Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A New Name for the Same Old Liars

A NEW ORGANIZATION OF DECEPTION FOR AUTISM. Here are the same group of degenerates, liars and morons trying to lead victims of mercury poisoning from vaccines to lose to our corrupt Congress under a new name.
They announce that they are going to lie like hell and keep selling out autistic children with this blatant lie: " if there is consensus on anything in the field, it is that there are still far more questions than answers as to whythis is happening. There are still no meaningful advances in prevention, treatment and/or cure for those so affected,".
In fact, we knew 15 years ago that autism was caused by thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines. These people know this but they falsely claim that there are more questions than answers. They also know that lots of kids started becoming cured about 10 years ago by chelation. So, they're lying through their teeth about there being no advances in treatment/cure.
They claim to represent 100,000 people. Are there really 100,000 people who are stupid enough to fall for this controlled opposition? Nowhere in their deceptive rhetoric do they demand that Congress tells the truth. They only ask Congress to waste more money and more time. They don't bother pointing out that Congress is 100% corrupt and is poisoning our babies intentionally. This is obvious to anyone who studies autism but these liars claim they don't know this by not mentioning it.