Thursday, September 04, 2008

Avian Flu, Where is Julie Gerberding Today?

Julie Gerberding is in LaCrosse, Wisconsin addressing a conference at Logistic Health, Inc, a company run by Governor Tommy Thompson, to advise Fortune 500 companies, government employees and certain others who work in essential industries how to deal with the Avian Flu. I tried to register for the online conerence but could not get into the site. I ran into the same problem about an hour before the Kentucky Derby when the sites I use to bet were just too jammed. I checked to make sure I wasn't having any connection problems.

You can click the link above and see the agenda for this meeting. They have it all figured out how to diagnose on line, prescribe, and deliver the anti-viral medicine to people who are considered important enough to receive it. They only have enough of the anti-viral for 10% of the population.

If Dr Laibow's timetable for release of Avian Flu was accurate, this meeting that is too jammed to get into online would be just in time to have the Fortune 500 prepped.

I finally did get into this site and watched some of this meeting. They spent some time discussing how important it was to make sure the right people were lined up to get the anti-virals to keep them alive and working. Their prime concern seemed to be making sure we had electricity so they had to make sure coal miners and railroad workers didn't croak from the flu so we could keep the supply of coal flowing to electric plants. They also discussed having key employees keeping anti-virals at home since it's important to get this within 24 hours of coming down with the H5N1 flu. They didn't seem too concerned about not having enough anti-virals for everyone though. I don't think Gerberding cared that millions will die when they decide to release this flu on us, if they haven't already done so. She has her own anti-virals all set in her home.

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