Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paul Offit, M.D., Despicable Dimwit

Here's some great propaganda from a real scumbag named Paul Offit,M.D., a doctor who is clearly violating the Hippocratic oath by calling respectable doctors who help autistic children "...a cottage industry of charlatans...". Denying the fact that chelation helps even one autistic child is medical malpractice by virtue of the fact that some children who might be helped will not be. Offit should be charged with mass child abuse for causing those children who will not be helped to spend their entire adult lives locked away in institutions with mercury induced brain damage that might have been cured.

"In mid-June 1999, FDA scientists held a meeting to discuss their findings. Present were representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) — the organizations that are principally responsible for making vaccine recommendations for U.S. children. Several attendees left the meeting concerned that infants might be receiving too much mercury from vaccines. Although they were largely reassured by studies of children who had ingested large quantities of mercury from fish in their diet,2 they couldn't find a single study that compared neurologic outcomes in children who had received thimerosal-containing vaccines with those in children who had not." "

Then, beginning in 2000, parents founded several advocacy groups based on the belief that thimerosal had caused their children's autism. The notion that thimerosal caused autism has given rise to a cottage industry of charlatans offering false hope, partly in the form of mercury-chelating agents. In August 2005, a 5-year-old autistic boy in suburban Pittsburgh died from an arrhythmia caused by the injection of the chelating agent EDTA. Although the notion that thimerosal causes autism has now been disproved by several excellent epidemiologic studies, about 10,000 autistic children in the United States receive mercury-chelating agents every year. Furthermore, this notion has diverted attention and resources away from efforts to determine the real cause or causes of the disorder."

Note how the scumbag, Offit mentions the one death caused by medical malpractice. He doesn't point out that it was malpractice to use the wrong type of EDTA. He doesn't mention that EDTA will not chelate mercury. He doesn't mention that nobody has ever died from using DMSA, DMPS or ALA, the proper chelators to use to remove mercury. It's my opinion the whole truth that is missing from this statement constitutes medical malpractice. This seems designed to use his alleged reputation as an expert on the subject to scare parents away from helping their mercury poisoned children who have been mislabelled, autistic.

If Offit was truthful in his discussion of chelation, he would have to point out that some autistic children have been cured with it. Conveniently failing to mention this fact does not help Offit's credibility. This brand of sophistry from an educated person can only be designed to fool uneducated people. He can't expect to fool those of us who already know the truth of the matter but he can fool the majority of the general public who don't spend countless hours reading everything they can get their hands on about autism and the medical negligence that caused the epidemic.

Hey Paul, care to repeat that comment about 1,000 vaccinations being safe? I'd like to see you take those 1,000 shots all at once, with thimerosal in all of them, to prove your point. Do you have the balls?

"Dr. Offit reports serving on the scientific advisory board of Merck and being the coinventor of the bovine–human reassortant rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq, on which he hNotice olds a patent."

Friday, September 28, 2007

New Report about Thimerosal
Our government investigated itself and found that they were all innocent of everything. I guess we were all wrong. We can stop discussing thimerosal and toss our kids in institutions and forget about them.

Thank you Mr Bush. Now I can give up trying to cure my kid and just go golfing.

I just have one question, George. Did you, or any politicains involved in this sham accept campaign contributions from vaccine manufacturers?

I think Patrick Henry has something to say to you, George.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

William Stillman Defames God

Here's another crock of shit from some conman claiming to have Asperger's named William Stillman. This son of a bitch is using God to lie to parents, touting autism as a gift from God. He uses the spooky music in his video while he tells people there is no cure for autism.

Autism was caused by Eli Lilly not bothering to test thimerosal properly in 1929. Put that in your books, your videos and your speaking engagements you scumbag!!! Stop selling your vicious lies to parents. If they are stupid enough to listen to your idiotic blasphemy, they won't learn that autism is curable. That makes you a child abuser for your role in this ridiculous nonsense.

Stillman's blog has his presentation schedule. He's booked up to May 2008. It would be nice if some people who know the truth showed up at all of his speaking engagements and passed out some literature so that no parents fall for any of this guy's crapola.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where is "David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction)"?

As is typical of those who wish to obfuscate the truth about autism, Andrews seems to be on the fence about conjuring up a valid reply to Watson. Isn't it interesting how neurodiverse nitwits start hanging around someplace else when their insanity is exposed?

In response to John:

At Tue Aug 21, 03:13:00 PM EDT, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

“Your trouble is that you never grew up.

Sad state of being, that is.

Poor Sam, with a role model like you.”

At Wed Aug 22, 12:35:00 AM EDT, watson said...

“David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction),

You say that the trouble with John is that he never grew up.

I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade.

While activists such as yourself have been living in the comfort zone, believing that vaccines can't damage children, and that autism is a healthy neurological difference shared by all the great historical figures - a gift from the gods almost - and basking in the prestige of your new diagnosis, he has been trying to cope with the daily challenges of living with autism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year - for 10 years. And I imagine John grew up a long, long time ago.

He and I, and many other parents living with autism, are not living in a fantasy world. We don't get our information about autism by reading textbooks, or autobiographies written by phoney "autistics" celebrating the beauty of their "autism" - we live with it. And it is far from beautiful.

When did you start calling yourself "a higher being" and believing that you were superior to what you refer to as "normals", and when did you start disseminating nonsense about autism, David?

Was it in your thirties after your switch in diagnosis from dyslexia to Aspergers? I know it was a struggle for you to get your diagnosis changed but I presume you did eventually get an Aspergers diagnosis. What year was that?

Or was it after you met Simon Baron-Cohen in, what was it, 1999 and discussed with him whether Aspergers was necessarily a disability? I'd love to hear about that."

At Wed Aug 22, 12:37:00 PM EDT, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

“Watson: "I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade."

“Wrong. My daughter's 8 yrs old and autistic. I HAVE lived with it. Learn to live with being wrong."

At Thu Aug 23, 01:09:00 AM EDT, watson said...

“David, I see you avoided answering the important questions in my message.

Here they are again:

""When did you start calling yourself "a higher being" and believing that you were superior to what you refer to as "normals", and when did you start disseminating nonsense about autism, David? Was it in your thirties after your switch in diagnosis from dyslexia to Aspergers? I know it was a struggle for you to get your diagnosis changed but I presume you did eventually get an Aspergers diagnosis. What year was that? Or was it after you met Simon Baron-Cohen in, what was it, 1999 and discussed with him whether Aspergers was necessarily a disability?"

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would like some answers.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Watson: "I'd say that the biggest difference between you and John is that you have never lived with Autism and he has - for almost a decade."

Wrong. My daughter's 8 yrs old and autistic. I HAVE lived with it. Learn to live with being wrong.”


Am I, David?

About what exactly?

You are as careful with your wording as Amanda Baggs.

You do not say that your daughter has Autism, you say she is "autistic". You say she is 8 1/2 years old, giving the impression that you have lived continuously with Autism for almost as long as John has, and therefore you are claiming to know what living with Autism is like.

I say you have never lived with the type of autism that John has to deal with every day; you have not lived with an "autistic" child continuously for 8 1/2 years, and therefore you can not know from personal experience what living with autism is like.

What makes me say that?

Well, although at times you refer to your daughter as "an autie", and call her "autistic", she's not really "an autie", is she David? She's "an Aspie".

Your daughter was the very first toddler ever to be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 26 months. And she was diagnosed by your friend "Simon", autism expert Dr Simon Baron-Cohen, and his team, in 2001.

Baron-Cohen wanted to find out if Aspergers could be identified in a young child, and if Aspergers could be shown to be a genetic disorder, so you and your wife volunteered for his prospective single case study. A child with Aspergers born to a couple with Aspergers would support the hypothesis of a genetic heritability of the disorder.

Baron-Cohen chose you and your wife because you were both diagnosed by experts, and your Aspergers diagnoses were confirmed by Baron-Cohen's own AQ test which is a self-report test. (How many teenagers and adults do you reckon have self-diagnosed and joined the Aspie club since this test first appeared online in 2001?)

Tell me, David, which expert gave you your Aspergers diagnosis? Was it Simon Baron-Cohen himself? It wasn't Professor Digby Tantam another world leading autism expert and author of several books on Aspergers, was it? Because he wouldn't give you one.

There are two things that I find curious about this study. The assumption that Aspergers, a behavioural disorder, is genetic. And the timing.

I cannot believe that Simon Baron-Cohen is unaware that 'on the spectrum' behaviours can be caused by environmental factors, such as emotional trauma in childhood, traumatic head injury, encephalitis, and drugs. Why then did he assume that you and your wife's diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome were a) accurate, and not related to other factors, b) genetic?

The timing is interesting because before this study appeared, the average age for an Aspergers diagnosis was 11 years.

In the late 1990s, Australasian expert Dr Tony Attwood said that it was impossible to diagnose a child under 7 years with Aspergers, the clinical picture had to became clearer - and that necessitated time.

Since the appearance of Baron-Cohen's study, toddlers have been given the Aspergers diagnosis and Atypical Aspergers diagnosis. And because of the myth , "Once autistic, forever autistic. There is no cure" disseminated by Neurodiversity, parents now believe that their Aspie children are "autistic" and will "have autism" for life.

So then, it's not really surprising that so many parents of Aspie children are against a cure for autism. Their kids don't have autism, and I dare say, many kids diagnosed today don't even have Asperger's Syndrome.

David, Your daughter as a toddler was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome by your friend, autism expert Dr Simon Baron-Cohen, and his team in 2001. Did he take into account that your daughter was living in a bi-lingual environment? I see no mention of this important fact in the study. Or, that a child raised by parents with relationship difficulties might have some impact on a normal child's development. Was this even considered?

You give the impression above that you have lived with Autism for 8 1/2 years. You haven't.

You have never lived with Autism, and you certainly haven't lived with your daughter for 8 1/2 years, have you? You and your wife have been divorced for some years and Tuula only lives with you part time.

You lecture parents on your personal experience of living with autism, and yet you have no personal experience because you haven't lived with it. You give the impression that living with autism is almost a breeze, and yet when your daughter was a tiny infant and she cried you went to pieces, "things went weird" and you say you were "a complete mess".

Babies cry, David. And you couldn't even cope with that.

How on earth would you manage with a non-verbal child who screeches every three minutes of every day, year, after year, after year?

You are against any form of intervention and yet, face it David, if you really had a child with autism, and you were coping with a growing, non-compliant, non-verbal, violent child, and regularly scrubbing shit out of the carpet, I think you would be first in line for treatment and therapy.

You would, wouldn't you?

Be completely honest - for once."

At Thu Aug 23, 08:45:00 PM EDT, watson said...

“I guess if David Andrews doesn't come back to refute any of the points I've made, we can safely assume that they are all correct.

If he does, perhaps he could tell us more about his involvement in this which appeared to change the focus of Baron-Cohen's autism research from studying dysfunction of the amygdala and other abnormal regions of the brain and damage to the amygdala to devising tests for finding adults 'on the spectrum', and espousing absurd theories like "Have the airplane and the computer changed the architecture of the mind? And is that why autism is on the increase?"

Baron-Cohen is supportive of the Neurodiversity Movement, so I think it's very likely he believes in their philosophy, that autism is a healthy variation in neurological hardwiring which should be accepted and celebrated - and not treated or cured.

If that is so, why is he bothering to do autism research? Is there any point?"

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The USA Is Poisoning China into Autism

Chinese children are being poisoned by American vaccine manufacturers. President George Bush is aware of this and will not do anything to stop it.

Bush's father used to be on the board of Eli Lilly, the company that manufactures thimerosal which is made up of about 50% mercury and is used as a preservative in vaccines. Mercury is the primary cause of autism.

It is cheaper for vaccine manufacturers to make multi-dose vials of vaccines rather then single dose vaccines. To use multi-dose vials, they need to use a preservative to prevent infection. That preservative, thimerosal, is the cause of almost all autism. So, to save some money, vaccine manufacturers decided in 2000, after they knew that they were causing autism, to take thimerosal out of most of the vaccines they sold in the United States but to continue poisoning babies in the rest of the world. Vaccine manufacturers made this decision after they met at Simpsonwood in 2000 to discuss a study done by CDC employee, Thomas Verstraeten in 1999 that showed us that thimerosal had caused an epidemic of autism.

Some American politicians have asked President Bush to help these autistic children and to stop poisoning more babies but he has refused to even meet with these people who don't want any more babies to be poisoned into autism. If President Bush lets the world know the truth about thimerosal and how it caused the autism epidemic, Eli Lilly and other vaccine manufacturerse will lose every dime they have to lawsuits from poisoned children. Since Bush is owned by the Pharmaceutical Corporations, he is doing everything in his power to deny the truth. You will never see this reported on television since television networks earn a ton of money from drug company advertising.

Our son of a bitch president is allowing children and families all over the world to suffer with autism so he can protect the vaccine manufacturers' money. I've seen that the Chinese government is still telling parents that autism is caused by bad parenting. This is not true. Autism is caused mostly by mercury. The symptoms of autism are the same as those of mercury poisoning.

Autism is curable. I don't think the Chinese government is aware of this. If you're reading this in China and have questions, go here and translate them into English where I will try to answer them. You can also visit this site to learn more about the mercury and autism controversy. There actually is no controversy. We've known that mercury was causing autism since 1999 but the denial and coverup has generated lots of discussion.