Monday, September 01, 2008

Illuminati Endorses Obama

Go here to learn about Obama's plan to poison babies and cause brain damage.

The Illuminati has decided that Obama will be the next US President. They gave the order for McCain to pick Gov Palin, knowing that nobody in their right mind will risk having this ditzy broad in charge if McCain croaks in office. Republicans, aware that there is now no point in campaigning, used hurricane Gustav as an excuse to delay the convention and save themselves a day of wasted energy now that they'll just be going through the motions for the rest of the campaign.

Bush and Cheney aren't even going to the convention. They also used the hurricane as an excuse. They have been ordered to throw the election to make citizens think that Democrats will make a difference. Millions of naive people will fall for this ploy and elect Obama who will win by a landslide. This will work well for the Illuminati since all of the dopes who vote for Obama will be happy that their candidate won. The sheeple will thus be less alert than usual when Obama engages in dirty tricks to further the Illuminati agenda.

The thing that will be missed again by the American public is the fact that they had other candidates who they could have voted for who may be more difficult for the Illuminati to control. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader will not be involved in any potential debates. They will not get any press coverage. They will not have the money to buy millions of dollars in TV commercials. The general public will be reminded that voting for these two will be a waste of their vote and, once again, they will believe it.

The funny thing here is that the Illuminati, who controls the major media, will be putting lots of money in their pockets thanks to the idiotic Americans who checked the box on their tax return to allot public funds for presidential campaigns. This money will go straight to the Illuminati when the candidates buy those TV commercials. So, they put their puppets in office and make themselves richer while America follows their advice like good sheeple to not vote for anyone who may look out for the best interests of the voters.

Since the Illuminati has done a masterful job of making the general public think they do not even exist by virtue of laughing publicly at "conspiracy theorists" and having the newsmen who work for them at major media outlets mock "conspiracy theorists", most people who read this will laugh at me as a "conspiracy theorist".

I'll be wasting my vote for Ron Paul since I am a conspiracy theorist. My favorite conspiracy is the one about Thomas Verstraeten telling us all that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic and then rewriting his paper until it looked like he had screwed up with his first paper. The medical industry who poisoned our kids loves to point out that Verstraeten screwed up but they don't like to admit that we're curing our autistic kids by believing what Verstraeten told us the first time. So yes, that makes me a conspiracy theorist.

The other conspiracy I like is the one about removing mercury from vaccines in 1999. Since autism didn't disappear a few years later, that proves mercury did not cause any autism, according to the medical industry. Since we know that mercury is still in vaccines here and is still in vaccines in the full dose abroad, I'd have to be a conspiracy theorist to think our President had anything to do with allowing those millions of babies to be poisoned who should not have been. I'd have to be a really crazed conspiracy nut to think the Illuminati ordered Bush to allow this to happen to further their agenda for population reduction and mind control. Yes, sane leaders of countries approve of poisoning babies all the time, don't they? One would have be a crazed conspiracy theorist to take issue with this.


LilPoet said...

Wow-well written and great YOUTUBE video

Anonymous said...

She has 5 kids one of whom has downs syndrome.
You think that will help autistic/MR kids ??? well, she will help her kid at the expense of the rest of us. Just like she did with earmarks, the statehood, the family values of the republican party and just like Cheney's Lesbian daughter and his party's stance on that. Hooray for more 2 faced politicians. Do as I say, not as I do BS.

Anonymous said...

And yea, Oh yea, women looooove the overacheiving basketball player, beauty queen super duper mom of 5 one of whom has Down's syndrome, and is about to become a grandma and she's just 40 and looks a very hot 30, who has been on the PTA and then mayor and then a state governor and is now going to be Vice president of the whole country and will be president as soon as McBain croaks ... they just looooove that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just figured it out ...
She's gonna help McCain win a "big state" ... in fact the biggest state ... almost 2.5 times the size of TX ... yea the biggest.
Oh ... electoral college, you mean its not related to the land area ... that's not right ... can we change it ... no ... Oh crap. Where is my metamucil.

John T Kelly said...

Good day. Some years ago I read 'The River' by Edward Hooper. He explains how the oral polio vaccine is the cause of AIDS. The evidence he presents is startling. Some time after I read the book I noticed that Hooper's book was lumped in with other 'Conspiracy Theories' as a way of debunking it.
I have also read that there was no Multiple Sclerosis before the measles vaccine and that remants of measles can be found in the spines of Multiple Sclerosis victims. It seems that 'Vaccines' have been the cause of more deaths and disease than they could ever have prevented. Although I'm unsure about the malaria vaccine I would certainly refuse to participate in any other.
Councillor John Kelly, Tameside, Manchester, England.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I knew about the HIV-polio connection but have never heard of the MS-measles connection. Thanks for the information, will look into it further.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a nutcase.

Foresam said...

Tell me something anonymous, do you think nutcases keep voting for the same two parties that have destroyed our country or would they vote for someone else?

truth said...

Check this out: I believe that Michelle Obama's dress was direct freemason/illuminati attire. Check it out at my blogg I just made:

Cool. Don't give up. We can save the world from this 2,000 year old plan.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have a friend who has been researching the Illuminati, knows the plans, but ended up yelling at me in the end because I "wasted my vote" for Nader. I liked Ron Paul, but can't in good conscience vote for someone whose strong Christian beliefs just might find their way into legislation... It is pointless to trade one system of control for another. Anyway, I told her not to worry, that Obama would win by a landslide- the Bush Administration had set this election up so perfectly- the other party taking over seemed only natural, plus McCain was sabatoging his own campaign, just like Kerry in 2004. I said that if Obama had run a decent campaign back then, I might have had a shred of hope that change could in fact come from within (let's give the Illuminati puppet credit here- he talks a good show) but after the mockery of 2004, and this recent ridiculously one sided election, there is no more room for doubt (or, more apropriately, hope) that the illuminati does not control things. When I was told, "Any vote against Obama is a vote for McCain," I had to respond, "Trust me, no one's voting for McCain." After explaining all of this to my friend, she said, "I know what you're saying, and you're probably right. I just don't want to believe it." That's the most honest response you can get from anyone when confronted with the truth, I guess.