Sunday, June 03, 2007

Neurodiversity Sells Out One of Its' Own

Here is how Kevin Leitch deals with conflict in the Autism Hub by bashing an autistic adult who disagrees with him. "The first conclusion that I have come to is that Larry is a pseudo intellectual poseur. I’ve looked carefully at what he has written both now and in the past and applied his own criteria to his words and actions. I find him duplicitous – dishonest and narcissistic." Kevin Leitch is talking about an autistic adult named Larry Arnold. Isn't it nice how Kevin demonizes this autistic man?

Mr Arnold seems displeased with the leadership in the Autism Hub of Insanity. He sees the mercury debate as a diversion that siphons funds off that he thinks should be used for services. He's right about the debate taking funds away but he misses the point that there really is no debate, just some Pharma shills trying to prevent autistic kids from being helped. The debate is nothing but a stalling tactic that may prevent some people from curing their kids so they can't be used as evidence against Pharma. Mr Arnold doesn't appreciate this fact that mercury did cause the epidemic and that children will be and have been cured. But, that's beside the point as far as he should be concerned. Kevin and his Pharma apologist thugs have hijacked the autism rights movement to obfuscate the truth about mercury.
I think Mr Arnold is more concerned with autism rights from an autistic perspective without being bothered by these criminals who lie about the cause of autism. It doesn't matter that Mr Arnold remains on the side of ignorance about autism's cause. He should be able to lead the cause of respect for autistics without having that goal dragged through the mud by Leitch's and Seidel's idiotic bashing of everyone who actually helps autistic children.

I don't suppose Mr Arnold will be calling children liars who have stepped out of the abyss of low functioning autism to function at a higher level. If these people don't realize a 100% cure out of the autistic spectrum, they may be allies with Arnold in the autism rights movement. Their parents will be right alongside.

Leitch's demonization of Arnold shows his true colors as being opposed to anything that helps any autistic person. Leitch continues his lying about mercury and chelation while bashing an autistic adult in no uncertain terms. Leitch proves what I've been saying all along, that the Autism Hub of Insanity is only using autistic people to further their goal of denying thimerosal as the cause of the autism epidemic. He proves he doesn't give a damn about the autistic people themselves.

Hopefully, other autistic people who have been sucked into this scam by Leitch, Seidel, Estee Klar, Joseph, Cubbins, Stanton and Autism Diva will wake up and disassociate themselves from these scoundrels to advocate for themselves. When they do that, they will have the support of the 99.999% of parents of autistic people who just want to do what is best for all involved.

While the best thing that could happen to all autistic people would be to go through life without any disability, those who will remain disabled to any degree desaerve all the assistance they need. They do not need a bunch of scoundrels knocking those of us who try to improve the condition thereby making enemies for themselves by association.


jonsmum said...

What Kevin Leitch has done to Larry Arnold is dispicable.

Kevin, do you have any idea of how most of the things you said and did in writing this post might affect Larry? You have been cruel at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Leitch is pitiful. However, if I am being honest, I have to say that I kind of like this bickering back and forth by the Hub people. It keeps them occupied with their own silliness. Someone named Vicky just said this to Leitch:

Kev,,,, what you have said is really bad and without conscience,,,, I am wondering if you are even NT as you come off somewhat autistic…

Loving it. Pass the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Since when do you people care about disparaging autistic people? A quick glance at this blog has all types of horrible things to say about autistic people none of you know. Hypocrisy.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, There are many uncomplimentary things about ALLEGED autistic people here. There are also uncomplimentary things about jackasses who are against helping poisoned children. Whether those jackasses are autistic or not is immaterial.

Googlybear said...

I saw this brewing on Friday on Leitch's blog. ND doesn't really care about autistic people. Like you said, it will be the parents whose kids are not cured off the spectrum who will be supporting the autism advocacy cause. ND forgets that alot of the "curbies" are the ones with lots of drive and energy to get what needs to get done for their kids no matter what it takes. Whether it is pursuing a cure, better educational services or better services in adulthood.

Fore Sam said...

I had to laugh reading Leitch's blog where someone made a comment about his behavior being "cultlike". It looks like the "sheep" are finally seeing through the smokescreen. Maybe they'll all see that Neuroinsanity is just using them soon and they'll start to realize who the good guys are in this debate.

Googlybear said...

I finally had some time to waste over at Kevin's blog. I think the crux of his bitch is that Larry wants the hub to be primarily run by autisics and feels that the NT parents are taking over. Even though Kevin spends some time whining, what he really seems to be doing is reaffirming his position as an NT parent on the hub. LOL! I guess it is OK for him to beat one of the autistic members down.

Kevin says this about Larry, "He is an attention seeker who is annoyed that he isn’t the story." But I think it is in fact Kevin who is an attention whore and is worried that he might have to step back and let the autistic members take the lead. He claims to want this, but I think in reality he likes feeling like one of their leaders. As evidenced by this comment, "Now I was genuinely alarmed. Firstly by the thought that autistic people might think that parents on the Hub was hijacking the issue of neurodiversity..." Kevin keeps trying to reaffirm his "rightness" by claiming that autistic people are writing him and affirming his opinion and that he has asked autistic people about stuff.

Now Kevin is trying to blame everything on his "neurology". I guess personal responsiblity is out and unconrolled neurology is in. "I would also urge some of you autistic people to be very careful of your own neurobigotry. One person has said that my actions are a total overreaction. Maybe. However, my own neurology makes this impossible for me to avoid sometimes." Is he having a breakdown or something? He is calling autistics 'neurobigots', a completely made up word and claiming he has a neurological difference that causes him to overreact. What a dipshit.
I guess this is his out in case there is any fallout over him attacking Larry, he can just claim his neurology made him do it.

Kevin needs to stop making up more pc words for neurodiversity to use, and go chelate his kid.

Googlybear said...

LOL! Looks like Kevin is packing up his neurotoys and storming out of the neuro-sandbox. I guess he didn't get the response he wanted to his neurorant and all the neurobullies came out and showed their neurobigotry towards his neuro-differently-typicalness. So I guess he is going to go throw a neurotantrum.

Here is an excerpt from his newest entry "To say I’m disappointed and angry is an understatement. I’m going offline from all things autism for a few days. I still have no idea about what neurodiversity is to me anymore or my role in it." Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! He's shut off his email account and suspended comments to his blog. Could it be the end for Left Brain Right Brain? Who will step up to the neuroplate and fill the neurohole left by Whinin' Leitch? What will Kevin do now? Maybe he will form a new group called Overreactors Anonymous. Or maybe his break from the computer will help him reevaluate his daughter's life and he will start looking into the biomedical aspect of treating autism. One can only hope for Megan's sake that this is the case.

Anonymous said...

The problem with autistics running anything is that they all think they are right and will not listen to, and cannot understand, another person's point of view. Their brains are wired differently, as they keep telling everyone. Adult autistics need normal people to run the show for them if they want to be organized and cohesive or they will end up with nothing but a bunch of disconnected, self obsessed blogs.

This is why people like Amanda Baggs are good at organizing this movement. Her level of organized thinking proves she is not autistic and is over the worst of her drug induced schizophrenia. She could not write the way she does if she were truly autistic.

If ND wants to flourish they will need non autistic parents and associates to keep them on track. They would be nuts to try to run them off.

We could be witnessing the decline and fall of the autistic empire.

Fore Sam said...

Kevin has to find a way for him and Kathleen to keep the naive autistics in line so they don't start listening to us and curing themselves. He counts on their blogging to give his idiocy some credibility. As long as the autistics are snookered into believeing they can't be cured, Leitch, Kathleen, Diva, Chew and some others can keep using them to try to make sane people think there is something wrong with curing autism.

Anonymous said...

Did I just read at Kevin's blog that he is not going to blog anymore?

Fore Sam said...

If that's true, he'll probably resurface under an alias to cause more abuse to autistic people from a different angle.

Googlybear said...

This is my prediction:

Kevin will take a break. Then he will come back and say that he did some soul searching and reevaluation. He will claim that he has been a closeted autistic all along and that he can't hide his real self. I can see it brewing. Camille (Autism Diva) has been hinting around that Kevin is really an autistic that hasn't "outed" himself yet. (I kind of hate the way they used homosexual movement terminiology like closeted and outed). So, my predicion is that Kevin will come back, apologize and blame it all on his autism; everyone will rally around him anew because he has joined back up as "one of them" and then he can use his new founded position as an autistic blogger and a parent to take back his position of power in the hub. It will be his perfect solution.

For the record, I don't think Kevin is autistic, aspergers or PDD.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaa... haaaaaa... poor Kevvy had his feelings hurt.

He went out with a huff...

Just in time. My popcorn is gone.

Anonymous said...

Googly thinks Kevin will come back claiming his inner autism. You could be right! How predictable that would be. Christschool found his inner autism after he his son was diagnosed. I can see it now, one day he was just an annoying self obssessed bastard and the next he was an aspie. Sadly the two are the same thing. Then there is Ms Baggs who claims she never denied she was once schizophenic and able to walk, talk and toilet herself, she just hasn't talked about it recently.

So Kev finding out that he is in fact autistic would make sense.

One the other hand he might just be so fed up with the egocentric ramblings of 'the hood' oops, I mean 'the hub' that he will claim his neurotypicality and demand a cure for his child so she does not grow up to be like the other autistics.

They all need a cure.

Fore Sam said...

Maybe Kevin is at acting school and will be autistic when he comes back so he can make videos like Amanda and christschol. He might even wish to impress Amanda so she'll let him father her baby.

Joeker said...

Well, you seem to have some pretty big balls, perhaps YOU should do the honours?

After all, you were the one to suggest it.

Fore Sam said...

Joekr, I couldn't possibly do the honors since atleast 20 beers would be required by any man and I don't drink.

Googlybear said...

You mean, for all Christschool's stimming and rocking with deadpan features, he never knew. I swear I thought he was faking. My autie daughter doesn't rock and she will ham it up in her own way for the camera. It seems like the fakers seem to do stereotypical Rainman type stuff for the cameras, while the real auties and aspies see no need for that kind of nonsense.

Waiting for Kevin to come back autistic. Do you think he will smear feces as his stereotype?

Fore Sam said...

Googly, When my son rocks a lot he's usually very happy, big smile, squeals of delight. This guy acts like he's trying out for a remake of Marlon Brando's role in Apocalypse Now.

Googlybear said...

That is the thing, my daughter laughes and smiles alot. My friends with autie and aspie kids do too. In fact, even the lowest functioning autistic adult I ever worked with could show expression.

Christcreep looks like something entirely different to me. It looks like he might have mother stuffed in the front room or something. Eeeee eeee eeee eeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

I just watched it!

It's hilarious. I don't usually rock, being NT and all, but I'm rocking now, with laughter!

Have you ever seen anything like it? CS does not rock in his other vidoes and Gawd knows he has published so many of them. Why is he rocking now. Aspies do all kinds of stims, mine does endless hair twirling and has a funny walk, but I've never seen one rock. He must be copying Amanda who rocks in her vids. When did this start? Is this his idea of no distinction between high and low functioning? He'll be racing Amanda Baggs in matching wheelchairs soon. When will he start wearing diapers, or has be already? Do you think he will gain 200lbss.

I have only one thing to add,

Christschool you rock!

Fore Sam said...

Even in the institution I worked in, most of the kids there smiled a lot. None of them looked as stoned as Baggs or this nut job do on their videos.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now, one day he was just an annoying self obssessed bastard and the next he was an aspie. Sadly the two are the same thing.

I don't think that is a fair assessment of a group of people overall.

Googlybear said...

John, I didn't realize you also had worked in the field. I know my history working with dev. disabled adults really gave me a good dose of reality.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think that is a fair assessment of a group of people overall."

Googly, you are right. I think I'm just annoyed at what I and other people I know who are married to aspies and have aspie kids have had to put up with. It makes me furious that idiots like Christspewl are trying to make it seem as if they are the victims, just like he does in that idiotic video.

Adult HF autistics can and do make the lives of their 'loved ones' hell. To make out they are endlessly the victims infuriates me. Then on top of that to demand to be understood, loved for who they are, and other crap, when they are unwilling to do that in return, makes me sick.

If an NT person behaved the way HF autistics behave we would be tarred and feathered, but throw in autistic and all of a sudden appalling behaviour has to be accepted and even encouraged.

Much of the ND movement and those who cling to it are nothing but a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. The real aspies need to be cured for their good and everyone elses.

Asperger's is not an identity, a way of life, a race. It is a neurological disorder that needs treatment.

Joeker said...

I concur with anon here. Could you please stop letting in the comments which are overtly directed at Aspies in a negative way?

I mean, sure the guy's a twerp, but do you really need to insult Aspies at the same time?

Yes, the guy is a complete and utter moron, but can the insults against Aspies stop?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

nemezide said...

Apparently there are people married to aspies and with aspie/autistic kids. Apparently they hate the aspies they're married to, and maybe the aspies they're parents to, either. Aspies make your lives hell?
Why did you marry an aspie in the first place? Didn't you love them for who they were?
I really don't get this. Hope you allow this comment, John, because I'd really like someone to please explain this...

Googlybear said...

"I don't think that is a fair assessment of a group of people overall."

I posted the above. My pinky hit the enter key instead of shift and it posted Anon.


I hear your frustration. I don't know what it is like to be married to someone with a neurological disorder. I do know what it is like to be the child of someone with schizophrenia. Sometimes it is hard to tell yourself it isn't the person's fault when you are so close to the situation. If auties were able to make themselves think and feel the way NT's do, then they wouldn't be autistic. Since social problems are a big part of ASD's.

In real life, I know of only one Aspie/NT marriage and I don't even know if the guy realizes he is aspie. He actually looks alot like Christcruel. Anyway, back in the early '90's, I said this guy had "social dyslexia". I didn't know what else to call it. I would try to avoid him, because he took a keen interest in my pregnancy at the time, asking me and my husband all kinds of invasive questions about our sex life, bodily functions and so forth in front of groups of our friends at church. I have since heard from mutual friends over the years that he is very mentally abusive to his wife and kids. The sad thing is, I don't think he means to be. He never came off as malicious, just completely and utterly clueless about how others might feel or how to speak to people.

I don't think that ASD's are a race or a choice or any such thing. They are neurobiological disorders, and as frustrating as people with neuro problems can be... well by the grace of god there could go I. All it would take is a car accident and some frontal lobe damage to completely change either one of us.

Anonymous said...

Could you please stop letting in the comments which are overtly directed at Aspies in a negative way? Joeker,

Who the hell do you think you are. Get your own damn blog. Read somewhere else if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Googly, thank you for your understanding, you are amazing, truly. You hit the nail on the head with regards to AS/NT marriages.

I guess my frustration here comes from the fact that people with HF ASDs do make peoples lives hell and I do not think it is in any way justifiable to let them demand to 'be themselves' and not get help/cured. Their behaviour is often appalling which is why they need social training, early intervention etc. It is not only other peoples lives who are damaged, aspies themselves fail socially, have failed marriages, are unable to give emotionally to their children. The damage goes on and on.

I am sure that on some level ASDs are genetic, but also I believe vaccine damage is partly to blame, which is why I am anti-vaccines. I am also pro-cure because other genetic disorders are seeking a cure, why not his one?

I refuse to respond to you Nemizide because you are an immature idiot.

As for Joker, I am involved with another group which support families with ASD members. It is not unusual for aspies to read the articles posted, get offended, and demand that articles they don't like be removed at once. They actually expected to be instantly obeyed. Mindblind!


Googlybear said...


I completely understand where you are coming from. The frustrating problem with neuro problems is that if affects a person's thinking and perception; therefore they either do not realize they have a problem, think everyone else has the problem or think that there is nothing wrong with them it is just their personality. When my mother was having a schizophrenic episode, it didn't even matter that she had once been normal, whatever was in her mind at that time was her reality. Getting her to realize she needed help was near impossible. So all we could do was sit around and watch her life fall apart bit by bit until she got to the "danger to self and others" part, and then the cops would haul her off to the mental ward. Once she was back on her meds, she would be depressed and anxious because her life was a mess. On her meds, she was very autistic in her behaviors and sometimes it would just drive me crazy, especially as a kid. Fortunately she didn't raise me. My dad tried to keep us in balance that it is not her fault but we have to be careful to keep an eye for signs of mental illness when with her. If I could have cured her I would have, but she died from something else that needed curing, cancer. If she were alive, I would be getting her into biomed.

Phil said...

Asperger's is not an identity, a way of life, a race.

This HAS to be addressed.

You are a fool, Anon - and I'm not surprised you stayed anonymous because that comment is discriminatory to say the LEAST!!

AS IS an identity! It IS a way of life!! Therefore it has the same rights as a race does. After all, that's why the United Nations declarations on both have been made in the same terms!! We are individuals with rights, and people like you hold us back! We have provided the world with many things, from the earliest forms of technology in the 19th century through to the computers we enjoy today! The majority of people who came up with these advances were and are ASPIES!!

It is a neurological disorder

At least you have the sense to call it correctly in this case, and not a disease like Best would!

And note - the disorder is a part of us as being black is for Aborigines.

You are the one who needs treatment - or rather education in tolerance for people who are DIFFERENT!

(Go on, Best - mod this out! I dare you to prevent the real truth being spoken again!)

Fore Sam said...

I allowed Phil's comment because Phil has been misinformed about the cause of Asperger's.
Phil does not mean to insult anyone, it's the Asperger's talking, just pretend it's a friend who had one too many beers and will be sober in the morning.
The only difference here is that Phil will never sober up unless we can deprogran him from the insanity he has learned from scoundrels who like seeing poisoned people suffer.
I think I'm being very tolerant of your insults, Phil. I understand your diminished capacity to reason and I pray that you will be cured someday soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, I could not have said it better myself. I also signed my post with my nickname, but I guess Phil was so upset he failed to notice.

"We have provided the world with many things, from the earliest forms of technology in the 19th century through to the computers we enjoy today! The majority of people who came up with these advances were and are ASPIES!!"

There is no evidence that anyone with Asperger's invented anything. Why everything technological is assumed to have been invented by an autistic is beyond me. Show me the evidence. Many Aspies are very intelligent, but then so are just as many NTs and NTs have the ability to finish tasks, to be personable and to get along in groups. I know who I'd hire given the choice.

Asperger's is a serious neurological dosrder, it is no more a separate race than those with other disorders like Downs or diabetes.

Googly said "If I could have cured her I would have, but she died from something else that needed curing, cancer. If she were alive, I would be getting her into biomed."

Of course you would, because you loved her. That's why you do the same for your little girl, because you are a good mum. It would be child abuse not to help your child get better if you could.

Phil, there is no prejudice here and no discrimination. If there were I would have let the Aspies in my life carry on as they were instead of helping them. I know what I am talking about.


Googlybear said...


I understand why you feel the way you do, because it is all you have ever known. It is your way of life because it is the life that circumstance has thrust upon you. But, if we were talking about a different disorder, like paraplegia. Yes, living in a wheelchair is a way of life, but is paralysis akin to a race? I don't know. I really don't like to divide people too much according to disability or ability, because I think it can start to cause people to feel as though they are not part of humanity as a whole. True humanity is not defining ourself away from the majority but finding ways of integrating everyone into the whole.

Fore Sam said...

Fox, Besides having brain damage misnamed Asperger's, Phil believes that professional wrestling is real. He is the naivest of the naive. He falls for every stupid piece of propaganda from Neuroinsanity.
His parents must be horrible people for not trying to help him.

Anonymous said...

John, I was not sure if you have seen this nor how to send it to you except by the board. I did not send it to post unless you want to, just to bring it to your attention. Fox 2012

Autism vaccine claims to get their day in court
Updated Tue. Jun. 5 2007 8:16 AM ET

Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- Science has spoken when it comes to the theory that some childhood vaccines can cause autism. They don't, the Institute of Medicine concluded three years ago.

Soon, it will be the courts turn to speak.

More than 4,800 claims have been filed against the federal government during the past six years alleging that a child contracted autism as a result of a vaccine. The first test case from among those claims will be the subject of a hearing that was to begin Monday in a little-known "People's Court" - the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. A special master appointed by the court will hear the case.

For the parents filing a claim, there is the potential for vindication, and for financial redress.

The test case addresses the theory that the cause of autism is the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in combination with other vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal. That preservative, which contains a form of mercury, is no longer in routine childhood vaccines. However, it is used in influenza vaccines.

One of the parents who has filed a claim against the federal government and has great interest in the case is Scott Bono of Durham, N.C. His son, Jackson, 18, has autism. While acknowledging the findings of the IOM's study, Bono believes those findings were preordained by the federal government.

"The charge before the IOM committee was: 'You're not going to find anything wrong here,"' Bono said.

He said that parents of children with autism have been marginalized, but they see specific outcomes in their children that are consistent with exposure to mercury. And those outcomes did not present themselves until after they received their vaccinations. In short, the children tell the story better than the numbers, he said.

"It's a thrill in the sense that, for the first time, the stories of these children are going to be heard in court," Bono said.

In July 1999, the U.S. government asked vaccine manufacturers to eliminate or reduce, as expeditiously as possible, the mercury content of their vaccines to avoid any possibility of infants who receive vaccines being exposed to more mercury than is recommended by federal guidelines.

Dr. Paul Offit, who developed a vaccine for the rotovirus, is chief of the division of infectious diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He said epidemiological studies pick up minute, almost invisible differences in the populations that have received a vaccine versus those that have not.

For example, a swine flu vaccine in the 1970s caused the sometimes paralyzing Guillain-Barre syndrome in one out of 100,000 cases, he said.

But no such correlations have been found for autism, which affects about one out of 150 children, he said.

"It should be easily picked up," he said. "It hasn't been and the reason it hasn't been is because vaccines do not cause autism."

Offit said mercury is part of the natural environment. There's no escaping it and, in fact, children will get more mercury from breast milk than they get from a vaccine. Yet, he's frustrated when he hears legislators speak of having zero tolerance for mercury.

"On this planet you can't have zero tolerance for mercury," he said. "You would have to move to another planet."

Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction. Those affected often have trouble communicating, and they exhibit unusual or severely limited activities and interests. Meanwhile, classic symptoms of mercury poisoning include anxiety, fatigue and abnormal irritation, as well as cognitive and motor dysfunction.

The report from the Institute of Medicine pointed to five large studies, here and abroad, that tracked thousands of children since 2001 and found no association between autism and vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal.

Members of the National Autism Association see drug manufacturers and the federal government as working too closely together to the point that the federal government is working to protect the industry from liability. The association says its mission is to raise awareness of environmental toxins as causing neurological damage that often results in an autism or related diagnosis.

Bono, a member of the association, said he doesn't believe his son was intentionally poisoned.

"I just want someone to step up and say, 'You're right, this did happen,"' he said.

During the hearing, lawyers for the parents were expected to present their expert testimony during the first week. Then lawyers representing the federal government were expected to present their case. The hearing was to be open to the public.

Officials planned to post transcripts on the court's website about 24 hours after each day's proceedings.

Phil said...

Phil has been misinformed about the cause of Asperger's.

It's genetic in basis. That's the truth and you know it, because you are one of us. You passed it to your son. You have been misinformed, Best. Wake up.

Phil does not mean to insult anyone, it's the Asperger's talking

I mean to insult you, Best. You are dumb - pure and simple. I am an Aspie and I am bloody proud of it. I have accepted who I am - which is more than I can say for you.

The only difference here is that Phil will never sober up unless we can deprogran him from the insanity he has learned from scoundrels who like seeing poisoned people suffer.

If we are talking about deprogramming, Best - let's talk about you instead of me. You are living a lie. You are insane. I'll keep saying it. You want us to suffer the indignity of intolerance. That's how we suffer, idiot. If people like you will help PROPERLY by leaving us alone at worst, or providing logical guidance at best (and staying away from the USELESS chelation) you'd be doing something positive. But you don't give a stuff!!

The fact is you are creating a monster the way you are treating us ASD people. And the biggest monster of all will be the teenage Sam Best. And who's fault will that be?

I understand your diminished capacity to reason

Pot, Kettle, Black

Phil believes that professional wrestling is real.

I am INVOLVED in the business locally, smart arse! I know more about it than you ever will! Of course it's primarily fake! It's a ready made fantasy world that suits me to a tee which is why I love it. Don't use my WWE reports as a guide - I do it the way that I do deliberately.

He falls for every stupid piece of propaganda from Neuroinsanity.

John Best Jnr has fallen for the real propoganda campaign. Provided by the panic merchants at DAN! There is no mercury poisoning. Medical fact. ASD's date back to 2000 BC, and some of them have been mis-diagnosed as Schizophrenia - as recently as 1994 before the DSM-IV. Medical fact.

His parents must be horrible people for not trying to help him.

And leave my parents out of this you little shit. They have been GREAT to me! Which is more than I can say for your relationship with Sam! They respect me as me, and always did. You don't respect your son as your son - the Autistic son.

You are the bad parent.

The only poison around here is your pathetic attitude towards the diversity of the human race.

I really don't like to divide people too much according to disability or ability, because I think it can start to cause people to feel as though they are not part of humanity as a whole. True humanity is not defining ourself away from the majority but finding ways of integrating everyone into the whole.

I agree with that second sentence, Googly, but to achieve this one needs to understand and accept differences in the human race. That means "putting people into boxes" is a neccessity. Your sentiment about that isn't misplaced. I wish it was that simple. But to achieve it, the first thing a person must do is accept that they are different - and that applies to Aspies, Paraplegics and coloured people equally. I have accepted myself. The next step is to get others to accept me as I am.

Best won't - but then he doesn't have the intelligence to accept diversity. No surprise in that given that he is probably the sort of soldier that would have been right at home as a guard at Guantanamo Bay! He has already demonstrated his intolerance of gays and lesbians (Baggs aside), which indicates right wing religious leanings - for which I have no respect for at all.

Best is in denial - and doesn't have the guts to admit it.

You are one of us, Best. You are fixated and can't see the wood for the trees. Chelating yourself isn't making any difference. Take off the dark glasses and accept yourself for who you are.

A man on the Autistic Spectrum.

Oh - and Fox, the post I quoted you from did NOT have your name on it.

There is no evidence that anyone with Asperger's invented anything. Why everything technological is assumed to have been invented by an autistic is beyond me. Show me the evidence. Many Aspies are very intelligent, but then so are just as many NTs and NTs have the ability to finish tasks, to be personable and to get along in groups. I know who I'd hire given the choice.

Then you'd be discriminating against someone who has the skills in perseverance that is way beyond any NT you care to name. Especially in the face of adversity as the inventors of the 19th century had to. They WANTED to be alone to do their work. That's Aspie. They wouldn't be distracted and hit the panic button when they were. That's Aspie. Not NT. Any NT's who acheived anything in this area did so with help - and plenty of it because they could not have done it alone.

If you want someone to be focused, logical and knew what they were doing - if you don't go for the Aspie, you haven't got the best person for the task at hand. Social skills are not essential in a lot of jobs outside of customer service.

Phil, there is no prejudice here and no discrimination. If there were I would have let the Aspies in my life carry on as they were instead of helping them. I know what I am talking about.

You don't. Unless you are helping the Aspies you know by treating them with respect and answering all the questions they have - the only way us Aspie can learn (through actual experience - theory means zero). If you are doing that, then OK. If you aren't, then you are not helping - you are hindering. And possibly preventing the creation of the next Albert Einstein - who was one of us as well.

Think about that.

(I wonder if all this effort was worth it and Best allows this through? Bet it's not.)

Anonymous said...

Phil said this-"If you want someone to be focused, logical and knew what they were doing."

Here's an excellent example of aspie logic.

We were on holiday and my husband went one morning to the showers on the camp site. Half an hour later he came walking back towards the camper with a bare backside, no pants on. He was wearing a T Shirt which fell just below his waist and had his towel and other clothing thrown casually over his arm. Everybody could see his butt, full frontal, the lot. I went running towards him in a panic asking what he was doing. He said, "I forgot to take my clean underwear and I did not want to put the dirty ones back on after I was clean."

I explained to him how inapproriate that was, that he could have been arrested, could have trautmatized some poor woman and her kids. He did not get it, he insisted he had done nothing wrong. He insisted what he had done was perfectly logical, and it was if you eliminate context, social expectations, laws. Aspies do not live in a bubble, they just think they do.

This is a man who prides himself on his logic. This is a man in his fifties, diagnosed by an expert with asperger's, university edcated, highly intelligent. His logic makes sense only in aspieland. I could write a book about the insanity of aspie logic. Apie logic is a myth.

Here is the problem with the Asperger's disorder.

Even after my explanation to my husband about this situation and so many others over the years, he did not get it, and does not get it. He does not learn by his mistakes because of rigid thinking and a complete inability to see other peoples perspective. He keeps repeating the same mistakes. He farts in public places, he says insulting things to people and has no idea why they are upset with him. He is a perfect example of an aspie. He creates embarrassment and stress and anxiety for his children and everyone around him.

Phil, I know Asperger's. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Who diagnosed Einstein with Asperger's? Please post a source for this assertion.

Fore Sam said...

Fox, Thank you.
No matter how you try to explain to someone with brain damage that they have brain damage, they will never understand until the brain damage is repaired. That's why we need to round them all up and cure them for their own good and the good of society.
The proof that this is the only way to approach the problem lies in the fact that no person who has been cured of any ASD asks to revert to their former damged condition.

Googlybear said...

Everybody could see his butt, full frontal, the lot. I went running towards him in a panic asking what he was doing. He said, "I forgot to take my clean underwear and I did not want to put the dirty ones back on after I was clean."

OH MY GOSH!! Fox, you have been dealing with this stuff for 20 years, I would have gone crazy. It is one thing when it is your kid, but I would think entirely another when it is your adult partner you are supposed to be relying on.

The rigid thinking is so much my daughter. My younger sister also has this rigid logic and so did my mother. My sister lived with us for a time. I remember once needing her to go to the store with me. And she could not for the life of her figure out how to put it in her schedule. She kept saying, "if I go to the store with you at 10 am, I will miss my 11 am shower and how will I get my makeup and hair done in time to eat lunch before work?" I kept telling her to take her shower at 8 and get her hair and makeup done for work ahead of time. She couldn't wrap her head around it. She ended up trying to cram her shower and such in after the store and being late for work. And that isn't even the tip of the iceburg with trying to rationalize or problem solve with my sister. She can not problem solve because she can't see a solution and usually ends up with the most convoluted and impractical solution which causes her to fail and then get angry with her life- well actually with everyone else because she blames everyone else in her life for her problems.

Anonymous said...

"Who diagnosed Einstein with Asperger's? Please post a source for this assertion".

My guess is that it was either Kev Leitch or Autism Diva. LOL!

Anonymous said...

My good friend is married to a brilliant undiagnosed aspie. I have never seen anyone self-sacrifice the way my friend has. She accepts and adores him completely. She spends the majority of her day accommodating his "needs." She does not complain, she does not whine. She loves him and feels it is her duty to understand and accommodate him. She wants him happy and comfortable. I ‘ve consider him to be the luckiest man alive. I do not know another soul who would love, nurture, and accept him the way she has. (I myself would find it hard not to strangle him.)

This man is now separated from his adoring wife. The reason? "She is not a team player." He works hard and he makes a few simple requests. The main one being dinner needs to be on the table at 7:00. Well sometimes my friend gets busy with the kids and the errands and does not serve dinner until 7:10 or 7:15. Apparently this disrupts his entire universe. My answer to this kind of demand is "If you are hungry, you know where the kitchen is."

Now most people would assume that there has to be more to the story than dinner being a few minutes late. I'm telling you that the late dinner is her worst offense. This type of behavior from her makes it impossible for him to live in the same house.


Anonymous said...

No one diagnosed Einstein with Asperger's. However, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen (Oxford University) has stated that he most likely was.

It's interesting. Einsteins first child was institutionalized at the age of 2. His 2nd child, a boy, lived with Einstein until he died. I believe his son was 40 when Einstein died.

Fore Sam said...

Simon Baron Cohen took me off his Christmas card list after I pointed out what a nitwit he was. It figures that horse's ass would make the claim.

Anonymous said...

Simon Baron-Cohen's cousin is Sasha Baron Cohen, aka Borat.

Einstein's only fault was an eternal bad hair day. That does not make him an Aspie.

Anonymous said...

Lets please get one thing straight and keep it in mind:



Got it?

In fact you want to know autism?
Seems that there's a direct proportion to the more autistic someone is, the more Neurodiversity/Amanda Baggs etc squats, spreads cheeks and opens fire.

Amanda Baggs started exploiting autistics starting with the girl she was assigned while in college to 'help' -- and decided she'd rather be more like her than to help her -- and its been nonstop exploitation, manipulating bullying, intimidation, on any of them since.
The more direct the contact, the more autistic the target, the more severe the actions, this from a woman who thinks we're all cockroaches she created anyway, 'not one of us'
Thinking you're like a kid out in the back yard stirring up and fucking with an anthill is this bitch, especially when it comes to autistic people.

You know what, Amanda Baggs? I got yer 'not one of us' *right here* bitch.

That goes for the rest of these "neuordiversity' fuckwads who think they've latched onto something good, the 'perfect' disability because there's nobody to contest them and the scant few with legitimate reason to who might are quickly used and cast aside..

Currently Amanda's been using the plight of some high schooler with AS and now this Larry thing to try to show "see? I help 'em I advocate for em"

I'll tell you what:
I've never seen a truly autistic person aware enough to think of things in terms of 'public life' vs 'private life' let alone contruct such things, nevermind to the level she has, Never seen an autistic person capable to have let alone so obsessed with her public persona and image..

Obsessed with image and quite capable to 'read' the must subtle perceived social slightings, yet this bitch can't control her farts?

She's 'aware' of just what the hell she wants to be and is hiding behind this disability she doesn't have to excuse the rest.

I feel so bad for autistics who made it as far as being able to commmunicate by text, to get online and have their efforts to communicate being met with THIS bunch of lower than low demons.

Lets get that cleared up right away too:
Its not autism or autistics that are demonized, its you fakers, you good-for-nothing frauds.

This webpage would have been MUCH better named "Hating Faking Autism"

THAT'S what it hates, that's what I hate.

You are demons. Traumatizing people and causing so much pain to others, so she and the lot of you can play-act, you incredibly selfish selfish bitches, all of you.

Die 'neurodiversity' die die die.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ok anon, I guess now your diagnosing him as non aspie using the same criteria you criticize? There is no logic on this board. Just a bunch of nitwits.

Anonymous said...


How many Indians did Gandhi have to use, take advantage of, and badger for his cause?
Just How many Blacks did Dr King have to intimidate and harp and threaten?

Yeah, I thought as much.

How many people were fooled by "Dubya" and for how long? How popular was he?
How many people has he hurt while in the name of helping them?

How about Hitler, there's a guy that was REALLY popular in Germnay for a while, no mistaking that, how many Germans (and everybody else) was he hurting while he was so popular?

Yeah, I thought so.

Guess which (advocacy/activism vs really nasty politics) listed abot these dipshits collective behaviuors most resmemble...

Yeah I thought so too.

Googlybear said...


One wonders what he will do when they are not married and there is noone to put dinner on the table for him at any time.

Googlybear said...

Is Baggs doing something new recently that I haven't heard about?

maxima said...

Amanda needs a bra. That's all I have to say for now......

Anonymous said...

"Googlybear said...
Is Baggs doing something new recently that I haven't heard about? "

Rough translation: Is there anything else I could do to rip on a woman I don't know?

Googlybear said...

Anon said: Rough translation: Is there anything else I could do to rip on a woman I don't know?

Rough translation: Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Joeker said...

*complete silence*

Translation: Fore isn't letting Joeker respond to this random fox.

Anonymous said...

So.. you have to know somebody to 'rip into' them?

Is that what neurodiversity does it is, it 'knows' (rather scopes out its targets and first assesses the risks associated with going after them) its targets first?

When is it okay to screw somebody over?

Is it okay when you've been face to face enough to scrutinize them in a classroom for behaviors your can model later?

Or maybe its okay when you hold out false promises you know that particular autistic will fall for as a means to lure them to stay with you in your home a couple of weeks so you can study your prized captive autistic 'up close and pesonal and get your autism fetish fix? Is it okay to screw them then, hmm?

Or maybe you've never met the person other than online, but they're a name, maybe an image on a computer, but for a decade or more, does that then make them not a 'stranger' and okay for screwing over somehow?

What if you've had relatively few conversations directly with the person, but for years prior and the help of your online buddies who had plenty of contact and know all about the person, you've had ample advance info provided to you about the person? Is it okay THEN to rip into and screw them over?

IS it?

Tell me, I want to know.
I'd really like an explanation for this.

When did 'stranger' vs 'knowing' somebody ever justify or play ANY part in the decision-making involved in the shit Neurodiversity has opted to pull on people?

I know, let's ask Amanda Baggs.
She's a pro at 'ripping into people' of the screwing over sort -- and her story on who she 'knows' and 'how well' seems to make marked shifts according to her story needs.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Baggs doesn't sound much different from Kathleen Seidel the way Seidel rips into all sorts of people who try to help poisoned kids. It has crossed my mind that Baggs could actually be a low functioning autistic with Seidel putting words in her mouth. Has anyone actually seen Baggs type her 160 words a minute? Who make sall those videos for her? Who makes the voice machine talk while Baggs is flapping her arms?
We know that Seidel visits Baggs and has driven her some places. What if Seidel is pulling all those strings and Baggs is really so out of it that she doesn't have a clue what's going on?
Of course, with lowlife lawyers monitoring my blog, I would never state those things as facts. I have no idea if they might be true or not. One does have to wonder about all sorts of possibilities when dealing with such scumbags as neuroinsanity.
That little blonde girl that was Amanda, as shown on the TV show really makes we curious as to how she turned into a brunette. I don't think you can dye hair that's only millimeters long, can you?

maxima said...

Hair color changes a lot in children. I was born with very dark hair but it´s light brown today. My son was born with blonde hair but it has gotten darker as he gets older, he's 16 and his hair is dark brown today.

What strikes me with those pictures of her is that she's normal and happy looking untli the age of 18. After that we see pictures of her in a wheel chair, not very feminine looking and to top it all off she has facial hair???? There's definetly something very strange with her story, it doesn't add up.

Fore Sam said...

I've seen lots of kids whose hair got darker but not from blond to black.

Anonymous said...

You can be blond as a child and as you age it becomes darker.

I believe those are pictures of Amanda Baggs -- but carefully selected ones, chosen for not gazing at the camera, not smiling, not doing 'normal things' I suspect in favor over the tons of exactly those sorts of pictures and videos of her very normal childhood she's carefully omitted.
She tries to conceal it, but her IQ is in the gifted range.

This 'giftedness' is why she attended Simon college (where she majored in psychology, got to 'study' autistics, started 'dropping acid' heavily, daily for months, started deciding she's 'not one of us' God over us and we're all cockroaches she created, thusly started her decent into being 'not normal' of the paranoid schizophrenic type) at the tender age 14.
Her schoolteachers remarked she was 'a joy to be around'
None of that "special school, in those lines of obviously handicapped people, been serverely disabled' crap that she runs in a couple of her of her movies.
Here's one of the worst examples.
Please watch it through, stomach it
Watch her tell you how she's been like this all her life, attended special schools, etc.

This is not the childhood Amanda Baggs had. This is not her life.

That didn't come until this woman was nearly of legal drinking age and decided that autism was 'way cooler' than schizophrenia, and set her sights on it, doctor shopped until she got what she wanted to start her paper trail, got a collabator in Tconsik, moved across country to more fully develop her shtick, and that's about where we are now.

No, Amanda is quite capable and quite responsible for what she does (rather she wants to own up to it or not) and I believe her friend Tconsik has much to do with this as well and should not be overlooked or forgotten, much as she would like to hide in the shadows, and run the '' server for the two of them and assist with the writings Amanda produces, I very much suspect this is at least a two-part scheme between two very intelligent and maladaptive individuals. I don't know about this Kathleen Seidel business, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Some of the acts Amanda and Neurodiversity have been accused of do and would take major cohesive collaborative effort from quite a few of them combined.

I believe that's happened.
It also gives huge credence to your conspiracy theories, Fore Sam.
More than anything you could ever say or do. If tomorrow you denied there were any such thing, retracted every statement you'd ever made to that effect, this alone would keep me convinced that there may well be more to this than just a bunch of perpetually unhappy attention-seeker munchausen borderlines who've banded together.
It tells me something's up here, more than meets the eye.

What I can tell you that is is fact and is not speculation is that some of the neurodiverse DO know Amanda to be a fraud and have admitted as much in electronic communications, but say that it 'looks bad' for it to be found out so they defend her and keep quiet about the truth.

Fore Sam, you might even be surprised at who some of your anonymous sources for data about Amanda Baggs may well have been. You might be very surprised.

Let a lawyer come looking for me for having stated these facts.
I've had just about enough of the lawyer threats and intimidation, we need a lawyer with a conscience who's not worried about a paycheck first to step up to the plate.

IS there such a thing?

Amanda does not type at 160 wpm and at the last I knew that at least wasn't one of the claims.
She only claims typing speeds of around 120 wpm and to watch Amanda's typing in action its pretty safe to say Amanda's not typing anywhere near that rate.

"She" (and I believe this to include the help of Tconsik and maybe Seidel and whoever else, but Amanda is that same person Watson and others found all that history on, she is very dead center in the middle of all of it). It is her. She writes and creates her own autism schtick and posts it online.

She is quite cognizant of what she does, and due to this, if the problems with her are ever resolved, a decent lawyer located to take it on, etc., I'd personally love to see her held accountable and made to answer for every choice and action she/they've made.
Anything less would be just yet another bowel movement on the part of the legal system. Lord knows we've seen enough of that.

I expect if legal representation can be found and the thing can finally be dealt with, Amanda's first defense might be incompetence "the autism/schizo/whatever made me do it!" and I hope it is.
I hope some lawyer eats her alive for it.

Fore Sam said...

I'll have to watch that video tomorrow. I have to go to bed and wouldn't want Baggs as the last image in my head before I go to sleep. That might cause someone to hang themselves in their sleep.

Googlybear said...

not very feminine looking and to top it all off she has facial hair????

Maybe she needs Lupron. The Geiers did say that many autistic females have male characteristics due to high testosterone.

More than likely, a change in the teen years indicates a mental illness onset, not autism. Which would be consistent with her history of being schizophrenic, as schizophrenia usually onsets in teens and 20's.

Googlybear said...

I believe those are pictures of Amanda Baggs -- but carefully selected ones, chosen for not gazing at the camera, not smiling, not doing 'normal things'

That is why I don't like pictures to prove anything. They are but a split second in time. I could get pics of my NT daughter that would make people think she is ASD. Put a few of her throwing a fit, one of her looking off to the side (at a friend out of the picture), one of her on her walking tip toe..etc. Pictures do not prove much, because nobody looks perfectly together and normal all the time.

Suzanne said...

thimerosal as the cause of the autism epidemic
um, hello, there is no autism epidemic.

Anonymous said...

Remember that comment about that autistic woman's wearing diapers one of the Neurodiversity made made a few threads back?

The weird comment that went something like "droopy sits on chats and talks about diapers in s sexualized manner, or so I heard"? Anybody else remember that remark?

Are you ready for this?

There's an IRC channel called #diapers on Undernet.

Droopy sits on that channel because she's incontinent.
The channel is comprised of about an equal mix of disabled people with incontinence and...

wait for it...

(lol you're never gonna believe this..)

"Adult Babies," infantilists, "Diaper lovers" diaper fetishists, thats right, people who are aroused by play-acting regressive behavior, behaving like an infant, excited by diapers and the idea of wearing and using them, people who 'talk about diapers in a sexualized manner'

Would you like to know how a neurodumbass came to 'so hear about' this to come posting about it on John Best's blog in the first place?

Oh just take a wild leaping guess before you read on.. just one guess before you read on..

Well here's how:

There's quite a few Neurodiverse/'Aspergers' who attend that channel and others like it on other IRC servers, and its not because they're in the incontinence half of that population!

Oh no, they're you have got to have figured it by now:

Neurodiversity ARE the "Adult Babies," infantilists, "Diaper lovers" diaper fetishists, thats right, people who are aroused by play-acting regressive behavior, behaving like an infant, sexually excited by diapers and the idea of wearing and using them, people who 'talk about diapers in a sexualized manner'
-- As Seen On TV --
(anybody recall that CSI Episode about this?)
That's your neurodiversity, a huge bunch of them. Come back and tell me I'm lying, tell me this isn't true, I dare anyone.

You got it, there's an incredibly high number among the 'infantilist/diaperlover adult baby fetishists that claim themselves'Aspergers" and are also attendees of 'neurodiversity' sponsered chats on other servers, you got it, that's them!

These are people who go for regression, are sexually excited and fantasize about wearing diapers by choice, about being reverted back to the life of an infant.
They sit in there talking their shit (that is the perfect word to describe)

Interesting hmmm?
They've got entire websites and meetups designated around this too, just like "autreat' and the other bullshit 'circuit' Amanda and the others ride and gather on, Diaperlover conventions and the whole nine yards.

Can you get a diaperloving infantilist freak lawyer to come forward on behalf of you now and silence me for THIS truth now?

You know,
I'll just bet a few could of the "Asperger's" Neuordiversity 'diaperlovin' 'adult-baby' types could be specifically identified without much issue if somebody really wanted.

The diaper-related channels I saw do not seem to be run by or for neurodiversity and I'm going to guess they don't have anything invested into protecting Neurodiversity.

Way to go, Neurodumbasses!
Its funny how Droopy's got nothing to hide, but once again, you sure do!
She's there for a reason,
look at what YOU'RE there for!

Tell me again how you're not freakazoids, how you don't wish you were LFA and some of you get ballsy enough to actually pretend that you are?

Tell me again how autism isn't also some twisted sexual fetish for you people?

I want to hear this again, that's right.

You freakazoids, you can go to Amanda Bagg's site and look up her entry on how to get cheap voice synthesis devices "and avoid the medical profession" then head on over to the diapers chat channel.
On your way there be sure to stop in at the #autism or whatever it is on Starlink or starlink-irc or wherever you're all harboring and festering at thes days) on the way and tell them the HatingAutism said hi, you bunch of fucking freaks.

You got anything else you 'just heard' like that you neurodumbasses wanna come back and tell us about?

Fore Sam, if you should wanna make this a front page headliner, be my guest.

Oh and "Joeker" spare us the tired routine of how 'their sexuality has nothing to do with this"
it has EVERYTHING to do with this.

I used the 'Neurodiversity sells out one of their own' to drop this post into because its too good.
In trying to harrass that woman autistic, they've done a nice job of selling themselves out, or if I may use a terrific expression already seen elsewhere in this forum:

"Put a quater up your asses you just played yourselves"

Gotta love it.

maxima said...

I just watched that video Anon, she's so full of it. Notice the computer microphone in front of the camera??? I guess she speaks into it in like three different languages and doesn't know what she's saying.

I know an autistic child and I've taken care of autistic people. Her comprehension level and communication skills give her away. A person that has never been able to express themself verbally doesn't have those language skills.

She's obviously not as smart as people think, I would have deleted all those forum posts on Google before pulling of a scam like that. I wonder how many people send her donations and such? I'd love to see her parents on CNN and see what they have to say about her.

Like I've said before, the truth about her will come out one day. BTW, Droopy will get credit where it's deserved; very lame to immitate her rocking with a toy in your hand Amanda. Where are pictures of you doing that in the past? Also, extremely lame to get a lawyer after her and force her to remove her blogs and videos.

What comes around goes around. I hope reality hits her in the face soon, the Scambag that is.

Anonymous said...

Hes Baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!!!

Knew it couldn't last.