Friday, September 28, 2007

New Report about Thimerosal
Our government investigated itself and found that they were all innocent of everything. I guess we were all wrong. We can stop discussing thimerosal and toss our kids in institutions and forget about them.

Thank you Mr Bush. Now I can give up trying to cure my kid and just go golfing.

I just have one question, George. Did you, or any politicains involved in this sham accept campaign contributions from vaccine manufacturers?

I think Patrick Henry has something to say to you, George.


Anonymous said...

Or you can quit your day job and look after your son full time which is more important than your golf game!

Anonymous said...

NEVER EVER institutionalize kids! Anyone who does that has given up on their kid cause the places destroy little ones.

Anonymous said...

I think people are missing the point.

It's not about golf...that was a JOKE (and by the way, everyone needs a makes you be a better parent. Raising a child with ASD is stressful. So back off!)
If you don't want instiutions, then what are you doing about it? Are you insuring a future for these children? It's nice to talk about it. Oh institutions are sooo bad. I have to tell you right now...There is NOTHING for these children. No where for them to go, when their parents die.

Let's keep asking the important questions and stop getting stuck in the mindless emotions that will solve nothing.

Why is this happening?
Who will be responsible?
What does the future hold?

It's a political year..
Do you want to get the political analysts off your phone? Ask them a simple question. What does your candidate intend to do about the rising numbers of kids with autism? How do they intend to educate them? How do they intend to house them in older years? Who will provide for them?

The ONLY way the government will get involved is with $$$$$. I can only imagine that when people figure out how much these children will cost the country, things will be accomplished. Until then, these kids are getting older by the day.

For the aspies out there. Would you, for the love of GOD, stop bitching. Be thankful that you can read and write...and hopefully get a job and support yourself. That is WAY more than what the doctors are predicting for my son. Get you head out of your ass. There is something bigger out there than your precious ego.

And NO I don't have time to read a book that a person with aspergers wrote. I am sure it is a lovely book. I am just too busy making communication boards for my child..SO he will able to express a THOUGHT. I silly of me. Some people are just so self centered.

Anonymous said...

How do families support themselves when they have to give up work in order to take care of a disabled loved one?

Anonymous said...

geez the conclusions of this report could mean a lot of things. such as it's ok to put mercury back into vaccines in the US. are they laying the ground work to start doing this?

Anonymous said...

Fore Sam, I hope you never stop writing this blog. It's clear that you are an "active" participant in the fight against autism in your own child. This is more than I can say for others (like Kristina Chew) who seem to spend all of their time writing blog posts that criticize anyone who exposes the obvious and proven dangers of mercury poisoning.

The truth about the government and vaccinations will come out eventually, until then we have to just realize the cover-ups for what they are.

Dr. Chew should spend more time with her kid. Every time I check for blog updates, hers has been updated several times a day. People like her just work against any hope of a cure, and she's one of the less harmful ones, as you know.

Keep up the good work.

Fore Sam said...

Thanks, I don't even believe Chew has a kid. Could any mother be that cruel to know all about mercury and not try to get it out of her kid. PhD my ass, what a nitwit.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to echo the sentiments of your last anon and add my own personal thanks for all the help you've been to so many of us who care about helping our autistic children.
Thank you John.

Anonymous said...

"If you don't want instiutions, then what are you doing about it?"

I never said that cause we need those places - but for ADULTS! NOT kids!

Anonymous said...

Institutions should not be for ANYONE.

Someday your "little one" will be an adult and then what happens?

People need to make a change YESTERDAY special ed in schools...demand proper medical treatment (not just Ritalin and the like)...insist on better studies. Question law makers.

Keep the conversation going...make people accountable.

Do not be bullied by individuals that have financial gains to be made at the expense of our children.

Joeker said...

Read between the lines on this video, and you'll see something ironic.

This was written by Baggs, so remember to keep that in mind.

An adoring groupie snagged it from a discussion, and put it up out of the discussion's context. It was meant to be an argument against people against the ND, or whoever.
But up on youtube, it's a straight-out insult to any parent who doesn't support the ND.

Joeker said...

Bush is too busy reading Spot's adventures to deal with anything important.

John D Giotta said...

What does the President of the United States have to do with medical studies? Don't get me wrong I'm not the first person to defend him, but your rant is completely baseless.

0mercury said...

Hello........... MERCURY IS STILL IN VACCINES!!!!!