Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Straightening Out David Kirby

Thank you Dr King. David Kirby does not speak for me. I'm sick of Kirby's weasel-worded approach to talking about autism and thimerosal. I think it's time for him to shut up since he, obviously doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. That's right David, shut up and let some people who understand this do the talking.

I've had about all I can take of watching Kirby using the word "maybe" while discussing autism and thimerosal. I'm starting to agree with those who say Kirby is only in this for the money he's made off of his book and speaking engagements. If you had ever watched an autistic child improve by leaps and bounds by removing that damn mercury from his brain like I have Mr Kirby, you would stand up like a man and state in no uncertain terms that thimerosal caused this autism epidemic. If you want to speak for my son and make money off his back, then have the balls to stop saying "maybe".

The following from Dr Paul King:

David Kirby,

I read your recent Huffington Post article,
'The Autism-Vaccine Debate: Anything But Over'
with interest and found that, while it made
many sound points, it is materially incorrect
when you stated:

>Finally, to all those who are going to
>post comments about the autism rates in
>California not coming down, following
>the removal of thimerosal from most
>vaccines: You are right. The most likely
>explanation is that thimerosal was not
>responsible for the autism epidemic.
>But that does not mean that it never
>harmed a single child.

Having NOT heard from you after my private
e-mail to you, your silence has compelled me
to publish the following rebuttal to your
inaccurate remarks in the article in

Factually, the issue is NOT the removal of
Thimerosal from most vaccines BUT rather
the reduction in the maximum total dose
of Thimerosal that a child receives from
CONCEPTION to age 18 from what it is TODAY,
(900+ micrograms of Thimerosal [450+ micrograms
of mercury]) to ZERO micrograms of Thimerosal
("0" added micrograms of mercury) BY BANNING
Thimerosal from ALL vaccines AND other drugs
(e.g., nasal sprays, eye and ear drops, serums,
monoclonal-antibody drugs, testosterone solutions)
that CAN legally be given to children as was

Second, California ONLY reports autism cases
- NOT autism rates (cases per 1,000 children
in California in each birth year) and
California is estimated to be currently having
a 4+% growth in the population of children
(a developing-country rate).

Since the preceding realities are the case,
then, why do speak of "autism rates"?

Moreover, IF California does NOT, as it did
last year, WAIVE the prohibition against
giving Thimerosal-preserved flu shots to
pregnant women and young children for 6 weeks,
the 2007 - 2008 flu will be the FIRST flu
season where some children developing in
utero and some young children will NOT be
mercury poisoned in California by being
indirectly (when in utero) and directly
(post partum) injected with Thimerosal-
preserved flu shots.

Since, in California, there was no EFFECTIVE
restriction on injecting pregnant women at
any stage in pregnancy UNTIL perhaps this
year, the unborn children were being mercury
poisoned by an additional 50 micrograms of
Thimerosl (25 micrograms of mercury) at a
time when the developing child MAY weigh less
than a kilogram (2.2 pounds) and, in many
cases MAY weigh less than 100 grams (0.1
kilogram [kg]).

If you believe that the EPA's 0.1 microgram
per kg per day limit is "safe," then the
level the developing child MAY receive
exceeds that "safe" level by 250 times
(for the 1-kg fetus), 2500 times (for the
0.1-kg fetus), or, when the fetus weighs
less, more.

This egregious assault on the unborn child
is compounded by the FACT that Thimerosal
CARCINOGEN at levels below 1 microgram per

Given the preceding, you, like the majority
of the public, apparently have been taken
in by the CDC's misdirection that focuses
on the number of vaccines from which
Thimerosal has been removed RATHER THAN,
as you should, FOCUSING on the MAXIMUM TOTAL
DOSE of Thimerosal that an American child
can still receive as well as the documented
TOXICITIES of Thimerosal -- that are more
than just that it is highly poisonous and
that it breaks down in the human body into a
form of "tissue-bound 'inorganic' (inorganic
in name only) mercury" that has a proven
half-life in the HUMAN brain of about 2

Hopefully, after reading this, you will
CEASE your uninformed pontification and
soothsaying about Thimerosal in vaccines
and other drugs and its link to autism
and confine your remarks to the factual
realities that you do UNDERSTAND.

FACTUALLY, UNTIL all uses of any mercury
compound have been BANNED and ALL Thimerosal-
containing and other added-mercury-containing
drugs (including those in which the presence
of added Thimerosal may have been concealed
from the general public) have been recalled
and destroyed AND at least 5 years have
elapsed, THEN no one should be predicting
when the RATES of "autism" will return to
their pre-vaccine level of about 1 in 10,000
in the U.S.

Moreover, UNTIL Thimerosal is replaced by a
safer preservative in all multi-dose
containers of vaccine worldwide, the autism
epidemic will, as it is now doing, continue
unabated in those nations who "cannot afford"
no-preservative single-dose vaccines (but
apparently can afford the costs of caring
for all the mercury-poisoned children to
which the use of Thimerosal will lead?).

Hopefully, after reading this e-mail, all
readers will understand what is factually
the case regarding the CONTINUING presence
of Thimerosal in vaccines and the perfidy
of injecting Thimerosal-containing flu
vaccines into pregnant women.

*The information provided in this email *
*and any attachment thereto is just that *
* -- information. *
* *
*It is not medical advice and it does not *
*require any specific action or actions. *
* *
*While the information is thought to be *
*accurate, no representation is made as *
*to the accuracy of the information posted*
*other than it is my best understanding of*
*the facts on the date that this email and*
*any attachments thereto are posted. *
* *
*Everyone should verify the accuracy of *
*the information provided for themselves *
*before acting on it. *


Dr. King

PS: Until all use of mercury in dentistry
is banned and all mercury-amalgam
fillings in women of childbearing age
are replaced, there will still be some
newborns who will develop mercury-induced
neurodevelopmental disorders from in
utero exposures to the mercury those
amalgam filings emit each day coupled
with the mother's daily dietary intake.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This Pig has Autism, My Pig can Fly

Does anyone have an autistic child who has anything in common with this sorry excuse for a human being?

The video of this beast has been removed. Youtube must have stopped allowing gross fraud that insults disabled children.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Amanda Baggs, LSD Psychosis or Autism?

Having watched a person who is really autistic every day for the last 11 years, I can state that this knucklehead has nothing in common with autistic people. When autistic children want something to eat or drink, they know which cabinet to go to and they grab what they want without getting lost in the process.

This video has nothing in common with autism.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Amanda Baggs When She Was Normal

Does anyone know how to enlarge this picture so we can see how normal Amanda looked prior to becoming autistic?

Insanity Personified, Este Klar

Here is a thread from the Autism Speaks forums that exemplifies the insanity of people who claim there is any "Joy" in autism. Yes, this comes from Estee Klar's blog and was posted by fellow lunatic, Autism Diva.

Estee takes enormous liberties with the truth by suggesting that children who can't talk, read, write or toilet themselves have even the slightest concept of self-esteem. These severely disabled kids are concerned with spinning in circles, jumping up and down, stimming, watching videos, maybe riding on a swing, eating and not much else. I guarantee that no severely autistic child has ever considered his own self-esteem. This is an insane notion that an insane cult tries to transpose onto the children to further their deranged agenda.

Estee goes on to further discredit herself by making the unbelievable claim that "...recognizing that his challenges may be the very things that enable his gifts and may have formed much of his unique personality." This person must be on some great drugs if she can meet any low-functioning autistic kid and come away with the impresion that anything that child does can be considered a gift. Get real, lady! I suppose you'd try to make innocent people believe that the child who smears feces on the walls is a gifted artist. This woman is so crazed, I wouldn't put it past her to actually try this. And then she has the nerve to talk about personality, what personality? Yes, severely autistic children smile as innocently as babies. Even as they age, their smiles are so innocent that they are still very cute. But, and this is the part that Estee's mind in outer space misses, these children are very much just like babies, even at 21 years of age. They haven't been able to pay attention to anything long enough to form any sort of personality. They simply exist.

More inane rhetoric follows with Klar claiming we need to listen to the kind of assistance that autistic people feel was helpful to them, as kids. First of all, autistic people never make any such statements. Most of them can't speak. Some people with Asperger's may have some useful insights here but claiming that autistic people can do this is nothing but a lie to enhance the agenda of saying the most ridiculous thing that can be imagined in an effort to prevent anyone from curing an autistic child.

Klar, Autism Diva and the rest of the psychopaths from Neurodiversity refusee to distinguish between people with Asperger's who have earned PhD's and low-functioning autistic children who can't write their names and probably never will. This is part of the scam of the Neuroinsane. They continually trot out misfits who claim to have Asperger's and call themselves autistic. This is a lie and they know it. There is no good reason that they should not make this important distinction.

Neuroinsanity will call anyone autistic who claims to have a high IQ and is inept in social situations. The fact of the matter is that it is impossible to measure an autistic person's IQ because you could never get them to take the test. They might eat the paper or scribble on it but the chances of them answering even one question is zero.

Estee Klar goes on with some other nice sounding rhetoric about disability rights. Then she takes her best stab at obfuscating the truth by stating that "being autistic does not need to be characterized as a devastating condition". Autism IS a devastating condition!! There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Autism is a 24 hour a day horror show. These kids scream in pain, bash their heads against cement, bite themselves and Estee Klar doesn't think any of this is a devastating condition. What planet are you on, lady?

Estee loves to use words like "accommodate", "acceptance", "inclusion", "enable" and "joy" in talking about autism. All of that is a crock. Nobody accepts it when a kid is screaming for half the day and knocking himself out by bashing his own head. That kid can't be included in anything. These kids need lots of help, not acceptance, or idiots howling about the "joy of autism".

Estee has the nerve to tell us that her kid has the right to be a contributing member of society, as though anyone would try to prevent that. This nut thinks she is doing some good for her autistic kid by clamoring about disability rights. At the same time, she isn't doing anything to help the kid reach a level of functioning where he will have the slightest chance of contributing anything.

I'm sure glad I didn't have a mother like Estee Klar. She probably would have sent me into a hockey game with high school kids when I was six and started bitching about accommodations when a puck took my head off. What a wacko!

That, folks, is the essence of Neurodiversity.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Increased Male Hormones in Autism, Peer Reviewed Study

Routine Testing Confirms Elevated Male
>Hormones in Autism
>Release Contacts:
>For Immediate Release CoMeD President
>November 28, 2007 [Rev. Lisa K. Sykes (Richmond, VA)
> 804-364-8426]
> CoMeD Sci. Advisor
> [Dr. King (Lake Hiawatha, NJ)
> 973-263-4843]
>WASHINGTON, DC - A new moderate-scale
>peer-reviewed scientific/medical study
>confirms many patients with an autistic
>spectrum disorder (ASD) suffer from
>significantly elevated levels of male
>hormones, and numerous treatments that
>lower male-hormone levels have significantly
>improved clinical outcomes in patients
>with an ASD.
>This study, "A Prospective Assessment of
>Androgen Levels in Patients with Autistic
>Spectrum Disorders: Biochemical Underpinnings
>and Suggested Therapies," by Mr. David A.
>Geier and Dr. Mark R. Geier, has been
>published in the most recent issue of
>Neuroendocrinology Letters (Volume 28,
>Issue 5, pgs. 565-573). A grant from the
>Brenen Hornstein Autism Research & Education
>(BHARE) Foundation (Elk Grove, IL) to the
>Institute of Chronic Illnesses, Inc. (Silver
>Spring, MD) funded this research.
>Previous studies by Tordjman et al. (1997)
>and Geier and Geier (2006) have suggested
>patients with an ASD have elevated levels
>of male hormones. The male hormones tested
>in the Geier and Geier (2007) study were:
>testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA),
>and androstenedione.
>This study utilized blood testing to assess
>the level of these male hormones in patients
>diagnosed with an ASD. The researchers examined
>70 patients diagnosed with an ASD who were
>subsequently found to have elevated male-hormone
>levels by the CLIA-approved US Laboratory
>Corporation of America (LabCorp).
>The findings by Geier and Geier demonstrate:
>· Patients with an ASD had significantly
> increased levels of serum testosterone,
> serum free testosterone, percent free
> testosterone, DHEA, and androstenedione
> relative to LabCorp's age- and sex-specific
> reference range means.
>· Female patients with an ASD diagnosis had
> significantly higher relative testosterone
> and free testosterone levels than the male
> patients.
>· Elevations in male hormone levels may result
> from environmental exposures, such as mercury,
> and increase the toxicity of the exposure.
>The results of the present study confirm and
>extend previous observations, establishing the
>clinical importance of elevated male-hormone
>levels in those diagnosed with an ASD. Also,
>this paper's findings are consistent with those
>observed by many others who treat similar
>The researchers also found that administration
>of a male-hormone-reducing drug (leuprolide
>acetate, LUPRON®) to nearly 200 patients
>diagnosed with an ASD resulted in significantly
>lowered male-hormone levels and corresponding
>clinically significant reductions in
>hyperactivity/impulsivity, stereotypy,
>aggression, self injury, abnormal sexual
>behaviors, and/or irritability behaviors that
>frequently occur in patients with an ASD, with
>few non-responders and minimal adverse effects
>from the therapy.
>Thus, hormone testing is being successfully
>used to:
>· Demonstrate the role of elevated male
> hormones in populations with an ASD,
>· Clinically identify children and adults
> who have elevated male hormones, and
>· Track male hormone levels from affected
> patients undergoing treatment to lower
> male hormones.
>Today, any parent, physician, or healthcare
>provider can easily confirm whether a
>patient diagnosed with an ASD has elevated
>male hormones through testing done at LabCorp.
>Among other articles, the CoMeD's website,
>, contains
>full copies of the 2006 and 2007 papers
>authored by David A. Geier and Mark R. Geier.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CNN, Lying to the Public About Autism

CNN is proving to be a seriously deranged network when it comes to reporting the truth about autism. They have decided to believe the story of a drug abusing lesbian who fraudulently claims to be autistic. While many parents of autistic children have written to CNN to explain exactly how this woman, Amanda Baggs, has concocted this fraud, CNN has turned a blind eye to the truth and broadcast a flagrant lie.

Sanjay Gupta, who claims to be a doctor, plays right along with Baggs' charade while his title of MD lends credibility to this liar. Amanda Baggs is not the least little bit autistic. She was a normal child who destroyed herself by abusing LSD. Her mind is so far gone that she actually believed she was an elf. Now this mental case is on national television trying to give advice to parents who are desperately seeking help for their children who can't talk, toilet themselves, read, write or do anything a normal child can do.

Amanda Baggs, in her delusional state, would have us believe that we should celebrate the brain damage that the thimerosal in vaccines caused in our babies. Sanjay Gupta and the idiots who run CNN are presenting this LSD crazed woman as some sort of authority on autism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

LSD does not cause autism. Intellectually gifted children who are so smart that they can travel across the country to attend college at age 13 do not all of a sudden become autistic. Autism begins in very early childhood, after babies are poisoned by thimerosal. Sane people do not accept this horrible brain damage that has been caused in their children. Sane people do not go on CNN and say they accept autism for their children. Sane people want their children cured.

CNN deletes all the comments from sane people who go onto their blogs to try to expose this sham that is being perpetrated by Amanda Baggs, a lesbian named laura Tsoncik and a bunch of other wacked out idiots who think autism should not be cured.

CNN needs to hear from lots of sane people who resent this obfuscation of the truth by drug crazed lesbians. CNN needs to show some severely autistic children opposite Amanda (sham) Baggs so people see the truth about autism. They also need to show some sane parents who have cured their autistic children so all parents can learn that autism is curable.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Amanda Baggs on CNN Tonight at 10:00PM EST

P.T. Barnum would love CNN tonight, watching them being sucked in by an ex-schizophrenic who became an elf and then decided to become autistic. Or, was she an elf before she became schizophrenic? It doesn't matter. This obese actress is obfuscating the truth about autism, making a mockery of the pain that actual autistic children suffer every day.

I hope everyone who has learned the truth about this fraudulent hog writes to CNN to let them know that she is misrepresenting the horror that autistic children and their families endure.

Here's the link to the CNN blog where they refuse to publish comments showing that Amanda Baggs is a fraud. Sanjay Gupta is thereby showing himself to be a lying sack of dung by promoting the sham of Amanda Baggs while editing out the truth of the matter.

People who watch Amanda Baggs' shoddy attempt at impersonating autism need to let CNN know that they don't like being lied to concerning the horror that is autism.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Do You Stop Autistic Self-Biting? Help!!!

I'm nearing the end of my rope with Autism. My family has put up with my son biting himself and screaming almost every day for over three years now. I asked in countless places if anyone can tell me why these kids bite themselves and how to stop it. Nobody seems to have an answer.

I've endured countless well-meaning people who have told me to give him some rubber thing to chew on. These people have no idea how intense this problem is. This biting is not some behavioral problem. My son appears to be in great pain of some sort. The problem is that he still can't talk and has never given any indication what might be bothering him to cause this biting.

The biting disrupts our entire lives since none of the aides who come in to help with Sam can be left alone with him. He can overpower any woman and can easily hurt them in one of his rages. It makes going to work impossible sometimes. It makes helping our other kids with things impossible at times. IT has destroyed countless dinners and has ruined almost every day of our lives.

I've had about all I can take. No God damn doctor has been able to offer any opinion about why this occurs and none has been the slightest help in finding a way to stop this. No combination of drugs has been any help. Keeping him off all drugs has been useless. Chelation has had no effect one way or the other. During some long breaks in chelating, the biting never changed. The screaming never got better or worse.

I'm done talking about anything to do with autism until I can solve this biting. If I can't find a way to stop it very soon, my son will be going away to an institution.

I'm begging for someone to tell me how to stop the biting and screaming. I just can't take it any more.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Paul Offit, MD Lies to the Public Again

Paul Offit, MD is involved with a new group that is trying to lie about the safety of vaccines. Offit and his group of lying scoundrels, mostly physicians, stress that false information will reduce the acceptance of vaccination.

The fact of the matter is that thimerosal is not safe. It causes autism. It would be a simple matter to provide thimerosal free vaccines. All it takes is single dose shots.

Dr Hinman's email address is at the bottom of this letter. If you think this guy should tell the truth instead of poisoning more babies into autism, write to him and tell him so. I have no objection to safe vaccines. These scoundrels claiming that thimerosal is safe is criminal. They should all be locked up. Maybe we could send them soiled diapers instead of the checks they are asking for.

People For Immunization

Immunization of children has been spectacularly successful in
preventing disease in the United States – most vaccine-preventable
diseases are currently at all-time lows and childhood immunization
levels are at all-time highs. As a result of our success in
vaccinating children, many parents (and health care providers) no
longer perceive an imminent threat from vaccine-preventable diseases
and may question whether it is necessary to obtain timely
immunization. Although vaccines are safe and effective, real safety
and effectiveness issues arise, and accurate information needs to be
provided about them. One thing is certain: vaccines have saved the
lives of millions of people worldwide, and there is a real risk that
false information will reduce the acceptance of vaccination.

We have little to celebrate in immunizing adults of all ages in the
United States, and much work remains to be done to reach his
underprotected population.

Rising concerns, mostly non-science based, about the safety of
immunization are threatening the gains we have made in childhood
immunization. This is a global problem, not just a problem for the
United States. Myths arising in other countries, such as MMR
purportedly causing autism in the United Kingdom, have impact on
attitudes and practices in the United States. By the same token,
issues arising in this country, such as the notion that thimerosal in
vaccines causes autism, affect what happens in the rest of the
world. Unfortunately, the loudest voices and most visible faces
addressing immunization are often those attacking the safety of
specific vaccines or those generally opposed to immunizations rather
than those who support vaccines' benefits. Many of those in the
immunization field feel there is a need for independent, credible,
science-based advocacy to prominently reflect the broad base of
support for immunization among Americans. People For Immunization
intends to provide voices and faces to meet that need.

People For Immunization (PFI) will provide science-based, accessible,
and clear information about the benefits and risks of vaccines and
vaccine-preventable diseases to the public, health professionals,
political leaders, and their organizations. It will represent the
millions of people who support immunizations by speaking with one
strong voice about the value of immunizations. PFI seeks to become
the "go to" source for credible, science-based information on issues
relating to vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases, and
immunization. PFI will advocate strongly to improve the appalling
low adult vaccination rates in the United States. PFI will translate
policy for the public.

People For Immunization will have a large Scientific Advisory Board
comprising recognized authorities in the field. To ensure its
credibility as an independent voice, it will accept no funding from
the vaccine industry or the federal government. It will seek to
enlist the millions of Americans who support immunization and give
them a voice in the national discussion about benefits and risks of

People For Immunization will provide a science base for statements
regarding issues raised about vaccine safety and effectiveness. It
will seek to organize and participate in congressional briefings and
provide testimony at state and national levels as well as providing
rapid and effective communication via several media.

People For Immunization is currently administratively housed in The
Task Force for Child Survival and Development, a 501(c)(3) not-for-
profit public charity incorporated in Georgia. During its formative
period, Dr. Alan Hinman is serving as project leader. A Steering
Committee is guiding formation of PFI and will be replaced by an
Executive Board once the organization is up and running. Future
plans for the location and administration of PFI will be determined
by PFI's Executive Board.

If you would like to be a member of People For Immunization (there
are no membership fees) please contact Dr. Hinman at To make a tax-deductible contribution to
support PFI's work, please contact Dr. Hinman or send your
contribution to The Task Force for Child Survival and Development,
750 Commerce Drive, Suite 400, Decatur, GA 30030. Checks should be
made out to the Task Force for Child Survival and Development (or
TFCSD) and marked "for PFI."

People For Immunization Steering Committee Members

Joseph Bocchini, MD – American Academy of Pediatrics
Douglas Campos-Outcalt, MD – American Academy of Family Physicians
Mark Kane, MD – Consultant, Seattle WA
Paul Offit, MD – Vaccine Education Center
Walter Orenstein, MD – Emory Vaccine Center
Denise Palmer – Families Fighting Flu
Trish Parnell – Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDS)
Amy Pisani – Every Child By Two
Gary Stein – Families Fighting Flu
L J Tan, PhD – American Medical Association
Jon Ternte, MD – American Academy of Family Physicians
Deborah Wexler, MD – Immunization Action Coalition

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thimerosal Definite Cause of Autism, What Will Paul Offit Say About This?

It's about time an MD made this statement about the flu vaccine!!! Thank you Dr Ayoub.

David Ayoub MD - Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism
By Evelyn Pringle
Miamisburg Ohio

To what degree of scientific certainty can we prove that current
epidemic of autism was caused by the mercury-based preservative,
thimerosal, in childhood vaccines?

In response to this question, David Ayoub, MD, told Independent
Media TV, ''I can state that the certainty of the science
supporting mercury as a major cause of autism is probably more
overpowering than the science behind any other disease process that
I studied dating back to medical school.''

"I think a disease that effects more individuals than AIDS or
cancer, in previously normal infants and children," he states, "has
created a sense of urgency amongst researchers."

According to Ayoub, "A growing number of experimental,
epidemiological and biochemical research, has unequivocally shown
that mercury is directly linked to the development of autism
spectrum disorders and is significantly toxic to the
gastrointestinal, immunological, metabolic and neurobiological
systems in children."

"The science of causality is known and understood down to the
manner in which mercury impairs the neural pathways of attention,"
he adds, "I really don't see the need for more research to prove
causality." He believes the focus should be "directed towards
methods to remove mercury from the body and repairing those
biochemical systems that are injured by mercury."

Ayoub is the Director of the Prairie Collaborative for
Immunization, an organization that is self-funded, which aids
organizations, journalists, and legislators obtain accurate
information to assist their work. He is also the author of the
report, "Pregnancy and the Myth of Influenza Vaccination-Is it
safe, is it effective, is it necessary? What the CDC documents

Vaccines With Thimerosal

When asked what vaccines still contain the mercury-based,
thimerosal, Ayoub said, "The major culprit today is the influenza
vaccine." About 80% of flu vaccines contain as much as 25
micrograms of mercury per dose. Since the EPA has set a limit of
0.1 mcg/kg (1 kg =2.2 lbs), Ayoub warns, everyone who receives the
vaccine will be overdosed.

He explained that in 1999, "the Public Health Service (including
the CDC and FDA), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine
manufacturers agreed that thimerosal levels in vaccines should be
reduced or eliminated."

However, he adds, "Contradicting its own policy, the CDC then
increased mercury exposure to the fetus and infant by allowing the
inoculation of pregnant women and young infants with the
mercury-containing influenza vaccine."

On May 28, 2004, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice of
the CDC released its annual report with recommendations for the
prevention of influenza. The report included pregnant women amongst
those who should receive the flu vaccine, even though the report
noted only a minimal benefit from the vaccine in pregnant women:

"Researchers estimate that an average of 1-2 hospitalizations can
be prevented for every 1,000 pregnant women vaccinated" (1, page 10)

In fact, for the 2003-04 flu season, the CDC reported "only 3 to
14% of those who got vaccinated were protected against the flu." It
seems overly aggressive, Ayoub maintains, for the CDC to recommend
that all pregnant women be vaccinated when, in fact, scientific
data to date shows only marginal benefits and the only documented
benefit seems to be fewer hospitalizations, not fewer morbidities
or mortalities.

The benefit of influenza vaccination during pregnancy becomes even
more questionable when considering the resulting risks to unborn
infants. According to the ACIP, the safety of influenza vaccination
is established by the following research:

One study of influenza vaccination of 2,000 pregnant women
demonstrated no adverse fetal effects associated with influenza

However, according to Ayoub, "In the April 12, 2002 MMWR, this same
statement was followed by the caveat "additional data are needed to
confirm the safety of vaccination during pregnancy." The comment
was then dropped from the CDC's 2004 version of the report, but no
new safety data was cited.

This solitary reference cited to establish influenza vaccine safety
was co-authored by researchers at Boston University in 1973, but
Ayoub advises that, "Upon closer inspection ... the study appears
to have very little to do with influenza vaccine safety, but rather
that of polio vaccination safety during pregnancy."

It is inexplicable, Ayoub says, that the ACIP would cite a paper in
support of its conclusion of influenza vaccine safety while the
Institute of Medicine rejected the same paper on the basis of the
flawed analysis of polio vaccine safety.

Few doctors realize that most flu vaccines contain 25 micrograms of
mercury per dose. Both the EPA and FDA's allowable daily exposure
limits are 0.1 microgram per kg, meaning that recipients of a flu
vaccine must weigh at least 550 pounds to meet federal exposure

Therefore, by injecting the mother, the fetus would receive a dose
of mercury that exceeds the federal limits by several hundred-fold.
Furthermore, Ayoub adds, all federal guidelines are based upon
studies of exposure tolerances in adults, not a fetus.

He questions why the CDC is so certain that ethylmercury can be
safely injected into children or pregnant women, when the FDA and
EPA have stated that ingestion of methylmercury can have harmful
effects on the fetus, with warnings such as:

"some fish and shellfish contain higher levels of mercury that may
harm an unborn baby or young child's developing nervous system. . .
. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are advising women who may
become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and young
children to avoid some types of fish and eat fish and shellfish
that are lower in mercury. . . While it is true that the primary
danger from methylmercury in fish is to the developing nervous
system of the unborn child, it is prudent for nursing mothers and
young children not to eat these fish as well."

More recent studies have detailed the life-long damage of mercury
to the brains of unborn children. For instance, on Feb 28, 2005,
the Associated Press reported, "Lower IQ levels linked to mercury
exposure in the womb costs the United States $8.7 billion a year in
lost earnings potential, according to a study released Monday by
researchers at a New York hospital."

The Mount Sinai Center for Children's Health and the Environment
combined a number of previous studies to determine hundreds of
thousands of babies are born every year with lower IQ associated
with mercury exposure, according to AP.

Lead researcher and pediatician, Leonard Trasande, reports that
annually, between 316,588 and 637,233 infants are born with
umbilical cord blood mecury levels linked to IQ loss.

As an example, Trasande said each year, about 4% of babies are with
blood mercury levels between 7.13 and 15 micrograms per liter. That
level of mercury causes an IQ loss of 1.6 points, the researchers

A 1.6 point drop in IQ could cost a person more than $31,000
over a lifetime, the study calculated, due to missed educational
opportunities or jobs.

Manufacturers of the flu vaccine themselves, include package
inserts that admit adequate studies have not been conducted on this
vaccine. For example, the Fluzone insert stated:

"Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Influenza
Virus Vaccine. It is not known whether Influenza Virus Vaccine can
cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can
affect reproduction capacity."

Considering the rapid growth of autism, and other related
neurodevelopmental disorders, and the number of reports documenting
the causal relationship to mercury-based preservatives, Ayoub
advises, "influenza vaccines should not be administered to pregnant
women, and perhaps other high-risk groups, especially young

Why Would FDA & CDC Approve Mercury-Based Vaccines?

Ayoub believes that the CDC and FDA embrace marginal research and
unsupported policies because of conflicts of interests. It may come
as a surprise to most physicians, he explains, "that the CDC has a
built-in conflict of interest with regards to its dual role in
vaccine policy." One limb of the CDC that oversees vaccine safety
has a budget of approximately $30 million, while the limb that
promotes vaccine usage (ACIP and NIP) has a $1 billion budget, he

The CDC and FDA policy decisions are made through physician
advisory panels whose members often have financial relationships
with the very same pharmaceutical companies that they are supposed
to regulate.

For example, during a congressional hearing on potential conflicts
of interests at the FDA, it was revealed that 60% of the advisory
members who voted to approve the poisonous rotavirus vaccine had
financial ties to the drug companies manufacturing the vaccine. The
committee also found that 50% of the CDC members were tied to the
rotavirus makers.

However, according to Ayoub, the CDC and FDA do not have exclusive
rights in coddling the industry. An investigation of doctors
involved in co-authoring forty-four different Clinical Practice
Guidelines for drug companies found:

85% of guideline authors have some sort of relationships with drug
companies, and they are often not disclosed

38% of respondents said they had served as employees or consultants
for drug companies; 58% received research money

59% had links with drug companies whose medications were considered
in the particular guidelines they authored, almost all cases
predating the guideline creation process

These numbers may be even greater, as only 52% of authors responded

"Most clinicians would be surprised by these revelations which
challenge the blanket trust of a healthcare governance with
uncomfortably close ties to the pharmaceutical industry," Ayoub

Available Treatment For Autism

When asked what treatments are available for autism, Ayoub said
"The buzz these days is chelation," but there is no short answer to
this. Suffice it to say, there are 2 ways to get mercury out of the
body - one is pull it out directly by chelation agents."

The 2 top chelation people in the world are Gary Gordon, MD, and
Rashid Buttar, MD, he adds.

Chelation agents such as DMPS and DTPA, are given orally, by IV,
and recently with transdermal as a cream. According to Ayoub, the
agents essentially bind free blood or loosely bound heavy metal
agents, and eliminate them through stool and urine. They lower the
total body burden and allow for natural redistribution from brain
to blood for further removal. Ayoub claims side effects are
uncommon, and the process is far safer than a vaccine.

The other method of removing mercury from the body is through a
variety of biomedical therapies, all dietary or supplemental, "most
of which act to jumps start the bodies own internal mercury
detoxification pathways," Ayoub explains, but "the science here is
very sophisticated," he added.

However, unfortunately, "many parents read about a diet or
supplement, try one or two therapies on their own and fail," he
says, and that "treatment is very dependent upon the experience of
the health care provider, critically so," he advises.

Why The Constant Denial?

Ayoub was asked why government agencies and the pharmaceutical
industry, are working so hard to keep the truth about the
mercury-autism link hidden. He says it is a long story, but the
main reason is because if they admitted guilt, it would mean the
government agencies, drug companies and medical organizations,
"have taken part in the largest iatrogenic epidemic known to man."

The fallout over admission of causality would be unprecedented,
Ayoub adds. The lost confidence in American medicine would likely
cause people to turn to alternative methods of medicine, and a rise
in deeper investigation might reveal the truth about other
suppressions related to cancer therapy, hypertension Rx, or

Ayoub told Independent Media, "This is really the tip of the
iceberg and I see a waterfall effect."


Another possible treatment for autism can be found in the specific
correction of the vertebral subluxation complex located at the
brainstem level. Neurological interference and backup can dramatically
effect the electrochemical impulse from the brain. To locate a
practitioner visit the following sites:

Dr. Mike

The Doctor of the Future will give NO Medicine, but will interest his patients in diet and nutrition, exercise and the care of the human frame.
He will teach them about the cause of ALL disease.
-Thomas Edison

(Take action
and educate everyone you know about this subject.

It could save an innocent life from being destroyed.)

The doctor who posted the above article also posted this with it so I assume it is okay to post it as is.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Flu Shots Cause Autism and Alzheimer's

Pregnant women who are advised to get the flu shot should change doctors immediately. The flu shot contains 25 micrograms of thimerosal (50% mercury) which can cause brain damage in the fetus, especially in boys.

Doctors further advise parents to poison their babies by telling them they should inject this mercury into 6 month old children. This is malpractice, but it is legal malpractice as long as the majority of pediatricians adhere to it.

People over 50 who receaive the flu shot 5 years consecutively have an increased risk for developing Alzheimer's. Symptoms of Alzheimer's are not much different from Autism. The flu shot also contains aluminum, a well known contributor to Alzheimer's.

If the government has scared you into thinking you simply must have the flu shot, at least protect yourself by demanding the thimerosal free version. There's not much of it around and doctors may try to tell you that the small amount of mercury won't bother you. Don't believe it! See what Boyd Haley has to say about it and learn the truth that our government does not want us to know.

Autism has reached epidemic numbers. The largest increase in autism happened a few years after doctors began poisoning infants by giving them thimerosal via the HepB shot on the day of birth. This small dose of mercury was enough to initiate autism in full term infants. Imagine the damage it can do to a one pound fetus.

Many people have heard the concerns about mercury from thimerosal sloughed off by the CDC and the medical profession. You may think your odds are good that your baby will not be the 1 in 150 who become autistic. Your odds of winning $10 on a lottery scratch ticket are probably higher.

Autism is a lifelong nightmare for every member of the family. It will absolutely destroy your life. Your child with autism will probably never learn to speak, read, write or toilet himself and will need to be watched 24 hours a day since many autistic children will not sleep. When they get older and stronger, their frequent tantrums continue and they can harm you severely. Then they wind up locked away in institutions for the rest of their lives. All of this could be avoided if doctors and the CDC would admit the truth and stop poisoning our children and our senior citizens with mercury.

On the upside, they have now developed a drug to treat Alzheimer's that is killing old people faster. This may be effective in balancing the social security budget if they can kill off the aging Baby Boomers quickly.

Of course, this is only a short term fix, typical of politicians. Since the long term cost of autism comes to about $3 million per person, that will eat up all the savings that are gained by the assisted suicide they have developed for those with Alzheimer's.

Is any of this worth it to save yourself from a few days of fever and puking? Perhaps we could all go puke on George Bush for refusing to give us safe flu shots without thimerosal.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paul Offit, M.D., Despicable Dimwit

Here's some great propaganda from a real scumbag named Paul Offit,M.D., a doctor who is clearly violating the Hippocratic oath by calling respectable doctors who help autistic children "...a cottage industry of charlatans...". Denying the fact that chelation helps even one autistic child is medical malpractice by virtue of the fact that some children who might be helped will not be. Offit should be charged with mass child abuse for causing those children who will not be helped to spend their entire adult lives locked away in institutions with mercury induced brain damage that might have been cured.

"In mid-June 1999, FDA scientists held a meeting to discuss their findings. Present were representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) — the organizations that are principally responsible for making vaccine recommendations for U.S. children. Several attendees left the meeting concerned that infants might be receiving too much mercury from vaccines. Although they were largely reassured by studies of children who had ingested large quantities of mercury from fish in their diet,2 they couldn't find a single study that compared neurologic outcomes in children who had received thimerosal-containing vaccines with those in children who had not." "

Then, beginning in 2000, parents founded several advocacy groups based on the belief that thimerosal had caused their children's autism. The notion that thimerosal caused autism has given rise to a cottage industry of charlatans offering false hope, partly in the form of mercury-chelating agents. In August 2005, a 5-year-old autistic boy in suburban Pittsburgh died from an arrhythmia caused by the injection of the chelating agent EDTA. Although the notion that thimerosal causes autism has now been disproved by several excellent epidemiologic studies, about 10,000 autistic children in the United States receive mercury-chelating agents every year. Furthermore, this notion has diverted attention and resources away from efforts to determine the real cause or causes of the disorder."

Note how the scumbag, Offit mentions the one death caused by medical malpractice. He doesn't point out that it was malpractice to use the wrong type of EDTA. He doesn't mention that EDTA will not chelate mercury. He doesn't mention that nobody has ever died from using DMSA, DMPS or ALA, the proper chelators to use to remove mercury. It's my opinion the whole truth that is missing from this statement constitutes medical malpractice. This seems designed to use his alleged reputation as an expert on the subject to scare parents away from helping their mercury poisoned children who have been mislabelled, autistic.

If Offit was truthful in his discussion of chelation, he would have to point out that some autistic children have been cured with it. Conveniently failing to mention this fact does not help Offit's credibility. This brand of sophistry from an educated person can only be designed to fool uneducated people. He can't expect to fool those of us who already know the truth of the matter but he can fool the majority of the general public who don't spend countless hours reading everything they can get their hands on about autism and the medical negligence that caused the epidemic.

Hey Paul, care to repeat that comment about 1,000 vaccinations being safe? I'd like to see you take those 1,000 shots all at once, with thimerosal in all of them, to prove your point. Do you have the balls?

"Dr. Offit reports serving on the scientific advisory board of Merck and being the coinventor of the bovine–human reassortant rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq, on which he hNotice olds a patent."

Friday, September 28, 2007

New Report about Thimerosal
Our government investigated itself and found that they were all innocent of everything. I guess we were all wrong. We can stop discussing thimerosal and toss our kids in institutions and forget about them.

Thank you Mr Bush. Now I can give up trying to cure my kid and just go golfing.

I just have one question, George. Did you, or any politicains involved in this sham accept campaign contributions from vaccine manufacturers?

I think Patrick Henry has something to say to you, George.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

William Stillman Defames God

Here's another crock of shit from some conman claiming to have Asperger's named William Stillman. This son of a bitch is using God to lie to parents, touting autism as a gift from God. He uses the spooky music in his video while he tells people there is no cure for autism.

Autism was caused by Eli Lilly not bothering to test thimerosal properly in 1929. Put that in your books, your videos and your speaking engagements you scumbag!!! Stop selling your vicious lies to parents. If they are stupid enough to listen to your idiotic blasphemy, they won't learn that autism is curable. That makes you a child abuser for your role in this ridiculous nonsense.

Stillman's blog has his presentation schedule. He's booked up to May 2008. It would be nice if some people who know the truth showed up at all of his speaking engagements and passed out some literature so that no parents fall for any of this guy's crapola.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where is "David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction)"?

As is typical of those who wish to obfuscate the truth about autism, Andrews seems to be on the fence about conjuring up a valid reply to Watson. Isn't it interesting how neurodiverse nitwits start hanging around someplace else when their insanity is exposed?

In response to John:

At Tue Aug 21, 03:13:00 PM EDT, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

“Your trouble is that you never grew up.

Sad state of being, that is.

Poor Sam, with a role model like you.”

At Wed Aug 22, 12:35:00 AM EDT, watson said...

“David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction),

You say that the trouble with John is that he never grew up.

I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade.

While activists such as yourself have been living in the comfort zone, believing that vaccines can't damage children, and that autism is a healthy neurological difference shared by all the great historical figures - a gift from the gods almost - and basking in the prestige of your new diagnosis, he has been trying to cope with the daily challenges of living with autism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year - for 10 years. And I imagine John grew up a long, long time ago.

He and I, and many other parents living with autism, are not living in a fantasy world. We don't get our information about autism by reading textbooks, or autobiographies written by phoney "autistics" celebrating the beauty of their "autism" - we live with it. And it is far from beautiful.

When did you start calling yourself "a higher being" and believing that you were superior to what you refer to as "normals", and when did you start disseminating nonsense about autism, David?

Was it in your thirties after your switch in diagnosis from dyslexia to Aspergers? I know it was a struggle for you to get your diagnosis changed but I presume you did eventually get an Aspergers diagnosis. What year was that?

Or was it after you met Simon Baron-Cohen in, what was it, 1999 and discussed with him whether Aspergers was necessarily a disability? I'd love to hear about that."

At Wed Aug 22, 12:37:00 PM EDT, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

“Watson: "I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade."

“Wrong. My daughter's 8 yrs old and autistic. I HAVE lived with it. Learn to live with being wrong."

At Thu Aug 23, 01:09:00 AM EDT, watson said...

“David, I see you avoided answering the important questions in my message.

Here they are again:

""When did you start calling yourself "a higher being" and believing that you were superior to what you refer to as "normals", and when did you start disseminating nonsense about autism, David? Was it in your thirties after your switch in diagnosis from dyslexia to Aspergers? I know it was a struggle for you to get your diagnosis changed but I presume you did eventually get an Aspergers diagnosis. What year was that? Or was it after you met Simon Baron-Cohen in, what was it, 1999 and discussed with him whether Aspergers was necessarily a disability?"

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would like some answers.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Watson: "I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade."

Wrong. My daughter's 8 yrs old and autistic. I HAVE lived with it. Learn to live with being wrong.”


Am I, David?

About what exactly?

You are as careful with your wording as Amanda Baggs.

You do not say that your daughter has Autism, you say she is "autistic". You say she is 8 1/2 years old, giving the impression that you have lived continuously with Autism for almost as long as John has, and therefore you are claiming to know what living with Autism is like.

I say you have never lived with the type of autism that John has to deal with every day; you have not lived with an "autistic" child continuously for 8 1/2 years, and therefore you can not know from personal experience what living with autism is like.

What makes me say that?

Well, although at times you refer to your daughter as "an autie", and call her "autistic", she's not really "an autie", is she David? She's "an Aspie".

Your daughter was the very first toddler ever to be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 26 months. And she was diagnosed by your friend "Simon", autism expert Dr Simon Baron-Cohen, and his team, in 2001.

Baron-Cohen wanted to find out if Aspergers could be identified in a young child, and if Aspergers could be shown to be a genetic disorder, so you and your wife volunteered for his prospective single case study. A child with Aspergers born to a couple with Aspergers would support the hypothesis of a genetic heritability of the disorder.

Baron-Cohen chose you and your wife because you were both diagnosed by experts, and your Aspergers diagnoses were confirmed by Baron-Cohen's own AQ test which is a self-report test. (How many teenagers and adults do you reckon have self-diagnosed and joined the Aspie club since this test first appeared online in 2001?)

Tell me, David, which expert gave you your Aspergers diagnosis? Was it Simon Baron-Cohen himself? It wasn't Professor Digby Tantam another world leading autism expert and author of several books on Aspergers, was it? Because he wouldn't give you one.

There are two things that I find curious about this study. The assumption that Aspergers, a behavioural disorder, is genetic. And the timing.

I cannot believe that Simon Baron-Cohen is unaware that 'on the spectrum' behaviours can be caused by environmental factors, such as emotional trauma in childhood, traumatic head injury, encephalitis, and drugs. Why then did he assume that you and your wife's diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome were a) accurate, and not related to other factors, b) genetic?

The timing is interesting because before this study appeared, the average age for an Aspergers diagnosis was 11 years.

In the late 1990s, Australasian expert Dr Tony Attwood said that it was impossible to diagnose a child under 7 years with Aspergers, the clinical picture had to became clearer - and that necessitated time.

Since the appearance of Baron-Cohen's study, toddlers have been given the Aspergers diagnosis and Atypical Aspergers diagnosis. And because of the myth , "Once autistic, forever autistic. There is no cure" disseminated by Neurodiversity, parents now believe that their Aspie children are "autistic" and will "have autism" for life.

So then, it's not really surprising that so many parents of Aspie children are against a cure for autism. Their kids don't have autism, and I dare say, many kids diagnosed today don't even have Asperger's Syndrome.

David, Your daughter as a toddler was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome by your friend, autism expert Dr Simon Baron-Cohen, and his team in 2001. Did he take into account that your daughter was living in a bi-lingual environment? I see no mention of this important fact in the study. Or, that a child raised by parents with relationship difficulties might have some impact on a normal child's development. Was this even considered?

You give the impression above that you have lived with Autism for 8 1/2 years. You haven't.

You have never lived with Autism, and you certainly haven't lived with your daughter for 8 1/2 years, have you? You and your wife have been divorced for some years and Tuula only lives with you part time.

You lecture parents on your personal experience of living with autism, and yet you have no personal experience because you haven't lived with it. You give the impression that living with autism is almost a breeze, and yet when your daughter was a tiny infant and she cried you went to pieces, "things went weird" and you say you were "a complete mess".

Babies cry, David. And you couldn't even cope with that.

How on earth would you manage with a non-verbal child who screeches every three minutes of every day, year, after year, after year?

You are against any form of intervention and yet, face it David, if you really had a child with autism, and you were coping with a growing, non-compliant, non-verbal, violent child, and regularly scrubbing shit out of the carpet, I think you would be first in line for treatment and therapy.

You would, wouldn't you?

Be completely honest - for once."

At Thu Aug 23, 08:45:00 PM EDT, watson said...

“I guess if David Andrews doesn't come back to refute any of the points I've made, we can safely assume that they are all correct.

If he does, perhaps he could tell us more about his involvement in this which appeared to change the focus of Baron-Cohen's autism research from studying dysfunction of the amygdala and other abnormal regions of the brain and damage to the amygdala to devising tests for finding adults 'on the spectrum', and espousing absurd theories like "Have the airplane and the computer changed the architecture of the mind? And is that why autism is on the increase?"

Baron-Cohen is supportive of the Neurodiversity Movement, so I think it's very likely he believes in their philosophy, that autism is a healthy variation in neurological hardwiring which should be accepted and celebrated - and not treated or cured.

If that is so, why is he bothering to do autism research? Is there any point?"

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The USA Is Poisoning China into Autism

Chinese children are being poisoned by American vaccine manufacturers. President George Bush is aware of this and will not do anything to stop it.

Bush's father used to be on the board of Eli Lilly, the company that manufactures thimerosal which is made up of about 50% mercury and is used as a preservative in vaccines. Mercury is the primary cause of autism.

It is cheaper for vaccine manufacturers to make multi-dose vials of vaccines rather then single dose vaccines. To use multi-dose vials, they need to use a preservative to prevent infection. That preservative, thimerosal, is the cause of almost all autism. So, to save some money, vaccine manufacturers decided in 2000, after they knew that they were causing autism, to take thimerosal out of most of the vaccines they sold in the United States but to continue poisoning babies in the rest of the world. Vaccine manufacturers made this decision after they met at Simpsonwood in 2000 to discuss a study done by CDC employee, Thomas Verstraeten in 1999 that showed us that thimerosal had caused an epidemic of autism.

Some American politicians have asked President Bush to help these autistic children and to stop poisoning more babies but he has refused to even meet with these people who don't want any more babies to be poisoned into autism. If President Bush lets the world know the truth about thimerosal and how it caused the autism epidemic, Eli Lilly and other vaccine manufacturerse will lose every dime they have to lawsuits from poisoned children. Since Bush is owned by the Pharmaceutical Corporations, he is doing everything in his power to deny the truth. You will never see this reported on television since television networks earn a ton of money from drug company advertising.

Our son of a bitch president is allowing children and families all over the world to suffer with autism so he can protect the vaccine manufacturers' money. I've seen that the Chinese government is still telling parents that autism is caused by bad parenting. This is not true. Autism is caused mostly by mercury. The symptoms of autism are the same as those of mercury poisoning.

Autism is curable. I don't think the Chinese government is aware of this. If you're reading this in China and have questions, go here and translate them into English where I will try to answer them. You can also visit this site to learn more about the mercury and autism controversy. There actually is no controversy. We've known that mercury was causing autism since 1999 but the denial and coverup has generated lots of discussion.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Autism Speaks is a racket that does nothing to help autistic children. They take most of the money that is given to them and waste it on genetic research that they already know is a waste of time.

Bernie Marcus, owner of Home Depot donated $25 million to Autism Speaks. Marcus is a leader of tort reform that tries to prevent people from sueing large corporations. Bob Wright is co-chair of GE, who owned a thimerosal plant, the substance in vaccines that causes autism.

While Bob Wright favors helping his grandson get the mercury out of his brain that caused his autism, he is not in favor of sharing this information with the rest of the world. Telling the world how his company's product caused the autism epidemic would not be in his best selfish interest. Nor would it be in the interest of the drug companies who helped pay his enormous salary with their advertising while he was running NBC.

Bernie Marcus favors tort reform to screw people who get hurt by large corporations. Donating his money to Autism Speaks must make sense to him since Bob Wright's corporation and his sponsors are certanly large corporations who are still hurting babies all over the world. Autism Speaks appears to be a giant sham of a charitable organization that wants to keep selling thimerosal to poison babies into autism while hiding the truth so they won't get sued.

Bob Wright's daughter has an autistic son. That son is the reason Autism Speaks was formed. Yet, when Katie Wright decided to tell people that she was helping her son by using biomedical intervention to address the mercury that caused his autism, Autism Speaks basically disowned her. Does this make any sense?

"We are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism;..." is what it says on Autism Speaks' website. We now know that this is a blatant lie. When Bob Wright's daughter talks about trying to cure her son, he shuts her up. When scientists apply for funds to do biomedical research, they are always turned down. The only research that is funded is genetic.
The genetic research is funded because it obfuscates the truth about thimerosal. Some genetic markers may be found that happen to be shared by a large number of autistic children. When these circumstantial results are gathered, they will be broadcast as the identification of the cause of autism. That will be a very expensive and very sophistocated lie that a lot of people won't see through. People who don't already know the truth that Bob Wright knows to help his grandson will believe this nonsense.

I won't believe one word of it because I, like Bob Wright, already know the truth. I watched my normal baby boy disappear into an apparent vegetative state at about 10 months of age. I had no idea why back in 1997 and not many other people knew at that time either. My son remained in that vegetative state until 2004 when I began to remove the mercury from his brain with chelation therapy. Expert consensus seems to agree that a child's best chance for recovery from autism is by starting chelation before age 6 while the brain is still producing new brain cells. Since my son was almost 8 years old when I started chelation, he may have missed that chance. Bob Wright is taking actions that will ensure most children plunged into autism by mercury in vaccines will also miss that chance by refusing to publicize the truth. My son continues to improve. Nobody would call him a vegetable now but his chances at independent living and a decent life are still slim. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop spending every waking minute trying to give him whatever help is available.

Bob Wright is doing his best to make sure that no parent with an autistic child learns what they need to know to cure that child. Autism Speaks will not tell anyone how Bob Wright's grandson is being helped.

If you have an autistic child and think curing it is a good idea, ask me, I'll tell you how I'm helping my son get the mercury out of his brain. Unlike Bob Wright, I won't ask for any of your money and I won't lie to you by handing you a line of bull aqbout genetic research.

In the meantime, thimerosal filled vaccines will continue to be sold causing lives of pure horror for millions of babies all over the world. Bob Wright could play a big role in preventing these babies from being poisoned in places like China, India and Africa where the full dose of mercury is still in the vaccines. Bob Wright won't tell the truth so I'll do it. Unfortunately, I don't have his money to advertise this on television so all I can do is write about it here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Autism, Vaccination and Neurodiversity - A Timeline Part 3: Response to Donna Williams

Donna Williams wrote...

"I have NEVER had a diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder. An unqualified sociology professor gave this OPINION of me in 1994 based on his memories of me in obligatory 30 minute private 1-1 office appointments as my thesis supervisor to discuss my thesis (10 in all)."

I don't think there is any doubt that you have had multiple personalities. Amanda Baggs who should know, says you do. She says on her blog, "Donna Williams and some others have had personas they used in order to pass".

Your book Nobody Nowhere is listed under Healthy Multiplicity Titles at Astreas Bookstore.

Also, it is quite clear from your publishers that you had at least two different personas while you were growing up - Carol and Willie.

You also say on your website here that you lived your "first twenty-five years as three people- a male (Willie), a female (Carol) and me (Donna)."

And yet you claim you have never had a diagnosis of MPD or DID.

I'm quite willing to change (and have changed) the wording of my post, but it won't alter the fact that by your own words you lived for 25 years as three different people. And to a layperson, and I dare say psychiatric professionals, that means you had Multiple Personality Disorder.

"Ask yourself why a sociology professor would have got MPD like behaviour from someone with a long term background of abuse when obliging them to have 1-1 in their office in order to pass the course. It ain't rocket science... "

Are you accusing Dr Chris Eipper of LaTrobe University of impropriety, Donna? You have on a number of occasions in the past referred to him as "a stalker", but here you are giving the distinct impression that his alleged stalking of you isn't his only crime.

This reminds me very much of Amanda Baggs accusing her once close schoolfriend Daniel Drucker of being a stalker of disabled women. I wonder how these men feel when they see themselves being publicly maligned, and their reputations brought into question online for all the world to see, and yet they are not given the chance to defend themselves against such terrible accusations.

"As for formal diagnosis, I was assessed at age 2 as psychotic in 1965 at a private hospital called St Elmo's in Brunswick, Victoria. This was after admission for appearing deaf, no pain response, bruising when touched (leukemia was queried) and coughing up blood. My parents were reassured I was not deaf and didn't have leukemia but was psychotic."

You say, “assessed at age 2 as psychotic”, not diagnosed with ‘psychosis’. I believe you chose your words carefully, Donna. There is a world of difference between having psychotic behaviour and being diagnosed with psychosis, just as there is a world of difference between having autistic behaviour and actually being “diagnosed with autism”.

I don’t understand how the "bruising when touched" could have been the result of psychotic behaviour. Surely, the bruises were either the result of a medical problem which would have needed thorough investigation and treatment, or they would have been indicative of physical abuse.

Could it have been familial abuse, Donna? I read your first book in 1995, and the horrendous descriptions of your early life at the hands of your abusive and neglectful parents. And I pitied you.

That is why I continue to wonder if your autistic behaviours sprang from your turbulent past. It occurs to me that your life could have been very similar to the lives of the deprived, abused and emotionally disturbed children described by both Dr Bartak and Michael Rutter, whose autistic behaviours disappeared when they were moved to caring and supportive environments, or the children recovered completely with “reasonable foster care”.

So much for medical professionals who would have us believe that autism is a mysterious, genetic, and incurable disorder. And so much for Neurodiversity activists who claim that all autism is genetic, incurable, and life-long.

I guess you already know there are children being diagnosed today with autism who actually have Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). To give such children an autism diagnosis is grossly unfair to parents who are devoted to their children and have given them all the love and care in the world. Should we return to the days of Bettelheim and his theory of “refrigerator mothers”? Or Virginia Axline? As if a few hours of Play Therapy could turn a child like Dibs into a genius!
Having first read Dibs in the 70s, I was horrified to discover that this work of fiction is still being reprinted - and, of all things, has become a school textbook!

"In late childhood I read on the teacher's student roll next to my name "Donna Williams is a disturbed child". This was in 1974, I was 11. This was my 2nd diagnosis and based on being studied by the Psych and Guidance service to the school."

Why do you count this description in a teacher’s roll book as an official diagnosis, and other descriptions as opinions? Do you doubt its accuracy?

You have also been described and identified as a person with Multiple Personality Disorder. Why then do you totally discount MPD/DID, when to the average layperson who has watched movies like ‘The Three Faces of Eve’, and then reads that you have lived as three people for twenty-five years, "Dissociative Identity Disorder" might very easily spring to their minds. Is there another disorder in the DSM that would be a better ‘fit’?

”I was diagnosed with autism in my 20s in 1991.”

Did Dr Bartak actually diagnose you with autism, after the test he gave you, or did he describe you as autistic? You have often written, “I was diagnosed as autistic”, but “autistic” to me is a description, not a diagnosis.

You might already be aware that Thomas McKean, who knew you very well for some years, accused you of being a fraud in a message he wrote to a support group in 1998, but it occurs to me that he might have been trying to get his own back after you had openly questioned his “autism” diagnosis in a letter to MAAP in 1995. I want to make it clear to others that you did not question that he was autistic, only that he might have been misdiagnosed with autism. You said, “it is true that many autistics are misdiagnosed and, therefore, it is just as potentially true that schizophrenics (and people with other non-autistic disabilities including some with PDD (NOS), are misdiagnosed as autistic.”

That’s a very important quote from you, Donna, because this statement is as true today as it was back in 1995, and I couldn’t agree with you more. There is a huge difference between being autistic and having autism, isn’t there? And today everyone with a deficit in what is considered to be 'normal' socialization, for whatever reason, is being shoved under the "Autistic" umbrella. Speech delayed toddlers for instance - and adult schizophrenics.

I believe that this problem has become far, far worse in the 2000s, because of the number of self-identifying “autistics” who, having clicked the ‘right’ set of answers in the Aspie online quizzes think they are autistic, have autism and get an identity for themselves with Neurodiversity. Once they’ve joined the Club, they start disseminating anti-treatment, anti-cure propaganda.

What appals me most is that these people, and many of them appear to be very young and naive, some of them in their early teens, are identifying with a brand new “culture”. They haven’t even been misdiagnosed by a psychiatrist, they are self-diagnosed, and they look down on low-functioning autistics, and shun them. Donna, does this appal you as much as it appals me?

I am mentioning fraud because it seems to me that everyone who is 'someone' has been accused of fraud at some point – you, Thomas McKean, Jim Sinclair, Amanda Baggs, and others.

" Yes, my IQ was tested as under 70 in my 20s after I had a university degree.."

I don’t understand why you would want to quote your lowest score in a specific test, if that’s what you are doing. Every time you do, I wonder if you are trying to make a point to show people how impaired you really were to somehow prove you had autism and were low-functioning. An IQ of less than 70 is in the retarded range, isn’t it? And there is no way in the world that I’d believe that anyone could ever think of you as retarded, Donna. With all your skills, you are highly accomplished.

"I would like to neatly fit a box of HFA or Asperger's, but fact is I don't. I do function today in the HFA range, but this is not the girl who peed all over her room at age 11, its not the kid who had 10% receptive language at age 9, its not the kid who had bites all over her arms at age 6 from her own teeth, its not the kid who had no sense of pain and was trying to cough up her own lungs at age 2. Fact is, many people with autism WONT make my journey, but I did."

Yes, you did. With biomedical intervention, and diet.

Donna, you give the impression that you were a very low-functioning child with severe autism, and it appears that you attribute your self-abusive behaviours, and your peeing all over your bedroom floor at age 11, to your autism. Don’t you think that living in a dysfunctional home with abusive and neglectful parents, an alcoholic mother who wasn’t there for you, and your grandfather dying when he did, would have had more than a little impact on your development, and emotional state?

Did you pee all over the classroom floor when you were at school all day or did you reserve that behaviour for your bedroom? Are you trying to say that you were incontinent at 11 and couldn’t control your bladder, or what?

And if your exceptionally high pain threshold and the shocking self-injurious behaviours you describe are examples you use as evidence that you had low-functioning autism, why would you have any ties whatsoever to a philosophy that would have everyone celebrating your 'neurodiversity'?

And, looking back to when you were 11, if at the time a non-autistic sibling had shared your bedroom, do you think they would have accepted your 'difference', enjoyed your autistic company and being part of the eccentricity, and willingly invited their friends home to meet their autistic sister? Or do you consider it more likely that they would have been deeply embarrassed by your behaviour, self-isolated, and begged your parents to get you fixed?

At Sat Aug 25, 03:43:00 AM PDT, Donna said...

"And please also don't misquote Dr Bartak. He has over 40 years experience working with people with autism and is one of Australia's leading autism experts. He did not diagnose Wendy Lawson with autism. He diagnosed her with Asperger's.."

Seeing as I did not quote Dr Bartak, Donna, I could not have misquoted him. I did not say that Dr Bartak diagnosed Wendy Lawson with autism, I said, "Wendy Lawson was diagnosed, also, curiously, by Dr Laurie Bartak, with an Autism Spectrum Disorder".

The information came from a number of websites including Jessica Kingsley Publications, her publisher, and yours.

"Temple was not diagnosed with autism in infancy. She was diagnosed as brain damaged at age 2."

As a side note, I corresponded with Temple, circa 1995, and she was most interested in my son's history and the obvious link between his vaccination, his brain damage and his autism. And I will add, that as a frantic parent who'd been told by medical professionals that regressive late-onset autism is just a condition that strikes some children out of the blue, there wasn't a cause, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to help him, and they could give me no assistance whatsoever, I was touched and most grateful that she had shown an interest in my son and taken the time to write to me.

Here is an interview with Temple from 1996. It begins:

"Dr. Temple Grandin is in a unique position to provide parents and professionals insight into autism because she has autism. She was diagnosed at age 2 and has lived a very challenging and adventurous life."

"At six months of age, Temple Grandin began to stiffen in her mother's arms and struggle to get away. At two years she lashed out in violent rages, yet had immense powers of concentration, letting sand fall through her fingers or examining her hands or spinning a coin for hours. At three, Temple was taken to a neurologist and a diagnosis of autism was made."

Although you are correct when you say, "Temple was not diagnosed in infancy", she was diagnosed in very early childhood, at the age of two or three, and not well into adulthood at 26, like yourself, or middle-life, at 46, like Wendy Lawson, which was the point I was making. But as you are going to quibble about the wording, I have changed "infancy" to "very early childhood".

Donna Williams said...

"In adulthood Temple was assessed as having Asperger's."

What do you mean by “assessed as having” Aspergers? By whom?

I have never read that Temple Grandin has been re-diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. I’d certainly like a reference. Do you have one? However, I have ‘heard’ ND activists discussing Temple Grandin and Amanda Baggs on their blogs, and how Temple is more like a person with Aspergers, but from the way she looks and behaves it is quite obvious that Amanda is more the genuine article. After the CNN interview, someone said that they'd told Amanda Baggs years ago that one day she would become the "Great Leader of the Neuroatypicals".

Obviously, Neurodiversity activists thought that Temple looked too high functioning to represent low-functioning autistics, and be a spokesperson for them. However, I strongly suspect that's not the real reason. It has more to do with her attitude towards treatment and therapy. She knows children with autism need intense therapy. From what I have read, her loving, kind and supportive family worked together to give her the intense therapy she needed.

"Kathy Grant was diagnosed in the HFA range in late childhood. Her father is a brain surgeon and she had intensive early intervention from age 2. The sexual abuse you refer to happened to her in late childhood. Kathy has NEVER claimed to have been severely autistic."

In Kathy's own words:

"As a young child, I was raped by a neighbors grandfather. It has left me scarred since."

I have never seen a reference for Kathy Grant's HFA diagnosis in late childhood. That would have been before 1975, wouldn't it? Would there have been a range of autism diagnoses thirty-odd years ago? She might never have claimed to have been severely autistic, but she has claimed for many years before her Asperger's diagnosis in 1994 (or 2001), that she had been "diagnosed with autism".

It reminds me of Jasmine O'Neill who claims to be a mute, Classic Kanner's autistic savant. Did you ever meet her, Donna? I hear that since the publication of her book in 1999 in which she extols the beauty of autism and urges parents to embrace their child’s autism and to celebrate their neurological differences, that she has met the man of her dreams, married him, and regained her voice. Did you know?

"Jim Sinclair didn't speak till age 12. He may have had Selective Mutism but says he hadn't worked out why to speak. Jim had a childhood diagnosis of emotional disturbance and at some point a diagnosis of autism."

And yet in 1990, s/he couldn’t prove to the satisfaction of the SRS that s/he’d ever had a diagnosis of autism?

Jim Sinclair:

“When one of my advocates suggested that some problems that had been attributed to personality and attitude might actually be characteristics of the disability of autism, she replied that she felt I had done research on autism and had decided to imitate it. She suggested that this was a case of fraud.”

“On July 30, 1990, the State Appeals Committee issued a decision affirming the decision of the Hearing Officer.” (Ref: MAAP - Letters)

"None of these people have been treated for severe gut, immune or metabolic disorders though Wendy has recently been diagnosed with Coeliac."

Are any of these advocates believers in the current philosophy of Neurodiversity - that autism is to be celebrated, and children should not receive treatment of any kind such as vitamin supplements, chelation for metal toxicity, or the gf/cf diet and probiotics to heal gut dysbiosis; or therapy such as ABA, AIT, Doman-Delcato patterning, or cranio-sacral therapy?

You must be aware that Neurodiversity activists are accusing parents of child abuse for using such treatments and bad-mouthing them; and persuading and bullying others not to even try to treat their child, because it is, they say, tantamount to killing the "autistic person within". Do you agree with that, Donna? I’m almost certain you don’t.

At Sat Aug 25, 03:52:00 AM PDT, Donna said...

"I met Kathy Lissner and Jim Sinclair in 1992 when involved with the promotion of my second book, Somebody Somewhere."

According to Jim Sinclair you were promoting your first book:

"In February 1992 Donna Williams came to the U.S. to promote her first book, Nobody Nowhere. During her trip, she took a few days away from the book tour to visit with Kathy Lissner (now Kathy Grant) and me, two of the autistic people she had been corresponding with through the penpal list. I drove to St. Louis, Missouri, where Kathy lived, and we all stayed together in Kathy's apartment."

According to the reviews "Somebody Somewhere - Breaking Free from the World of Autism" your second book was first published in 1994.

It should not be necessary for me to go to the trouble of proving that I am correct, when the evidence is readily available online. Why say that you were promoting your second book, when you must know that it was your first? I really don't understand that, unless you want readers here to believe whatever you say because you are the author and should know when your book was published - or you're expecting me to jump through hoops for your entertainment. No one can promote a book two years before its publication.

"To confuse the origins of ANI with todays neurodiversity movement is fallacious. The neurodiversity movement came along years after the founding of ANI and was begun by Jim and carried forward by many others, including Wendy Lawson. So this should clarify your innacurate history."

This is very confusing, Donna. ANI was founded in 1992, and Jim Sinclair wrote “Don’t Mourn for Us” in 1993, so are you saying that the Neurodiversity Movement began with Sinclair’s writing of this piece? If you are, it looks like ND began one year after the founding of ANI, and that’s not "years after", is it?

And "Neurodiversity" was not dreamed up by Sinclair, was it? Judy Singer coined that word in 1998/9. She's not very popular amongst the ND crowd, is she? They won't even mention her by name. You know why, don't you?

My point to Nine, was that you, Jim Sinclair, and Kathy Grant did not begin the Neurodiversity Movement. Nine claimed that it had started after Jim Sinclair's essay had been published in 1993. But that essay was not widely circulated among parent autism support groups until 1999, after the rate of autism had increased, and parents found out that thimerosal/mercury in vaccines, a neurotoxicant, had been repeatedly injected into their babies starting with the first day of their birth.

Neurodiversity activists use this essay to prove that autism shouldn't be cured, and yet Jim Sinclair didn't have autism, and parents of children with autism today have no idea that Jim Sinclair is an inter-sexed person whom you say "may have had selective mutism", and that s/he is not against "intervention for behaviours that intrude on other people's boundaries".

What exactly did Sinclair mean by that statement?

A child with autism is forever intruding on other people's boundaries, but adult “autistics” who’ve never had their own children, and self-diagnosed “Aspies” wouldn’t know that, would they?

"My place in the neurodiversity politics has always been as a moderate who strongly supports treatment for gut, immune and metabolic disorders for the subgroup of people with AUTISM who share the same health issues I've dealt with."

Yes, I agree you are a moderate. You have a foot in both camps. And being a moderate, you have not budged even when you've come under fire from ND activists for your support of biomedical treatment and special diets, and I thank you for that.

BUT, your recent interview with Amanda Baggs and your You Tube video are supportive of the Neurodiversity Movement’s philosophy. And that is giving everyone with an autistic child a false impression.

It was also a huge disappointment to read your interview with Amanda Baggs, when you should be fully-aware of her history.

By your reputation, Donna, as an advocate for people with autism, and as one of the best known autistic authors for the past fifteen years, you are giving this person who pretends to have been a low-functioning, non-verbal child with autism, CREDIBILITY, especially since your interview appeared after accusations of fraud had started to circulate.

Amongst other falsehoods that you have helped to perpetuate by engaging in this interview, Amanda Baggs was not a non-verbal child with severe autism who learned to communicate at age 9, by slowly teaching herself to type on a keyboard with a little picture of a cat on it. At that age, she was a fully-verbal, fully-toilet-trained, gifted child attending a normal school. And five years later, she was living away from home, attending Simon’s Rock College where she was majoring in psychology. That’s when she started smoking marijuana and using LSD “extensively”, and after several months, crazy and suicidal, she ended up in the psychiatric ward of a hospital, and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Having read that, Donna, do you truly believe that Amanda Baggs was a non-verbal, doubly-incontinent, low-functioning child with severe autism who was institutionalised? Which is the impression she gives in the visually shocking but entirely false Getting the Truth Out website, and on her blog.
She says on her profile at AFF, that the only official diagnosis on paper that she’s ever had is “Autistic Disorder – low-functioning”. She does not say that at the time she was given the diagnosis, she was 19 or 20 years old.

One can only guess why a person who not only supports but recommends treatment, and uses it herself, would have anything to do with the Neurodiversity Movement and their insane philosophy.

Why Donna?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Donna Williams, More Fraud from Neurodiversity

Here are some of the comments that I felt would be deleted on this Youtube video by Donna Williams. Sure enough, when I checked back today, they were gone. I had also commented myself, to which Donna replied but that has also been deleted.

As is typical of the neuroinsane, any discussion that points out the horror of true autism is whitewashed. Williams wrote a book that is lauded by the neuronitwits back in 1991, before she ever had a diagnosis of autism. That proves that her level of difference was not so severe that anyone would have bothered to try to identify her condition as autistic. If she'd had autism before the age of 26, no competent person could possibly have missed it.

Here's some excerpts of yet another disingenuous neurodiversity video:

"Autism has a wider context

Before attending school non-autistic children may accept an autistic sibling.

An autistic sibling can be a disappointment to a non-autistic child,
who like many wanted a playmate more similar to themselves.

Some autistic siblings who are taught to feel that an autistic
sibling is a family burden

Others may enjoy being part of the

Non-autistic siblings who are not taught how to play interact or
communicate, in autism friendly styles may be more likely to feel
helpless and ill-equipped to enjoy autistic company on equal terms.

Some children who are taught to view an autistic sibling as broken
may promote themselves to being paternalistic carers, develop
self-pity, self-isolate, or use pressure on their parents to fix or
get rid of their broken sibling. None of this is healthy for either child

An autie production."

Anyone with an actual autistic child immediately sees the problem with this portrayal of autism. Autism is nothing like this. Autism is not some insignificant "difference" to be tolerated. Autism is everyone's worst nightmare come true. It is children who can not be reached on ANY LEVEL WHO ARE LIKE WOUNDED ANIMALS run amok within civilized society. Autistic children can not be reasoned with. Their behaviors are completely intolerable. They scream in pain frequently and no doctor on the face of the earth can tell us why.

Autism is a nightmare for siblings too. It is impossible for siblings to interact with autistic children. Unlike Donna's wacky description of teaching siblings how to interact, those of us who have actually dealt with autism know that there is no possibility of any interaction between normal kids and "wounded animals" who can't talk, don't make eye contact, don't play with anything besides objects that are useful for stimming and simply wander about in their own little worlds, oblivious to everything around them.

Comments posted 24 August


"My non-autistic son learned long before he went to school that his
brother was 'different'. Yes he wanted a playmate. Yes, he was
disappointed and wanted us to 'fix' his brother. Can you blame him?
He was bitten, scratched, kicked, punched and spat upon. As were we
all. My autistic son was incapable of relating to any member of the
family. Of course he couldn't learn to "enjoy autistic company on
equal terms". Autism is not eccentricity, Donna. "

"And my autistic son would have been terrified of that balloon you're holding."


"ha ha, me too. I didn't like the hat or the baloon. The plastic ball
I'm holding is one I carried since I was two. It was a 'friend'. To
this day I'm afraid of baloons near me. Because I was thought deaf my
parents burst paper bags and baloons to try and get a blink response.
I've been posed in that birthday pic and have gone rather 'puppet' in
it on the basis I got to hold my plastic ball. :-)"


"My son didn't just dislike balloons, Donna. He was literally scared
almost to death at the sight of them, and would run a mile. And he
didn't have cruel parents repeatedly bursting paper bags and balloons
in an endeavor to get a blink response from him. The "BANG!" of one
solitary balloon was enough to scare the living daylights out of him,
and from then on, nothing on earth would have induced him to hold a balloon. "


"Hi Kitties, yes there was a stalker in the 90s, before HFA was known
of. Because I had become HFA this person decided I had manifest
autism in adulthood. In fact my original assessment was 'psychotic'
at age 2 in 1965. I got functional speech by age 9-11, before that
stored speech. My IQ in my 20s was under 70 (already had a degree and
score was result of both genius and retarded) so I was dx'd as autistic."


"A stalker? Are you referring to your sociology professor, Dr Chris
Eipper at LaTrobe University, who was your supervisor for your
Honours degree?

Whoever heard of a person with an IQ of 70 in their twenties being
accepted at university, majoring in Linguistics and Sociology, and
getting a BA Hons degree?"

The above are honest comments from someone who has obviously dealt with actual autism for a long time. As it says in the moniker, TRUTH is the element that Donna Williams has decided to delete. Donna may have conned some uninformed publisher into publishing her opinions as some sort of expert on autism. Those opinions don't fly with real experts who have dealt with autism 24 hours a day for many long years.

I would have no problem with anything Donna Williams has to say if she would define her conditions properly. If she were to discuss dealing with Asperger's in the same manner, her points might be valid. As it is, she has decided to align herself with the psychotic sadists from Neurodiversity who are doing their best to present the wrong impression of autism. Autism is something that no person on this earth can adjust to. It is a condition that requires a constant state of alert to control uncontrollable children.

Autistic children are dying all the time because it is impossible for anyone to deal with caring for them 24 hours a day. Thanks to Donna Williams and the cult of psychos from Neurodiversity, politicians and high-placed decision makers will continue to hear this false impression of what autism is and more children will undoubtedly perish. Some more will die at the hands of their caretakers who have been pushed to their limits by the incredible stress of this nightmare. Neurodiversity is well aware of this but they continue to obfuscate the issue. It's time for more people to realize the hazards that are being caused by Neurodiversity and steps need to be taken to quiet these lying scoundrels.

Just for the hell of it, I'm adding in this youtube video here. This is one fraud interviewing another fraud. The beast being interviewed is Laura Tisoncik. Does anyone equate what this slob is saying with autism? (That's anyone who's sane, nitwits.) This obese, disgusting thing who looks like she hasn't washed her hair in a month bears zero resemblance to any autistic person I've ever seen. The slovenliness does, however, remind me of the video I saw of David Andrews singing. Asperger's, maybe; just a lazy hog, probably; autism, no way.