Saturday, June 09, 2007

Neurodiversity, The Return of the Nitwit

A neurodiverse nitwit ponders the vaccine trial.

from Kevin Leitch:
Thirdly, the vaccine connection. If anybody truly thinks that the vaccine/autism bullshit is anything other than the most important issue facing autism and autistic people right now then they need to pull their heads out the sand.

Right now, this week, a trial will begin that will effectively determine whether vaccines can legally cause autism. The outcome can potentially change the way the whole world views autism. The quacks lose and we can scale back a bit and move focus elsewhere. The quacks win….well, what happens then? Who knows, because as far as autism goes, all bets will be off.

Are you autistic? You’ll be considered first and foremost vaccine-injured. If you refuse treatment – what then? Will your ‘diversity’ be respected? Or will you be the new schizophrenics? Condemned to be held down and chelated much as schizophrenics were once held down and given ECT. Will you still be eligible for the help you get? Housing? Social? Monetary benefits…do you think you’ll still get them?

We see that Kev is concerned if vaccines can legally cause autism. He doesn't give a damn if they actually cause autism, only legally. And, this bonehead allegedly has an autistic daughter.

As far as doing what's best for your child, who gives a damn about any legal definition of anything? It won't change the treatment I give my son if one set of lawyers beats another set of lawyers. Legal wranglings are all about guilty parties escaping responsibility. They are not about helping damaged children. We've already proved that Eli Lilly is guilty beyond a shadow of any doubt. We've done that by curing autistic children, by removing Eli Lilly's poison from their brains.

Look at Neurodiversity's concern regarding this. They are concerned that they might be held down and chelated which could cause them to lose free money from the government. This pretty much sums up the ethics of Neurodiversity. It also shows how one of their leaders caters to the crux of the matter. The leaders of Neuroinsanity have snowed a bunch of people who collect disability payments and convinced them to blog against themselves. They pounced on their naivete to spur them on to become vocal in favor of negligent companies who ruined their lives. The fact that any of the Asperger's bloggers who fell for this did so willingly shows how easy it is for professional propagandists to con mentally disabled people.

What would any sane leader of autistic people tell those people? He would say as forcefully as possible: You were poisoned by Eli Lilly. You should get hair tests and porphyrin tests done and sue the balls off of the companies who poisoned you. Then you should chelate yourselves so you won't be hoodwinked by assholes like Neurodiversity.

No decent person who wanted to help autistic people would advise them to remain disabled and eke out an existence on government handouts. He would tell those mentally disabled people to take every dime they could get from Eli Lilly for destroying their lives.

Thank you Kevin for coming back to show us all how easy it is to abuse innocent autistic people to help the drug companies.

Addendum: As predicted, Kevin now has a diagnosis. This from his latest post:"I carry one of the diagnosis’ listed above. I have type 1 rapid cycling bipolar disorder (Wikipedia). The first time I can remember feeling that I was decidedly different in outlook, thought patterns, behaviour and generally being was when I was about 9 – 10 years old. However, I have not carried an official diagnosis anywhere near as long as that. I’m nearly 40 now. 25 – 30 years ago, just as with autism, there weren’t the same amount of diagnostic specialists who knew the signs and symptoms. Meh. Such is life. It’s well managed now which is a massive relief."

Kev says he has to take a neuroleptic for this condition. He further explains the true nature of his malady:"In the course of this exchange, the phrase ‘brain damaged’ was used in a way that seemed to indicate to me that those who may have to use neuroleptics have damaged brains. I was somewhat taken aback by this. My immediate association was the idiotic null comparisons of John Best of autistic people having ‘rotting brains’."

So, we see that Kev is slowly edging towards accepting the truth about himself. Kev has to call me names to save face amongst the victims of Neuroinsanity. No good leader of naive cult members would miss a chance to demonize an honest person who wants those victims to learn the truth.

It looks like he is setting himself up to have an epiphany once the vaccine case is decided so he can ease himself into helping his daughter. Accepting the fact that a diagnosis of a form of mental illness usually means some sort of brain damage is a good place to start. I think Kev will soon be realizing that, as rotting cars can be cured by sandpaper and paint, rotting brains can be fixed by removing the substance that kills the brain cells. Of course, I could be wrong and Kev could be talking about his alleged condition to regain his credibility with naive cult members who he likes to bash.

Does anyone think type I rapid cycling bipolar disorder is similar to Obsessive Golfing Fixation? It began at about the same age in me as Kev's disorder began in him. Perhaps there's some age related correlation that we should look into. Too bad Joseph is gone or he could do a statistical analysis of OGF and the bipolar thing that afflicts poor Kev.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Neurodiversity, A Straight Shooting Opinion

I couldn't leave this comment buried in the comment section.

Anonymous said...
Lets please get one thing straight and keep it in mind:


Got it?

In fact you want to know autism?
Seems that there's a direct proportion to the more autistic someone is, the more Neurodiversity/Amanda Baggs etc squats, spreads cheeks and opens fire.

Amanda Baggs started exploiting autistics starting with the girl she was assigned while in college to 'help' -- and decided she'd rather be more like her than to help her -- and its been nonstop exploitation, manipulating bullying, intimidation, on any of them since.
The more direct the contact, the more autistic the target, the more severe the actions, this from a woman who thinks we're all cockroaches she created anyway, 'not one of us'
Thinking you're like a kid out in the back yard stirring up and fucking with an anthill is this bitch, especially when it comes to autistic people.

You know what, Amanda Baggs? I got yer 'not one of us' *right here* bitch.

That goes for the rest of these "neuordiversity' fuckwads who think they've latched onto something good, the 'perfect' disability because there's nobody to contest them and the scant few with legitimate reason to who might are quickly used and cast aside..

Currently Amanda's been using the plight of some high schooler with AS and now this Larry thing to try to show "see? I help 'em I advocate for em"

I'll tell you what:
I've never seen a truly autistic person aware enough to think of things in terms of 'public life' vs 'private life' let alone contruct such things, nevermind to the level she has, Never seen an autistic person capable to have let alone so obsessed with her public persona and image..

Obsessed with image and quite capable to 'read' the must subtle perceived social slightings, yet this bitch can't control her farts?

She's 'aware' of just what the hell she wants to be and is hiding behind this disability she doesn't have to excuse the rest.

I feel so bad for autistics who made it as far as being able to commmunicate by text, to get online and have their efforts to communicate being met with THIS bunch of lower than low demons.

Lets get that cleared up right away too:
Its not autism or autistics that are demonized, its you fakers, you good-for-nothing frauds.

This webpage would have been MUCH better named "Hating Faking Autism"

THAT'S what it hates, that's what I hate.

You are demons. Traumatizing people and causing so much pain to others, so she and the lot of you can play-act, you incredibly selfish selfish bitches, all of you.

Die 'neurodiversity' die die die.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Neurodiversity Sells Out One of Its' Own

Here is how Kevin Leitch deals with conflict in the Autism Hub by bashing an autistic adult who disagrees with him. "The first conclusion that I have come to is that Larry is a pseudo intellectual poseur. I’ve looked carefully at what he has written both now and in the past and applied his own criteria to his words and actions. I find him duplicitous – dishonest and narcissistic." Kevin Leitch is talking about an autistic adult named Larry Arnold. Isn't it nice how Kevin demonizes this autistic man?

Mr Arnold seems displeased with the leadership in the Autism Hub of Insanity. He sees the mercury debate as a diversion that siphons funds off that he thinks should be used for services. He's right about the debate taking funds away but he misses the point that there really is no debate, just some Pharma shills trying to prevent autistic kids from being helped. The debate is nothing but a stalling tactic that may prevent some people from curing their kids so they can't be used as evidence against Pharma. Mr Arnold doesn't appreciate this fact that mercury did cause the epidemic and that children will be and have been cured. But, that's beside the point as far as he should be concerned. Kevin and his Pharma apologist thugs have hijacked the autism rights movement to obfuscate the truth about mercury.
I think Mr Arnold is more concerned with autism rights from an autistic perspective without being bothered by these criminals who lie about the cause of autism. It doesn't matter that Mr Arnold remains on the side of ignorance about autism's cause. He should be able to lead the cause of respect for autistics without having that goal dragged through the mud by Leitch's and Seidel's idiotic bashing of everyone who actually helps autistic children.

I don't suppose Mr Arnold will be calling children liars who have stepped out of the abyss of low functioning autism to function at a higher level. If these people don't realize a 100% cure out of the autistic spectrum, they may be allies with Arnold in the autism rights movement. Their parents will be right alongside.

Leitch's demonization of Arnold shows his true colors as being opposed to anything that helps any autistic person. Leitch continues his lying about mercury and chelation while bashing an autistic adult in no uncertain terms. Leitch proves what I've been saying all along, that the Autism Hub of Insanity is only using autistic people to further their goal of denying thimerosal as the cause of the autism epidemic. He proves he doesn't give a damn about the autistic people themselves.

Hopefully, other autistic people who have been sucked into this scam by Leitch, Seidel, Estee Klar, Joseph, Cubbins, Stanton and Autism Diva will wake up and disassociate themselves from these scoundrels to advocate for themselves. When they do that, they will have the support of the 99.999% of parents of autistic people who just want to do what is best for all involved.

While the best thing that could happen to all autistic people would be to go through life without any disability, those who will remain disabled to any degree desaerve all the assistance they need. They do not need a bunch of scoundrels knocking those of us who try to improve the condition thereby making enemies for themselves by association.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Autism Speaks Sells Out Their Own

Bob and Suzanne Wright have sold out their daughter and their grandson. They have issued this statement knocking their own daughter for appearing with David Kirby. This shows us that money is thicker than blood for this greedy couple.

Bob and Suzanne claim they are committed to finding the cause and cure for autism. This is pure and utter bullshit. They already know the cause and the cure. They've observed it in their own grandson. They're trying to feed us the idiotic line that autism is mostly genetic.

We all should have known better than to trust anyone who made his living off of drug company advertising. Autism Speaks is nothing more than a bunch of lying thieves. They pick the pockets of philanthropists to increase their wealth as they do everything in their power to take the blame for the autism epidemic off the backs of the drug companies who helped to make Bob Wright rich.

This charitable organization belongs behing bars for helping to hide the truth about autism. Not one child is going to be helped by anyone's donation to these lowlifes.

Bob and Suzanne, if you were my parents, I'd spit in your eyes, beat the hell out you both and leave you for dead. You are the most disgraceful human beings I have ever heard of, knocking your own daughter to help criminals who are still poisoning babies worldwide. The continuance of this crime makes Hitler look like a choir boy.

Thimerosal caused the autism epidemic, Bob and Suzanne. The history books will include your despicable role in the coverup.

Here's the link to Katie Wright's interview with David Kirby: