Saturday, January 08, 2011

JB Handley Sells Out Autistic Children on CNN

JB Handley did this interview on CNN and sold out every autistic child with some very good lying. Handley's lies of omission here are exactly what the vaccine makers want so they can cause more brain damage to babies.

Handley claims that the only vaccine that has ever been studied is the MMR shot. He knows this is false so it's an outright and blatant lie. Verstraeten did the study in 1999 that showed us thimerosal (mercury) was the cause of autism based on his study of the DTP shot which contained 25 micrograms of thimerosal. It was because of this knowledge that we began to cure autism by removing mercury from our childrens' brains. Many of us have succeeded in curing our children to differing degrees by removing that mercury. That confirms mercury as the cause so one has to ask why Mr Handley now decides to ignore this fact.

If Handley was honest, he would be mentioning facts concerning mercury. He would mention the fact that no vaccine ever caused autism for 133 years until mercury was added as a preservative in 1931. In fact, nothing ever caused autism before 1931 because autism did not exist until then. He should be mentioning the fact that there was zero cases of autism in New Hampshire and Mississippi in 1993 and that those states, all of a sudden had hundreds of cases in 1994, exactly three years after the HepB shot was added to the vaccine schedule in 1991. He may be aware that newborns do not have a blood brain barrier and that shooting mercury into them as soon as they were born was an excellent way to place mercury in their brains and cause permanent damage. The key here, and Handley must be aware of this, is that the mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women is incredibly hazardous to fetuses. If mercury from the HepB shot could cause the largest increase in autism that was ever seen in 1994 by shooting newborns with mercury, can't he fathom that shooting twice as much mercury into fetuses through the mothers' flu shots would have much more damaging results? One would think a Stanford graduate could make this connection.

Instead of making these arguments that seem to be common sense to me, Handley is now off on this crazy tangent of making comparisons between numbers of vaccines that contain no mercury, or very little mercury and are mostly given to babies after they have developed a blood brain barrier. At no point in this interview or other TV interviews that he has done lately for CNN and a show that I think is called "The Doctors" did Handley mention the flu shot and the full dose of mercury that those shots still contain.

If you were a CEO of vaccine manufacturing company, a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study is exactly what you would want to prove that vaccines do not cause autism. Of course, you would want that study done on children who were born since most of the thimerosal was reduced to trace levels in most vaccines. The results would show some autism in unvaccinated children since some would have had mothers who had the flu shot while pregnant. Lots of mothers are now full of mercury themselves since they were babies when the number of vaccines began increasing and they would pass some of that to their fetuses and to their newborns through breastfeeding. Pharma could easily cherry pick subjects for this study and be sure to include autistic kids whose mothers had flu shots but did not vaccinate their babies. Voila, they find unvaccinated kids with autism and they have a perfect study to declare that vaccines do not cause autism. And, they have JB Handley who stated in this video that he would admit vaccines do not cause autism if this study produced those results.

If JB Handley had any guts or honesty in his character, he would have stated the facts about mercury and he would have mentioned the flu shot and drilled that point home in no uncertain terms. The fact that he didn't do that tells you he's a liar.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

We Can Win the Presidency and End Autism Forever

We the People have the power and the means to take control of the USA back from the Rothschilds and the corporations who now control it. We don't need any money to do this and we can win the next election unanimously, aside from a few votes from multi-millionaires. All we have to do is use the internet to spread the word that we are not going to vote for any more corrupt Democrats or Republicans and that we are going to elect ourselves.

I'm running in 2012 as an Indeependent write-in candidate. If elected, I am going to get rid of every bureaucrat and corrupt politician who infests our government and replace them with ordinary, honest citizens who did not attend Yale or Harvard. I will seize the Federal Reserve and replace Federal Reserve notes with United States notes that will be backed by silver and gold. I'll declare all mortgages on primary residences paid in full, let all of the big banks fail and we won't miss them. All money in their accounts will be covered for every citizen with new currency.

We'll make homes free for everyone. They are a United States asset, not a bank asset, and everyone deserves to have one. Real Estate will no longer be a game for the rich to profit off the misfortune of the unemployed. The banks won't increase their wealth by forcing all of us to pay them interest for thirty years and investors will stop profiting from foreclosures. We now have 19 million vacant housing units which means our country has more than enough to house every homeless person. This real estate belongs to us, the American people, not to banks. We are going to reclaim it from these thieves and throw the banks out of our lives.

Making homes for everyone a right, not a lifetime of debt will automatically reduce inflation to nothing and lower the cost of living so greatly that exorbitant salaries and the costs of all goods and services will shrink to levels where everyone can easily afford everything they need. The only losers here will be the banks who have been robbing us forever. Too bad.

Our society has become one where we are all indebted to bankers. We pay them interest for our cars, homes, educations and the interest on our credit cards that we overuse when we can't afford the $3 a gallon gasoline that we all need to work for the corporations. Those corporations found cheap labor in Asia to put lots of us out of work while they increased profits and still expect us all to pay for their goods without any jobs. We don't need those goods from Asia and we can return to making them ourselves by simply throwing those corporations out of our country. We can do this if We the People control our own government again by simply passing laws banning all corporations. With no more mortgages or rent to pay, we can all work a lot less and we can perform the same functions of the corporations with profit sharing co-ops that are owned by every employee. We just take over their operations and let the employees run them. This is a simple solution to the greed that has been thrust upon all of us through these corporations. We can throw the whole corporate mindset out of the USA for good and end the practice of becoming highly educated slaves who serve the corporations by playing their politically correct games.

In the process of taking back everything in the USA that belongs to us, we will take control of the media, the TV networks and the newspapers. We'll take those businesses that belong to all of us out of the hands of a few wealthy people and make them entities that serve everyone, that report all of the news honestly and we'll get rid of the obnoxious advertising that the corporations use to lie to us about how wonderful their overpriced products are. This is covered in the Constitution under freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Had our founding fathers foreseen television and its power, I think they would have considered it a resource for all, not just a few wealthy folks like the Rothschilds who own the major networks. Television needs to be seen as an American resource, much the same as the Grand Canyon. It can't be owned by any person and we have to address this now. We can't keep accepting what we're led to believe we have to accept. We have the power to make these changes and all it takes is electing ourselves instead of the corporate shills who now allegedly represent us in Congress.

We have the power to change everything that's wrong with our country and all we have to do is talk to each other to make it happen. We have the internet where we can all talk to each other even more effectively than the corporations who control us talk to all of us through the television. You can take this simple message and send it to all of your friends, ask them to do the same thing, discuss it, and keep sending it around. If you have an area of our government that you want to manage, say so. I want people with me who want to destroy what our government has become and put it back on track. Our government should exist to serve us. It can never tell us what to do or how to do it. We manage the government. We haven't been able to do that since every election has been rigged by corporations who could buy the most TV commercials to have their stooges elected. Well, we have the internet to put ourselves back in charge and we better do exactly that right now. If you want to live the way human beings were meant to live, tell everyone you know to write me in in the 2012 primaries. Put hand-painted signs in your front yards and on your cars asking people to vote for me. That doesn't cost anything. The whole campaign will be free and we can outdo any corporate advertising and throw them out of our lives forever. We can solve every problem we face honestly, without corporate influence. All it takes is for YOU to unhook yourself from the television brainwashing you've endured your whole life and decide that we can do this together.

When we become President, we can tell everyone the truth about how vaccines cause autism. We can end this nightmare and we can give all of the victims everything they need to cure autism. We won't need any studies because we will control the country and we can simply tell the truth and lock up the criminals who caused this horror.

John Best for President in 2012.