Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How the Illuminati Controls Autism

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Did you vote for Obama? Did you vote for McCain? If you answered "Yes" to either one, you thereby acknowledge that you are part of the 99% of voters who were led to do so by the Illuminati. That's how all presidents are appointed.

There is no election rigging by electronic vote counting fraud. Sure, there is evidence of such fraud that is shown to the public but that's just to make us focus on the wrong problem. Whether some votes are diabolically miscounted through the evil deeds of one side or the other is immaterial. It's just extraneous information that's handed to you to keep liberals and conservatives at each others' throats so we don't join forces against the real enemies.

The Rothschild family owns most of the major media and they show you the candidates that they select for you. You're brainwashed your entire life to believe that you're wasting your vote if you don't pick one of these two. You've been taught your whole life that your vote matters so you watch TV debates and watch opinions on TV and read more opinions in Murdoch owned newspapers. You discuss these candidates with friends and go back and forth about which one is best for the economy, gas prices, wars and social programs. All of the opinions that are exchanged come from the same sources, Rothschild's TV networks and Murdoch's newspapers. The signs promoting each candidate are plastered all over the roads where you live so you see their names every time you leave your house. This is the brainwashing technique of "repetition" at work. It adds to your false belief that you're wasting your vote if you vote for someone else. You think to yourself that you'd like to see the guy from the third party win but you believe the brainwashing that tells you it's more important to vote against one of the prime candidates who you think is the most evil. The evil always wins. You knew that both candidates were lying, bribed stooges who take orders from banks like Goldman Sachs and corporations like BP, Mobil, Monsanto and GE but you voted for one of them anyhow. Your vote was controlled by TV and the power of persuasion.

If you've read this far, perhaps you can understand how similar techniques are used to cause you to go against your own interests as it concerns your own brain damaged children. Certainly, the people who damaged your childrens' brains are not going to voluntarily announce on Rothschild's TV networks that they made a mistake and apologize to you. If that was a possibility, it would have happened in 1999 when an honest CDC employee named Thomas Verstraeten told us the truth about how mercury was causing the brain damage known as autism.

It was shortly after this, in 2000, that Amy Holmes did her study on chelation and showed that removing mercury from autistic children gave them improvement. This was the first time that any medical treatment had been proven useful in treating autism. In conjunction with Dr Holmes work, Andrew Cutler, PhD appeared on the scene. Thanks to the unparalleled expertise that Dr Cutler had gained from his work in addressing neurological damage due to mercury from dental amalgams, he shared that expertise with parents of autistic children and for the first time ever, autism began to be cured.

Parents struggled to make the truth known about autism until our alleged savior arrived in April of 2005. That's when David Kirby's book, Evidence of Harm was published and that's when the controlled opposition to the Pharmaceutical Industry began in earnest. However, Kirby had this statement about his deceptive book ready for us on July 9, 2004. This is when Kirby told us that a definitive answer as to whether thimerosal caused autism had proven elusive. Kirby's mealy mouthed appraisal of the facts here were published three months after Courtney Zietzke's superb book, Mercury: The Winged Messenger was published. Take a look at the reviews for Zietzke's book here. Do these reviews sound like there was any doubt at all whether thimerosal (mercury) had caused the autism epidemic?

Andy Cutler, PhD, wasn't expressing any doubt as thousands of parents flocked to his site to seek his advice on how to remove the mercury from their children to possibly cure them. But, David Kirby never even mentioned Dr Cutler's name in his book. He referred to his treatment protocol but advised parents in his Author's Note that he would never support methods that we were using to cure autism. Was this because Kirby did not want any autistic child to be cured? Was Kirby denying the benefits of those treatments because cured children would help prove the malevolence of the Pharmaceutical Industry? When you ask yourself these questions, the next logical question is to ask yourself if Kirby was hired by the Pharmaceutical Industry to write his book to raise doubt, the same sort of doubt a defense attorney wants to raise to save a murderer from a lethal injection.

Right after Kirby's book was published, Lenny Schafer created the Evidence of Harm Yahoo Group on April 15. 2005. The name has since been changed to Environment of Harm or EOHarm for short. This is where Kirby had a willing crew of confederates to help him sell his book and vault Kirby to his position as the spokesman for the Autism Community. At the time, I was unaware of Kirby's deception and I took part in this effort to boost his sales myself. I bought another copy of his somewhat honest book and sent it to the corrupt Governor of New Hampshire where I live in the hope that this jackass politician who's still in office would do the right thing for poisoned children. (As it turns out, Gov Lynch's wife is an MD who causes autism by shooting mercury into babies herself so that effort was a waste of money for me.) Here's one of Kirby's shills who posted this message in multiple places to help the book make the bestseller list.

How come these "parents" who were so in love with Kirby's dishonest book didn't go crazy trying to help Courtney Zietzke's much better book make the bestseller list? If you check the reviews linked above, you see that Zietzke described autism via mercury poisoning as a confirmed fact while Kirby always presented it as just a "maybe". Why didn't these "parents" of autistic kids make Courtney Zietzke famous and arrange for him to be on TV to promote the truth about autism the same way they did for Kirby? Can you guess the answer?

It was all planned propaganda. That's what the Illuminati does. They own TV and they plan far in advance what will be shown to us. The propaganda against us works better if we can be duped into asking them to show it to us. That way, we fools help them sell it to everyone else. And, that's what we did, thanks to the efforts of the shills who had infested the EOHarm Yahoo Group to rile up support from we unwitting parents.

Lots of us watched Kirby on the Don Imus show and cheered him on. Some us were never too thrilled about his wimpy presentation of the facts but, after years of gaining hardly any publicity at all about the crime that damaged our kids' brains, we were all thrilled to finally see someone, anyone, on TV bringing some attention to this horror. Kirby was on other shows, always presented the case like a first class weasel but had his band of shills on the EOHarm group and other groups to fawn over him and act like he was sent by God to lead us. Anyone who dared to criticize Kirby was accused of being a Pharma shill themselves and was quickly put down publicly by the professional ass-kissers who played the role of being some of Kirby's devoted fans. I cornered Kirby privately after bringing down the wrath of the group on my head for daring to question saint David. Kirby gave me one wiseguy answer and then refused to respond to more pointed questions. In essence, he told me he didn't give a damn what I thought even though I was the father of a severely autistic son. He also didn't have the guts to debate with me, even in private. At that point, it was clear to me there was something not quite kosher about this "savior". That was six or seven years ago.

At about the same time Kirby's book was published in 2005, along came phoney savior number two. JB Handley was the wealthy business tycoon who rode in on his white horse, brashly proclaimed that mercury was the cause of all autism (I think he did that on local TV.) and started Generation Rescue which had the goal of helping everyone on the planet cure autism. How could you not like this guy? I was one of the first to sign up with GR to be a Rescue Angel since I had been writing about chelation in lots of places for years and had already advised lots of struggling parents to go learn from Andy Cutler how to cure their kids. This was information a parent of an autistic child still only finds on the internet. No doctor, teacher, social worker, Easter Seals, therapists, Autism Society of America chapters or anyone else who is appointed by state agencies to act as an autism expert to advise parents ever gives anyone this knowledge. Preventing this information from becoming common knowledge is part of the coverup by the Pharmaceutical Industry and the only reliable source to learn it is the several Yahoo groups where Andy Cutler gives his advice freely. JB Handley took out full page ads in the USA Today newspaper to promote Generation Rescue and all of us volunteer Rescue Angels did receive plenty of emails from parents wanting first hand information about how we were achieving something that had never been done before by any doctor or anyone else, curing autism, the condition that the corrupt Medical Industry who causes autism still steadfastly claims can not be cured. You had to love JB Handley for spending his own money to publicize this horror and organizing all of us to break the balls of Pharma by curing their victims, something they are still violently opposed to. It was rewarding to help other parents and it was fun to argue with the Pharma jerks from Quackbusters and make them all look like idiots. JB Handley and I were involved in a number of those raging arguments with the knuckleheads from Neurodiversity who were part of the Quackbusters and most likely associated with the CIA to some extent.

So, how did Handley progress to morph from a hero to a villian a few years later? Here's the synopsis. (Ignore the google warning when you click the link. The blog was deemed objectionable one hour after someone from Obama's office looked at it and must not have liked something I said about that bastard.) Here's more, including exchanges between myself and David Kirby, plus an exchange with the corrupt Age of Autism staff. It's interesting that not one person has ever commented on this blogpost. One would think honest people would want to call me out and defend themselves. Liars have to hide from it. Read this too, and this.

I may decide to go into more specifics and rewrite stuff I've already written years ago so people who weren't around to experience this for themselves like I was can fully understand what transpired with the autism leadership that we have right now. That leadership should be about first, preventing any more cases of autism and second, curing every autistic kid on the planet. Read this, and ask yourself if this highly educated group of "leaders" is serving autistic kids or serving the globalist creeps who continue to cause autism intentionally. I urge anyone who trusts the Canary Party to beat my brains in with the toughest questions you can think of to make me prove my point here. That task is a piece of cake for me but an impossibility for those "leaders". I'm trying to help every parent of an autistic child see how you've all been fooled by superior con artists. I do have all the answers and I'm here to help all of you. You all have to break away from these bastards who took over your leadership or babies are screwed all over the world. Please ask questions. Thank you.