thomas Verstraeten telling us all that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic and then rewriting his paper until it looked like he had screwed up with his first paper. The medical industry who poisoned our kids loves to point out that Verstraeten screwed up but they don't like to admit that we're curing our autistic kids by believing what Verstraeten told us the first time. So yes, that makes me a conspiracy theorist.

The other conspiracy I like is the one about removing mercury from vaccines in 1999. Since autism didn't disappear a few years later, that proves mercury did not cause any autism, according to the medical industry. Since we know that mercury is still in vaccines here and is still in vaccines in the full dose abroad, I'd have to be a conspiracy theorist to think our President had anything to do with allowing those millions of babies to be poisoned who should not have been. I'd have to be a really crazed conspiracy nut to think the Illuminati ordered Bush to allow this to happen to further their agenda for population reduction and mind control. Yes, sane leaders of countries approve of poisoning babies all the time, don't they? One would have be a crazed conspiracy theorist to take issue with this.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Devil on Video

Here's a chance to let the devil know what you think of him.

Words From A Prophet

This is 16 parts. I began watching it late at night and just couldn't stop. Take a couple hours and watch it all. Powerful!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why We Have an Autism Epidemic

This video and the following nine parts of this lecture do not talk about autism at all. Nevertheless, this is what is behind the mass poisoning of our children. It has been done intentionally. That's why no politician will do anything to stop it. If you take the time to watch it, you will understand why it is pointless to ask politicians to stop this madness.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avian Flu Update

Weaponized Avian Flu: Current Intelligence Estimate of Situation.2.1
Weaponized Avian Flu Intelligence Update
August 15, 2008

Gen. Stubblebine's Current Best Intelligence Estimate suggests the following possible scenario:

1. We have been examining the historical record for latency and infectious periods (for example, for the 1918 pandemic and for the unweaponized Avian Flu). The latency period could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

2. Our current best estimate is that people could start to notice symptoms as soon as a week after disbursal of the pathogen; the disease will, if especially virulent, cause death within 72 hours of first symptoms. The current supposedly unweaponized flu is deadly to 2/3 of those who catch it.
3. For example, if the pathogen were released, say, at the end of the Olympics, on August 23rd or 24th, people would start to notice symptoms by the end of the Labor Day Holiday (US Labor Day is September 1st this year).

4. By the time most US college students are back in school, September 5th, the media would begin to notice and the public authorities would be empowered to act, we suspect, within 72 hours of mass media notice (we believe the alternative media might "get wind" of the impending pandemic a 12 to 24 hours earlier).

5. Under this scenario, by September 8th we can expect national "lock down" and a declaration of Martial Law shortly thereafter, as people panic trying to obtain food and protection. Places of public accommodation would certainly be closed. This would very possibly signal the end of Internet communications, possibly telephone communications as well.

Finally, we note that the "Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine" is scheduled to be delivered to the United States during August from Sanofi-Pasteur's Chinese pharmaceutical plant. The US government issued its "Vaccine" allocation plan on July 23, 2008. The Natural Solution Foundation issued its initially warning on July 19, 2008.

The Foundation has now provided links to original information, from which data leading to this intelligence Estimate of Situation has been developed, suggesting the induced Avian Flu pandemic could occur as early as September, 2008.


Here are some outside links that give rise to some of the elements of this Intelligence Estimate:

"Pandemic Flu Vaccine" allocation:

NorthCom Military Avian Flu Involvement, Planning and Exercises:

NIH Avian Flu "trials" -

Sanofi-Pasteur - US contract -

Illegal "Pandemic Flu Vaccine" test:

Coffin Stockpile:

House Of Lords Warning:

Previous Update:
Original WAF Warning:

Current Update Summary:

1. Even when the news is non existent or nonsensical, the drum beat continues to keep Avian Flu in front of everyone who reads, watches or listens to the news.

2. Multiple strains of Avian Flu are being created and “identified”

3. Avian Flu vaccines are being readied in the US even though, assuming that such a vaccine would, in fact, be protective and effective, they would be ineffective against any Avian Flu strains except the one they were prepared from

4. Avian Flu vaccines might well be used to spread, rather than to prevent against the disease.
5. The full contents of Avian Flu vaccines is unknown to us at this time but we do know that the Sanofi-Pasteur version, due in the US in August, 2008, was produced using human kidney cells allowing the hemagglutinin receptors to become “educated” on how to invade human cells.

6. UK health official note that although they have purchased 3.3 million vaccine doses, the protection they offer is unknown at best since until the pandemic flu has been identified, there can be no vaccine and that creating it after that point will take 4-6 months at the least. Therefore, the entire US story about being able to vaccinate “every man, woman and child against the pandemic Avian Flu” is shown to be totally flawed and nonsensical.

7. If the currently predicted “inevitable Avian Flu Pandemic” were not a weaponized version of the recently resurrected 1918 pandemic flu, why would the media suddenly start touting the idea that survivors of the 1918 pandemic are still producing antibodies which Dr. James Crowe, Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology and immunology at Vanderbilt University, says “might provide a key to a good interim treatment while a vaccine is being produced.” Note also that, like the spokes person in the UK, Dr. Crowe believes that until a virus is identified, no vaccine is possible. Compare this with the repeated US assertion that a pandemic vaccine has already been produced in the absence of any pandemic virus mutation, a scientific impossibility.

We see no indication that the Avian Flu engineered pandemic events are “off the table” and believe that news outlets and journals indicate an escalating threat of an induced pandemic.


Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

The Natural Solutions Foundation provides frequent updates on the “Pandemic” potential of Avian Flu and other pandemic situations. Please forward this information widely with full citation: this information is provided by Natural Solutions Foundation, Please sign up for free Health Freedom eAlerts (

Your donations help the Natural Solutions Foundation to provide updates like these. Please click here ( make your generous recurring tax deductible donation.

Disclaimer: No one knows if the pandemic will be unleashed. Let us pray that it will not. However, we note with alarm that there are an increasing number of indicators suggesting that this Pandemic is being prepared to be used against us all using a variety of weaponized viruses. If our ringing of the alarm bells is successful, we will be spared - and we will have been wrong. Let us all devoutly hope that the Natural Solutions Foundation’s urgent and effective information dissemination is that successful.


Beyond Manufacturing Autism, Technology to Kill Us Now

The video below is the first of a 5 part lecture describing the technology that will be used to control some of us and kill the rest of us. It's not some futuristic guess. This technology is here now and everyone should be aware of it. You can find the other 4 parts on the sidebar at Youtube.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Autism Recovery via Chelation, A Good Day

I took Sam to an amusement park today, hadn't tried that for two years. I was expecting the usual horror show based on our past experiences, meltdowns, flopping on the ground and refusing to get up, lots of screaming and forcing us to stop rides to let him off. Guess what, none of that happened!!

Sam was well behaved all day, dragged me to the rides he wanted to go on, rocked a small boat that he was on so an attendant yelled at him, just like a normal kid, and scared the attendant when he yelled back at him with an unusual noise. That worked for him as the attendent didn't bother him again and he kept rocking the boat and enjoying himself.

Later, when we stopped to eat on the way home, Sam tried to steal a beer off the table next to us, something I might have done at that age but, not with my old man standing behind me. Anyhow, I give him credit for trying. Good to see typical behavior.

It's good to have these long gaps in certain situations so you can look back and see the improvement from chelation over time. Our experiences with amusement parks had always been nightmares, no enjoyment for the kid and nothing but frustration for the parents. So, today he smiled all day and had a good time. Thanks again, Andy Cutler. I don't think Sam ever would've enjoyed a good time at any amusement park if you hadn't taught us how to help our kids.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Forum For Autism Discussion to Replace Autism Speaks

Here's a link to a new forum that looks like a good place to discuss autism. This will replace the Autism Speaks forum that is being discontinued.

It looks like it will not be subject to the same arbitrary and unintelligent barriers to communication that were prevalent at Autism Speaks. Worth a shot.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Soldiers Used as Vaccine Guinea Pigs

Paul Offit Hires Mommie Dearest, Ann Hotez, to Shill for Vaccine Industry Murderers

Peter Hotez is the president of the Sabine Vaccine Institute. This horse's ass is now using his wife as a shill to promote vaccines for a deranged group of nitwits promoting a vaccine campaign called "Every Child By Two".

Dr Paul Offit is involved with this group. Offit is a well known murderer who has no qualms about slaughtering infants as long as he can sell more vaccines. Not only does Offit murder infants, he also gives out bogus medical advice to parents of autistic children to try to prevent these parents from curing their kids who were maimed by vaccines.

Now Ann Hotez, a rotten, horrible mother who will not help her autistic daughter, has joined the vaccine industry baby killers to give the impression that there are normal mothers who also abuse and mistreat their children just like she does.

Those of us who help our vaccine damaged children by removing the poison that the vaccine industry used to damage their brains wish to point out that Ann Hotez is not representative of decent parents who also have autistic children.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Let's Help Paul Offit Help Autistic Children

I read about Every Child By Two on the Age of Autism site and had an idea how we can help Paul Offit. This organization offers to work with us for community immunization events so I emailed them to ask for help with an event. Perhaps others in the autism commuinity will agree this is a good idea.

Here's the email I sent:

I'd like to plan a community immunization event and wonder if Paul Offit would help. As he has boasted that it would be safe to have 100,000 vaccines at once, I'd like to give parents of autistic children an opportunity to stick the needles into him.

I thought it would be nice if we could arrange this needle sticking in front of an open grave in a cemetery in case Offit is wrong. Then we could just nudge him into the grave and save ourselves the trouble of having to drag his carcass someplace.

I hope Dr Offit wouldn't mind if we made a sport out of this and painted a target on his chest so we could use blow guns to shoot the needles into him. I think we could raise some money to help cure autism by having a pool for whoever could get the most needles into the bull's eye.

As I'm certain Dr Offit is a man of his word and would love to prove those of us wrong who know that vaccines caused our childrens' autism, I'm sure he'll want to participate. Please let me know what date is open on his schedule so we can publicize the event.

Thank you,
John Best
Londonderry, NH

Saturday, August 02, 2008

U of Kentucky Replies to Neurodiversity dot Nitwits

Dear Crazed Librarian,
We don't take kindly to nitwits like you who attack esteemed scientists who help cure mercury poisoned children. We employ Dr Haley because he is one of the most outstanding scientists in the world and we are honored to have this humanitarian on our staff. He has worked selflessly and relentlessly to help severely damaged children who were poisoned by the profiteering monsters in the drug industry that you defend.

We further suggest that you take a course in creative writing. We have many competent professors who could assist you. Your penchant for using verbose verbiage nullifies your position as it bores the reader to sleep. I immediately wrote you off as a nutjob based solely upon the length of your deranged letter. We can help you look like less of a lunatic by teaching you how to make your point without wasting so much of our time.

Please don't bother us again. We have a lot more confidence in the opinions of esteemed scientists than we have in the rantings of idiotic librarians.

I suspect the University of Kentucky will convey the same message to Mrs Seidel in a more politically correct fashion if they bother to reply to her at all. In the meantime, I hope Dr Haley's OSR proves useful in helping our kids. I hope nobody pays any attention to the opinions of deranged idiots from neurodiversity who don't want to see any children helped.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Autism Diva Missing

Has anyone seen this woman? Neurodiversity may offer a reward for the return of their leader.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Government Manufactured Avian Flu Pandemic

JULY 30, 2008


Mouse Warrior Action Alert!

Information Suppression:


It's happening again. And again! The information Natural Solutions Foundation makes available is exactly what you are not supposed to know, according to the MMD - the Media of Mass Deception. It stands to reason: the more well informed you are, the less easily controlled you are. The MMD, serving the Powers That Be (PTB), urgently does not want you to have our vital information about the creation and management fo imminent threats to your health and freedom.

Item: One of our Mouse Warriors, a professional media agent, volunteered to post a Weaponized Avian Flu Press Release on the mass media wire services: AP, UPI, Reuters, etc. yesterday. That is NOT what the MMD wants. Here's what happened:

After writing the Press Release and our tweaking it, our media agent wrote:

"Tue, 29 Jul 2008 11:13:08 AM EDT

Bert, Rima and Ralph,

The drama unfolds! The wire service called back and REFUSED to put out the release. I have never had that happen. They said it was baseless, sensationalistic and contained 'advertising' promoting the NSF. Again, I have never seen this type of response. They also said you could end up being sued by the government for libel. I don't agree, obviously, but it doesn't matter what I think.

SO, what to do now….


[Name deleted on request]"

Reality Check: Land of the Free?

Let's be clear: the US Government cannot sue anyone for libel. There is no provision of law that allows such a lawsuit. The First Amendment provides a complete bar to any claim that someone is libeling the government. It is inconceivable to us that anyone in the professional press does not know that so we presume this is a good example of blowing smoke up our friend's pipes to control information access.

Press Release Censored

Here is the Censored Release that the mainstream media does not want the public -you- to see

Here is the Censored Release that the mainstream media does not want the public to see, and which we urge you to turn into a virus, a good virus. Weaponize the truth and turn it into an arrow to pierce the flimsy armor of lies and deception which is currently being used to shield plans and programs designed to take away your freedom and, if this information is correct, your life. Send this email out as widely as possible, post it on your website and link to it. Let's viralize the truth.



Avian Flu May Already be Weaponized. Natural Solutions Foundation alerts world to startling evidence that H5N1 virus may already have been genetically engineered to create a man-made pandemic.

Is the U.S. Government acting in concert with pharmaceutical interests to implement a mandatory vaccination agenda?

WASHINGTON, DC - July 29, 2008 - Noted health freedom activist Rima E. Laibow, MD and her organization, the Natural Solutions Foundation, this week alerted Health Freedom supporters that rogue government operatives, in concert with pharmaceutical interests, may be preparing to unleash a genetically engineered Avian Flu pandemic for profit, possibly during the Olympics. The planned August delivery of an alleged Avian Flu "vaccine" coupled with other substantial pieces of intelligence has led Foundation President, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine (USA Ret.) to conclude that an intentional pandemic "incident" may be the "Big Event with global consequences" to which Congressman Ron Paul MD alluded in his 2008 Independence Day message.

As a result, the Natural Solutions Foundation's urgent Health Freedom eAlert and accompanying video, entitled: 'Weaponized Avian Flu: Are YOU Ready to Die for the Establishment?' has become an Internet phenomenon, forwarded to millions of readers, according to Foundation estimates of distribution.

The eAlert and YouTube video are available at

According to Stubblebine and Laibow, "The story is a long, complicated one, winding its way from China to France by way of the First World War, the Oil Cartel, the Pharmaceutical Cartel and Iraq to its final destination: a syringe full of something claiming to be a vaccine against the newly-deadly Avian Flu.

"Our best intelligence estimate is that pandemic Avian Flu has already been created through genetic engineering in the United States, fusing the deadly genome of the 1918 Pandemic, misnamed the 'Spanish Flu', with the DNA of the innocuous H5N1 virus in a growth medium of human kidney cells, according to the National Institutes of Health and the vaccine's manufacturer. Some virologists believe that this would insure that the man-made mutant virus recognizes human cells and knows how to invade them."

"A basic virological fact that the public has not been told is that it is impossible to make a vaccine against a virus that does not yet exist. Public relations efforts to the contrary, IF a vaccine is being made against the Avian Flu virus in its pandemic form, that means that the pandemic virus must already exist, period, end of discussion. So the fact that the Avian Flu vaccine is already being manufactured in China by a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French arm of the cartel is not only peculiar, but at the very least sinister."

The Natural Solutions Foundation notes with alarm that the genome of the 1918 pandemic, the so-called "Spanish Flu", was recently intentionally resurrected by the United States government. Because of that resurrection, both the Avian Flu, and its "vaccine" are now a significant threat to public health.

The Spanish Flu, which was not Spanish at all, was created in the U.S. through an early bioweapons program and injected into healthy young men (i.e., 'soldiers') as the first mandatory vaccination in the military during WWI (also known as the "War to End Wars" and the "Great War"). The "Spanish Flu", which originated in Kansas on U.S. Military bases, killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions worldwide. It was one of the deadliest pandemics in modern history. It was also one of the most successful biological weapons ever created, until now.

"We can see that the pharmaceutical industry and US government are actively preparing for an Avian Flu pandemic through their own promotional literature and propaganda," continues Laibow. "The manufacturer's website contains a document which clearly illustrates their business model and how the company successfully capitalizes on the immensely profitable worldwide vaccination market.

To date, there have only been around 385 human cases of Avian Flu identified worldwide (assuming those identifications are trustworthy, of course), with 243 deaths. To put the absurdity of this effort into perspective, Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), which researchers believe is heavily associated with aspartame consumption, is a leading cause of death which, according to the CDC, for example, killed 460,000 Americans in 1999 and the numbers keep rising But, aspartame is not under the gun, instead, a supposedly currently non-pandemic Avian Flu is the focus.

Laibow adds, "Given the shockingly obvious lack of any threat from an un-weaponized H5N1 virus, how can we explain the Bush Administration spending billions of dollars preparing each of the 50 States for what it drums into us is the "inevitable Bird Flu pandemic" anticipated to kill half or more of all Americans and similar numbers of people around the globe? Americans are outraged and must inform themselves and their families by contacting the Natural Solutions Foundation and joining the free distribution list of the informative Health Freedom eAlerts, . eAlert list members can expect to be uniquely well informed as recipients of the Foundation's continuing threat analysis and action steps.


About the Natural Solutions Foundation

The Natural Solutions Foundation was founded by Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD and Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine, III (USA, ret.), who, along with Ralph Fucetola JD, are the Foundation Trustees. Established in 2004, the Foundation is an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization) active and registered in several countries, and is a not for profit 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization in the United States.

The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems threatening health and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world. Since its founding the Natural Solutions Foundation has pursued a vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social, legal and international problems involving health and wellness. We consider health freedom to be part of those solutions. Among the major threats to health freedom are Codex Alimentarius (the World Food Code) and national agencies that are tasked with protecting the public, but are not. The threats to health and freedom are both domestic and international, as are the solutions…

Further listing of Natural Solutions Foundation accomplishments at:

Source: Natural Solutions Foundation

Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D.
Natural Solutions Foundation

Ralph Fucetola JD



Only One Censorship Episode of Many

When Natural Solutions Foundation sent out its blast many months ago suggesting that maybe, just maybe, the huge number of deaths from properly used drugs in this country each year (well over 100,000 of them, in fact) might not be accidental since a lot of bright people are involved at every step of the drug approval process, our site was immediately hit with a sophisticated attack which threw the server company, and our site, off line.* When I say "immediately", I mean within minutes.

Well, don't you know, when we published the Weaponized Avian Flu information in the last 10 days or so, the same thing happened: not only was our site thrown off line, but the entire company that provides expensive secure server service for us to protect us from exactly this kind of attack, went off line, too. They were forced to offer their clients a month of free service since their corporate guarantee mandates that compensation if they do not provide continuous service.

What does that tell you? To me it says we are right on target and the PTB do not, repeat NOT, want you to have this information.

But Wait! There's More! More Censorship, That Is!

Natural Solutions Foundation emails are now being marked as spam despite the fact that everyone who receives them has opted in for that purpose. We could not understand why so many people are not receiving our emails who want them. We ran a spam report and found that the words "Natural Solutions Foundation" have been set in some systems, to trigger spam responses from computers. We have also learned that phrases like "Millions of dollars" have been set to trigger spam responses.

That means that you need to check your spam filters for our blasts and let people you send this information to that they need to do the same. In fact, if you will send a separate email saying "I am about to send you information that I think is really important. To suppress it, spam filters may put it into your spam box. Please make sure to check for my next email to you from the Natural Solutions Foundation and indicate that it is not spam" to your distribution list.

The internet is our most powerful tool for organizing and censorship of material on it means that, since the MMD censors this news out, if we do not take some actions to keep the information in circulation, there will soon be no way to get that information.

The Natural Solutions Foundation knows that the censorship of information is a standard tool to keep people in line. We are therefore creating a new site created for the sole purpose of archeiving and preserving access to this vital information. We'll be telling you about it soon so you can book mark it and viralize it.

You(r)Tube? Or TheirTube?

The Natural Solutions Foundation regularly posts videos on its YouTube channel, . In recent weeks, our videos on

forced psychiatric drugging of children

Avian Bird Flu video (in New Zealand and some other regions)
and a number of other important topics have been censored locally or permanently removed so you cannot watch them.

Not only that, we learned today that our site on has been labeled as an "unsafe site". This is exactly like what happened in Oklahoma when the Tulsa OK library system was hacked and was identified in the filters as a porno site. Investigation made it clear that at that point, too, we were putting out information so strong and so contrary to the wishes of the PTB that they were using suppression of our First Amendment Rights to censor the truth.

Censorship a Complement?

We take it as a confirmation and a complement that our material is so powerful and correct that extra-constitutional and extra-legal means are being used to suppress it. Can you afford NOT to viralize truth? Where else will you find out what is happening unless we take steps to set up our own lines of communication using the tools available to us all, the internet's power?

For example, when you visit the Natural Solutions Foundation home page,, and click on the Health Freedom Blog button, you'll find the latest in threat analysis and timely information to help you make your choices for living - and surviving, in these difficult times. That is precisely the sort of information the PTB do not want you to have.



1. This warning MUST "go viral" to protect our health and freedom. Please forward this eblast as widely as you can! Let people know that they need to check their spam filters because relegating our data there is a way of censoring it.

2. Send a copy of the censored Weaponized Avian Flu Press Release, to everyone you know. Everyone. Urge them to do the same. Let's create the Power Virus of truth to counter the weaponized virus of mass destruction and fear.

3. We urgently need your recurring tax deductibel donations to allow us to distribute this press release through paid online services such as PR Web, to counteract the mass media blockade of this major attack on health and freedom. We need at least $5,000 to do this effectively. Please make your recurring donation here:

4. Get as many people as possible to join the Health Freedom eAlert system so they can be kept updated on the threats to health and freedom, pass along the information, further viralizing it. You can join here:

We are the ones we've been waiting for. The viralization of powerful information is our best tool to prevent succumbing to it!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima