Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amanda Baggs, the CIA and Wikipedia

I had my battles with some real nitwits on Wikipedia trying to present genuine arguments to these disingenuous editors they had who were stifling all rational discussion about Amanda Baggs and her fraud of pretending to be autistic. So did others who saw their legitimate concerns trashed for no logical reason.

I always figured the psychopaths from Neurodiversity had managed to find editing jobs there since I did find one of them who I knew by name, a weird woman who called herself Elmindreda. Now we learn that it was the CIA and COINTELPRO who was reigning in command at Wikipedia. I guess this explains why it was always useless to try to contact the owners of Wikipedia to try to explain Baggs' fraud and ask them to include the truth about her in their pages on Baggs and Neurodiversity.

For the CIA to be involved with Amanda Baggs speaks volumes about why Sanjay Gupta and his crew at CNN originally agreed to investigate Baggs and then dropped it for no apparent reason. After much back and forth with some CNN bigwigs who claimed they wanted to present the truth, there came a time when that attitude abruptly changed and no further contact was had.

Then, the next time Gupta showed her bogus interview, he changed a few of the lies since he must've been aware that Baggs had already been exposed as a fraud. So CNN changed a few bits of their story to try to cover for Amanda's lies.

Why would CNN, founded by Ted Turner and now owned by Time Warner care about a fraud like Baggs? Turner is infamous for his goal of reducing the population of the planet to 500 million. I suppose having Baggs on there telling uninformed parents that autism was a blessing and that she didn't want to be cured fit the agenda to dumb down all of us while they used vaccines to kill lots of babies and reduce IQ's. Most people would believe Baggs since she was on mainstream TV and they'd also believe that autism was genetic so the majority wouldn't give it a second thought.

I once joked that Baggs might've been a product of MK Ultra since she had been involved with LSD. Now that we see the CIA involved with a despicably dishonest site like Wikipedia, where they fended off all efforts to show Baggs for a fraud, maybe the MK Ultra joke was no joke. Maybe Baggs was targeted as a 14 year old at Simons Rock College and is actually oblivious to what she became and how it happened. Nevertheless, she's still nowhere near being autistic.

Monday, August 30, 2010

How Autism Is Caused

This is a rock in my front yard, free advertising against the propaganda of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ari Ne'eman Wants Autistics Turned Into Cat Food

Ari Ne'eman, who Obama appointed to a post on a national disability group, founded ASAN where he employs Meg Evans as his lawyer.

Jonathan Mitchell has written an excellent piece where he describes the dishonesty of this unethical lawyer who apparently uses several identities so she won't be disbarred for suggesting that people should strangle autistic people and turn them into cat food. It seems that Meg Evans has been writing propaganda for years to misrepresent the fate of autistic people under the pseudonym Autistic Bitch from Hell (ABFH). As ABFH has always come across as more intelligent than the average imbeciles who are associated with the Autism Hub bloggers, it's no stretch to believe that she's really an unethical lawyer named Meg Evans.

ABFH fits right in with all of the other demented psychopaths who work with Ari Ne'eman and his ASAN group who constantly campaign to abuse autistic people by denying them the medical treatment they need. This blog, which Mr Mitchell references in his piece, shows how ASAN has even more seriously deranged mental cases engaging in propaganda against autistic people than I was aware of. We now learn that ASAN has as associates a thoroughly dishonest queer named Marc Rosen, a slandering pig named Heather Sedlock as well as the autistic abusing halfwit who calls himself Vince Steele on Facebook. This is quite a collection of idiots, liars and psychopsths that Ari Ne'eman is proud to associate with through his ASAN sham that was designed as a propaganda mill to convince the world that severely brain damaged children do not want to be cured of their conditions that were caused by thimerosal in vaccines.

Mr Obama and the Senate should really investigate these liars from ASAN and reconsider their appointment of Ne'eman as a policy advisor on autism. I mean, we all know the Senate is corrupt as can be and has been bribed heavily by Pharma to look the other way while they poison our babies but geez, look at this band of lunatics and ask yourselves how foolish these people are making you look.